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Scent Of Winter: Alternative/Ambient/Screamo
The Tennessee Revenge Club: Rock group from Burlington, ON.
Undeniable: R&B/Pop/Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop Singer/Songwriter
Unyque Dreamz: R&B/Pop/Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop Singer/Songwriter
ENVISAGE: East London rock n roll
Red Beard: A dynamic mishmash of indie, post-punk and electronica
The Unified Theorists: F=ma (Force equals Mass times Acceleration)
Clinker: London, UK based Indie / Experimental / Psychedelic band
Slippery When Wet: Hard Rock, Glam, Blues, Cutting Edge
patti russo: music
The Hosts: 60s-influenced modern psychedelic garage pop
Bliss Express: ROCK BAND THAT WILL ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF..... original eh?
SUONO: Indonesian Rock Band
The big fat pet clams from outer space: the band with the very strange name
Flogging molly: irish music band
Running Still: There’s a distinctive force behind Running Still’s music that’s undeniable. The Brooklyn, NY based rock quartet plays with a passion that draws their listeners in and leaves them wanting more. Their dynamic live shows prove this is a band with staying power, and people are starting to take notice. And with their debut album, "Running Still," they are poised to show everyone their vision of what’s possible for rock in the 21st century.
subliminal message: varied set list some cool tunes
When Giants Fall: Early 70s influenced rock - Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath
Mark Farner: Rock/Classic Rock
LAM! LAM!: LAM! LAM! is an electroclash act from Durham, NC
Stuedabakerbrown: Stuedabakerbrown: One of the quickest rising talents of the NYC music scene. This group of fun-loving guys from Monroe, NY is the reason that many a fan has poured into show after show. Their toe-tapping blend of two parts rock n' roll reverence, one part
Titan IV: Rock and Roll, Seventies Funk, Contemporary Pop
Present Tense: psychedelic, experimental, melodic, femme fronted goodness.
Joseph Ferrante: Multy Styled Musician
Burton and the FreeFallers: Singer Songwriters Blues and rock
john karros: jersey indie rocker singing & playing all instruments! Sounds likeJohn Lennons' hard-rockin' retarded half-brother
Inoar: One man Indie/folk/acoustic band out of Vermont singing songs about real life situations and hard times
SWiG: Critically acclaimed Rock & Roll from Detroit featuring Glynn Scanlan and David Bierman
digla: Acoustic/rock
dennis lore: rock,blues,country and stuff, worth checking out, can win $100, vote rate review
sound barrier: great songs, yea it's about the songs, they'll make ya feel good, or sad, whatever
dennis lore: groove rock
Achalachia: Grunge Band from St. Louis, MO
vinapra: A band that has grown over time, from humble beginnings; VINAPRA has gone through an evolutionary phase. The band began as a small dream in Natraj’s (Nutti’s) head. Teaming up with his long-time friend, Pradeep, the duo co-wrote a few songs.
Godz Angel Music: Download Fresh, Uniqeu Original Beautiful Christian Gospel Music
I Am Angst: Rock,Punk,Goth
alexmaestro powe: adaptable new cross-over that's appealing, and pleasing to all;
alex maestro powe: adaptable new cross-over that's appealing, and pleasing to all;
alex maestro powe: adaptable new Cross-overAlternative/country rock/urban
Alejandro Pernett: Electronic Latin Rock
Nojus: Singer. Guitarist. Songwriter. Lyricist. Producer. Promoter.
The Wake Effect (Radiophonic American): The Wake Effect is the realization of one man’s vision of Radiophonic American music. That’s melodic, acoustic, electronic, ROCK! The Wake Effect has no fans and no tour dates BUT has slaved over the recording of its 1st album, Step One. This is an eclectic record, ranging from early Smashing Pumpkins type alt rock, to current Radiohead distorted techno groove.
Ernie Dufour: SongWriter
Vintage: Classic rock cover band from Phoenix Arizona for bars, nightclubs, parties, corporate or charity events
von Baron: von Baron’s music has been described as New Age Music on steroids! With a sound that is both exhilarating and soothing, von Baron’s sound is reminiscent of artists such as Yanni, Enya, Olodum, Lee Ritenour, and Erykah Badu. These influences and his more than 20 years in music combine to create his debut album Pangaea. After performing and recording as a sideman with artists and groups like The Honolulu Jazz Quartet, Shelly Berg, Don Ho, the Honolulu Symphony, Mihana Souza, Show Brazil and many others, von Baron has released his first album of inspiring and refreshing music. With a purpose to bring our world closer together through tolerance and understanding, the album is filled with sounds that speak from the heart in the universal language we all understand, music.
Little Horse: LittleHorse has been described by critics – ranging from National Public Radio to Keyboard Magazine - as "over the top" and "inspirational." Perhaps more descriptively, Boston Globe likened the duel-piano rock/pop group to "Manhattan Transfer dueling with Queen in the Latin quarter."
TV/TV: TV/TV is a 4 piece hailing from the Lower East Side of NYC. Together, the 4 make a music that is impossible to resist. Whether it’s a catchy hook, a energetic beat, or a full out cheer, TV/TV has something for everyone.
Sean Wiggins: Country Rock quality music from Los Angeles CA
ZAMARRO: Basel-Stadt Switzerland brings you ZAMARRO. Check us out!!!
Illuminati: Rock Metal professional loud and in your face. London UK
David Miller: Chicago Blues at its finest Milwaukee Wisconsin
Sound Bored: Look no further. Catchy vibes and harmonies. Pennsylvania
Potion13: Wild Metal/Hard Rock with a strong voiced front woman to tame it. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Roundeye: Rock Driven Punk styled tunes for the worthy. Chicago IL
Stuck on Stoopid: Are you Stoopid? Bronx NY Power Pop/rap/hip hop
SliLinc: Sli-Linc provides a powerful set of heavy metal songs inspired by the bands personal relationship with God, and His Word.
Shoot The Moon: Shoot The Moon is a up & comming band. Located in Northeast Pa.
Matthew James Band: It's no surprise that such a great sound can come from such a beautiful place like Victoria British Columbia Canada
Whitehouse: Nuernberg Germany has a new acoustic/pop rock band featuring feel-good pop rhythms and lyrics
Internet Drummer: provides professional acoustic drums tracks for amateur and professional musicians projects
The Roger Six: POWER ROCK! Listen or we'll run you over with our El Camino. Pittsburgh PA
Robert Oconnor: Singer Songwriter with a great voice and sound. Dublin Ireland
MK5: Irresistible Pop Rock Sound from Hauppauge NY
Larissa Ness: Adult contemporary, Singer songwriter. Ear candy from Austin TX
Los Guenilleros: High quality alt rock with a Latin vibe.
Between Now And Forever: Rock band out of Bennington, Vermont
Unbelievable Uglies, Bob Eveslage: Rock
CHIKI: Electro, Pop, Rock, Punk
Johnny Cool: A punk songwriter with great and refreshing international songs
The Yaps: Alternative rock from Chicago IL
RETAIL: alt/syth/pop rock. thanks for listening. Atlanta GA
Billy Skinner: Americana rock Mesa AZ
PC Loadletter: Seattle Washington's PC Loadletter. Playing catchy quality sounds for rock enthusiasts.
Bent and Twisted: classic/hard rock 5 piece from Lakewood Colorado
Rodeo Beat Machine: Brit pop chargin sound from Rugby UK
People In The Back: Alt/metal drum and bass. LasVegas NV
Raydeo_X: smok'em if u got'em, comedy rock rockabilly. Dallas TX
Mindy Hughes: folk/pop acoustic rock. Houston TX
AntiHero: Hard/Alternative rock with a sexy voice. From London to Ontario
Matthew Blake: folk/acoustic rock you'll be sorry not to hear. San Diego, CA
Whyjacks: Smooth ear pleasing rock/pop from Indiana
The Echoes: rock n roll covering Kentucky, Nashville, and New York
The Mondays: Awesome Rock Pop from Long Island NY
Chris Webb: Rock music from Glamorgan, UK
The Velmas: Great Rock outta Albany NY
Spatial Unity: Andy Murray (ex Wolfstone) and Andy Pearce
XXRUB: rock alt rock christian rock rock and roll
Gravel Undertone: Progressive, artsy, funky, metallish rock.
lightning bolt: noise rock
Wind of Change: Songs, lyrics, Bio and lots more on the Wind of Change official website
Blood Red Sun: Formed out of a desire to discern between the real and the apparent, BLOOD RED SUN endeavor to bring social awareness back to music. Confident in veering off the well tread, pop-friendly path, this band strives to return exhilarating, hook-driven, yet socially relevant music to the masses.
Kieran Mc Kenna: Rock
Born in The Flood: Incredibly emotional purging music, A four piece from Denver
Badgemen: Rock 4 piece from Western NY, varied influences creating interesting origional music
The Gypsy Sons: Original psycho southern grunge rock from Va.
ELMOR: Indonesian Song
Billy Cooper: Billy Cooper got his start in music in beautiful Cortez, Colorado. Inspired by his boys, family, friends and wife, he has finally decided to purchase a studio and go out on his own! Check it out! It's awesome! You won't be disappointed, I promise you!
Two Foot Falls: Indie rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
oppie: Indie site
Rafael Brom: Recording artist on Cosmotone Records
Chris Merritt: Piano-Driven Rock
cities orison: screamo
Van Random: GREAT!
photos'sound: Prog rock from Greece
Internal WarFare: EmoCore band from Wichita, KS
Tension: Tension. A band from Rhinebeck, New York. Rock On!
Bone Sauce: Rock music that makes you feel good in your pants
Love's Secret Domain: Psychedelic pseudo-pop... quite possibly the coolest music you'll ever hear
Rob Hovey: Rock Drummer - Drummer of Near Life Experience
Near Life Experience: Rock Band Featuring Rob Hovey, Steve Blaze, Eric Morris, Richard Kindrick
Minds of One: Rock/Power Pop / Progressive
George Kaufmann: Independent solo performer
Heather McKenzie : Singer/Songwriter chick with heavy duty backup
Phat Panda: We're different then most, you'll rock out, dance, and laugh a lot. We have something most, and we can become addictive.
Attention Seeker : Passion and conviction
Saved by a Vision : Canadian melodic Violin rock with vocals
Rotting: Death Metal band from Ontario Canada. Buy shirts and CDs, hear clips, download Mp3s
sound barrier: rock and blues hot band
TRENCH: east coast rock and roll
Sounds from the Cellar: Modern folk Rock/Female Vocalist
JD & The Straight Shot: Dolan and The Straight Shot – guitarist and chief songwriter, Bruce Koplow; bassist, Sue Williams; drummer, David Longworth and keyboardist, Jonny Rosch – put slow-burning blues jams together with ballads and tight rockers on NOTHING TO HIDE. Despite some graying, Dolan says his generation – inextricably linked to the music of the ’60s – remains passionate about music and continues to turn out in droves for concerts. “This album is about growing up without growing old, which is what my generation is trying to do right now,” Dolan says. “These are classic rock songs for the classic rock generation.”
Zap Mama: Marie Daulne, the founder and fronting member of Zap Mama since the early 1990s, has lived a life that rivals Homer’s Odyssey. Filled with peril and triumph, globe-spanning quests, and a series of personal achievements that seem almost heroic in scope, her story is one of epic proportions in the annals of world music. She stands with one foot firmly planted in tradition and the other in the progressive sounds and sensibilities of a new century, and she consistently merges the two with an effortless grace that never fails to mesmerize. Born in the Congo, but raised in Belgium, Marie spends her life crossing continents and winning the hearts of thousands of fans, while introducing her musical heritage to the world and uniting musical cultures through the wonders of voice, music and dynamic performance.
tickleberry telegrams: Singing telegrams
hawk nelson: canadian band
eleven mile climb: Influences ranging from Zeppelin to Train, this a band to remember.
Please Do Not Fight: Indie Rock to Save the World by
EZamor: The Future of the 1980s.
Trent Tranzik: rock-fusion instrumental guitar+solo accoustic guitar
Love Junkie: Kickass!!!LOL
Tvivelfront: Swedish guitar-based indie pop/rock
Cabaret Sauvage: Cabaret Sauvage - acoustic rock blues from Italy
The Candela Circus: four people from NC that write music with influences spanning from Brand New, Boys Night Out to Annuals and Machester Orchestra
The Candela Circus: indie music rock
Casket Casey: Female Fronted Swedish Necro Rock
Rem c: a
Sam R-P: A mix of Jam Band, Blues, Funk and good Ol' Rock N' Roll.
Maryz Eyez: 4 piece rock group where all memebers sing and play each others instuments, a fresh and unique sound that is sure to get you on your feet and begging for more.
Ponyno: In Ponyno's debut album, Rosa Mystica, listeners will find enchanting melodies drifting below lyrics that possess a refreshing sincerity. As a self-taught guitarist, and with influences stretching multiple genres, Ponyno frontman Jeff Hatch has a unique sound that lands somewhere in the realm of acoustic folk with a bit of country twang. It has often been described as, “if Neil Diamond went country” or “a blending of The Grateful Dead and the Partridge Family.”
paris falls: think beatles meets fugazi. paris falls writes and records from their home studio. they release their music on their own label, Paper Weapons Records
Kinky Retro: indie rock band
The Harlequin Fever: dfd
Jarez: “Jarez”, Jarel Posey, born in Inglewood California on April 21, 1979. At age twelve he found his life’s passion and purpose, music. Jarez is one of the most gifted artists of our time, he is not only blessed with the ability to play the saxophone, but with an artistry to create, write and produce music.
1000 Miles From Home: With an alternate identity rivaling Clark Kent’s Superman, the Dallas based rock band, 1000 Miles From Home, transforms from erudite engineers to a force of emotionally charged rockers. They fit the stereotypical geek concept - from competitive video gaming to wrestling with the paradoxes of a computer science revolution - they’re deeply submerged in the abstruse world of the inner-workings of technology. When the glare of the stage light comes, however, they adorn guitar straps and drum sticks as if it were a hero’s cape. For all their love of the tech world, the music is contrastingly organic. Channeling the harmonious flow of Jeff Buckley and cherishing the versatility of the Queens of the Stone Age, the band’s mesh of rock and punk influences elevates the music far beyond many of their contemporaries.
The home of the wicked hilmouse: Visit the home of the wicked hilmouse and the texas chainsaw massacre killer rabbits going bananas
jesse stutsman: jesse stutsman
Taylor Mills: Melodic Indie Rock with Country Flavor
lawrence schnell: classic hero
William Rottman: AAA, Adult Contemporary
Tereso: Nirvana meets Soda Estereo generating electricity
The Sneakypeeks: Kick ass new band in York, United Kingdom
The Silver Brothers: Inventive, soulful, rock
Mission 5:16: The Official Site of Christian Rock Band Mission 5:16
Endogenix: indie band from PDX. heavy and mellow? rocks your balls off
Cooper-ation: 13 Year-old Rocker Nate Cooper's Official Website
Beggars' Caravan: A tasty mix of mellow and funky rock with ultra-smooth vocals, dirty guitar, and a life's soundtrack of lyrics.
j.s.marti: singer
xiixlix: " points I thought it kind of sounded like Nirvana injected with interpretive dance" blackconverse91 (
Saqi Dosaj: indie folk poetic
QUANTA: Blues, funk, pop, and even pop influence this eclectic and addictive band from Cleveland, Ohio
Elyse Macaulay: indie pop/rock
Ammp: Pop/ Rock four piece from New Zealand ,like the killers/u2
Craig Perry: sounds like Neil Young, Bob Dillion, John Foggerty
Radio Nowhere: Pop/rock that manages to be both catchy and deep. Fans of Petty, Costello, Neil Finn, Prince and Bruce Springsteen will love this.
Forgiven: Christian Rock / metal
JERRY MARTIN & THE BIG SOUND: "Southern Flavored Rock With Great Guitar & Great Vocals!" S.R. Times
SKYTONE: Referred to as the Beatles if they were from California, Skytone is effectively two brothers, Rodney and Darius Doddridge, based out of Canada's capital city Ottawa. They are known for their strong vocal harmonies and bright electrics mostly in the britpop vein.
Romeo Falls: North Carolina Roc band
Guitar Instrumental Rock MP3 Music For Buy: Instrumental rock music with great references
Russ Palmer: comedy, beats, acoustic, sing
Russ Palmer: comedy, beats, acoustic, sing
Maggie McClure: Maggie McClure Music
Christina Reckard: Sexy Pop with a Twist of Latin
Box of Joy: Real orginal stuf.
Sacha Sacket: Alternative driven singer-songwriter Sacha Sacket is poised to redefine his genre both onstage and on the airwaves with a powerful new album slated for Fall 2007 on Golden Sphinx Records. With an MTV-ready music video for his first single “Judy,” an aggressive national press, radio, and viral marketing campaign in place, and a talented all-female backing band; Sacket’s career is set to reach an entirely new level of notoriety and respect.
Steve Laurie: Catchy, melodic, thoughtful lyrics, spans music genres
handsfreemethod: acoustic rock band! They're really good!!!
sagrada semente: praise the distinguished Jesuitical with a good deal rock & adoration
Joe Touchette III: heartfelt music describing things ive experienced, sounds like saves the day meets bob dylan
Dennis Dean--Lack: bio. and songs by Dennis Dean, songs from his new 2 song single HEART NOISE now available on emusic,itunes and manny more for a preview go to this site
(Dennis Dean )Lack: lyrics to dennis deans new song Dead Elvis Dot Com
HellRazor: Based in Oklahoma - Check out their original music!
Aceface: Modrockers with a nasty intellectual edge. Based in Toronto, Canada.
Surefoundation: Christian Rock
anthonytate: diverse acoustic alternative
The Exit Strategy: DC sounding rock based in Buffalo, Philadelphia and NYC
Roman Stitch: Acoustic/Rock/Pop based in Philadelphia
Matt Code: Matt Code is an emerging rock musician whose website includes: bio, news, store, and new rock music downloads
phil blackmon: jazz
Paws: San Diego math rock band.
Mossback: versatile Seattle band
Willpowerless: Heavy Rock / Alternative - Based out of Philly, Pa - If you enjoy music like the deftones, dredg, incubus, taproot, 311, RHCP, etc Check them out and help support independent music.
Philpot: The band has been compared to Blur, Pearl Jam, REM, The Stone Roses, Alice In Chains, Freddie Mercury, The Yardbirds, The Beatles, The Smiths, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin and The Doors. They’ve been labeled “New Classic Rock” and “New Americana”, the next band from the American heartland, and the “American Oasis”. But as critics and listeners struggle to make comparisons, what they are hearing is this: Philpot.
broken social scene: good music
Afghan Banana Stand: A hard rocking punk/rock band from Belfast, ME. Check out their new release, BRAZILIAN BIKINI TAN
AMANDA SAINT: Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Writer-SOCAN/ASCAP Copyright
Kurt Crasper: Indie Artist / Singer - Song Writer / Wolfticket Records
KURSK band: KURSK band
Grenade: Young youth band from a small country town full of screamo, wanting to break through the mould with classic rock, funk and punk!
VII Days II Perfection: A Modern Rock Band You will Like
Kings of the Day: Indie-rock
Venti a Contatto: Official website
arlis moon: a singer songwriter stuck in an indie band
Redding Brothers: alternative rock and roll group similar to Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies, Gin Blossoms, and Matchbox Twenty
Redding Brothers: New alternative rock and roll like dave matthews, matchbox twenty, barenaked ladies, sister hazel
Neurosonic: Alternative Rock with an industrial edge. On this year's entire Family Values Tour.
Jesse De La O: Christian-Ballads, Rock, Rock-n-roll, Hard Rock, 70's Heavy Metal. Videos and music on site. Solo artist seeking gigs featuring vocals with background tracks and or guitars.
luma: European Rock
Jude Spears: rock, americana, r&b, country, folk
Top New Music - Wave Pool Debut Album - Listen for Free: New Music Rock/Acoustic rock band called Wave Pool releases their debut album Carpe Diem. Wave Pool has a refreshing sound that critics are loving, the lyrics have real substance to them and the fans love the songs
Arkana: Jeremy Dahl and Kevin Maves first met in Ottawa in 1990 and quickly formed a strong friendship and musical bond. MyGenProfile Generator
open chapter: Your going to want to check out the new tracks from this rock band's debut release "falling to be held" on Larissa Records in September. Hear it first while this still remains underground.
MichaelAntonio: Independent pop/rock artist
white hot knife: The New Romantic Revolution
Seize Them!: Four-piece from New York City specializing in rock and/or roll with some dancy, new wave and jammy tendencies. Influenced by Creedence, Ween, Weezer, The Police, Pixies, The Cars, The Band, Phish, They Might Be Giants and more
A Cautionary Tale: Flamenco and jazz induced indie rock from Portland
theodozia: sonically diverse alt rock influenced by beatles, led zep, radiohead, floyd, wilco, etc.
187elder: 187elder & Elder Productions Inc.
Legend Fish: Pop/rock crew from Steubenville, Ohio, who like to call their material "experimental" indie pop... stop by and listen a bit...
Junior: Kiley Bland (guitar / lead vocals), Steve Cox (drums) and Adam Hoffoss (bass / vocals) - three southern boys from The ARK-LA-TX area with big dreams of some day escaping the country back roads, trailer parks and barn dances to be in a rock and roll band. Well, those three guys made their dreams come true, and their band is Junior.
The Recroom: The Recroom are a fantastic 3 piece indie band from Oshawa, Canada. Get mezmerized by the soulful voice of Jackie Game. Influences include the Constantines, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire
The Micronite Filters: Crazy rock'n'roll trio from Oshawa, Canada. Influences include Neil Young, Zeppelin, Robert Jonhson, Blues Explosion, Black Crowes, Comets On Fire, Constantines
Gravity Raincoat: expereimental alternative hard rock
Peter Searcy: Peter Searcy has become a musician comfortable in his own skin. After fronting the seminal punk band, Squirrel Bait in the late 80s, and alt-rockers Big Wheel in the 90s, he's finding his stride on his 4th solo record, "Spark." Running the gamut with songs about love, loss, and life, Peter's heart-on-his-sleeve lyrics and instantly sing-along melodies will be your remedy for just about any situation.
Louie Zagoras: Louie was the first Chicago rock artist ever to be signed by the legendary Bill Graham Management (Santana, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Neville Brothers, Joe Satriani, etc...). He is the founder, lead singer/lead guitarist and the primary songwriter for the band ROLLOVER. Louie and ROLLOVER toured (support for Allman Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Joe Satriani, Blues Traveler and many others...) the States back and fourth in the 90's when ROLLOVER's first record broke big on Chicago's 93.1 WXRT FM radio.
Achyllis: Rock and Stroll
Five A.M.: rock you have to hear
Interpol: is a website dedicated to Interpol and specifically their new album Our Love to Admire. We have downloads, lyrics, and other great stuff.
Therefore I Am: Amazing and melodic style with outstanding pedal work on guitars
Matthew Blake: Acoustic, alternative folk/rock - music to sing along with.
Feels Like July: absolutely amazing band, Rock / Indie / Progressive. These kids are young, and extremely talented, Listen and fall in love!!!
The Sea Dragons: The Sea Dragons are really the story of one man’s creative vision. Darryl Thurston, the band’s singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has emerged as a creator of infinitely catchy yet substantive pop/rock, rooted in the classic style of the 60’s and 70’s but with a contemporary power and edge that makes it sound fresh and new.
Narcotourist: "Narcotourist is Cari Golden, John Tague, and Brandon Burnside. This LA based electonica trio is about to unleash its sonic assault on the public with their debut full length album "Moderate Stimulation" in the spring of 2007.
FORBIDDEN ZONE: Original Orange County , California Band , Catchy tunes!
Cardiac Noose: hottest rock band capital district, rock band, classic rock
Suonygordna: Classic Rock
Haterbait: Original sounding, alternative rock band from Orange County. Thanks for listening.
Dying For Juliet: a cool band
The New Digital Sound: Rock infused electronica from Boston.
Taistix: Alternative and Acoustic Rock
The Scene: The official site for Canadian rock legends, The Scene
princess rockstar: yeayea
the jaydeans: christian music
Baby Calendar: Indie Pop with lead harmonizing male female vocals
The States: NYC's The States are a band born of the creative tension between brains and brawn, between perfectionism and punk, so it is no surprise that the songs on The Path of Least Resistance (August 2007) are packed with melodic and rhythmic ideas, catchy and intelligent in equal measure. Frontman Chris Snyder, bassist Previn Warren and drummer Joe Stroll possess a rare musical concoction of intellect, power and melodic instinct. "...aggressive, melodic indie-rock." Time Out NY.
DMP (The Doug Means Project): Rock, Hip-Hop, Reggae: sorta like Sublime - but funkier, or mebbe P-funk with some reggae flavor, or...
Boulevard: Modern Rock that is sure to SATISFY!
Brandon Keeley: Acoustic Pop to soothe your soul and rock your world
Michael G Mcgee: Guitar driven rock/power rock
The Trouble with Television: Rock music that makes you drop to your knees and sweat pure awesomeness!
THE KAVANAGHS: Retro-power-pop influences by The Beatles, Badfinger, Raspberries, The Beach Boys. Actually working on their debut album to be released on november 2007
Los Diablos: Official website for Americana, alternative country band from Miami Florida
Mario Tomic: Guitar Instrumental Progressive Rock
Rotten Cheri: Amongst a music scene filled with pretense, Rotten Cheri keep it simple by writing irresistible, hook laden songs infused with a sense of fun and sensuality that is resonating with a new and expanding base of fans. The Brooklyn, NY rock trio’s new album, 02, is both a statement of purpose and a labor of love that required some very real sacrifices to be made on the band’s part.
kiranpal singh deoora: santoor player of indian classical music
Cube: Alternative heavy rock band based in Athens, Greece! Official site.
Mario Tomic: Official site off the world awarded guitar player Mario Tomic
Conch Republic: Trop Rock original and cover music. These musical pirates use a blend of Rock-N-Roll and Country music with an island theme, and lyrics depicting a laid-back lifestyle.
Strangers in Paradise: Powerpop sensation
John Ferns: Official Website Of Melodic Rock Guitarist John Ferns From India
Robert O'Connor: Singer/Songwriter Robert O'Connor from Ireland released his debut single "Spend The Night"/"Ten Years Time" in 2006. His blend of Pop, Rock and Soul will be heard further on his upcoming debut album, due for release via Matchbox Recordings.
JAM: Classic-rock-inspired original music from a brilliant song-writer and four extremely talented musicians
Paul Cullen: Paul has been a musician for 26 years, most notably the bassist for the band Bad Company from 1989-1992. Currently he is promoting his just released solo CD Dreamdance.
Clayton Laurence Cheek: Americana
The Passive Aggressives: Few bands are more aptly named than the Passive Aggressives. The term itself describes aggression expressed in passive ways, and in many respects, that’s how the band reaches their sound. Melodic sounds draw the listener in, a voice coos…and then the hammer comes down. It’s a sound not easily defined (another passive aggressive move); maybe it can be called “happy hardcore,” “libido rock” or another term never heard before - but the Bay Area based quartet’s debut, self-titled EP is like nothing currently out there – and they want you to know it.
Sheva: On her new self-titled record, "Sheva" (UE3/Sony Red), and in her stunning live shows, listeners experience a visceral reaction to her music.
Kyle Lardner: Kyle Lardner's debut album Sail Among the Stars offers the feeling of a spontaneous and heartfelt outpouring. The 18 year-old Lardner is a performer truly invested in her craft, often drawn to tears behind the piano when creating a song. Like being granted access to the most intimate pages of a diary, the album pulls listeners to the depths of the artist’s soul. The record’s transcendent quality blurs the boundaries of multiple genres with complex layering and a unique blending of lighter pop melodies and darker, raw lyrical content. The refreshing honesty of her work touches upon a range of emotions – the frustration of a day gone wrong, the agony of heartbreak, the joy of escaping to a better reality, the sorrow of the unresolved. Kyle's music serves as her therapeutic release, giving listeners a candid look into an insightful mind.
Dudley Saunders: Like k.d. lang and Laurie Anderson, singer/songwriter Dudley Saunders began his music career first as a critically-acclaimed “transgressive” performance artist - only to find the experimental folk music he wrote for his pieces take over his career.
Adrienne Frantz: Millions of fans around the world will soon have a chance to hear a unique Rock ‘n Roll album from Adrienne Frantz, the scheming, yet vulnerable 'Amber Moore' on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Adrienne has used a break from the busy shooting schedule of one of the world’s most popular TV programs to establish her recording career.
antix3: death metal band from zion curtain
Last November: Last November is a band that quickly exceeds expectations. They released their debut album, "All the Gory Details," with Atlanta’s Southern Tracks Records, founded by the late, legendary music publisher Bill Lowery. For years, the Label has developed a solid reputation of discovering and developing new talent. The album is a compilation of honest, thought-provoking lyrics that echo passionately through the voice of lead singer Luke Pilgrim. Last November’s 2nd album is being produced by Steven Haigler (Brand New, Fuel, Pixies, Oleander).
Liz Longley: singer/songwriter with a voice like butter and songs that jam.
Vibravoid: world´s coolest and best psychedelic acid rock band!
Tom Farley: Acoustic Rock / Country Rock with energy and quality vocals
Moses Guest: Moses Guest, now in its tenth year, still employs its original four band members plus its newest addition, Squid. To support its sixth official album entitled Best Laid Plans, due to release in summer 2007, Moses Guest will tour the West Coast and the Rocky Mountains in the summer of 2007.
Simply Him: We are a group of guys from Selmer, TN that want to tell the world about Jesus so check us out
LAM: Lam is a folk-rock band from Montreal, QC.
Soda: experiental young indie rock group....sounds like "the strokes meet the black keys and dibblle"
PORCAS BORBOLETAS: não queremos enganar ninguem...
aleister st croix: singer/songwriter
Bobby Lavigne: Debut CD "PROJECT 432"
3CE: independent music
stillworkin: new band blues and rock
Parallax View Band: Parallax View is intent on providing a new line of sight in today's culture. Hailing from a three generational musical heritage of over 50 years, these young independent rockers have been bursting on to the scene playing venues such as Six Flags Over Mid-America, Major/Minor League Umpire Retreats, and Southeast Missouri State University as well as many other colleges, churches, clubs, and retreats since 2005. While you may see Parallax View rocking out venues, you are also likely to catch them leading worship for keynote speakers such as Greg Stier or Ken Freeman. Parallax View has made it their focus to help culture see the world from another view, a Christian view making relationships a priority first and foremorst. Parallax View will be playing the LCMS National Youth Gathering this summer!!!
Blonde From Fargo: A mixture of rock styles. located in Los Angeles, Ca.
The Boogiemen Inc.: Hard rockin` blues wailin` from Norway
Kyle Lardner: Rock, Piano
The Fong Jones Band: Denver based original Rock group with a mixture of Americana/Acoustic storytelling
Groove Manifest: Experimental/art-rock group in Los Angeles
Revelater: Revelater are a four piece band which are are just starting to promote their music, They formed early 2007
LapZed: With dynamic melodies, strong vocals and roaring guitars, this is a collatoration of two Melbourne artists who are on to a good thing! With too many influences to name between them, together they have found their sound!
clare lappin: Clare Lappin is a singer/songwriter from melbourne Australia who is passionate, independant and is born to perform. Enjoy!
Alan Fox Band: Great Guitar Band
Eyes of Every: Three peice playinf roots heavy rock
Preserve the Sound: media & tunes
Copper Lion: Copper Lion is Mike Kehoe, a computer artist/ composer/ arranger from Ohio. The album 'Which way Did I Go?' is a fusion of jazz, rock, country, blues and world mixing together to form a unique sound. A varied and exciting listening experience.
Ours To Destroy: What the Reviewers Say: A couple of Calgary songwriters/producers get clever with folk, found sounds, and a yen for adding a modern Indie edge to early Pink Floyd-inspired art rock (Scott Harrell.) Anyone with an appreciation for good writing and originality should give Ours To Destroy a listen (Steamroller.) What the Reviewers Hear: Johnny Cash, Modest Mouse, Pixies, Wilco, Ween, The Eels, the Flaming Lips, Drive By Truckers, Guided by Voices, Frank Zappa.
16 Second Stare: Rock band out of Tampa, FL
PC Load Letter: Rock and f'n Roll
villanova: If Prince met the ChiliPeppers and they got into a fight with the Beastie Boys, it would sound like This!! From Columbia S.C., Villanova is currently touring the East Coast. Check us out on'll be damn glad you did!! Peace
Singleton: An indie band from Kiev, Ukraine
Cellar: Grunge band from Leola (Lancaster) PA, USA
The National Shutup: Pop Punk for the people! With LOTS OF ENERGY!
Ernan: Independent artist/songwriter/producer from Sweden, making frequent trips to UK, now a resident of The Netherlands where he continue to write songs.
Roger Salloom: American roots-rock singer/songwriter
Naruto Dragonball: Naruto Dragonball Z Naruto Dragonball GT
The Revolution: Rock band from Sydney Australia. If you miss the talent and feel of the older bands like Aerosmith and AC/DC, you're sure to like this band.
EarlyApril: rock
edibleRed: Led by firecracker front woman Collette McLafferty, edibleRed is an eclectic New York City-based five-piece collective of atypical musicians. The memorable songs the band creates can be heard on their debut CD, Welcome to My Bad Behavior, slated for release in late May, 2007 on veteran indie label Select Records. Aside from being one of the most talked about bands in the tri-state area, edibleRed has been cultivating a diehard national following, and planting seeds internationally thanks to non-stop touring, and radio and TV appearances. Featured lyricist McLafferty is edibleRed’s femme-fatale who describes her sound as one of “a classically trained voice that slowly degenerated into a rock singer’s.” Alongside McLafferty is edibleRed co-founding member, the Grammy nominated drummer Tom Papadatos. EdibleRed’s prime fixe, cellist Dave Eggar with his so-tasty-they-must-be-bad-for-you licks, is known for his groundbreaking classical string quartet Flux and his extensive touring with some of rock’s hottest acts. Lead guitarist Sean McMechen brings edibleRed’s hard rock roots to the surface while bassist Marty Osterer lays down the band’s tight, crunchy rhythms.
The Spirit of Elijah: Christian soft to rock
Whyjacks: Independent band whose new CD is the variety that comes from being inspired by Rock , Pop, R&B, Blues and Jazz
frogwaterband: original rock-n-roll
resyn8: hard rock
.the name:: Solo Artist from the UK
FNA: Strong indie hard rock act with amazing live show
Art Murphy and Backslider: Music,pics,friends blog
Telling On Trixie: On their self-titled, debut album, you can hear the seamless result of two very different people joining together to create music with skill and passion – and it’s music that is already substantially impacting listeners. In its first few weeks, the album has entered in to rotation in the top 5 add slots on stations nationwide, ranking as high as #2 on several stations’ College Music Journal Top 30 charts. Off to a strong start, Telling on Trixie’s first show drew 112 people at the Ace of Clubs in New York; their second show will be on the main stage at Knitting Factory in May, a venue seasoned bands have a hard time booking.
Keystone: modern day classic rock
Tim Ratcliff and Ken Bailey: Original Alternative Rock, Blues and Pop
Two:Eight: Christian rock
Holly Woods: Former lead singer of the 80's rock band, Toronto
Bill Stall: Bill Stall's songs
last call casualty: classic rock cover band
cleopatra: multi genre
Jenn Hill : Folk/Rock
Astral Travel: Psychadelic, Ambient Guitarchitecture and Lush Melodies
Flickerstick: This rock infusion became known from their VH1 Bands on the Run victory, and continues to soar many years after. The mischievous masterminds of the five-piece rock explosion have yet to experience a dull moment in their fledging music dynasty. From a young Dallas band to VH1 TV stardom with a recording deal and national radio singles, their intense touring, raucous records and constant promotion still haven’t cooled their heels as the “Band on the Run” gracefully pairs sonic excitement and DIY-ethics over cigarettes and spilled beer.
Virtue & Vice: Hard hitting rock band out of Toronto, known for their live performances! Killer classic rock sound with an alternative twist,
Shadows Lie: Hard rock mixed with a female singer, acoustic guitars, and electronics
Dorado: Dorado is an altFunk group based in Portland, Oregon. Started in 2002 by Australian ex-patriot singer/guitarist Sky Cooper, and NYC veteran session drummer Joe Trump. Dorado's sound is a combination of rock, funk, and jazz elements.
los guenilleros: ... ?! ...
Moonlit Mushroom: Psychadelic and moody with an Alternative Rock edge. With Mike Scavio being the Manager as well as a producer and a engineer for him and siefert. ALthough lots of instruments used in recording We are still a 2 piece band. Looking for shows and bass player.
The Pop Rockets: Kids Pop Rock Happy Hardcore
Pott Rum: 100% pure italian poprock
SHY TREE: We are a new acoustic, rock, christian band from Las Vegas, NV. Hit us up sometime.
Adelina & The Conspiracy: Adelina is a singer songwriter who grew up in the E L A housing projects, backed by a band of guys who love to rock.
One Guy Trio: Experimental instrumental.
Phil Dutra: L.A. based Singer/Songwriter Phil Dutra delivers some of the most memorable pop tunes of the past several years. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said: "Our loss is Hollywood's gain...Dutra's sunny, Shimmering melodic brand of pop and witty wordplay remains intact, even surrounded by earthquakes and 'round the clock traffic jams." Phil's yet to be released EP "Right Behind The Rain" has already started to garner praise. His song "Let Me Be Your Superman" has been chosen "Track of the day" at the influential web site and his song "She Walks Away" won a song contest at TAXI Road Rally held in Hollywood, California
Scotty Don't: Scotty Don't. An idea conceived by the veteran rockers of a group widely known as Badfish: a Tribute to Sublime. Scotty Don't is more than a band, it's a concept derived from years of touring and stewing creativity that has finally been wrangled into one place. The members of this group are loaded with road tested form and skill, and are whole-heartedly ready to launch the next generation of music fueled by blood, soul, and an intensity that is truly, in all senses of the word, original. Scotty Don't is a no-frills, take it or leave it musical concept being put out for those whom are ready, willing, and able to open their ears.
The Stone Coyotes: A family trio who play bare-bones literate American rock. Barbara was signed to a major label - but unhappy with show business in general, she gave back her advance and Doug quit his one-day-old job as story editor for “Happy Days”. He took up drums and son John took up bass at the ripe old age of eleven. Reclusive by choice, the band moved from L.A. to Massachusetts to write, play and record in their cellar.
Les Gimix: An eclectic emcee is the best way to describe this Bay Area native. Having lived in and experienced the music scenes from the east to the west, hes become a melting pot of techniques and styles unmatched by any artist currently in the industry. His latest release "For The Record" hit the streets early this year and has been gaining momentum since. Covering the spectrum from political shots like "Lessons In Evil" all the way to strong club tracks like the single "Body Tawk", Les is known for his Mood Music. What is mood music? The creation of a song depending on what mood the artist is in rather than being pigeon-holed into a certain genre of Hip Hop. "If I feel cluby, its a club track...if I feel like rapping about a sheet of paper, thats what the song is going to be about".
Okeanas: Raw Midwestern Americana...a hand-grenade in a bowl of grits.
Erik Kjelland: Full of soul, moving lyrics. Singer/songwriter from Madison, WI who's "Everybody Falls" CD is being sold to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.
DORSAL FIN: Spanish band homogenous, strong and solid. Forceful loaded adjustments of sensuality with Riffs of guitars and poems of footbridge.
Repo Mann: Hip Hop/ Rap Album Out Now
van morrison: rock
J minus: Seattle based alternative / acoustic rock band with multiple singers, players and personalities.
Tom Marcellis Band: One of the Best Jam Rock Bands Touring Today
J Martinez Project: Music featuring Joe Martinez , Mark St Martin , James Watson , Matt Sotomayor and more
Noccivo: Brazilian Gothic Rock
Rory Ridley-Duff: UK Progressive Rock Keyboardists
Protos: Resurgent UK Progressive Rock Band
yariv: yariv has launched his fitst album. concept deals with relationships in the digital age.
moontown: Swampy atmosfolk outfit from Wollongong in Australia. Folk, blues and roots meets art rock.
Kid Bludo: HardRock/Metal/prog.
Dan David: Violin Rock Major Songwriter
Father Rock: Sountracks, film music, rhymic flavors
5 Minute Wait: New Age Rock (Tool Meets STP and Pantera)
James Eric: Introspective indie rock - melodic and chock-full of heart-on-sleeve sincerity
Guards of Metropolis: Scandinavian pop rock with jagged edges from a girl's point of view.
Kenny Maxx Music: biker band
The Pink Spiders: from the country capital, Nashville Tennesse, they are anything but country. They are bringing back the dance like rock songs from the '80.
doobius: classic and new rock
Rumaldo Ortiz / Angel Edge: Blues And Rock / Metal Music By Rumaldo Ortiz / Angel Edge
~ SIDEREAL DAY ~: Original Rock From Planet Maine, USA
The Zuke Band: Rock / Southern Rock band from Burgettstown Pennsylvania. The Zuke Band has a huge following and always packs the house.
Lindsey Tims: Artist, Producer, Jam Band, Rock
Micah Vierling: original songs, folk/rock
Honcman: Honc if you love music
Bennystrange: Song Driven Indie Pop
Darrin James Band: Eclectic Roots-Rock that combines gravel-voiced poetry with a soulful blend of blues, jazz, and country.
EverBlue: EverBlue ushers in a sexy, soulful and fresh new sound that utilizes Rock, Pop, and Blues elements.
Leroy Justice: Southern rock! Leroy Justice opens a vein that's colored like the Black Crowes, Marah, Old 97's, and vintage Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It's roots music that never strays too far from the garage or an open whiskey bottle.
Bonehead: Pop Rock
Acoustic Revolution: Indie, Rock, Folk and Psychedelic
Vamp Le Stat (VLS): Northern California Rock Band
Ken Petersen: Ken Petersen - Singer, songwriter, and musician based in Florence, Oregon. View Drive Studios. Ken plays lead guitar, acoustic guitar, base guitar, mandolin, keyboard, harmonica, and vocals. '7 Days North of Crazy' is Ken's newly released CD (March 2007).
todd michalik: indie pop rock
Oneside: banjo-driven indie rock
Escape: Indie Band from Brazil
The Dark Femoris: An interesting new noise
EverBlue: EverBlue ushers in a sexy, soulful and fresh new sound that utilizes Rock, Pop, and Blues elements.
Paul Cipriano: Listening to Paul's music is like taking a trip down Deja Vu Lane.
Richmond Hill: Melodic rock band from Sydney, NS (Canada)
Jeff Coffey: A pop rock artist has just released his 2nd CD "Long Way Home."
The Passive Aggressives: Sultry. Spicy. Dynamic. This group brings a unique flavor to the hard-rock experience without conforming to any single genre -- a catchy 4 piece prog fusion funk metal that's a cross between Primus and Veruca Salt."
JYM: Rock between Led Zeppelin and Radiohead
Aural Climax: Rock/Punk/Hardrock from Graz/Austria
Scotter: Half-man, Half-otter: All Scotter
Family Academy: Indie rock music from space that has changed entire solar systems
Daniel Glen Timms: Intelligent alternative country and folk rock with an edge.
Neptune Sky: Alternative rock band, singer/songwriters from Worthing, Sussex, UK
The LOT: A Band from Deland
Artificial Reality: Something between Alice and Chains and Metallica
The Coggs: Thunderous blues-laiden Rawk N Roll .
the francis crowns: indie glitch rock grunge digital pop
Open Door: Bay Area Progressive Art Rock
Farsil.Music Inside: Prog Rock Dedicated to the Queen of Peace
Tommy Ross: A New Sound For The Rock Genre
EDDIE B: Canadian Indie Rock Sensation, Refreshing Original Music
Erik Neff: Career launch in March on the Oxygen Network and Myspace
The Noah K. Band: This Is Indie Rock.What You See is What You Get.
Jim Wolf: Nationally Touring Singer / Songwriter Jim Wolf
cheese heads with an attitude: classic
tamra pacile: sorry
Vote Here: Help Support our bands by voting for them
Part Bear: Hello. We are an all original 3 piece rock band from Athens, GA. Please check us out. If you like rock music and music that is catchy and nicely organized, then chances are you'll like our music.
Marius Pop: Marius Pop's Official Website; Marius is one of the most talented young Romanian rock, blues and jazz guitarists. The site contains everything about Marius, pictures, news, videos and song samples. Marius is open to any kind of musical project. Just contact us!
Sercan SOLMAZ: Sercan Solmaz sarkilari, Sercan Solmaz' song
Tom Stroh & Revelation 9: Christian Rock with Attituded
DeepSoul: - classic yet contemporary rock/r&b
The Cringe Band: Foo Fighters crossed with classic rock
Michael Gabriel: Instrumental Guitar Jam Groove
J-stick: Indie/Surf/Grunge band from Estonia
Ronnie Lee Barnes: Singer /Songwriter
Anything But Reason: Mountain Rock
Kumikaze: Independent artist from London. Alternative rock.
Separation Anxiety: Experimental instrumental two-piece ambient rock
Ray Buttigieg: Composer & Producer for bands like Phillis Teen, FTSG, Johnny Rocker, Dyr3, System 6, and others
Isy Macadar: Buy Classical and Classical Electric Guitars, Flamenco Guitars, Guitars & Accessories from Spain by Guitars from Spain, Inc.
Cry Reign: God, Devil, Jesus, Dead, Saint, Satins, Stains, and you.
SH!FT: Bad Ass Rock Music
SH!FT: Kick Ass Rock Music
Alan Fox Band: The Alan Fox Band has the sound you just love to hear!
The Dry: post rock, epic and emotive music. Influenced by bands like radiohead, sigur-ros, mew, classical composers, electronic musicians etc
WIRNOnline: Indie Music Radio
Side Project: Colorado Original Rock Band
CHELSEY AUSTIN: CHELSEY AUSTIN sounds like Debra Harry singing for Van Halen
ICR: Free to join and post music
Sterilium: Official site of unknown Filipino prog rock/classical/jazz/etc. composer Mark Galang. Free album downloads of spiritual progressive rock, jazz, classical, experimental music, etc.
Benders: Benders Official Website
Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band: Playing the Sweet Sound of Caribbean Rock, Reggae and Calypso
Keyth Lawrence: Piano-driven Alt. Rock
THE LIMIT: Rock baby, its rock!!!
Silver Lining: 13 year olds rock and roll band
Arashk: Iranian Hard/Progressive Rock Band
One Last Chance: A honest hard working pop-punk band.
Lawrence Lander and The Best Friends Money Can Buy: Texas Roots Rock/Country
unsaid: north little rock ar band
Donny Sawyer: Donny Sawyer
Aaron Crewe: New Music Artist
Ray Brown: Cincinnati based Vocalist/Guitarist Singer - Songwriter.
Gone Wrong Robot: Pop/Rock future classics
lonely china day: indie band from beijing,china.with chinese blood and rock corn
lonely china day: a chinese indie band.from ancient city beijing.
Tribal: A great Funk and psychedelic band from Salmon Arm
michaelcsmith: solid folk orinted rock. lyrical genius. Hits; "Diamond Earrings" & "When She's Around"
Kiss the Girl: Passionate, Sexy, Unabashedly Romantic Rock Music that makes you feel alive.
Ernan: independent artist/songwriter/producer/label from Netherlands
Freeman Road: Independent Foursome with original songs
Athan Young: Acoustic/Ambient/Jazz/Soul
Kel Schmitz: retro country/folk/pop
william corey: chicago independent acoustic
Scott McLean: Scott McLean is a drummer, songwriter and producer. Scott plays many instruments on his album entitled: Rock And Roll Karma.
Billy Skinner: Billy Skinner is a independent recording artist selling his recordings, Tomorrows Sun Music CD and mp3.
Drew Barnes: contemporary folk rock, easy-listening alternative
Sideline Heroes: if there is one band in 2007 that will make a splash it is Sideline Heroes
Sender: Australian rock band - melodic vocals, heavy guitars
The ThreshingFloorProject: With a name representing an idea more than a band, we're a group of musicians from Oklahoma that just enjoy making good positive, reflective music
Him Genius: Indie Rock from North Miami
Something Really Dirty: indie punk rock
Westmoore: aggressive rock from Terrell, Texas
KEEPING LIONS: A band emerging rapidly on the scene with songs of hope and positivity. This band incompasses dynamics all the way from raw guitar tones to melodic melodies that will live inside your head for days after the song has finished. These guys live the music everyday and their success with the people has proven their authenticity. You won't be disappointed.
Roy Muniz: Folk/rock Fok/blues He just Plays it, wont 't you give an ear.
Roy and The Straightflutes: Sittin down by the River Babe! Cool music. In its own space and time
bownarrowmusic/roymuniz: songs with some meaning and lots of Heart
Outcry: melodic rock, withpunk edge
FAVORED NATION: new and growing band the closely represents the Beatles!
The McCloskey Brothers Band : The McCloskey Brothers Band will knock you winded with their perfect vocal harmonies and
The New York Vaults: A band whose music hearkens back to the days of hook-laden, harmony-driven, melodic, straight ahead rock and roll.
Ernan: Indepenlabeldent artist/songwriter/producer/
froid: swedish alternative rock
The Told: Alternative / Rock / Metal / PowerPop style that merges Intelligent Melodic Groove meets Driving Heaviness
Saturna: Saturna is an indie rock band that plays fuzzy, dirty, driving, psychedelic bliss pop.
Annunaki: five piece canadian rock group with blues, folk and classic rock influence
Grant Duncan: Singer/song-writer based in Tokyo
Mardo: Aron & Robert Mardo, Sonny Sly and Casey Hooper make up the melodic, heavy riff rock band MARDO.
Taken Effect: A Christian pop/rock duo from Edmonton, AB, Canada.
Chris Gillman: Progressive Musician, Composer and Solo Artist
Favored Nation: We are a fairly new band that is pretty much a mis of Ben Folds and the Beatles.
The Zookeepers: Experimental Happy Rock
Novel: Mexican Pop-Punk
After The Lounge: London Ontario's native party band!
The Paquette-Preston Project: Emotional, passionate heartfelt lyrics set against acoustic/electric backdrop. from power pop to old fashion rock.
HOME AT LAST: HOME AT LAST is a band based in southern New Jersey with a long and accomplished history. Comprising guitarists Ernie Trionfo and Steve Shurman, bassist/keyboardist Bruce Pike, and percussionist Charlie Andaloro, HOME AT LAST first came together in the fall of 1984. The current lineup has been together since 1987. With the release of the most recent CD "Radio Silence," Home At Last has experienced a resurgence and is entering a new era of musical adventures, and you're invited!
Hanson: Leaving their mmmbop days behind Hanson has started their own indie Label, Titled 3cg and now has more of an indie rock vibe in their albums. Their debut "Underneath" (20004) on their own indie label ebuted at #1 on Billboards Indie charts! Their nest release titled "The Walk" will be released later this year or early 2007!
-bloomsville-: Norwegian Alternative Rock
The Motherjumpers: Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, and influenced by a variety of different bands and music, The Motherjumpers are a rock band as good as they come. With a strong sense of melody and a high standard of songwriting, The Motherjumpers' guitar-based and harmony-laden rock'n'roll packs an emotional and heart-felt punch. They're a bit heavy, a bit country, a bit soulful, and a lot of rock!
The Cranes: Helluva good time band from Montreal.
zerobridge: indie/rock/alternative
Transistor Radial: Electro Indie Rock
Ghost Town: Pop rock tunes with a touch of ambience
No Recesse: An intense rock show with a distinct grunge sound. NO RECESS is how rock was meant to be. Exciting and unpredictably fun, intense, offensive, rude, honest and to the point.
The Next Projected Sound: homepage with demos, band info, gigs etc.
Ours To Destroy: Anarchist Folk Abstract. • a slow-cooked collection of divergent herbs and spices, drawing inspiration from Lou Reed, Wilco, Johnny Cash, and The Pixies. Review by
Box of Poems: "They feature rock-pop oriented tunes with a contagious melodic foundation that propels them in many different directions."
VICTORY AT LAST: Melodic-Rock from Nashville, TN
Michael Wolff: Michael Wolff is an internationally acclaimed pianist-composer-bandleader whose late night, blue light singing on Love and Destruction, his tenth album, brings new cool to an inspired selection of rock/pop classics as well as his own tunes about the well-lived life.
Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy: Anything goes!
Shane Baker: Funky psychedelic rock from Kentucky.
Ernan: Folk/Rock in acustic guitar with contemporary orchestral style background and synthesized effects.
Jubeus: acoustic roots alternative will soulful influence
The Sunny Era: Progressive Rock
Force The Fallen: Mix of Green day, frank sinatra, metal, pop and punk
Vent: Texas based/ Latest CD streaming complete/ Bio. Rock as well as some soft Rock and pop.
RockdotRock: The worlds first adverband
SQUARE TRIO: Good Guys Making Good Music
Every Reason: Hard Rock duo with passionate vocals and strong roots
Square Trio: Good Music Made By Good Guys
AsiaNoise: Free Asian Music Listing
The Craze: Indie Rock Band combines 60's pop, 80's new wave and indie-influenced rock
Love Eternal: Devotional Music to Uplift the Soul. Conscious Lyrics harmonized over world rhythms, Cd's available at www.cdbaby/cd/loveeternal Blessings and Endless Love
Mae: Drummer, Singer, Female
The Next Projected Sound: Like progressive / ambient / post rock type music, think Radiohead, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros that kind of thing
Christopher Mast: Christopher Mast is "Johnny Cash meets Nick Cave meets Tom Waits meets Cake meets Tom Bodett from the Motel Six commercials." Often off the mainstream, sometimes bending the mainstream to his will, Christopher puts on a show that's like a one-man carnival.
Whitehouse: Feel good music and lyrics Promotion of specific independent artists and musicians.
bellevue: canadian indie rock band
Bill Farkas: Home of the Daily Rant political blog, Activists' Forum, and official bandsite for Bill Farkas with No Parachute
The Paper kings: British rock with a American Folk twist - New Jersey
paper kings: British rock with a folk twist
79cortinaz: Irish Rock
Syd Berliner: melodic rock-pop like ashcroft meets keith caputo
El Kabong: East Texas rock band with funk and classic rock/alternative influence
|---Exit 68---|: *****Free Wheeling Rock and Roll*****
Max Sterling: Mexican hip hop artist with a unique style
John Hughes: Click on Bring Em On, which is on the top of the protest songs on Neil Young's website.
Ricky Gonzo: Ricky Gonzo, typical guy livin' in a place we all call "world", who happens to express his thoughts through his rock melodies so listeners can relate in so many ways. Recorded his first Cd Album back in 2005 "Nunca mia seras", album produced by 2005 Gonzo Music LTD. See "Band Website", to listen to all twelve tracks of this album. Now back with his new stunning second cd album "NO X THREE=???" (coming this fall). Three words about his music; melodic, energetic and infectious. Based/influenced by many styles. Very catchy. Feel free to add comments about his music. Español ?????? Para escuchar el cd "Nunca miía serás" ve a sin compromiso alguno. También puedes comprar através de distribución digital !!! Selecciona tus melodiías favoritas por separado através de las siguientes compañías: MSN Music,Apple iTunes,MusicMatch,MP3tunes, MusicNet,loudEye,MusicNow,BuyMusic,Bitmunk, PassAlong,Chondo,Ruckus,DigitalKiosk,Liquid, DigitalMedia,NextRadio,Tradebit,Rhapsody,PayPlay, NetMusic-DEAD,AudioLunchbox,Mouzika, WrapFactory,Emusic, GroupieTunes,Puretracks,Interia, MP3-Extension,MusicIsHere,MOD Systems,Destra.
starflight ambush: alternative rock group from spokane.
Nimencia: Rock, Jam, Alternative
The Ratchets: they fuse rock-n-roll, punk and reggae music with their very own explosive blend of songwriting
Vanity Blvd: Glam
Felice: An exotic blend of Pop, Folk, and Techno-Dance electronics
firuz: has a song called "Cursing Holy Man" / Dazzling guitar playing and unique drum playing
Mirror Mirror: 80's style Arena Rock
Distillery Dave: Distillery Dave bridges the gap betwen Contemporary and Traditional Country Music
Mango: This is Mango.
Equals Conquest: right on
God Damn Trio: Swedish rock at it's best!
Elmer: Rock from Sweden that will hit you!
John Popper Project featuring DJ Logic: Rock, Jam, Alternative, Electronica, All/non-classical, Funk, Freeform
The Swing Movement: The Swing Movement is a 4 piece group from Dorking, Surrey. Our CD 'Make Your Mark' is a well rounded example of our ska and punk influenced pop rock. Email us at: to get your copy now!
Alan Gillies: Radio-friendly original blue-collar rock and roll singer-songwriter-guitarist and international recording artist.
Minimal Fall: The premier band of band has an amazing stage presence combined w/ lyrics proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the bible as related to their daily lives
RAM: Alternative metal band with samples and loops...
Robbie D Love: if jimi hendrix and mozart were gay togther, you would get....
The MinoriChicks Official Site: The MinoriChicks are a Connecticut all-girl rock band, featuring covers from Sublime, No Doubt, The Donnas, Fallout Boy and Weezer.
Catholic Girls: Driving rock n eoll with strong pop melodies, punk inspiration, soaring harmonies, and well-crafted guitar blends.
Schmange: Awesome Techno Rock...
19 One Year Later: Pushing the limits
Farrah: Farrah - home of the UK powerpop quartet
Montana: Montana - indie rock band
Zero:State : post grunge rock band!
IntheJarStudios: IntheJarStudios
Daniel Moore: The Changing Moments
king belvedere: the revolution of rock
Jasmine Jamillah: Jasmine Jamillah sets embattled, intimate lyrics to an upbeat soul/fun ously composed song.
Alchemy: Experience the alchemy of poetry, artistry, music, and dreams.
Fast Emperors: Northern Irish indie/alternative - Coldplay, U2, Echo and the Bunnymen are influences
Jodi Martin: Rock, Folk, Roots
if.: alt rock sad rock
Flatbread Kids: two siblings with guitars, tambourine, piano, mandolin, harmonica, kalimba, drums, and clapping shakers -- folk-influenced, with some indie Raffi bluegrass in there, too. so much fun and beautiful music.
JiG: Young Incredible Entertainer, Urban Rock & R&B
Judith: New Release! Celebrate a milestone with Judith....
Three Horse: power trio
Sam Cook: Amazing new music from this upcoming artist!!! Click here to listen and buy!
Ours To Destroy: Anarchist folk abstract...influenced by Wilco, Eels, Flaming Lips.
The Tuckers: 4 Piece H-indie band from North East England. Fantastic Music
Rick Frost: Hard-hitting acoustic/electrics w/ a political edge.
Matt Macaulay: Lyrically driven rock with modern jazz influences-NYC
The Revelling Blind: speeded pop/rock. Bruce Springsteen meets 77punk, sort of...
m28: Winners of the 2006 RAMI for Christian Artist of the Year. Check out their new CD "Tell the World."
StitchHaven: Imagine Deftones meets Soundgarden meets Taproot
Parallax View: sounds like organic metal folding chairs. oh just listen
CNS: Dumbass singing in the living room.
Solomons Folly: A Christian Rock/worship band from Scotland
Emulsion: Great, big helping of funk, with mellow jazz sauce
Adrian Baker: Rock
BRIN: original folk/rock music from Singapore
AN EFFIGY: Rock Band
Creature Republic: Rock band from Calgary influenced by Queens fo the Stone Age and Tool
arnold jackson: Chicago rock band.
J eye/ One Way Ent.: Up and coming music artist
FlowProoF: Mellow Groove Acoustic Blues Pop/Rock
The Fishermen: Washington DC based alternative folk rock band.
Blind Carbon Copy: Texas Rock-n-Roll
gun barrel city: folk rock, indie, and other...from long island ny
Lonely China Day: rock/experimental/ambient
The Wire Jungle: Ultimate math-jams, poetic melodies, crashing rhythms, and echoing forms.
Swim: punkpowerpop; think The Beatles joined by Hüsker Dü with a Motown rhythm section
AcoustikA: Hailing from Sydneys Northern Beaches, this original rock 5 piece is ready to be heard. Their music is ever changing and is an expression of the Bands emotion and experiences. To quote a review of AcoustikA's music that was recently featured in Sydney street press... "The music they create is unpredictable. What seemingly starts out as fairly straight heavy rock in one song jumps to frenetic punk in the next followed by stoner rock grooves or an anthem seventies sound."
MOJOFLY: Philippines
wireless: unsigned indie rock/ rock'n'roll band form essex
PRK Band: St. Louis, MO/Classic rock/70's/Guitar based/cool!
seclusion: Seclusion Alternative rock with a 70s sound and elements of the grunge era
the Nancy wha: rock,pop,postpunk,glam,etc.
Jim Offerman Band: Dutch indie singer-songwriter/pop/rock band
Needle And The Pain Reaction: Belgian indie rock band, situated somewhere inbetween Dinosaur Jr. and Afghan Whigs
Randy Mayer: Self taught, unsigned artist, songwriter, self promoted.folk,blues,contry
Bill Douglass: pop/contemporary
Fragile Arm: brazilian indie rock by a 16-aged boy! its my bloody valentine + nine inch nails.
Semi Tone: Never mind your daughter, hide your beer! A Classic Rock Duet.
ANTIGONE RISING: 5 female musicians who opened for the Rolling Stones this year, the Allman Brothers, Arosmith & toured with Rob Thomas all last year!
sights over seen: rock
Lyden: motivational, inspirational, energetic music
The May Fire: Garage Rock, Western Riffs, Cool Stuff
Even Zero: Progressive Rock Band From Hermosa Beach, CA
Even Steven: Progressive Rock Band From Hermosa Beach, CA
secondhand serenade: acoustic
The Boogiemen: Alternative Blues, Hard and Progressive Rock with comical undertones
Carlos Oropeza: Experimental Rock, Rock
The Suborbitals: Weird and catchy
A New Dawn Fades: two man cage match where the fate of neo classical music hangs in the balence
Timothy Bailey & The Humans: alt country, folk, indie, rock
Mikael Nordin: Priest and songwriter Mikael Nordin leads you into the mystique. Acoustic - Guitar and vocals.
Volkan Mühürcüoğlu: Turkish independent pop-rock artist
Volkan Muhurcuoglu: Turkish independent pop-rock artist
Kevin Reeves: The official website for pop/rock keyboardist/vocalist Kevin Reeves. This site features his explosive debut album entitled
The Anderson Council: Rock, rock, and more rock.
still water: Christian Rock Band
eviction party: Indie
Music: The best of sounds.
Tongue of the Dog: psychodaelic, progressive,blues, alt. punk
Face Down in High Water ( fdh2o ): Rock band from Pennsylvania and western New York
Epictunes: Unsigned Music I have been listening to alot of the Bands/Artists on this site and ALOT of them are GREAT! I'm in the music business, and I would like to hear from some of you. Visit my site and contact me! Thanks!
automag: Tuned down, cranked up good old southern ass kicking!
The Perfect Addiction: we are a NW Ohio band with a blended sound of rock, screamo
Three Man Kill: Jammin' 3 piece rock group with a lotta soul. Best way to experience them is live, CD production does this band no justice.
Filetofsoul: New classical rock released! check out "Alchemy" on soundclick
: Singer/songwriter, Light Rock, Electronic influences.
The Medicine Head: Lynyrd Skynyrd meets the Chemical Brothers
Stereo Suite: guitar-driven modern rock quartet
LagoDeSal: :::Gospel Rock From LIMA PERU:::
Letterbomb: Blues Rock meets Hard Rock.
Mutantes e Bizarros: Brazilian Rock and Roll band with a powerful sound, is a true punch in your head, you can find free Mp3 for download.
namosh: electro-clash rock berlin based producer
fallen penny: indie guitar brit that rocks straight to the heart. Influences like Nada Surf, Oasis, NOT James Blunt :-)
broken: contempary altrenative rock that also loves worship- it's all about touching lives and reflecting God's love to a dying and lost world, we are a band that loves to ROCK OUT but we are more than that we are a ministry with a desire to be heard but for Jesus to be seen!
K-Rock: Coll songs and vids
james davies: Acoustic rock from the darker side of life
COMMOTIO: Danish upcoming Funking Rock Band
Inanimate Objects: With a very tight and professional sound, Wollongong band, ‘Inanimate Objects’ use a beautifully blended combination of acoustically driven attention-grabbing sounds to produce their cleverly layered original fusion of melodic-funk-rock.
Tracy's Point: Ottawa Indie Band
Clay Adams Band: Blues influenced, 3 piece, great "live" band
The Flat Broke Band: Rock/Southern Rock with a hint of country and old-school rhythm and blues, from the St. Louis metro area.
The Toylanders: site features the music of the toylanders, earl flemm, andre hiatus jackson, and many other independent artists, internet radio, free mp3, musicians resources, and fun stuff.
Alien Beings: Philadelphia lame-ass psychedelic garage rock vaginasss
The DeafAids: Beatles cover band out of Northern Virginia
kyo : groupe de rock
Jenn Lindsay: indie rock and folk for the jobless, brave, and indignant. NYC folk-pop.
Silver Lining: four 13 year olds who are very talented in cary nc
Sinister Yu: 5 man rock explosion out of New York. Rock/blues/jazz with multiple lead vocals and a saxophone.
THE DRIVES: indie band..influences by the stone roses and new order...listen to their demo....
AquaVenus: Pop-rock with Latin flair, from upbeat tropical vibes to funk-rock with female singer/bassist
Swampdogs: Roadhouse music for the 21st Century
The Ironics: Alternative Pop/Rock that runs lyrical circles around Edgar Allen Poe
The Confessional: Alt-Rock, Pseudo Prog Band Out Of Louisville, Kentucky
The Drew Laird Experience: Ambient Alternative Socially Conscious Environmentally Aware Music - Music Directory : - Music Directory
Alec Gross: Alec Gross blends the best of Pop and Americana influences with his distinctive gift of lyric and melody.
Kelly Roberti Sextet: Kelly Roberti jazz musician, jazz fusion, world music.
Planemo: Formed in 2006, Guangzhou
The Tipsy McStagger Band: Midwest Rock
Anny Rusk: Anny’s music is an intoxicating and thought provoking brew. NAKED showcases Anny’s beautiful and energizing voice, which floats above, and melts into, tracks that can be best described as approachable mood music, with a pop rock and intimate edge.
Sonsofday: a blend of pop and rock with great melodies
Dean madonia: The progressive pop/rock music of Dean Madonia.
Manoa: Pop Rock
Broken Within: Grunge/Ska/Indie. We are a small band made up of high school kids. We are not doing anything right now but there will be stuff happening real soon. So stay in touch. Peace and much love.
JH______JAY_HARNISH______JH: Jay Harnish spent several years living in Chicago tourning as bassist for Chicago bands Exit 68 and Orson's Well. Summer of 2005 he recorded his first solo project. Look for Jay Harnish's new album this summer.
Chatter: Punky, Grunge Rock from Boston, MA
Texas Blues Ranters: Texas Style Blues
Blip Pilot: Cool grooves from Tokyo's urban sprawl
FUAD AND THE FEZTONES: Solo Project from 2 members of the GRUESOMES + 2 members of THE STILLS!! Garage-Punk/Frat/R+B.
My Lenaptalf: Rediscover rock madness at My Lenaptalf
urbandub: gabby
Slaraffenland: Avant Rock / Impro
Nathaniel Carroll & The Party Line: Piano indie-pop/rock/folk from the midwest!
Papalegba: Check out the infectious grooves of Papalegba
SETE STAR SEPT: Noise Grindcore from JAPAN
Leverage: Leverage is an original three-piece rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. If you like good music, check us out!!
Havilah Tower: acoustic rock - melodic and lyrical
Magic Carpet: A new russian Indie-Rock Band
Mildred Pierce: Grunge Rock Band from the Netherlands, honnest Rock Music
The Perfect Person: creepy experimental that aims for feelings of uncertainty
becky: Led by Rebecca Lord's intense passion and alluring presence Becky captures their audiences through raw explosive energy melded with subtle seductive vibes.
somaya reece music:
The Montereys: Old Time Rock And Roll
Burning Theory: A High Energy Rock band that will Rock your socks off check them out
Troels Skovgaard: Great west-coast, blues/rock music from Denmark
Magno: Rock Melodico
eremiah: modern day stucco for centering and tuning into the higher element of cycling for the more contemperary of baby boomers
GridBias: Rock band from Montreal
Sandra Julian: A singer and writer that crosses pop, blues, country and jazz with a powerfully rich voice. Sandra released her first LP of original music in 2003 and Jon Bream of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reviewed her song "Set Me Free" as "scorching southern blues". She releases her second LP of original music "From The Inside" November 2004 after eight months of writing for this LP.
Anthony Adams: Adult Rock, Melodic and Intricate, 70s & 80's Art Rock Influence
Matt Caldeira: That voice! Melodic, soulful singer/songwriter.
Mark5: New breed of jamband, blending hard jazz improv with tight song writing, and experimental jams!
Portagalera: Pop & Roll Band, cover band and original music. You can find last news, band info, photos, Mp3, concerts. In italian.
Ambush: Ambush - a vibrant, four-piece guitar band from Essex...
Santiago: Indie/Rock band from Durham, UK. Synth riffs mixed with guitar hooks give an instant and accesible sound, with driving bass and pounding guitars, topped with awesome, luscious lyrics.
Buffalo Riders: unique trio playing originals
the horne: south east london, BAND
HANSON: the guys from tulsa that ROCK
Two Days Drive: Acoustic Rock with a Classic Voice
anita i. ferrer: contemporary Christian music that rocks, soothes and funks your soul!
anita i. ferrer: inspirational music that rocks, soothes and funks out your dark world!
The Ascendents: Free mp3 audio and video, The Ascendents are making a legendary rock album. Frequent Updates, Gresham Oregon has the ultimate rock band experience!
PAYBACK: rock band from south central alabama. origional music,energetic,talented,touring with caesarfest,check out payback and look for caesarfest soon!
Morning Abroad: rock from delaware
lairith: Digital downloads links to itunes, listen to sound clips of light to heavy music,,or order cds of music written by lairith.
PAK: Indy/punk/rock band from lansing michigan. Our music promises to return you to the glory days of true garage music
Angela Hammontree Band: Seattle area four-piece led by powerhouse female rock vocalist and songwriter Angela Hammontree
El Doghouse: Eclectic ex-pat garage-folk-punk
Kevin Munroe: If you like Beatles/Reggae and modern rock this music's for you
Michael Cunningham: All music is up for sale. Please feel free to contact.
Ghost In Light: Indie, Ambient, Rock
The Bad Hand: Indie Jazz Punk. No vocals. You love it.
Bobby Stapf: With storytelling lyrics and whiskey soaked vocals, Bobby Stapf’s music is the byproduct of the likes of Charlie Daniels and Bon Jovi which he fuses together into his own unique style of Southern Roots Rock he calls “Outlaw Acoustic”.
Port Mahadia: Progressive Rock
MT-TV: All female, nine piece rockband from England!
Tone Deaf: A drinking band with a rock and roll problem!
Dave Matel: pop/rock music with influences from the Beatles to Today's Top 40
The Primary Colors: The Primary Colors, a four piece musical ensemble, is based in Charm City, MD. Part rock, part psychedelic, part noise, and very experimental, the band possesses a very unique and energetic sound.
Apnea: Solid Rock with some interesting alternative vibes. Stay tuned for new music, for now check out our myspace to hear some of our recently recorded material!
Astrolith: Great music for you to hear
dead in december: inde-post hardcore
Astrolith: ~Progressive, Blues-rock, Acoustic ballads, and straight ahead rock. If we feel it we play it!!!
Astrolith: ~Our music pulls from a wide range of influences, therefore each song is a little differnent. There is melow acoustic, blues-rock, and progessive tunes. Listen and enjoy!!!
in for the kill...: " in for the kill... might be your favorite new band. Loved by most and feared by some, this quartet delivers some much needed rock to the starving masses!! And how does that make the kids feel? They feel good........ and it doesn't hurt that it makes you want to sing along too. Fans of Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters will definately want to check this out! "
The Real Heroes: indi/rock
Chosen Sound: A Christian Rock Band, with a Pink Floyd attitude!
Chosen Sound: Christian Rock
Exmoor: Rock
David Ramirez Band: Singer/Songwriter: Acoustic/Piano/Rock
David Ramirez Band: Singer/Songwriter: Acoustic/Piano/Rock
Thicker: Thicker is a Classic rock/alternative/indie act from Birmingham, AL.
Disco Ensemble: Disco Ensemble is an awesome Indie-Rock-Punk-Band from Helsinki (FIN)
Rift:A very fresh Blend of Folk, Funk, Jazz, Rock, and Soul
Christopher Zerbe: Southern California Pop & Rock
Delasonica: Alternative Rock in Spanish (Latin Rock)
MANTA RAYA : Fresh Electro-Rock from Argentina. Check out the official site.. photos, mp3, and more!!
Chase Pagan: awesome check it out!
Filetofsoul: Music for the mind's eye... Do you like Pink Floyd or Alan Parsons?
JD FOX: easy listening rock
Judith: Soft, Sexy vocals and timeless beats will rock your world
Raquel's Boys: Super-fun melodic power-pop mega-hooks , 60's vibe
Mamashkanta: Rock in Spanish band based in Israel. Mamashkanta is composed of three Argentinians, one Brazilian, and one Gringo con Sabor (an American) whose influences range from classic rock to reggae to punk to funk,
RICHARD STERLING STREETER: Chopin meets Robert Johnson at a Beatles concert
Brienne Moore: singer/songwriter -acoustic
midway creatures: four guys and a sexy chick singer rockin' out
kathy: coop cd and promo seeking NEW bands
Destinee: Recording artist Destinee is based out of
Splendor: Splendor Visual-Rock Band
Small Town Sleeper: Telling stories of Life in the Midwest, Small Town Sleeper is about the songs...really great songs.
Vin Thomas: 24 year old Vin Thomas is breaking through the music scene with the release of his debut
88sundays: What if the Beatles and Led Zep recorded together?
The Jezebel Sextet: classic 1970s street funk and sassy soul-jazz
Peter Tripp: Instrumental Guitar Driven Rock/Fusion
Element57: Dreamy stadium rock- i.e. AudioSlave, Tool, Perfect Circle
Thunderwood: Three piece riff based rock group playing out of Calgary, Alberta Canada
Mr.Microphone: Mr.Microphone official site - Rock / Funk / Crossover - MrM are: Mystamyg, MadCam, Matrix, Fato
Me: this is the best group ever inspired by GNR led zep and acdc
Moulann @ Myspace: You know you love it~
Tantric: Rock Band from Louisville, Kentucky consisting of Todd Whitener, Matt Taul and Hugo Ferreira
Detagoh: Music that will make you really want to party!
Psychedelic Mooj: Jam band of psychedelic rockin' blues
CORVANE: Old school rock/indie/punk band from England
Lockbox: Rock/alternative band from Powell, Ohio
phalaphel: Groove rock band from Milwaukee brings together elements from rock, jam, jazz, funk, blues and more to create a sound all their own. Check out their myspace page and enjoy!
Sai Collins &the Getaway Drivers: Folk Rock/ Indie / Acousic - Based in Wilmington NC
Lunar: Aberdeen Rock band, recent winners of Radio 2 Competiton
Johnny Rhino: Johnny Rhino likes to play a rootsy jazzy folky variety
Ray Hendricks: Acoustic/Soul/Rock
J.Naugh-T!: Exiting Solo Artist/ Seamlessly Blends Three Genres Of Music.. Rock/Hip-Hop/And Funk!
Bobbie Adair: Independent Rock/Pop/Alternative Artist From Oklahoma
Jeremiah Pharaoh: mp3, music, common goals, pahraoh, jeremiah, zyn, ebay
Mark Turner: Luric based songs with an eclectic mix of rock, folk, and country.
Purple Tree: Psychodellic rock with influences from early Pink Floyd/Sid Barrett, Beatles, Bowie, and More from the NYC area!
Lisle Engle Band: Lisle Engle, a Savannah native, hails from West Hollywood, CA. He has been a song writer and singer for over 20 years. His all original tunes are reminiscent of Dave Mathews Band and the Black Crowes.
Belinda Rio: Belinda Rio- (BRIO) new R&B \ Pop recording artist capturing the hearts of fans everywhere. Sexy Latin diva débuts in Florida after placing as a finalist in national singing competition.
JR: Singer/Songwriter from Boston, Acoustic Pop Rock, A regional college campus favorite.
Leaving October: Modern rock mixing syles such as Trian, Keane, and Third Eye Blind. The band recently moved to Nashville, TN and is in the process of recording a debut CD.
Seizure 17: One-man band with post-grunge beatnik melodies and a punk additude
BAttersea: really well written, catchy kick ass rock songs.
Milhouse: a cello, a mandolin, a guitar, and congas
Emily Boyd: singer-songwriter out of Atlanta, GA
Rebel Android: Official website of indie rock band Rebel Android
Backseat Driver: Indie Pop/Rock band out of Philly. Melodic, semi-complex, sometimes experimental, always ridiculous. Known for their tight and fun stage show (sometimes involving animal suits), and high energy.
Sleeping Buddha: Take what you know about starting a band, turn it inside out, and you have Sleeping Buddha. With plenty of experience to draw from, the 5-piece consisting of Ken Chartrau, Bob Cirilli, Cory Lensing, Michael Morscheck and Eric Schumann found a new path to success. During their first year and a half together, Sleeping Buddha focused on refining their sound in the studio rather than working it out on stage. Their efforts paid off with the recent release of their debut, self-titled album, now available on
Bootleggers: Bootleggers rock band
VooDooStash: " Ohio Is A Dark Place Can't You Feel It? "
Ken Spivey: "The Best of 60's Folk & 80's Punk-Rock"
BACKSLIDER: Atlantic Canadian Rock and Roll Recording group,with 2 CD's out they are ART MURPHY and RON MORRISON.The group perform live as a 5 piece unit and rock out some of the best 1960's and early 70's as well as their originals anywhere in the world.Art and Ron have been performing since the 1960's.Check us out ,listen to our music and please sign our guest book.Thanks for stopping by.
Bat Mitzvah: The Gilev Show Band | Wedding band, bar mitzvah band, and live band. The party band performs at: weddings, bat mitzvahs, live parties, and corporate events such as charity events and Christmas parties in the UK and internationally.
Arielle Silver: PJ Harvey meets Wilco
Demagogue: Powerful, True, Real Rock
Lou Pal N Friends Feat. After School Special: Seattle Underground Folk Hop with lyrics you probly wont understand. Too advanced for the average human its probly better if you turn down the volume. Lou Pal is the Seattles Newest and Freshest thing. Seattle Music has turned a new page. Free Mp3 downloads and information on how to contact Lou Pal
Fluffer: Tastes better than chicken....Looks better than Tori Spelling
Han Uil: singer-songwriter that is reminiscent of Peter Hammill, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Dire Straits
From Adam to Atom: Catchy yet Crafty mix of Rock, PopPunk, and Powerpop from Orlando Florida.
Darkbloom: Hardcore n'yo face industrial-rock
CUTHEAD: Swiss instrumental guitarist/ Recording Artist, presents his 3rd Soloalbum
Spindle: Beautiful melodies, hypnotic rhythms, new sound
808 Studios: Ft. Myers, FL
Xcessive: High Energy Modern/ Pop Rock
Madd Mother Moose: Rock Variety band, Originals and Covers
Zach Tate Band: Stones, Beatles influenced band - airplay in Canada and U.S.
Concentual: Concentual is a four piece pop/rock band, hailing from Minneapolis, MN. The curious spelling of their name is a definition, meaning: to possess harmony. This definition exemplifies the band’s trademark sound. Concentual incorporates strong three part harmonies that shape their songs into uplifting anthems. Taking influence from acts such as U2, Third Eye Blind, and Tonic, Concentual delivers an array of stylistically diverse songs that keep audiences engaged. Lyrically, Concentual draws upon the intensity of human emotions and offers the audience themes that are easily relatable. Since the band’s inception in 2001, Concentual has evolved into the finely tuned line-up that is today, consisting of Bryan Thuney (vocals/guitar), Paul Haga (guitar/vocals), Steven Moerke (bass/vocals), and Brian Henz (drums). In 2005, Concentual has captured the praise of many of the midwest’s top venues and artists, being touted as the “next big thing in the Twin Cities.” They are currently touring in support of their latest release, "Stranger than Fiction".
limp bizkit: Le meilleur groupe NuMetal du moment By Zouk
Mr. Completely: Contemporary Classic Rock
excelerate youth: christian rock music
Javen: Check out the brand-new 2006 release entitled "Believer"
The One Band: Music For EveryONE
ColdWired: a young rock band in the UAE
Coldwired: a young band full of energy trying to get to fame
Jacobs Well: Jacobs Well is a Positive Message Alternative Rock and Soul Band. No matter what style of music you like, we have something for you.
Strangefire: Psychedelic
Todd Deatherage: crafty songwriting; mixture of rock/pop/country/folk; Dallas native, lives in New York
Jason Rogers: “Panty Rock filled with dripping classic over-tones — stiff and hard, just like good Rock should be!”
jeffrey b. scott: hook-laden lyrics, great melodies. Power Pop at it's finest, this band hails from Atlanta, GA. Compared to Collective Soul, Marvelous 3, Simple Plan, Delirious?
Dave Byron: Canadian Singer/Songwriter
3 Man Duo: Home of
Matt Maye: NYC singer-songwriter whose latest CD is called "Halfway There".
2Boss Vega: great songs, great lyrics, veteran for musicians
PixelsforMusic: Promote your Band, Music, Site, or Music Business with Pixels!!
Kirsten Proffit: Kirsten is an insightful singer/songwriter with influences that range from David Bowie to Nick Drake. Great melodic and lyrical hooks. Most often compared to Sheryl Crow, but Kirsten is definitely original.
Atophy: Sexy band from Birmingham
Traced Image: Christian Alternative Rock band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
massari: joey moe
I Say Go: We friggin rock you mofo
farewell: acoustic rock, catchy tunes!
The Scene: Canadian guitarpop group inspired by Oasis and the Stone Roses
BipolarJ: Unique Hard Rock from Downtown Jersey City USA
FLOREZ: MUSIC FOR YOUR SOUL...bringing chocolate to a bubblegum world...
Xploya: Modern/EMO Rock band from Indiana
Street Stones: A swedish kick-ass rocknrollband. Black croweish but a bit rougher...
The Rocky Fortune: Calgary AB, Canada searing aggression of AC/DC with the sincerity and folk sensibility of Neil Young to form a hotbed of danceable melodic rock.
blakhatz: evolving punk country band
blakhatz: evolving punk country band
UFOetry: UFO's + Poetry
A.K.A: A Vancouver, BC, Canada Band - We could dazzle you with bullshit, but the truth is we write from the heart...sometimes light, sometimes dark, and every shade in between!
Mulattorus: Little Rock, AR metal in the vein of Sabbath, Crowbar, Bloodlet
Jonathan Singleton: singer/songwriter
The Grove: heartland rock/alt. a commercial feel
Dodge-It: Refreshing guitarpop/rock with a message.
Mo Jondles: Some say punk some say pop we say rock and roll
Cousins of the Wize : Cousins of the Wize blend of elements such as, hip-hop, alt-rock, psychedelic jazz, and reggae based grooves, fused w/ aggressive yet contemplative rhymes.
Relics: classic rock
WIT: Explosive R&B rock band from Sweden
One Fret Down: A central Ohio band, with a unique soft rock sound
Exit 72: NC original rock band
Everygirl - The Story of my Life so Far: angelic female vocalist with beautiful harmonies & great lyrics
Any Given Day: If you liked the Ramones you'll like Any Given Day... three chord wonders mixed with the catchy harmonies inspired by the Beatles. Any Given Day are the new-wave punk sensation!
HARD ROAD/NEWCASTLE N.B.1972-1978: History of Newcastle 1972-1978
Cindy Nelson: Rock -Alternative Singer/Songwriter/Performer
Beta: Beta is a 5-piece Malaysian rock band based in Subang Jaya, Selangor. It was formed in December 2004 from the dissolvement of a previous band. The recordings on this page are made at home with a very basic setup including a built-in soundcard, a PC mic, and guitars & multi-FXs recorded direct-in. Sound quality is lo-fi but acceptable. These songs serve as a pre-intro demo to, hopefully one day, the real thing. We feel our music adds a different depth and dimension to common malay rock. What you would hear is not the average malay rock music bound to our static and typical local scene. But talk is cheap. Judge it with your ears...
Seiki Geikie: british Pop
Formula: Our music is 80"s style all orginal rock. Check us out.
Kevin McCarthy: Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic, Rock, Pop, Irish
The Angry Cnadiens: Hard rockin' band based out of Greensboro, NC.
tamaras: erasing the bounderies between funk,grunge and jazz
Josh Rifkin: Acoustic Driven, Pop, Rock.
the Winners: san francisco yum yums
the Winners: san francisco yum yums
SAHIB RADIO: Sahib Radio is not your typical singer-songwriter. He considers himself a recording artist. Not in the popular sence, but in the artistic sence. Like a painter applying colors and strokes of the brush onto canvas to accomplish their work, Sahib uses words, intertwined with instruments, and expressive vocals to accomplish his. He writes of people, places, and things, that other people don't give much thought to. An old tree still standing, once used for hanging poor souls. Demons, angels, and rats. The body of a young lad, disposed of in the bottom of an abandoned well. Stone statues possessed by a former lover. What it might be like to survive a plane crash in a swamp, only to be stalked by snakes and alligators. A serial killer riding the roads in search of his next victim. Witches, ghosts, suicide, revenge, and addiction are just some of the subjects found in his library of songs. There's even a bit of humor found as well. A fine line is drawn between what is real and what is imaginary. It's up to the listener to decide which is which. Whatever the subject, you can always count on Sahib's music being truly original.
abel five: Cincinnati, OH
BACKSLIDER: Listen to songs join fan club,photos
ART MURPHY: History of Atlantic Canadian Musician Performing Since 1966
BACKSLIDER: History photos and general info on Atlantic Canadian group
ken oak band: cello rock. very mellow, something different.
Denise miller: acoustic folk and light classic rock singer in N.J.
Kenny Chesney: www.
Del Castillo: Latin, Flamenco Rock. DEL CASTILLO draws from an infinite well of sonic landscapes, gracefully fusing old world “gitano” and new world flamenco with rock & blues.
The Saxbys: Woo it's time for some fun rock. Check it out!!!
indietunes: It gives an oppurtunity to independent music artist, unsigned artists, jazz artist or new music artist for online auditions and sell music online. indieTunes empowers indie artists of allgenres by offering the highest payback anywhere in the world.
Eyes Of Every: Classic three peice playing neo-classic rock
CELESTIAL DOOM: Rock BAND wt HANDful of awesme Originals.
Opening Axe: Awesome teen duo, like Dashboard, only girls
Shred Eagle: A brutal mixture of rock 'n' roll: vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Shred Eagle has landed!
Shred Eagle: A brutal mixture of rock 'n' roll: vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Shred Eagle has landed!
Derek Astles: Songwriter&Performer Folk'Rolln' from Contoocook, NH
As We Speak: Poetic Indie Rock out of San Diego, CA. sounds like Coldplay, U2, Death Cab For Cutie
Shaimus: LA-based rock/pop band featured in playstation 2 game "guitar hero."
native: native
Dryed Mangoes: the best DLSU band alive!! dib.jepus.jeff.ian.paulus. (pasensya jeff nakalimutan ko kanina,... hehe)
Dryed Mangoes: the best DLSU band alive. dib.jepus.paulus.ian.
another dead hero: the grunge rock band from uk
Jerald Wolf: singer/songwriter Jerald Wolfs' new CD, Winters' Emptiness is a blending acoustic and electric with strong lead vocals and warm harmonies...haunting and revealing songs explore life and love...somewhat dark and emotional
Tan-Hauser Gate: Modern rock band from England, they have a moody, etheral sound with prominent guitar
WillBaker-WillBmusic: singer/songwriter/musician
andy martinez:
Jimmy Bear Pearson: Eclectic Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Instrumental, Electronic
The Dunes: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Richmond area local rock band. The Dunes band.
Beautiful Flame: Central Pennsylvania Softer-Rock Band
Michael Bowling: Singer/songwriter with a rock sound a la Elvis Costello, Mathew Sweet or Ryan Adams
Michael Bowling: Singer/songwriter with a rock sound a la Elvis Costello, Mathew Sweet or Ryan Adams
The C.O.Z.: East Coast Alt Rock, The C.O.Z. moves from one musical style of rock to another. With over two hours of creative original material, our live shows are energetic and engaging!
Device: Device
Benjamin Olson: based in Nashville, TN, Benjamin Olson is a singer/songwriter with a talent for creating “Pop-Sensible Americana Folk-Rock” (or PSAFR to be brief) His lyrics are poetic and honest. His melodies linger long after being heard.
Di Sheldon: AC formatted/Rising Sensation! Check out her debut album
DC Slater: Instrumental Rock Guitar
Vanishing Zero: Dallas based rock band with unique male vocals and a female lead guitarist. The band gets regular rotation on and performs live in DFW.
The Congregation: Jersey Music...'Nuff said!
Stuck With Arthur: The best pop-punk band to come out of iowa since....ever.
MALFUNCTION: A Finnish hard rock band. The band was formed in the summer of '03. Various bassplayers and drummers later the band has taken the shape it is in now. ROCKIN' HARD!
Second Wind: a Kick-ass Rock and Blues Band from Long Island, NY
LANDMARQ: One of the UK's leading and most original Prog-rock bands, featuring the wonderful voice of Tracy Hitchings. Website includes news, biography, discography, audio and lots more...
plankton: female-fronted indie alternative post-punk art rock
Astral Loom: Instrumental Psichedelic Prog-rock from Italy. Free full tracks to download.
Jeff X: N.J. indie artist with Rock/Pop flavor - Songs may vary with cross styles from any genre, but a rock edge is usually dealt out somewhere within. Site includes: pics, info, current shows, song previews and song downloadable links. See ya there! Jeff X
Angry Soul - Tacoma, WA : Straight Down the Middle SOLID Rock!
Jana Lee: Rock/Pop Powerful vocals/Great live Performer
Jana Lee: Rock/Pop singer with Powerful vocals/Great Live Performer
The Catholic Girls: Girls in plaid school girl outfits who have high energy. Get the girls latest cd, "Meet The Catholic Girls"
V. K. Lynne: Profile with free music pictures, gig dates, cd info...
Somber: Somber - Pennsylvania's Next Big Threat
Ricky Gonzo: " Nunca mia serás" debut CD of this talented singer/song writer, Ricky Gonzo. Album produced by 2005 Gonzo Music LTD. Twelve tracks of the best Latin Power Pop Rock ever. All tracks written/composed by the same name. Former member of "Los Sabios Dementes, Kraneos Indecisos, Sin Censura Previa, Bypass, Leviathan etc". Performed all instruments using his multi-music influences. Dare to explore new "horizons" even in a different language. Words to describe his music is very simple... melodic/energetic and contageous. Listen to all twelve audio clips now!!! Join the mailing list, write/add a review message about this CD. Browse down and click on "Ricky Gonzo website" to check out Bio, Photos and new songs from his upcomming CD in english. Once in, click on "MYSPACE" for new songs "review". Feedbacks are all welcome.
joshuas habit: Modern Alternative Rawk!!!
Moontan: NYC melodic rock
Zen Rock Garden: Zen Rock Garden is the most recent creation of Kansas City artist Rob Love. Years of study in such disperate genres as Bluegrass, Blues, Surf, Rock, Metal, Classical, Jazz, Improv, and Punk as well as recent advances in the role of technology in music have led to the truly eclectic sound that is ZRG. This is living music, apt to change perpetually. ZRG will use any sound, sample, instrument, or sequence that does the trick. We aren't into limitations or boundaries. You'll hear live guitars, looped guitars, drum machines, drum samples, live drums, live bass, sampled bass, and synth bass sequences, intercosmic fluctuations, and so much more. Let go of your preconceptions and step into the Garden!
Idolized Eyes: Kick Ass New Rock Group
Factor Fiction: fucken awesome
Jody Aaron: Acoustic Rock ala Bob Dylan/Dave Matthews
Branimir Krstic: The enigmatic mixture of rock and Beethoven
heth and jed: cool space rock Seeking quality artists. Signup today for free and climb the charts
Goldmund: Indie Rock and/or Roll from Arizona.
Emergency Broadcast System: echo rock band from Ottawa. Hear what it's all about
AltSpeak: Need we say more?
Jeremy Vogt Band: The Jeremy Vogt band has aligned with their midwestern roots and affinity for acoustic/modern bred rock to create their debut CD, People In Strange Places.
Danica: upbeat alt pop music
Joe Walla and the Dangerous Men: Joe Walla - The Return of American Rock n' Roll. Raunchy Rock n' Roll at it's finest. The catchy tunes, whiskey voice and lyrics that would make a lady blush always guarantee a good time. Break out the booze, grab the babes and fire up the Harley. Joe Walla is the new King of Rock n' Roll!!!
Grand Theft Bus: Experimental rockers from Canada. Explosive live shows.
Villanova: High Energy, booty shakin' music with heavy emphasis on lyrical content delivered through a mix of soul, funk, hip-hop and blues.
Brian Wahl Band: Indie-Acoustic Rock
Juniper's Daughter: pop-rock band
Luke Gregory: Dreamy, Steamy, Emo, Rock
RED: Official website of RED, a London based 3 girl alternative/indie rock group who have toured the UK and the USA. Winners of the 2004 Budweiser Battle of the Bands competition held at the Rock Gardens, Covent Garden, London, UK
Bohemp: jam band/blues/rock
BJ Cunningham: BJ Cunningham is a songwriter-guitarist from Scotland. His album Frontiers has a love of music styles including: rock, folk, pop, soul, acoustic and instrumental, download the mp3 songs, lyrics and artwork here.
ETHIC: original rock/hard rock band that'll kick you where it hurts!!
Teague: Cross-over country rock and jazz
Jon Robert Quinn: Twenty Three-year old guitarist Jon Robert Quinn brings new definition to Instrumental Guitar. Jon's technique is something from another planet and his melodic grooves will leave you in awe. His shows are full of energy, emotion and pure amazement as he blazes through the fretboard with musical mahem.
Bandbillboard: the source for indpendent bands and aspiring artists
Eddie Star: Official web-site of rocker Eddie Star
one: original music and unique sound
one: original music and unique sound
Vyvian: 80's rock, new wave
Michael Riley - Marys River Music: Home made Blues, Protest, and varios other music
eastonashe : albums
Jeremiah Pharaoh Zyn: Peek into the world of musician Jeremiah Zyn
Sarah E 203: Official site of the New Orleans hard rock band. Free full-song MP3 downloads!
Deadboy and the Elephantmen -gmk-
JR Clayton: Singer/Song Writer | Boston, MA | Signed: Klub Records | Acoustic Pop Rock
cedric obando and the broken condoms: a female fronted 4 piece ska/punk band looking to unite the people and spread animal rights. or so giuliana tells me. we have 4 old mp3s for y'all to check out on our link, and we hope we can make you happy.
Bloomred: We're of Bloomred - band of Metal that look for divulgation!
ULYSSES: Free Rock band in JAPAN
Resisting Rage: Rock Band from Burlington Ontario Canada. Vanhalen, Guns N' Roses ect.
The Contact: Modern Rock Band. Lush organic sounds from Halifax Canada
The Heartstring Band: An alternative pop-rock quartet with catchy songs and loads of harmonies!
Add Vanden: AWESOME!
dirty dollaz music: young black male 24 years-old ready for the world
Chuck Page: 10 Tracks of Smokin guitarplaying !!!
Project Mayhem: Black Sabbath meets Grand Funk Railroad
Rex Goliath: Complete site for Austin Texas based rock band Rex Goliath, including full discography, band bios, mailing list, guestbook & show schedule.
The Diesel Street Kings: Rock and Roll outta New York ala Springsteen, Wilco, Petty, Stones.
Daddy Fantastic: Psychedelic Rock'n'Roll Circus!
Pallino: band from northern virginia
Sarin: ambient experimental rock
The Spiffingtons: 70's 80s rock
intodown: Guitarist, composer, producer, Michael Clark, with selected musicians engage the sonic universe. Is it rock, progressive, industrial, psychedelic, alternative, punk? Yes. Enter the Cosmic Pipeline where the '60's becomes the future. Now is over. Prepare to know more. Take Elevator to the Eye Of The Pyramid. Then, we will meet.
Media Orphan: Power Pop Rock
The Mission District: Rock from montreal
Dustin Plumb: Indie Rock, Alternative, Emo
Stoley P.T.: noisey rock pop trio
hatman and the projector: mainly acoustic group, two members, play a total of 8 instruments
Hanson: pop/rock band from Tulsa Oklahoma
Mario Tomic: Official site off the guitar player Mario Tomic
Charles Andrew Bates: Multi genre compositions by Charles Andrew Bates. Pop, Jazz, Rock and more.
scottstaton: rock
Barrelfish: Whether you call it range rock, alt-country, or just melodic rock and roll, Barrelfish is an organic type of collaboration with teeth.
The Kin: The sound of THE KIN blends the atmospheric musical wave of old school U2 and groove pop sensibilities of Duran Duran with the vocal soul of Jeff Buckley.
The Dead Hookers' Bridge Club: Mutherfucking Loud Rock
dead joshua: ok fly
Cabin Dogs: Cosmic American Blues
Bob Hughes: classic rock christian acoutic
Grey: Neo-psychedelic rock music from Enid Oklahoma.
Biala: Experimental/Space Rock
Christopher John Blue: British Pop Rock
Auditory Implant: Auditory Implant is a rock trio from Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
Rocko Dorsey and the Individuals: Rock and Roll without the pretense!
Abarthjour Floreale: sophisticated indierock
gianni maroccolo: csi, ig, pgr, cccp, litfiba
A Melodic Daydream: Adult Album Alternative Fleetwood Mac meets Alanis Morisette
The Mallard: Listen 2 Our Free Mp3 + Enjoy Our Website!
Peter MacIntyre: a warm introspective sound remeniscent of James Taylor
alex rhyan: Fantastic Singer Songwriter
Indigo Soul: Indigo Soul is five people, creating music that grooves and rocks in a classic way, with a fresh angle. A female lead vocal with male harmonies in all the right places, acoustic and electric guitars, electric and upright bass, with a groving drum foundation.
The Eclectic: 5 piece alt rock/indie band from Dublin, Ireland
gigzter: Got what it takes? Prove it! hosts only Quality indie artists. Complete with profiles, charts, streaming audio/video, playlists and more!
atomic jo: Power trio with rockin origial music and some creative cover tunes. atomic jo writes music for the sake of music not for the sake of money or popularity. Songs are free to download at Enjoy!
Giovanna Moretti: Giovanna combines classical, jazz and world background and vision with an amazing natural gift to create a language, with and without words, of universal beauty.
the seams: Official Homepage for musical act the seams
Colour of Each: Agressive rock band
Tommyrot: new hard rock
breed 2000:
Hangface: HANGFACE (Norway) is a solid, cohesive act - hometown friends who exude a shared passion for good rock music, deliver vividly colorful melodies into textural hard rock, giving new meaning, substance and depth to what is being played today on the nation's airwaves. Critics say: "great drive, cool grooves, innate heaviness and sing-along melodies."
Deron Feivel: Alternative Rock and Country. Get a free download, see video, lyrics, photos, much more.
bell the cat/Sun Bell Music: singer/songwriter/band - CD, Songs From The Wild - Alternative, Blues, Out & Proud on the edge musical stories
calentura: folk metal
The Sleepless Mile: Acoustic Pop Rock, Free Mp3s
Jaugernaut: Classic 70's FM progressive rock
from a small room: Sydney, Austalian singer-songwriter, alt-folf/rock, mp3 streaming
santos lugares: agentinian rock band
Rushing Waters: Rock and faith; downloads, video clip and CD purchase
Stag Minded: rock/hardrock
jal: soft rock
Catman Cohen: An Exciting, Rock n' Roll, Theater Experience that Takes You on the Emotional Rollercoaster Ride of Your Life.
Blake Easter: Acoustic rock
Gravity: Alanis Morisette meets Dave Grohl
Instructions to Timothy: contemporary/rock worship band from Birmingham, AL
Addie Brownlee: She's not your mama's folk rocker...
Dave McGrath: Singer Songwriter that fuses elements of rock, pop, and blues with thoughtful lyrics, and great vocals.
Addiction Lane: Described as, "An extraordinarily electric Manchester band" Dark, heavy rock...
Justin Strane: Piano Pop/Rock out of Brighton Michigan
Dugan Hos: Psychedelic Funk Rock with twists of Trance, Jazz and Punk/Metal
The Darns: Fun group from Toronto - Great live performance!
VECTOR: Stylish three-piece offering originals and covers.
Casey Stratton: rock/pop/alternative singer/songwriter whose signature layering of vocals and instruments combined with with haunting lyrics. This former Sony artist has been compared to the likes of Tori Amos and Elton John and continues to mesmerize audiences
Mystic River: New Metal whith hardRock and Pop and Eletronic Music
AUTUMNEVE: Acoustic Indie Rock
House Of Cards: Electronic Post Rock, catchy melodies diverse influences, site conatins track samples, forum, pictures, etc.
Kwench: Rock, Alternative, Christian - Rantoul, IL
Brandon Douglas: Orange County based Independent Music Artist influenced by 80's indie singer songwriters Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo and the Violent Femmes.....
Stoked: indie from the GTA. :) Got Stoked?
MAGDALEINA: Alternative Rock Band
Oversoul: The best new rock band to take the stage
MAGDALEINA: Alternative Rock Band
ANUBIS SPIRE: Homepage of post progressive/world fusion band ANUBIS SPIRE. Featuring FREE Mp3 downloads, current news, bios,images and much more!
The Fabulous Huckleberries: A neverending exploration of Progressive Pop. After 5 years and 7 Studio album project, Huck is expanding its lineup, taking to the stage and putting the finishing touches on its first retail release "Heart of Stone". Details at
B Train Express: Original rock band from Northeast Pa.
Stacy Vance Jr: 60's style rocker; Makes you wanna grin and dance!
Kill Miss Pretty: Electro Punk Rock
The John Restas Band : Pop/Folk & Rock
Final End Ever: Alt Rock with 80's and 90's influence
Brushfire: Brothers Will & Ben Saylor and their original "stankgrass" music. A blend of bluegrass, rock, funk, and trance.
Terry Martin StormSurge Studio's: recording Studio,
Terry Martin : Carlos and Charlie's , Jimmy Buffett
Latent Anxiety: Latent Anxiety stands for a one-man-project involving songwriting, arrangement and recording of music styles, such as Hard Rock, Dance and Pop. Buy the Album CD "Look around" at or get your favourite songs from any major download site (e.g. iTunes, MSN Music, Sony Connect, etc.)!!!
The Grey Line: five piece pop rock with dual soaring harmony vocals
fountainhead: Charlottesville, VA-based, hyperdelic art-rockers!
Tom Fuller: News, music, press, biography, and merchendise for Chicago's premier singer/song-writer, Tom Fuller!
Rezidue: music by Damian J. Spooner (rezidue)
Kristen Hubbard: Solo acoustic pop/rock
David Law n'The Arkitekts: David Law & The Arkitekts – Trio Indépendant Rock Pop (IRP) – Poésie Lunaire. Infos sur concerts – photos – vidéos – Auto productions 1995-2004 – Illustrations sonores – Photos de mannequins, elfes et pin up.
Benjamin Popp: Popp singer
Josh Funk: Singer/songwriter with an honest lyrical approach and a musical style that travels between soft melodies and distorted pop-rock anthems.
Weszt: a heart-on-the-sleeves rock band
Love Death Dreams: UK Indie
Nashville Session Players: Homeless In America: Twenty-One Songs of Social Conscience for the 21st Century
Mind Gang: Rock
Greg Brown - American Knight: American Knight is solid rockin' stuff with blues underpinnings and a clear Springsteenish sense of American music. This CD is built on the guitar, drums and bass concept, and includes some tasty BG vocals too.
Whirl: Female-fronted Pop/Rock/Alternative Band from NY
Dane Ellis Allen: music with a universal appeal composed by Dane Ellis Allen
Grainne Ryan: The hottest new sound in Canadian music
A New Born Direction: A young band from austria
King Lewman: Folk/Rock Duo
The Murder Elite: a unique and eclectic sound with the bands mixture of rock,pop,funk and otherworldly sounds
Allison Cipris Band: New York City female-fronted rock band; think Sheryl Crow, Pat Benatar, Melissa Etheridge
Silence Is Treason: eclectic three piece from Los Angeles
Patrick Arnold: solo performer and member of the band 'Inanimate Objects', Patrick's music is alternate/folk/rock.
Inanimate Objects: Wollongong band who have beautifully blended a mix of soul, rock and percussian.
Stacy Vance, Jr.: Eclectic singer-songwriter
Shays Rebellion: Original Rock 'n Roll from California's scenic North Coast with roots buried deep in Classic Rock
hooligan: Rock,Punk,Sleaze
ALIEN ALRIGHT: London based artist - Punk/Indie-Pop/Alt-Contry - Website also includes dozens of essential link for indie artists
Jay Harnish: Jay Harnish's haunting sound and intense compositions breathe life into music. Hear his story as he writes his living journal through song.
Keith Pyle: Indie rock Keith Pyle'
Signal: Rock from Utah ... that's right ... UTAH! If you like Creed, Incubus or Nickelback these guys will fit nicely into your CD collection!
Shawn Amos: L.A. Singer/Singwriter
The Last Conspirators: New band of former Morons/Ghostrunner front man Tim Livingston
sheetmetalelvis: a 3-piece modern original instrumental alt-pop-rock band
Katherine Schell: Katherine Schell & the Emergency - 2005 Release of Chicago Recording Company recorded album "Emptier Streets"
The Polar Bear Project: check out st. louis' newest indiepop band...tracks, news, shows, etc.
Mad Dog Surrender: Original and Adictive Modern Acoustic Rock that sound is so sweet.. They are a power Duo from Los Osos, CA rocking the central coast.
Sananda Maitreya: Actually he doesn't fit in only one genre but MANY!
Multi-hit-Man: Ambient,experimental
Escape Velocity: imagine the voice of rufus wainwright singing beatles melodies with the hard, but quirky edge of weezer
The Acoustic Compilation: An emo-goes-acoustic compilation from northern CA
Manfall: oh, boy. there's that type deal again
Virus at First Sight: Mutated Blues-Rock right out of the garage
Ours To Destroy: A genre-hopping emotional rollercoaster from headbanging highs of political pop-punk to melancholy lows of emo to the intimacy of acoustic folk. Lyrics from introspective to political. Influences: Modest Mouse, Ween, Eels, Flaming Lips, Wilco.
missFlag : missFlag Official Site!
Minx: Dutch Girl Rock Band Amsterdam
Sean Walsh Band: Irish/ Dutch Bluesrock band
the local: if dave matthews and jack johnson could have a kid that grew up with adam duritz...and alittle something else
Stacey Evans: Pure rock energy influenced by 70's and 80's classic rock...Olivia Newton John meets the Eagles with a touch of Journey.
Dream Catcha: Australian Rock Band
ChRiS: Next Pop Legend
Tangerine: Atmospheric Rock, The Church, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake
russellrivera: Southern Alternative Blues
Tin Bangs: Indie rock band from Toronto
The Nite Lights: writing the new american songbook for a brave new world
Typecast: Typecast is getting back to the basics of metal. Hailing from Texas, this rock group will leave you wanting more. Typecast was formed in 2000 out of Dayton, Texas. The newest addition to the roster is Teague a vocalist from Hamshire, Texas. Typecast is currently working on their second major independent release following up to their self-titled debut. The writing style has changed and many hardcore Typecast fans did not even recorgnize this new sound.
Rusty Lemon: Rock in the vein of the Toadies
Love Me Butch: totally kick a s s
Myztery: A mystical blend of rock and ethereal music. Experience it. Based out of Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
MALIBU: Malibu, like themselves tell, is a Vibe-Rock band. With melody vocals and punch guitars, the sound of this 5 guys from Brazil goes from power ballads to crunch rock songs.
Dann Russo and The Whisky: acoustic rock and soul from Boston and NYC
Bellview: Hard Rock
The jaguar Shark: Indie folk rock group out of Northeast Missouri, drawing influences from jimmy eat world to bob dylan
PLUS: ambient rock
Eden: Indie band with raw talent from England!
Charity Angel: Great Rock beat songs
Ten Sins: Heavy metal with A solid rock flare
Action Figure: Indie/Pop/Rock with punk influences based out of Kansas City. You'd like us if you like Foo Fighters, Alkaline Trio or Jimmy Eat World.
3rd Alley: Long Beach's funky rock trio with GREAT songs!
2012: rock en tu idioma (spanish rock) from chicago
Borderline: Borderline combines the great sounds of classic rock with country to create a sound all their own.
Scarecrow Messiah: Groove Rock band from the Pacific Northwest
Shortcut To September: We're a local 3 man band. We play a mix of punk and emo I guess...Just listen
the fallout: Melodic Modern Rock
Red Asphalt: Straight ahead Rock-N-Roll from the cornfields of Indiana.
Neal Stryker & the Bandits: Alternative Rock with a Southern Fuck Groove
Glint: A little bright spot in a world of darkness...
Rick Yost: Blues & Jazz influenced acoustic guitarist, award-winning singer/songwriter
Bret Hqazlerig: Bret Hazlerig
Subcurrent: Intellectual Hard Rock Music with grooves that you can move to.
in your absence: dark, moody, melodic female-fronted rock music with a hint of goth and powerful lyrics.
Drew Vics: Catchy, up-tempo pop/rock love songs with a twist. Mix of rock, blues and progressive. Fun, touching, perfect for a wedding song mix! If you're in love you need to hear these songs.
The Conspirators: new album: Warparty from former Morons/Ghostrunner frontman
Eli Said/ This Car Up: indie folk pop loud soft
batu: Gritty, Melodic, nu Metal
Branches: Passionate Christian Rock
the harbours: rock music & folk maybe from the Mission District of San Francisco
Breaking & Entering: Denver, CO based band influenced by Widespread Panic, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and The Grateful Dead.
GRIT: all original rock
Ponderosa: Ponderosa is somewhat indescribable, but the words operatic plaintive cowpoke epic wailing fireside sing-along come to mind. They are old-school blues rock and punk-prog-country; tight, inventive and refreshingly eccentric.
Glint: Phish meets Radiohead
The Rest: The Rest hails from the Indy Rock scene out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Their sound is an original blend of classic pop and indy rock.
Histrionik: Female fronted rock band.
Lena: female singer/songwriter
Fairview: Fairview makes infectious, epic music.
The Pleased: The Pleased are aesthetically self-conscious, ardently so; their songs are deliberately, carefully wrought, militantly economical in their arrangement, and undecorated by that unapologetic sloppiness which is often mistaken for abandon.
Culture Of Silence: black music for loves sake
Curtis: A Captivating Mix of Instrumental Rock, Acid Jazz and Surf. Great Playing and Great Tunes.
TIGHT FIT: Melodic Hardrock group with three different at times lead singers
dear firefly,: indie/rock from hammonton nj
Patchwork: Hook-driven modern rock with a focus on infectious melodies and deeply personal lyrics.
scarlco: Electronic rock, instrumental, trance, folk-ish... a myriad of styles and genres
Dan Sammartano: Acoustic Rock/Pop, sounds like Neutral Milk Hotel and Elliott Smith, from Pleasantville NY
Erica Giokas: folk rock with powerful lyrics and original familiarity
AutoFill: Alternative rock band from Edinburgh, Scotland
donnelly: Electronic rock with clasic rock tendencies.
OnlyBeat: Rock band from Latvia (EU), playing in the New Beat Style!
Rusty Eye: Songs about the corrosion of life and death seen through the Rusty Eye.
Iron For Clay: IFC brings a uniquely rockin' worship experience. You gotta hear them!
Screwtape: progressive rock, metal
Color By Numbers: CBN combines catchy melodic lines with heartfelt lyrics which together create songs that everyone can relate to. Also, with a keyboardist replacing the common second guitarist, they create a full beautiful sound which is rarely heard in music.
Jezebel: New Wave, Rock, Dark Wave....Influences include Joy Division, The Cure, The Faint
Wil Van Winkle: Rock along the line of Nickelback, Audioslave, Collective Soul
Revelation Theory: Agressive Rock
ZUMATRIBE * OATWAY : MALIBU MUSIC AT ITS FINEST...mp3 site...CD / OATWAY LIVE * A WAY TO LIVE...gutt wrenching - blood churning - down to the bone ROCK & ROLL
mission 58: The Official Web Site of Christian Rock Band mission 58
molly irene: a super talented songer singwriter
Scream Elliott: indie band from quebec city
Brendan Benson: He is Power-Pop artist with songs in which everything you could do to a song before releasing it is done by him so he rights then records them and plays everything in the song by recording one instrument and then recording another and imposing them on one another and he is amazing give him a chance and listen to his stuff you'll enjoy it
Ben Ramon: High-energy Rock, Electronic, and Hip-hop, with several tracks available for film/TV as well as rap instrumentals.
craig kelley: Craig Kelley - Chrisitan music that doens't suck.
The Originals: melodic rock, lots of guitar solos, often compared to The Beatles and Pink Floyd
Boggie: pop, rock
And Then Some: Windsor area rock/pop band.
Aaron Slater: UK singer/songwriter, musician and producer, available for songwriting and composition services. Son of artist Linda and ex-Stackridge frontman Michael 'Mutter' Slater, Aaron spent 7 years writing and performing on the acoustic circuit whilst living in London. Among other things, he has recorded demos for Interscope Records in LA, been asked to collaborate with ex-Take That singer Mark Owen and signed a deal with Las Vegas label Fiberline Audio
Wank Punter: Wank Punter is a Canadian Porn Rock Parody Band, unlike anything you have heard before. Consider, if you will, ZZ Top meeting Frank Zappa and collaborating with National Lampoon, for their visual motif.
Buster Cox Band: Acoustic Driven Rock Band will make you move
Serilian: smash, tom petty, match box 20, dave mathews, and toad the wet sprocket together and you get serilian
The Smilin Dogs: Charlotte, NC based rock and roll band
A Telemetry: This is the official website of the band ATelemetry with bio/mp3 & more. A Telemetry’s music is made up of an edgy.... but melodic sound, with interesting lyrics/chord & riff sequences and lots of guitar layers.
Joey DeGraw: Straight edged rock with hard-learned lyrics
LITMUSTEST: This band Rock. \m/ Tipped to go far, this band from the MTV generation could be the clostest band to real grunge music from Britain. Had some intreast from U.S Entertainments company.
Little Green Men: Hard-driving, electrifying, alternative, sometimes dark sounding rock band from Olympia, WA
Augustus: Great Melbourne indie band in the spirit of Oasis.
Hot New Music Stars: Promoting Unsigned and Independent Music Artists via radio play and our network of sites
Derek Clegg: Awesome singer-songwriter
Pulling Thorns: Alternative rock group that anyone can get into. Check out the music and other information here!
SOULAR: Spacious and atmospheric rock, leaving the listener with epoch songs in a setting that wonderfully mixes rock and beauty.
Ordinary Boys: Great UK band
SWEET REVENGE< a>: New CD sweet revenge at cdbaby, take a listen here.
Kennedy Sunday: Bringing together the rock, and the funk!
Circum Elements: Modern Rock band from Turku, Finland
Wayne "Bear" Sauls: Home of EQT and David Allen Coe blues/rock guitarist Wayne "Bear" Sauls.
Stevie Hawkins & Georgia Jam: Keeping Southern Rock Alive and Kickin'
The Loyalty: New music
Whatever Next: Local Rock And Traditional Music Band, Northern Ireland
Bret Hazlerig: soothing pop ballads,to harder edged rock
Cody Phifer and the Starlight Express: Rock has never been this cool. Detroit, Tx natives, Cody Phifer and the Starlight Express will rock your world and show their roots proudly.
The Bittersweets: Alt. Country
Taboo: Rock with keyboards - from Kitchener-Waterloo - 4 members - live performances are main focus - play in Kitchener, London, Guelph, Toronto, etc...want to know anything else, visit site or email (Irena - singer/guitarist)
the crackheadz: Primarily Classic Rock with ventures into Blues, Ska, and Punk.
Ten Dayz: Christian alternative/post-hardcore
Mushroom Bruize: Rock & Roll band from Omaha, NE
The Oracles: The Oracles are an unexplainable, unpredictable, uncontrollable group of sound artists that have come together as a unit to make music from out of this world. Check out their song "Free up the Herb!"
Maybe Kong: "not business rock" instrumental improvised live rock&roll from Boston
J-Henry: Rocker J-Henry's cd "Another Long Day" released on RockView Records
davy williamson: rock/acoustic rock
Zychophonic: New songs in the classic style
Spector 45: Rockabilly/Roots rock, young up-and-coming Texas band
Ridethebull: Referred to as a mix of The Killers and U2, these five musicians create a sense of passion and depth in their music that is seldom found in today’s rock. With intelligent lyrics, smooth and catchy hooks, the sound is reminiscent of all that has brought Ride The Bull to what they are today - a refreshing revitalization of retro 80's, power rock and hard pop with a twist of Manchester.
Cameron McGill: Sounds like pop music taken from the dark libraries of your old house
Lucas Land: music for the body, mind and soul. eclectic acoustic funk rock
SOBREDOSIS: Site for Chicago's most popular spanish rock band
In Reverse: Melodic rock, catchy riffs, and heartfelt lyrics bring audiences on an intense musical ride. With influences ranging from Rory Galagher to the Beatles, In Reverse is one of the most exiting bands to have come from the Winnipeg music scene.
From A Seed: Simply put....Cross between Black Sabbath & Black Crowes....
Susan lowery: singer/songwriter
Susan lowery: Susan Lowery
Michael Grimm: If you love traditional rock and/or soul music, then you'll love Michael Grimm. Take a trip from the dirt roads of Mississippi, all the way to the bright lights of Los Angeles, as Michael reveals his life through song.
The West MacQueen Street Band: Rock N Roll
AM: indie rock
sonicstone: band indonesia indie
The Atkinson Band: Cool original & cover tunes, awesome vocals!
The Same Shape: Think Radiohead/Jeff Buckley/Led Zeppelin with a new twist.
Victor Pez: The native from the new world
The Clay Pigeons: A melodic blend of rock, pop and madness!
The Wonderful Sadness: emo/pop-punk-rock
meridius: Somewhere between trip hop and rock music... Plus this site has a "beat poetry" blog... Check it out!
Pailface Boogie: Psychedelic Jamrock, Funk & Groove!!
A Band Called Delicious: SmartPop from Minnesota - ala Ben Folds, Jason Faulkner, Aimee Mann, Jeff Buckley, Dashboard Confessional, etc...
Victor Rasgaitis: Energetic Folk Rocker/ Singer/Songwriter, who can really PLAY that Takamini Guitar
URANIUM: Uranium, Metal Core / Goth
Debbie Lee & The Kruizers: Oldies and good ole classic Rock N Roll at it's best. You will love this band. Come check em out. They have a large following here in Mid Michigan
Jacobs Kelly: Classic Rock Originals from 80's indie artists Jacobs Kelly
GhostRunner: 1993 cult album - Beneath the Apocalyptic Rain
WARPARTY: Rock & Roll with a political edge
Y-N-C: >Youth N Christ< Loyalton Assembly of God Youth Group!
The Grab Brothers Band: Acoustical Rock & Hard Rock
Echoing August: modern rock with an acoustic kick
Emmet: Fresh Alternative music from the universe of Wilco and Radiohead
Lee Coulter: It's Jack Johnson meets John Mayer meets the funk brothers. Intelligent, fun music.
the ayers project: indie rock band
The Last Place: progressive rock band
blackstarcrash: One of Southampton's finest live Indie/Rock bands, with a twist of folk to capture a unique vibe and sound. Not to be missed!
Vietnam Paradise Travel: Vietnam Tours Operator, Vietnam Hotels Reservation, Vietnam Resorts Reservation...
Ðåñòîðàí Ñàéãîí, Saigon Restaurant: ðåñòîðàí,ñâàäüáà,áàíêåò,ëàí÷,Ïåòåðáóðã,restaurant,Petersburg,Petecbua,du lich
The Bush Pigs: Comedy Rock
Something Clever: Two man acoustic band from Northwest Ohio. Recordings not the greatest.
ringleader: DC area Female-fronted PopRock Band
paucity: sexplosive
Suicidal Poets: Suicidal Poets are Notorious for their Poetic Lyrics and Musical Originality. They are a crossover between Folk, Rock, Pop, Alternative and Electronica. The Suicidal Poets launched onto the Internet music scene April 1999 by joining and that was like Openning a Window to the World. Since then it has been an upward spiral of success.
Joey Mars: Pop star & teen idol Joey Mars writes, records & performs contemporary love songs. His "bad boy" image that's just edgy enough to attract adolescent girls, yet, not too "loud" to alarm parents, combined with his mainstream sound, make Joey the perfect answer to those seeking a pop star to obsess over. From now on, Joey will fill the role of whichever artist or group you thought you couldn't go a day without. Joey is very appealing to a very large audience of music-goers, and Joey's latest pop hit, "There's Only You", is quickly rising to #1 on the pop charts
Saturday Nite Shockers: Physcobilly that kicks ass
will hoge: blues
michael tolcher: alternative
Drowning Ophelia: After a few name changes and a move to Edmonton, Drowning Ophelia is ready to showcase their brand of folky, introspective pop/rock. With songs ranging from the transcendent “No Such Thing”, heartrending “Make Up”, to jazzy pop “Guilt Sorrow and Pain”, sisters Candace (Bass, Vocals) and Karli Schiebelbein (Guitar, Keys, Vocals) put their signature sound on all original tunes ...
The Squares: Trash Rock. Columbus, OH
Black Giraffe: Alternative rock/ grunge
Innocence Lost: InnocenceLost is a rock band that can play styles of all kind and has opened up for bands such as the blues brothers and many more if you have a venue that you would like innocence lost to be a part of or for touring contact us for booking information.
quebb: Acoustic and Folk Rock from Venice Beach. Welcome to The Unknown Show
Stunt Doubler: Weird two man surf-hop band from Portland Oregon
battech: cool
Gold Delux: Original Rock Music
The Years: Official website of The Years
The Pealz: Christian band from Loyalton California!
Captain Albion: We love having a go playing our Ding Dong Rock for the fans
Black-Eyed Susan: soul-funk rock
The Inflatables: Edinburgh based rock/blues band
Catman Cohen: Dark, dreamy, haunting, sexy songs that send shivers down the spines of women and make grown men cry
boondok saints: Playing a unique blend of reggae, rock and hip-hop, the "boondok saints" share a quick wit and a sense of humor that make every show a unique and enjoyable experience for band and fans alike.         
Tom Detrik: Music for the Outcast, Disillusioned, & Alienated. Welcome Dwellers of the Fringe.
Fraud: Rock, Acoustic, Punk, Folk... label as you please.
Daybreak (tn): 24-Hour Protection from Your Everyday Pop Music!
Josh Estrada Band : 15 year old writer, composer and performer of his original pop/rock music
Hibakusha: hibakusha - rush musicianship, Police synchronisity era lyrics and Dead Kennedy's attitude
Deb Hardy: Original style, strong, beautiful voice, quirky phrasings, rhythmic guitar
Deb Hardy: Original style, strong, beautiful voice, quirky phrasings, rhythmic guitar
Kudzu: Twisted experimental rock thats only catagorized as "ate up"
Team Tomato: St. Louis quartet of rock and roll, independent, and offbeat pop songwriting.
Downsiid: Ghetto Rock
Meanstreak: Classic Rock & more
old basford: Welcome to old basford
The Revolutions: Guitars are back! Sex, drugs, Rock'n'roll is the order of the day. The Revolutions are more than your average Rock band...The Revolutions are finally a kick ass stadium ready Rock band with killer tunes.
Donut Kings: A trio from Western Massachusetts. Writers of songs with titles such as "Potholes", "Merry-Go-Round" and "I Wanna Be Santated" (a spoof of the Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated"). Bigger than the Beatles. Almost as big as Elvis. Coming soon to a microbrewery near you.
Green Flem and the Nasty Maggots: Defies description... a rock band from Northern Connecticut / Western Massachusetts known for their humor, songwriting, humor, talent, humor and fun live shows. The members have been know to play, in addition to the standard guitar-bass-drums, the atomic tambourine, Moog, the Chapman Stick, 13-string Bacchus lute, rattlesnake, tossable snare drum and Skitz Stix. With song titles like “Transvestite Tears”, “My Hairy Back” and “Stink Babe”, and different stage props for each song, every show is a treat, as are their CDs.
the empty drum: Homemade instrumental and pop music. Creative Commons License.
Lou Dog: psychedelic garage indie rock from philadelphia
Cody Phifer and the Starlight Express: Down home indie music with a heart full of soul.
No Measure: No Measure (Alternative Rock)
Hombres Imposible: full-on 3-piece rock band...Superb Live cds available (limited stock)
Tokyo Rose: Tokyo Rose the Cover Girl of Rock
Another Day Lived: Heavy hitting melodic songs...From Victoria, BC
AANYL PANE: the "modern day Sex Pistols" (a.k.a. the filthiest, sleeziest, raunchiest, most disgusting band in history. Enjoy.
Something Poetic: A christian band from central florida. Their style is a mix of punk, rock and screamo music.
RIDGERUNNERS: Southern fried jamband playing the blues to the beat of a different drum circle.
Tipsy McStagger Band: Rock, with a twist of lime
Hello. I'm Victor.: the indie rock Radiohead
Bluejay way: UK TUNESMITHS
MESSERSCHMITT: maximum highway rocknroll
Lis Faust: Acoustic pop/rock songwriter with that girl next door charm. Catchy melodies and bitterly endearing lyrics.
Will Champlin : Picture Stevie Wonder, Sting, Bruce Hornsby and Marc Broussard
Greta Valenti: Lead Singer- "FUJI MINX"
neversay: we are a modern rock band ala nickelback meets alice in chains
Local 429: Working class indie rock, songwriter rock. Middlebrow Hi-Fi.
Taizen: Rock En Espanol and English
Rick Harris: R&B, Jazz, Funk, Electronic music & gift apparel to purchase
Media Orphan: indie melodic pop rock
TudocorE: Versions of 80's classics and thrilling own songs
The DFlowers: Space meets blues under a rock umbrella
Power Movement Project: Urban- Rock_Funk Group from Central Florida>>
artificial hip: rock band
Cuir Bleu: Electronic rock - sounds like Erasure meets Eurythmics
Royal Jones: alternative 'soul' vocalist with four octave range,..all original tracks, upbeat,edgy, lots of hooks, , unusual..wonderfully engineered...'PAIN STAIN' is worth a listen.....lovely.
Brave New Heart: Acoustic Indie Trio available for shows near in Arkansas.
Bear's Basement: Eclectic boogie-blues-rock music done with just me, my instruments, and my Macintosh!
Homes For America: Post-hardcore Rock: PJ Harvey, Joanna Newsome, Lamb, John Frusciante = influences
Hawthorn Guild: four demo songs from a Winona, Minnesota indie rock band
Cartel: Based out of the growing Kitchener-Waterloo music scene, Cartel is an explosive pop-rock oriented band. Formed in 2004, Cartel has quickly found radio play and adoring fans world-wide.
the top secret episode: local indie bank out of roanoke, va
Unsigned Bands Online: Promote your unsigned band! Listen to unsigned music!
the morning after: power pop/ indie/ pop punk..... we're from batangas city
LostSoulsBand: Original rock music from the soul :))
Time Tunnel: Vintage Rock Band on Tampa. Peace, Love and Protest Music
Vicious Cycle: Soul driven, rock punk.
Red Number Two: Progressive modern rock from Finland
Lifeline: Independent Christian Rock Band with souldful lyurics.
The Second Glance: Punk influenced rock band from Ottawa, Canada
The Taylor Brown Trio: A Folk Rock Experience. Sweet melodies, fandangly tunes, and moving lyrics.
Mixposure: A free site for indies to get exposure
Mark Taylor : Download Mark's Latest CD at
The Vanity Mirror: Independent Rock/Alternative band from Akron, OH with a cool freakin Sound!!!!!!!
Baybee Invincible: Shock rock in theatrical proportions
Technical Difficulties: Hawaii's Amazing Alt/Progressive/Punk Band!
The Experiments: rock, punk, fast , aggressive, catchy
Christian Ranger: Good ole Rock N Roll Buddy
Random Disorder: Alternative Rock
red beard: Rock Alternative , Whatever inspires me
Eric Jackson: singer/songwriter from Chicago
Brandon Douglas : Power Pop - Singer/Songwriter
Myridian: Just great music from a band that loves to play. Enjoy!
Frank J.: Acoustic artist from Texas, compared to Jeff Buckley
Cari Dell Band: Female lead guitarist from Austin, Texas and winner of the 2003 Radio Six Record of The Year.
Scraping For Change: Rock/alternative band that rocks!
Kingsfoil: Acoustic indie rock duo from York, Pa.
Audio Spaghetti: A.S. has been compared to 311 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers; but have a definate style to their own
ankh: Turkish rock band
Matthew James Band: Indie Rock, cutting edge sound
Junction City: Beautiful female vocals laced with hard driving guitars
Selfless: Selfless is dedicated to providing you with driving passion for music. We love music and are just looking for a chance to express our thoughts and views through such a powerful and emotional tool.
Mark Hart: southern fried jamband from the shores of Lake Erie
Manic's Rage: Detroits own Punk Rock band
Rattletrap: Original Rock charismatic
The Firm Handshake: Colaborations of Blues, Rock, and Funk inspired Jams
SadMe: New rock band for U2, Cranberries, K's Choice and James lovers!
lucas carr: raspy voice with a story to tell. rock star in training
Inner Flame: Hailing from central Missouri, Inner Flame's hybrid mix of 70's era hard rock, southern rock, and Texas blues has been favorably received by all age groups and musical tastes. People who enjoy classic rock and blues will find the band's music to be especially enjoyable. The band ministers for well over 100 worship events per year and is accustomed to performing for both religious and secular events.
Mistic Rein: Atmospheric rock/pop band from New York
variable response: a solo artist involved with pop/rock/techno/ambient music
All The Pretty Horses: glam band/dark rock. really great people.
eX1 at Free downloads here and also at
The Phonetics: A kick ass Manchester indie band, made from 15 yr olds
Tony Koretz: Classic Rock from Hamilton New Zealand
Category IV: A New Rock Band that sounds Classic
Simon Vallee: Simon Vallee Official Website :: Simon Vallee...New Rock Artist
Pulse: Pulse is a high caliber Classic & Progressive Rock band that plays an elite mix of top quality music, featuring dance and listening material (ear candy!) by groups such as Steely Dan, Santana, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Blues Brothers, Joe Cocker, the Beatles, and other top shelf groups.
Franko: Official band website including; radio streams plus three albums dating from 1995-2004!
Deaf Child: Grunge band for seattle
The Michael R. Harris Band: The original and eclectic sounds of singer/song writer Michael R. Harris & The Michael R. Harris band. Mp3s, show and band info as well as mailing list sign-up.
EastonAshe: Official site for the Arizona-based band EastonAshe.
Uncomfortable Silence: New Original Rock
william corey: rock, pop, guitar driven acoustic mix
EastonAshe: Offficial Site for the Arizona-based band EastonAshe.
AVERI: HOT Boston band - Rock/Pop with a sax!
Bret Hazlerig: songs written in the style of Hall/Oates to edgier pop/rock
Lazarus X: Check out alternative rock band Lazarus X and their latest release Weapon Of Love with free Mp3 downloads
Greg Parke: Fusion of modern folk, rock, Andcountry
Glamorous: Indie rock recording duo from Upstate New York
Douglas Pouk: Douglas Pouk is a truly independent guitarist, singer, songwriter, recording engineer in the St. Louis, MO area. Check him out.
James Hollingworth: The best Swedish rock/country/ballad sing&songwriter
MAFYEOJ: Christian Rock/Worship band out of Muncie, Indiana
Izmir: Awesome indie band from South Dakota.
Willie Cordeau: Singer/Songwriter
Patrick McKeown: Exciting new Irish singer/songwriting talent unlike most!
ridgerunners: Southern fried rock-n-roll band, playing the blues,to a beat of a different drum
Theory of Everything: Prog rock from Windsor, Ontario
BC Priest Band: Catchy rock in the vein of Fuel,Staind, Rush,Bryan Adams
Brad Love: Rock music w/progressive tendancies
The Numb Ones: Cleopatra Records - punk - rock - goth - metal
Ded Serius: Ded Serius seeks to explain spiritual, social, cultural, mental and personal circumstances using lyric and music. The ultimate goal of these explorations is to find personal and social truth.
The Pozers: Classic power pop/rock style with a modern spin! The Pozers is the musical vehicle driven by 3 gifted singer/songwriter/musicians - Jim Richey, Kenny Swann, & Jeff Hamm. Formed in 1994, the band draws on their influences of 60's & 70’s power pop/rock, 80's hard rock and new wave, & 90's alternative rock to create a diverse sound that is both unique & refreshing, yet steeped in the classic songwriting formula of great melodies, lyrics, & music. In a 10-year partnership with 6th Floor Records, The Pozers have released an EP, a satirical documentary movie, & 4 full-length CDs (including their upcoming 2005 release, “Embrace Your Addiction”). If you’re a fan of The Beatles, Jellyfish, Cheap Trick, Elvis Costello, Enuff Z’Nuff, Teenage Fanclub, Fountains of Wayne, Marvelous 3, Weezer, & Rooney or if you just love great music, check out The Pozers @ and buy their music!
menendez: indie rock band from farnborough UK
Ron Matrix: Rock/pop singer-songwriter , producer Ron Matrix
Friends in Need of: Home of an indie rock band from upstate NY who's upbeat, a little dark, and totally rocks out. Free MP3 downloads and more.
MARTHA BEHIND BARS: martha behind bars is under the sound section. check out the rest of the site.
Daira: Mellow/roCK Band From pakistan
Greenleaf Avenue: Real roots rock from Zeppelin to Kravitz to STP and more. Professional sound and show.
Monsters are not Myths: Official site for Santa Cruz, CA band Monsters are not Myths plays both the electric and acoustic circuits, alternating between folksy renditions of their songs and their electric set.
Fenixdown: NY based Hard Rock band influenced by Final Fantasy
HC3: rock band
Covenant: The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Covenant is all about singing and living by the Word of God. Understanding the Bible is central to the life of a Christian as it is God's sole revelation to man. Yet many churches are hardly opening the Bible during the sermon - let alone when considering their music. Good expository, verse-by-verse Bible teaching is sadly becoming a thing of the past. And God's people are suffering because of it. Solid lyrics are equally hard to find. Covenant seeks to write music grounded in scripture. They also seek to demonstrate that contemporary music need not be theologically shallow.
The Mercenary Saints: Four free streaming songs ...
Rhetoric: Unique blend of alternative rock since 2000
The Fathers: Orange County band that plays rock, blues, reggae, jazz, funk, and whatever silly names music critics use to describe music.
Siren: Siren features the music of Clare Dowling
Brains ON tap: official site of North Carolina based acoustic rock act, Brains ON tap
ROCK OUT RECORDS: ::: ROCK OUT RECORDS ::: "Its always about the music !!!"
The Spots: Train Wreck, alcohol
Good Paper: rock/funk/jam from Mississippi that will make you dance.
the distortions: post punk / shoegazer from downtown los angeles
atralen: A band from Northeast Pennsylvania quickly earning a reputation
Kangoskatbot: Nerd Rawk! Really talented group! Check them out! from Canada
Freeground: Blues Funk Rock Reggea
The Bob Greco Band: The hottest band to come out in a while. Great music and great lyrics. It is hard to put them in a Genre because there album has some many styles. Striaght ahead rock to a jazzy love song. If Pink Flyod, Dave Matthews and Kid Rock every put an album out together it would sounfd like this. I am adding there link and I am not even in the band. I just love there music and when you meet Bob you will love his music even more.
SoulFinger: Organic Rock/Reggae
CARM green: CARM green is the acoustic/world/rock/folk wave of the three colours.
The Hemingway Solution: melodic garage rock
Pierced: Pierced is a new rock band from Canada
Junior Revolution: 5 piece rock band with strong 4 part harmony from Cincinnati, Ohio
Rickety House: Northern California Roots Rock/Improv
Covington: A band from Saline Michigan, please visit our web site
The Hillbilly Grahamcrackers: Electric mandolin gospel rock
The Cliks: All female power house, with hard hitting, edgy, yet melodic songs.
Mowglee: Exceptional lyrics, ethnic beats, raw guitars and gloriously rich melodies combine to create an indie / rock sound that may have resulted had the Charlatans been fed on vindaloos, basted with the harmonious tones of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and slow cooked in the urban melting pot that is Birmingham. But this rich mix of east meets west is perfectly balanced, satisfying and delighting those with even the most discerning of palettes
Royal Colour Automatic: experimental folk synth rock
Omega Rage: ruling your face
momentus: just pure rock....check out more media stuff, and show postings @
Carden: earnest, lyrically driven rock in the vein of colplay, from tempe az.
Supathrive: An excellent rock ska punk band based out of Phoenix. Formed in 2000.
ETHIC: Ethic is a rock/ hard rock quartet from central CT. Ethic plays mainly originals, some covers throughout CT., And are currently working on their 3rd cd.
Pray for the Soul of Betty: Proudly touted as “NYC Homegrown Rock & Roll,” Betty’s all-original music is intense, raw energy fused with sex, serious contemplation, and excess, all skillfully delivered with an unapologetic dose of attitude.
Nocturnal: Homepage of London based band Nocturnal
Hodges Taylor: This is Hodges Taylor
Steve Rich: A London based musician's website, offering information and free mp3 downloads
Aaron Beegle: Singer Songwriter Nashville. Rock R&B
Agate: norwegian ethnicrock band
Red 23: Multi-cultural/multi-music style/multi-lingual rock band based in Taipei, Taiwan with members from the USA, Taiwan and Poland. The Red 23 website has free mp3 samples, lyrics, info on the band and more.
hailaends: hallo.
Jim Mattson / eX1: Studio Musician now collaborating with other musicians on the web.
Eowyn: Female alternative/rock artist with a KILLER VOX!
Fuzz-Huzzi: independent band
Stellar Transit: Stellar Transit is a band comprised of members from all over Southern California. Moe has played Guitar for multiple bands for over 10 years now. An accomplished songwriter and a amazing graphic designer, Moe is one of the key driving forces behind Stellar Transit. Brandon is a self taught bass player who has played with bands like Almost Home, 55 North and Third Day Promise. Brandon sets the infectious groove to ST. Audrey is a successful writer with a voice as powerful as the words it conveys. Audrey makes many sacrifices, determined to have Stellar Transit succeed, fulfilling one of her life-long dreams. Kevin has been playing the drums for over 14 years, both for his church, and bands, and is influenced by everything from jazz to metal to hip hop. Kevin attacks his drums with no mercy, proving that he gives everything to his craft. He and bassist Brandon have been in 3 bands together. Aaron is a recent transplant who brings a new flavor and new blood to the band. He has played guitar for 12 years and lives for performing live. This is Stellar Transit. If you haven't heard us will soon
Red i: The latest band from Devon England. Look out for them in 2005
LUVPLANET: "Great production! An album full of great vocals with rich harmonies and as always Mark McGee's beautiful guitar playing blows my mind. Check this album out!
straight up:
Green and Root: Acoustic Folk Pop: Joni Mitchell meets John Mayor with Indigo harmonies
Dominic Castillo and the Rock Savants: indie, rock, songwriting lover beast with sensitive soul
The Static Age: The Static Age came together in the fall of 2001. Three members of the idealistic side of the punk rock scene and a classically trained pianist, they armed themselves with a handful of memories of what radio used to be like and a desire to write unique songs neither devoid of style nor dominated by it. Taking cues from bands like The Psychedelic Furs, The Smiths, The Chameleons UK, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, and a host of other disparate influences (from The Clash to Nick Drake), The Static Age have succeeded where so many of their peers in the so-called "post-punk revival" have failed: they've developed their own sound -- one that infuses melody, atmosphere, a strong backbeat, and lyrics alternately acerbic and melancholic, and one that manages to sound like nothing else before it.
My Epiphany: Pure, anthemic indie-electro rock. With the use of bass, samples & keyboard rhythms, eccentric yet harmonious guitar, heart pounding drums, and sharp, thoughtful vocals, My Epiphany have a bright and orginal blend of the best styles of music in the world. They are all part of the back bone of Nashville's Indie/Hardcore/Post-Punk Scene, having helped create the successful venue, The Muse, magazines and show promotions to help the scene on a personal and practical level.
Crazy Moon Plan: Intergalactic Power Pop
Reason For Leaving: funk/rock/reggae
seven sided animaL: Combining influences from across the musical spectrum with experimental rhythms to create a sound unique unto ourselves. We are really excited about our new album which you can download at our site.
Milestone: in your face Rock n roll
Loren Middleton: Jazz
poppycock: Oompa swing metal with a twist of happy
Division Eighty Six: A new edge on indie rock
Rademaker: "...and we're just musicians here to thin the thickness of your skin"- Max Webster R.I.P.
Pete Lampron: Wild Oats Records recording artist
This Is Goodbye: Ambient music with a rock edge.
Parental Advisory: Parental Advisory is a new band combining 90s grunge and alternative rock. Adding in a bit of new age riffs to top it all off. Based out of Groton, Massachusetts, Parental Advisory is one band you don't want to miss
Paul Black: Inspirational AOR with heavy spiritual overtones.
Sundance: Rock band from CT fronted by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Tony Deziel.
Cult Of The Wrong Note: Rock Jazz Fusion
The Regulators: Rock, Hard Rock & Southern Rock From USA
Moonshime Mountain Boy's: Outlaw Country & Rock!
The Savoy Truffle: Blues Rock & Southern Rock from Japan
Tonya Betz: Christian Acoustic Pop Rock with a message
Ded Serius: Ded Serius seeks to explain spiritual, social, cultural, mental and personal circumstances using lyric and music.
Towne Adams: Towne Adams writes brutally honest self-portraits about cheatin', drinkin', lyin', and losin' (ala Todd Snider) and delivers them live with the intensity of rock's greatest underdogs like Social Distortion and Soul Asylum.
LyndonEar: Fun rockers with a love for JESUS and a desire to serve him through their music.
The Under Sound: The best music you've never heard
Flabbergast: Flabbergast light rock band
GAIJ: 5-Piece Christian Progressive Metalcore Band From SC.
Everything Fades: Female fronted Goth Rock from Buffalo, NY.
eX1: Crossover Musician
Tripp Chamber: 80's power chords with a new millinium feel.
In Honor Of: Screaming indie rock
Cool Hand Luke: emo
Red Rooster: American roots music with a distinctly urban twist
Cinza Sobre Flores: Post-punk brazilian-based rock band
New Season: Alternative punk rock group from Tampa, FL
radya: indie rock band from jakarta indonesia, about simple melody and good tune...
Aeorta Suture: One man act with all the passion and energy of a 5 piece band
Silver: Guitar-driven art rock moody melodies and insightful lyrics
This Sheep Those Sheep: Equal parts Neutral Milk Hotel, Dirty Three, Godspeed!, Yo La Tengo & something all together original, this NYC foursome includes a hot viola player.
Movie Script Ending.: for fans of alexisonfire, poison the well, underoath, zao, silverstein, hawthorn heights, ect...
momentus: driving guitars, with passionate melodies (this new link is a video of us!!! low rez)
momentus: driving guitars, with passionate melodies (this new link is a video of us!!!)
Perc 15: Indie Christian Acoustic/Rock with a dash of sarcasm
MARIA DAINES: Singer/songwriter with a huge bag of catchy blues/rock songs
Maria Daines - ROCK MY SOUL: Huge vocal talent and songs that keep you awake
Celladora: rock band from out side of philadelphia.
Shutterspeed: A great aussie band, check them out their worth listening to
Sofi*: emo core from mexico
Rudy: The Official Website Of Canadian Based Rock Band Rudy!
LUX: download the pre-release from the upcoming album "seeing is believing" at WWW.LUXROCK.COM
The Divine Method: Twin Cities Rock
Conscious Pool: intense sound of life and the pool of energy around you
Tracy's Point: Ottawa progressive rock band
'glow' the award winning release from a smoldering tour through the rich and diverse mind of James Katz
LA/OC Band Looking for Dedicated Vocalist:: comparable to U2, Muse, Ryan Adams, Cursive
The Spark: Indie rock from Ottawa, Ontario
momentus: driving guitars, with passionate melodies
Cody Phifer: Folk Rock, Alt. Country, or Indie whatever you want to call it, it's original and fun so check it out.
Tim Tibbitts: Pop Rock Singer/Songwriter
MidWestern Remedy: Des Moines, IA original Rock and Roll
The Seventh Affair: The Music Of The Seventh Affair
Jimmi Accardi: rock & roll, rockabilly, jump blues
jenni alpert: soul.jazz.folk.rock
SEVENDAYSIN: The greatest new rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Area 51: Official website of a Czech rock band
Eklezia: hard/indie rock band from new hampshire
NoneTheLess: it's a secret
Breed 2000: In a time where bands come and go with the change of seasons, San Dimas’ own local heroes, Breed 2000 have been rocking the local southern California club and bar scene for the last five years. Taking equal parts, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sublime and Deftones, have influenced these five young talents to headline many shows at The Glasshouse, The Troubadour, The Whiskey and The Roxy. Breed 2000 has always successfully fused exceedingly technical guitar riffs, with driving bass lines and drum beats-not to mention the effortlessly hypnotic element provided by their pitch perfect keyboard arrangements. Above all else Breed 2000 effectively conveys overwhelmingly personal and powerful lyrics with expertly crafted vocals that are harmonic as they are haunting.
Josh Zuckerman: modern rock pop
Idology: acoustic rock/post punk band from Dallas Texas
Snack!: Snack! is a four piece band from Kitchener-Waterloo Ont. Canada . Snack! is an incredable band! There jammy song based music infused with infectious worldy grooves , Out of this world guitar riffs and solo's with loads of effects ,killer saxiphone and flute and percusion parts,...and fat groovn down to earth bass lines. There live shows will take you on jammy journey of 180 degree turns out of now where in the middle of a song and then will return 20-30 minutes later to end off the song. You gotta check these guys out!!!
the loves: somewhere between metal and plastic, our mission is to spread the love throughout the world using no more than 4 chords and 5 note riffs
Kozmo 3: The Official Site. We are a pre-dominantly a modern rock trio, i suppose. Definitely a trio, though. Come have a listen and genre-ize us as you wish!!
Randy L. George: Randy George has a sound that flows out of many styles, including folk, blues, classic and progressive rock, gospel and pop. His lyrical content is a marriage of refelctive storytelling and hard-won wisdom, shown through characters who are, themselves, often a patchwork of modern life. His one-two punch character and theme will leave you stinging with an existential ache that starts to feel awfully familiar. But it's that good kind of hurt that can lift you in the strangest of ways.
Doublehorse!: Working Band with tendencies
kgink: Instrumental mix of guitar driven pop melodies with a wide range of styles: A few tracks are seriously "thick" - as in head music with heavy grooves where it's all about the beat - suggestion - use good head phones or a car stereo that thumps.
kgink: Instrumental songs deemed "electronic multi-stylistic guitar driven art rock." Pop & progressive arrangements of experimental melodic ideas in the vein of Satriani, Brand X, Buckethead, King Crimson, in a 70's club jam.
VAN: Nirvana meets the cure
Katie Davis: When quiet, a breathy lull like Nick Drake gone female; when loud, like Kristin Hersh's bratty little sister -- all wrapped up in smart, elegant guitar melodies and the earnest lyrical style of Elliott Smith.
Beverley: Infectious london band have supported both The Futureheads and Sammo Hung, have also received airplay on XFM
LOSERS LIKE YOU: Sicklerville,NJ Hot New Band Rock/Punk
Chaz's Buzz Factory: BANDS WE NEED YOUR LINKS, MP3S here.....LOOK....Promote here!
Chris Cannon: Artist praised by Bob Dylan for his songwriting
will landstrom: soundtrack, movies, tv, rock
SNAKE HANDSHAKES: progressive rock band with indie [minus the bear] and hardcore [botch] influences. from vancouver bc.
Peter Cross and Crossfire: Our web site is all about rock and roll music and the rock and roll life, freedom from the record companies, dreams, infinite possibilities, and connecting the artist directly with the people.
TudocorE: Brazilian band that plays rock/hardcore/psychedelic versions of 80's classics and has original songs too.
The Mung Brothers: Pop/rock music that will make you want to get in your car and drive! New Jersey based songwriting and production team.
Breaking Edge: The Official Breaking Edge Website
dethstryke: Like a steamin' locomotive from the pits of hell! We're comin' to your town to put you under our spell! I'm talkin' about the drums, the bass, and guitar! Don't even pretend cause you know who we are! Smashin' your ears like the hammer of Thor! After we're done you'll be wantin' some more! We got the sound that will steal your breath! If your down with us, we will STRYKE you TO DETH!!This is the true essence of the rock band. The greats of the past have paved the path and DETHSTRYKE is the crue tearing it up and building their own highway straight to the pits of hell!! **Check Out Free MP3's @ Our Band Webpage**
8 days of 6: We will play anywhere
The Pulltops: The Pulltops were formed in December of 2001 from the ashes of Milwaukee band Udi Subudi. Drawing from our influences, we take blues, rock, country, soul, and psychedelic pop and mix it into a sound all our own.
Tracy's Point: Rock Band From Ottawa
Forever in Fall: A melodic modern rock adventure!
OUTTALINE: Midwest's high octane rock
the great slide: original psychedelic music from Asheville,NC
The Golden Age: upbeatmelancholysheffieldindiepop
The Paxills: power pop, kind of punkish mid-tempo-ish
fred savage and the unbeatables: a fun blend of horns, pop and rock - maybe like chicago on steroids.
WARRIOR: Free music downloads, free online games, song lyrics
Amittai Rise: Groove positive rock foursome
Pinnacle: Classic rock sound with a twist
Album: Trained by a secret sect of Buddhist monks working in collusion with Taoists and Franciscans, attempting to form a rock band that would bring the truth to maybe ten or twenty kids tired of well dressed beautiful people singing about sex while promoting fast food restaurants, soda companies, and general mental atrophy.
These Animal Men: Brighton's finest 90's punk/pop/NWONW/whatever outfit
Craig Wickham: Pop meets Folk meets Country meets Jazz. Add it all up and listen to Craig Wickham. His influences reach across all boundries and is sure to have something that will please you.
Buster Cox Band: New Jersey based singer/songwriters taking acoustic rock to a whole new level...
Fremont John: "Ecclectic Acoustic Rock for Experienced Adults"
Daniel Gannaway: New Zeland independent singer/songwriter Daniel Gannaway's latest offering 'darling one year' is an emotional roller coaster of intense, indie folk/rock, with the slightest hint of electronica.
The Attic: Bringing rock to the masses from Toronto, Ontario. -Download the new EP for free.-
Jonny the Saint & the Velvet Hand: Street Corner Funk straight from Philly. A mix of Soul, R&B,Hip Hop, Motown,and a whole lot a truth
Wander Lust Records: Indie Record Label Out Of Buffalo NY
Club Foot Whiskey: Acoustic rock/soul
Jones: hard, soft, frantic, chill, always soulful
Quagga: Bringing a whirlwind of styles which fuses raw rock, melodies, groove and dance, Quagga has played and conquered many stages in the Netherlands. The band is known for their live energy and for the ability of melting stirring beats and subdued melodies into a natural harmony.
MannKind: Southern Metal band, And Rock Alt. So Stop on in and check us out.
INFORMER: hotrock that speaks to you in your language
Area 51: Rocking band from the Czech Republic. Listen and you'll see...
Knoxville Tennessee Musicians: a showcase of Knoxville Tennessee's best local talent
melatonin: from Jefferson City, Tennessee
The Unleaded: kick ass band
the vandelays: rock/alt. country band from madison, wi
Tiffany Petrossi: singer-songwriter
Samantha Murphy: Authentic, lyric driven singer songwriter
Shagg: Pop/rock with a touch of funky old soul, bringing together the sounds of classic R&B and modern songwriting.
Texas Galaxy: Irish three piece playing exciting, chunky guitar music
Pudding Attack: weird sci-fi punkish rock
Night Hawk: Mix of rock, dance, teck, techno rock... dark, heavy light, and easy
Radio Gets Wild Awards: Radio gets wild interactive community radio station artist submissions welcome for air play. Members can apply to broadcast there own shows. A friendly mp3 streaming community. Artists let us help you to become famous Indie & unsigned artists welcome New artists album award apply today FREE MEMBERSHIP
Saren: A new band From the Dayton,Ohio area. There sound is like that of Godsmack with raging like that of Mettalica and Van Halen
The Loose Stools: Detroit’s Rock and Roll Madmen
Courtney Wing: Folk/Pop/Progressive
lockbox: rock/blues power trio from fresno, ca
2 Cubic Feet: Hard Rock/Alternative Rock, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Redrum: From the lower East-Side streets of Kansas City, Missouri lingers a sound that can only be described as “the next level of old school”. Redrum’s self written, recorded and produced debut disc titled “Suspicious Package” featuring a 19-track entourage’ of solid grooves perfectly blended with the untouchable rhyming skills of the “White Devil”.
Tim Miller: Tim Miller is dallas based, with a pop/rock style. He has recently completed work on his first cd "Out of the Box"
Intangible: Great Indie Rock Band from Los Angeles
Unleaded: official site
Mirror Image: Christian Rock baked in the Texas sun.
TYLERHIPNOSIS: north carolina based hip hop discribed as a gully soulful mixture between rza and beat rock with rhyme style unheard of check it
Patrice Moerman: rock, blues, pop, alt. country, whatever
Kokobone: Columbus Ohio band
Chasing Arcadia: Chasing Arcadia is a three piece pop/rock band from London Ontario
Billy & The FID: Experimental Acoustic Based Rock/ with interesting hooks and tight vocal harmonies
kwiver: sort of a mix between rage against the machine and system of a down
September Falling: Hard Rock Music From the Nations Capital
Jimmt Mitchell And Double Down: The official site of JMADD.
JC Reed: Blues, jazz, acoustic, electric, it's all there :-p
Hydrosonic: link to home page, you can listen to are music, check out are bio, and see show dates and pic.
Bryon Cherry: A rock-soul hybird with singer/songwriter simplicity (Marvin Gaye meets Hendricks
UKFM: independent bands in europe
Black Wednesday: Hard Rock... Style of 2 Doors Down & Alice in Chains
The Premiums: AWESOME Rock & Roll band from Canada. High Energy and fun.
SotoSoundz: so-to-soundz (n) a phantasmagoria of garage psychedelia.
Absolutely Perfect: Punk/Funk, not emo
Barefoot Jones: Original Americana Acoustigroove band from St. Louis MO
Rich Schroder: Singer Songwriter from Boston, MA
In Fervor: Eclectic, inspired, urban geographies, complex as the debris and wreckage along the twisted paths of memory it traces, residues of times and places past.
MARINER: Detroit 1980's hard rock
the Lushtones: the latest thing since sliced bread.
Sweet Dilemma: Sweet Dilemma is an original rock quintet from Indianapolis. Our sound is derived from the varied interests of each member, collectively bringing together a solid rock foundation with songs you'll sing along with after your first listening!
Thee Area: all types
Mario Barisic: Mario is a modern guitar player, fusing the elements of rock, blues, progressive, metal, alternative and creating a distinguishing signature. Most important for this guitarist is emotional performance and melody.
XARA: Non-trendy acoustic rock band driven with african drums and guitar, mellowed by cello, and serenaded by a jazzy/blues voice.
J.P.G. (Justin Paul Goodrich): Acoustic/Piano Music
Seth Boulton: Acoustic rock Guitar, Vocals, and Cello
The Mourning Wood: Site containing MP3's, pics, video clips, tour dates, news, and reviews.
Wilton Said...: While many bands follow the tried boring alternative/grunge or punk-pop trend, WILTON SAID (lyricist, composer, vox, keys), and his band consisting of Guitarist Chris Reid, Bassist Andrew Buntain and Drummer Richard Rizzo create their own style independent from the masses using theatrical, complex and progressive rock elements. The current CD titled "The Butterfly Plague" which delivers an assault of psychotic mood swings, time changes, and perversely intriguing lyrics is indeed a risk, but an artistic one, in this age of safe cookie cutter rock and pop.
AKA Structural Damage: Rockin' Blues, Lower Alabama Style
RENOIR: one of the BIGGEST italian rock bands;
Blind Dignity: A local band from Oshkosh, Wisconsin with amazing talent!
Negative Sound: Indie and Instrumental
2pm: We do a varied mix of many styles from rock to jazz fusion with influences in many different genres. Inside are mp3s of our demo and clips of individual musicians.
Oblivion is the Sky: Progressive Rock
Weathered: Texas Modern Rock Band
Last September: rock n roll straight from the heart
Section Eight: A new style of original rock music. (We think you'll dig it!)
PLASTICA: Rock band from portugal
The Hot Rocks: Power pop/rock Catchy and Melodic
Romero NY: Dance Oriented POP
Kevin Ball & the Busters: Country Rockin' Soulful Original Tunesmiths
ICUSUR (I see you as you are): Rock music, guitar, groove, songs, blues, melody
kingsdown: Arkansas based rock with keys and sweet melodies
Robert Popa: The Official Website of Robert Popa
Never Forever: A very young 3 piece indie rock band from Montreal Quebec Canada, all members are younger than 21
1969: we are a Ska / Surf Rock / Pop Punk band
Unicycledragrace: Complex jazz rock, very unpredictable
martin netteus: martin netteus
Bleached: we are a band out of the ATL we have two cds out for booking go to our website and e-mail us.
Gap Creek Road: GCR plays a wide selection of rock music, from hard and heavy, to ballads, blues and southern rock. Check us out!!
Bad Martini: Original Rock Music From Edinburgh based Bad Martini
Jenna's Arrival: Inde/Rock/Pop
The Pin-Up Girls: Jangly Guitar Pop With A New Wave Flavor
Linda Lopez : Linda Lopez is a 18 year old girl, with a powerful voice...
BelduinoS: Banda Pop Rock Brasileira
The Awkward Romance: Home to the fast pop emo band The Awkward Romance...yep yep. Check it out.
Sheila and the Insects: The band's music has been described as a "sterling cross between 80s new wave and 90s alternative sensibilities" (Pulp Issue #14, April 2001).
Howard Hilsenrath: singer/songwriter, talented and creative acoustic guitarist from Long Island, NY plays melodic rock
The Outside: with a heavy, melodic sound fueled by pure emtion The Outside is making it easy for their story to be heard.
ADAM BOMB: Official site of international recording artist Adam Bomb
One Day Less: One Day Less is a rock band based out of Michigan. Pulling from influences like Blindside and The Juliana Theory (and a lifestyle soaking with music) to create a blend that is wholly original and full of enthusiasm.
SimplexMax Studios: You are the musician, earn royalties!
Tub Ring: Genre Blending Rock from Chicago
The Ocean Band: rock, funk, blues, reggae, anything good
LEVEL: the BEST..see their upcoming Video on MTV/Fuse later part of October
CRINGE: Awesome 4 member band out of the LA area, rock the house.
Way of Life: Straight up rock band. Tight sound. Clean Vocals. Hard guitars. Great Live Energy.
A.D. Below: Funky rock with wicked runs/ northeast GA
seven seconds late: Newest Rock sound from North Georgia
Call Florence Pow: loud/soft hi/low fast/slow
Roullette: Metal/ Grunge Rock Music
va va voom: dancey rock from oc/la
Bill Madden: socio-politcal singer/songwriter
Stealing From Alexander: New band out of Western Canada
Curcio: Intricate Rock music w/ a backbeat for the lovers in tha house. I wanna heal yer mind so you can have a good time!
Airplay: post rock with a hint of noise for good measure
rainshine: Hard rock music in the vein of STP, NIN, and Foo Fighters. Impossible to capture in words, their sound is unique and modern. Their shows are alive with high energy, dynamics and audience participation.
Flatlined: Rock Band from Welland, Ontario
RAWK DAWG: Raw, Edgy In-Your-Face ROCK MUSIC
Howie Slates: Alternative indie rock with a blend of flavors.
COUSIN EDDIE: Midwestern Genre-defying Rock Band!
Early Next Year: Pop-Synth-Rock from Orlando, Florida
Amie Sassano: A chick who rock n rolls with folky/pop undertones - smart lyrics, great voice, beautiful face!
The Bright Side: I saw this band live, awesome show.....they rock!
Sarah Fauset: Sarah Fauset rocks!
Sarah Fauset: Sarah Fauset rocks!
Sam's Crossing: Song oriented band with lush female vocals and harmonies, great guitar work & grooves.
Curtis Cowan and The Rockers: Roackabilly & classic rock plus originals.
lushtones: seattle
ever: alternative, dark, electronic, female singer
suarezman music: listen to soundclips of light rock to hardcore metal,post on the musicians forum or play games in the arcade.
Tragedy's Shadow: The children breathe underwater.
Ferro Jeremiah Zyn: sit in a 10*10 room, Creating my vision of BOOM! I sleep next to my ideal, of the most superb on the planet, and contemplate a notorious reign. I am not angered by your words, or misguided by your thoughts, my faith remains my own, with this, I can not be lost. I will continue to live and learn and grow, and in time will become an image you sew. I will be humble as best I can be, considering determination is truly the key. Stand under the stars and look to the left, my image is nothing, if I can’t impress. ’04 F.J.Zyn
burn the red sky: rock
The Whale / Fiat Lux: thought provoking sociopolitical satire that ROCKS
GEEZ: Geek Rock, Power pop Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, "Dear Sherly" The titel EP album
Michael Sierra: New Mexico "Honky Pop"'s in the Beat! No sound like it.
Vice & Vanity: punk
Legs Akimbo: Melodic-rock band based in Brooklyn, New York
Return To Dust: hard-hitting Detroit-based metal core
Cesca Waterfield: big voice compared to Joplin - strong songwriting with roots influences
slushie: Slushie blends and bends genres and delivers them with an unmistakable level of energy and emotion.
Roadside Attraction: Because life just ain't the serious! Exploring the foolishness of the human experience with an incurable sense of optimism.
Rana hassan manzoor's Holy shred: rana hassan manzoor is shred guitarist from pakistan and one of the fastest guitar player on this planet.he is a session player and solo instrumentalist .
infrastar: infrastar is a four piece rock/alt band from macomb, mi. More information can be found on their website @
Aaron James Lee: Come see and hear the original Art and Music of Aaron
Jonz: A musique from the heart and rock from the soul
christian and the jews: lo-fi indy prog thought-rock
CASPER: Unlimited Sounds Records owned by Casper, a Canadian Reggae Recording Artist
Bobby Mac: College pop
Evan Gold: Taking an aggressive and at the same time ethereal approach at sound, Gold has shaped and molded his unique brand of “Space–Folk” into a new hybrid of genres he describes as “Punk-Folk Nouveau”. With comparisons to such artists as Tim Buckley, Nick Drake, and Leonard Cohen….Gold spins seasons of emotion through time and space with guitar and voice alone.
Myron and the Kyniptionz: Rock and roll band with blues roots from San Diego,CA
mister metaphor: math-prog-noise-pop-mainstream-indie
Arden Reign: Great new Rock Band
Rose Cora Perry - Musician/Writer/Model: Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist
Joe Mandica: Classic Pop Melodies & Country Rock
Nicekitty: Gloom-pop for grown-ups.
Reno,: New pop/rock band from Toronto, ON recently released full-length self-titled debut in July 2004.
Mark Johnson: BlueRock/AcousticRock
Blue Pinto: Four cylinders of fury
Fleeting: Rock has a new friend........
POWDERBURN: From Austin TX. A Hard Rock?Heavy Metal band that is a breath of fresh air in the Metal/Rock music scene. Check out our website and download a sound or video for free.
FITH: Authentic American Rock
Bed Noise: Badass Rock From Portugal!
the august: the august - american folk-rock with nashville overtones
Diamond Odyssey: its time to rock so let's roll
Nova: Detroit, stoner rock 4-piece
Avril Lavigne: great, new, and original singer with rockin music!
Sabbatical: Originals & 80'2, 90's and Today's Rock
Tzer - Chattanooga Rock Band: Rock power trio reminiscent of 70's guitar rock.
Thieves Ransom: Christian Rock at its roots. BlueRock/AcusticRock
EENOR: Massive Guitar Rock from San Francisco
ebNflo: Energetically uplifting original rock. ebNflo, based in Portland, Maine, can be seen all over New England.
Locus of Control: Rock
BRand New: Click to listen
December Morning: original hard rock mixing classic rock sounds with modern emo
OnlyAsDirected: A Midwest-based Christian group with the power and strength of a "holy two by four"! Think Collective Soul blended with Shaun Groves, with a dash of Casting Crowns.
doo doo: Send poo to someone
the zou: enthusiastic marriage of 50's rock and brit pop
Angela Jossy: indie chick rock
Evermore: Alt, Pop, Emo and Indie mix
annabarbi: great hungarian indie rock band, mp3s, photos, dates and other stuffs are on the site
sammy sosa: hungarian trucker indie rock
nude.: Hollywood based 3 piece hot rock
The Drive: Agressive Acoustic Rock
Claudia Jane: Progressive folk-rock layered with emotional guitar, sweet lyrics and lilting vocals.
Serenghetti: Serenghetti: A Global Movement In Music
html guide: html guide
John Restas Band: a 3 piece Pop/rock Band,.
Erich Specht: Addictive and inventive pop/rock
the drownies: "Creativity that borders on mental illness." Edgy hard punk rock with out the moping, whining and wallowing in self pity. An all out assault on nothing in particular and taking prisoners in simply not on the agenda. rock that feels good again.
No Name Storm: No Name Storm is from Tampa Bay Florida. They are popular in Pinellas county and can be found playing at venue's such as Gator's, Gulfport On The Rock's, Jeff's Bent Elbow and more. "The Storm" plays a variety of classic favorites from bands such as Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynrd and more. Available for parties and events in the Tampa Bay area.
b.u.m.p.: hard rock meets hardcore
Landing Gear: Pop/Rock
problem thomas: rock awesome guys in an amazing band(yes we wrote this about ourselves)
Ehren Ebbage: Singer/songwriter from the northwest
Vestige: LA-based power trio that is NOT cock-rock. Fans of A Perfect Circle and Led Zeppelin alike will appreciate this new melodic rock band from LA.
CAB International Entertainment Group Inc.: Professional Independent Underground label. We produce commercial music for suburban and ghetto kids world-wide. We deliver U.P.S. (Underground Pop Shi?)
Draft Miser: X members of the lexicon got together to write some rockin tunes.
Visiting Ghosts: London band somewhere along the lines of Smog, Bad Seeds, Love, Mark Lanegan, Elbow, PJ Harvey etc. We've just released out debut album, Visiting Ghosts (available to sample and buy on the website).
the lushtones:
the lushtones: post-grunge seattle rock and roll
Jeremiah Tattlebaum: among the great triumverate of Sufjan Stevans and Damian Jurado
Birdie Hilltop: simply brilliant
the Rep: awarded best new music of July 2004 by BNMM
Crix Crax Crux: named one of best new indie bands of 2004
Renúncia Verbal: Pop rock band from brazil.
Caitlyn: Rockband from Sweden
Dark At NooN: dark at noon blends melodic runs,emotionaly charged lyrics,and the agression of hardcore. they bring hardcore and emo together to form a sound all their own...
DB3: purveyors of kick-ass rock and roll
Bull Goose Looney: Pshyco-Delic - Schizo-Clectic Modern Rock
The Gypy Moths: Two kickass portland girls on elec &acou guitars, funky bass and jazzy drums.
WTS: Denver Colorado blend of hardcore/post-hardcore and punkrock
Mike Salt: Mike Salt - frontman with Joker, Crisis, Label of Love, Blue Jay Way and now the new Mike Salt Band. Official site including biography, back catalogue and shop.
Lexington Down: Good beats, good moves, Post Hardcore/Indie Rock
Chezwick: Rock/Electronica act for fans of Radiohead, Garbage, and Beck.
Blue Velvet: This band demonstrates an undeniable love for the music they create, and express a new twist to pop music.
Scott Dale: Modern Rock
Fionna Faulk: Female Singer/Songwriter from Alliance, OH...WARNING - Songs are Contagious.
Smilex: Smilex are a full on rock assault forcing Lee's tales of bedroom fantasies down your throat until you pass out or puke
The Strange: High Energy, riff packed rock n roll
Isaac Simons: 21st centurt rebirth of 60's era songwriting
The Drop Off: experiment music trying to push the limits of creativity to create music that is interesting, unique, and shocking to experience
Lennie Bahl: One awesome dude ... singer ... songwriter ... guitarist ... eclectic collection ... rock, blues, listening ... toungue-in-cheek, fun & funny, seriously light hearted while being light-heartedly serious. Good all around music!!!
Electric Joyride: Indie Rock from Minneapolis- Influences, Phantom Planet, Rooney, Weezer
Melissa Rapp: Check this: Radiohead meets Sarah McLachlan
The Slackharmonic: Indie rockers from Thrilladelphia
Barbary Coast: Rock Fused with Funk, Jazz, HipHop, ProgRock and World Rhytms to create a sound thats truly unique and innovative. Whether this 6-Piece group is dishing out funky dance jams, inducing headbanging, breakin' it down with the beatbox, or serenading crowds with poignant lyrics, Barbary Coast provides a perpetual onstage intensity that is impossible for any audience to ignore.
Infernum: Infernum Official Website Legendary Black Metal band True Black Metal Hail ! Infernum
Baphomets Throne: Baphomets Throne Official Website Legendary Black Metal band B
Citizen Dog: Sydney Urban Rock/Funk Band
The Wells: Out of Montreal, Quebec Canada.............. Pure Rock
Redding Brothers: An all-original alternative acoustic rock trio from Seattle and West Virginia, which sounds like a game of Twister between the Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, and Five For Fighting
Nick Pipitone: Writing and performing pop tunes that get stuck in your head by the second chorus. Two CD's available and more to come. Influenced by Elvis Costello, Marshall Crenshaw and the "classic power pop" of the 1960's.
Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society: Pop/Rock group from San Juan, Puerto Rico
Calibur: CALIBUR. Original modern rock music combined with driving guitar and bass, high energy drums and percussion, melodic rock vocals, hard hitting lyrics and unique harmonies, we are drawing above average audiences and attracting great reviews from the media
The Waking Moment: The Waking Moment is a three-piece experimental rock band with Jake on guitar/vocals, Lindsay on bass, and Jesse on drums/backup vocals. Their music ranges from whispers to screams, loud rock music to soft experimental sounds.
The Forresters: Australian power pop/alt. country group
Another Dark Day: Canadian Punk/Emo artists with a mission to destroy the world
Zack Logan: mellowed out acoustic music.
Fiona Sand: Fiona is HOT!!!
Bring Back The Guns: Formerly known as Groceries. 2003 Best Indie Rock Band - Houston Press. But this band doesn't rest on its laurels. They deliver powwerful live performances. Outstanding lyrics and music.
MorningSide: Hard Hitting Modern Rock from Philly
AllYouMiss: All-girl caustic punk/rock/grunge three-piece from oxford, uk
Scott Watkins: Pop/Rock with a hint of Funk & Jazz
Christine Martuci: Female Rocker with a powerful voice.
Adlai Waxman: Singer-sonwriter
****BROKEN OCTOBER****: Indie Rock from Oakland, California. Need we say more?
ghostrunner: east coast anti apathy rock and roll
aberdeen: Punk/Indie
James Katz: James Katz is an independent singer/songwriter/producer. His new release, 'glow' has been getting rave reviews everywhere.
SugarSmaX: What kind of night are you in for when you fuse the energy of 4 electrifying personalities, combined with explosive amounts of unbelievable raw talent, erupting with sizzling hot grooves from the 70’s, retro pop-culture from the 80’s, a dynamic blend of rock and pop from the 90’s, and the latest, most popular music from today all wrapped up in one neat little package? You’re in for a night of fun, thrills and excitement! Get ready for SugarSmaX!
The Crimson Element: Rock music of VARYING SHAPES, TEXTURES, AND SIZES served up with CRISP, DISTINCTIVE VOCALS and EXCELLENT MUSIC. WHO do we SOUND LIKE? You tell us, we have not yet received a consistent comparison. So CHECK OUT for A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. See hear and experience this ROCK TRIO from SO. CAL. and you will know why thousands of people love The Crimson Element.
Abie Toiber: Mexican musician and producer a couple of months away from releasing first solo album 80% instrumental. VERY GOOD
Car Crashs Show: synth driven indie like band from boston
Blastfony: BlastFony is a band based in sunny Manchester, UK. If a category had to be chosen to put our music into then it would be something along the lines of Electronica Rock, feel free to argue as much as you like as to whether this is true or not because we don't really care where you class us. Hope you like some of the stuff you can hear on the website.
Tim Kirker: guitar-based, melody-driven, multi-stylistic collection of songs
Table Top Poets: College-oriented Indie-Rock which has drawn comparisons to the likes of such diverse acts as U2 and Pearl Jam. Table Top Poets' sound is centered on a marriage of the raw emotional style of Counting Crows and Ben Harper to the dreamy and melodic sensibility of post-Radiohead Brit-pop bands such as Coldplay and Travis.
The Mad Flower: Singer/Songwriter K.Nery's musical influences include Alanis M., Liz Phair, John Mayer, Incubus, Avril LaVigne, Sheryl Crow, Coldplay, The Darkness, Nine Days and Evanescence, to name a few. The Made Flower is a fuse of these.
Mojo Perry: Art Rock: Blues Infused Psychedelic Rock (Avante Garde)
Carrie Solomon: 18-yr-old female pop/rock singer/songwriter's site-music, photos, bio
Caleb: THE Alternative to Alternative Rock!
Jon Worley: Acoustic hippie folk rock
Brett DuBose: acoustic rock with lots of influences
Better Off Red: Straight up rock with a blues edge from Saskatoon's Better Off Red
Planet of 9: Unique blends of rock, rap, alternative and hip hop come together to form the sounds enjoyed by several age groups. Planet of 9 is based out of Central Wisconsin and is recognized in the area as an incredible group of talented musicians.
The Kidmans: Unique sound created by 3 beautiful sisters
Fourth Member: Passionate indie rock from Auckland, New Zealand
Monica Yonge: Some have said she rocks. Canadian singer/songwriter, Monica Yonge captivates audiences wit her powerhouse vocal delivery. Yonge's unique vocals can be heard on her soon to be released indie alt/pop/rock debut entitled
Vancouver: A Rockin' Indie Band from Florida
Modern Rock: Modern Rock project "Atomic One™" is based out of New York City and led by JS, who's recognized as an electrifying guitarist, songwriter and producer.
FLUT: Flut is a three piece indie-rot band from San Francisco members lily amirpour on bass and vocals writes the refreshing, twisted and honest songs, her lover brian carmody plays brilliant drums and jara queeto fills the gaps with divine trumpet and keyboard playing as well as the occasional accordion and childs-cymbals. odd-honest-lacking in the pompous rhetoric that makes most music suck... flut sucks less than ever! visit the offical band website at
Cary Grace: Nashville, TN singer/songwriter.
MagellanMusic: Progressive rock with aura like Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, or Alan Parsons, but explore a wide variety of genres.
SonicSmith: Edgy original rock band from Philly
Joe Caprice Official Music Website!!: Acoustic by Joe Caprice is Alternative Rock with hints of Country, Jazz and Americana, delivered through powerful vocals and rhythmic guitar -- songs that reflect how we treat one another…
Dino Velvet: there was a war
2 Enos: Heavy and energetic music influenced by such bands as Tool/Metallica/AFI/U2/Deftones...ect. Check it out if interested and play it loud! Cheers
Dean Berry: Song about love that took a wrong turn.
.soulger.: Christian Acoustic/Rock band from Oklahoma
The Low Bid Band: Playing a variety of classic rock and originals in the Cetnral Florida area. Lowest Bid guaren-damn-teed!
Dr. Professor: live hiphop,instrumental, electronicky rockish jazzy stuff
【Linjurium】: I am a Japanese poor at English. I want to work some day in the United States. Since you can try listening music by the website, please hear it.
John Burdick: gritty acoustic rock/blues
Cryptic Vision: Classic style progressive rock inspired by Yes, Kansas, Spock's Beard, Genesis, Rush, Saga, Dream Theater, etc.
Todd Plant: Home of vocalist Todd Plant - photos, samples, bio, booking info for rock/prog/metal singer Todd Plant.
Fallen Innocence: Hard Rock at it's finest, Fallen Innocence blends intricate songwriting with musical showmanship and full-frontal power. As other bands follow trends, Fallen Innocence is setting them. Hands down one of the best musical acts of the new millennium!
LIZ LARIN : Emotional, rockin, this is 15 time Detroit Music Award Winner has two CD's on Atlantic Records and two on Bona Dea Music. By far Detroit's Rock/Pop best songwriter. CD's available on and
Angie Mattson: smart, moody, pop rock with amazing, passionate vocals
Aureola: A mixture of electronic elements with orchestral textures, intertwined with rich vocals are what produce the sound of Aureola. Aureola is a brother/sister duo. Come on in and check out what Aureola has to offer!!!
JC's revenge: UK based rock band, sound a little like Weezer, Ash, American Hi-fi, Jimmy Eat World etc. Free downloads and other stuff available on our site.
After Alex: Something for everyone - funk, jazz, indie, folk, blues
BannedStock!: Latest gigs promo company to hit ireland!
Braintree: Formed in 2004, Braintree is a group of three stressed University of Chicago students, needing to vent their intellectual energies and rage towards music instead of towards the constant droll of academia. Much of their music reflects the satirical nature they have towards music nowadays as being unintelligible and meaningless. There are mounds of generic crap out there, and this is how Braintree responds to that. A small instrumental format of lead vocalist Pohatte McBiggs, Specimen Zero on the Ax (Guitar), and Goth Roberts on the keys (piano), Braintree is an experimental band, testing the limits of lyrical importance, song structure and form, and acoustic representation. Often hastily misjudged, Braintree's unique music requires patience before one can judge the merits of their work. For one thing, their approach to lyrics is rather different. The importance lies in the phonetic qualities and tones rather than in actual semantics; almost as if they are using the medium of English words for rhythmic characteristics. Sessions is their debut album. In the two songs on "Killing Stevie Nix Children", they purposefully recorded the music with the recording level up to the wazzoo to give an almost electronic timbre to the songs.
4U: Christian Rock You Can Relate To!
deSANGRE: la mejor rock en español en Houston
2om: Solid old school rock music ,matched with just a touch of country fused into a few of the songs. Hard hitting guitar and unique vocals. All original music written and produced by Doug Roberts and Mike Knapp
Torn Down Units: Torn Down Units play a unique mix of Rock n' Roll, Punk, Surf and Rockabilly.
Blood SOaked Hands: Blood Soaked Hands are a five piece punk rock band from San Clemente. The Band Blood Soaked Hands consists of Elysia on Vocals and Keyboards, Buck on Guitar and Vocals, Blake on Guitar and vocals, Richie on the Bass , Josh on the Drums and the Backups. Blood Soaked Hands have a 6 song ep coming on the guitarist from broken bottles' label, going to be on Hostage Records Collateral Damage
Shiny Truk: funky uniquemix of styles that'll make you dance and feel good in your belly.
Mark Brewer: singer/songwriter
PROJECT VECTOR: Project Vector fuses the infectious grooves and high-tech sound of techno with the depth of prog-rock and the attitude and edginess of modern rock., Lyrics uphold reason and individualism while unflinchingly tackling controversial subjects like Internet addiction and gay teen suicide. Project Vector is based in northeast Michigan and will be releasing a new CD in late summer 2004, hopefully with live shows to follow. Drop by the official Project Vector website for MP3 samples and more info.
SPECTRIS: A New England Progressive Art Rock Band
Rock Prophets: Rock Prophets are a Indiana Christian Rock Band who play secular rock, pop, country, alternative Christian Rock, praise and worship, and rocked up hymns. We love to perform and to tell the wonderful story of Jesus and His love. We are evangelical in our motives and seek to share the good news of Jesus through music and witness.
the indoor kids: the best band you've never heard!
King con: Bluesy,humoruos, frat-style rock n' roll
Exit6: fl based rock band ( find Live streams, downloads, and more)
AñaVañA: Original Rock/Reggae band from NYC!
UGHO REDKA: Rock Artist And Producer
Ciaran Flynn: Download MP3 files from Halflight and Page Two .. CDs .. news and social comment .. global travel .. Irish singer / songwriter Ciaran Flynn .. Dublin ..
En Vida: En Vida - (In Life) Panama's only all girl Christian Rock band. Rock
Teruah: We are living in a time when it seems there is no conscience about morality, where everyone seems to be lost in their own lives. There is no time for truth or real love, joy or any of the feelings that make us all part of the human experience....Hard Rock
PRECORE: Acoustic Rock
The Habit: dynamic rock and roll trio from the northwest
Bread of Stone: Bread of Stone is a modern Christian band that consist of three members; Bill, Ben, and Terry. After meeting the group, you’ll quickly find out that there is more to them than just the music.
Tribes of Revolt: alternative, rock, world/roots
Loading Data: Loading Data is a desert rock, garage rock, robot rock band.
'Alchemy': Guidford based funky acoustic rock - influenced by Dave matthews band, but with a more upbeat drive.
Compact Deity: Detroit Euro/Mid-Eastern modern rock band with early Arabic, 1980's British alternative, original punk, classic rock, psychedelic, shoegazer, electronic and industrial influences.
SoloClique: ****CHECK THIS OUT****** ROCK with a INDIE MATH TWIST
Bone Dry: Once again the world of music is redefined with the formation of the band Bone Dry. A hard rock band with diverse backgrounds and influences, Bone Dry brings a unique flavor to the “Seattle sound”. Like their predecessors before them, the group is more about music than image.
Lucky 13: Early Van Halen Tribute Band
The Existence: Alternative Indie Rock band based in London, UK. Music available to download off website.
The 78's: Rock/punk explosion from London, Ontario. Hot, heavy, rock and roll. Men watch your ladies...ladies.....definately watch the men.
Broken: Dark and Beautiful
Guru Records: The best in independent bands from NY and beyond
DJ ouwee: Multimedia Music Experience
Common Rotation: Common Rotation is a rock/pop/ folk band with an alternative element, their brand of intelligent, eclectic, acoustic guitar-driven pop music is enough to throw their devoted audience. Formerly known as 28 Orange Street, Common Rotation has developed a substantial following on both the east and west coasts. Although they now reside in Los Angeles, they paid their dues, honing their craft in the thriving New York scene. Tired of NYC bars, Common Rotation began playing coffee houses and clubs which allowed them to build a level of intimacy with their audiences that surpasses any modern pop act.
Uncle Jack: Hard Rock band from Maine
The Film: The Official Home Page of The Film
the neighbors: just check it out!!!
Los Gallos: Los Gallos: Independent Rock en Espanol Music Group from the industrial east-end of Houston,TX, with a blend of Rock n Roll.
3 Too Far: Midwest 3piece pop rock
Cyber-Jack: Acid punk/ Dope rock...revolutionary music
GREEN: The band GREEN... Formed in early 2002, Green is built on a color pallette of Musicians from the Triangle area of North Carolina. Previously, as members of Funky Munky Spunk, Keptecletic, Circus, Tramping Ground, Faceless, and Mushroom Stamp, the members of Green forge sounds unique to themselves. Green now fuses a unique blend of Punk, Reggae, Roots Rock and many other meaningless monikers from their combined experience on this musical earth. Why a name like Green? The Greensters, having been in many other bands, Didn't want to put a lot of thought and effort into a name. Everything around us is green, even the walls in our rehearsal space... We wanted a name debunk of anything spectacular...So now we have to deal with "GREEN?, why Green?" all the time. Oh, well....Let the music speak for itself.
Heatseeker: High Octane Rock 'n Roll
Carl Howard: Carl Howard is a writer, performer and producer of all original pop / blues material. Although a player of a variety of instruments, including bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin and percussion, lead guitar has been Carl’s main instrument of over 30 years. His inspirations in music come from his devotion to God, and in serving Him. Carl has over ten years of experience as a praise minister, but his creative style in his personal writing and performing is more of a blues / pop influence, reflecting on his musical influences of Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Carlos Santana and Neal Schon. His music will satisfy those who love the combination of layers of guitars, along with passionate bluesy vocals, for the hungry in soul and spirit.
Carl Howard: Carl Howard is a writer, performer and producer of all original pop / blues material. Although a player of a variety of instruments, including bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin and percussion, lead guitar has been Carl’s main instrument of over 30 years. His inspirations in music come from his devotion to God, and in serving Him. Carl has over ten years of experience as a praise minister, but his creative style in his personal writing and performing is more of a blues / pop influence, reflecting on his musical influences of Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Carlos Santana and Neal Schon. His music will satisfy those who love the combination of layers of guitars, along with passionate bluesy vocals, for the hungry in soul and spirit.
Josh Fryfogle: smooth hard rock. variety...
THE MARTHA DUMPTRUCK MASSACRE: indie rock band from Syracuse, NY
Black Majesty: medolic heavy metal
Stacy James: Stacy James launches her career with the release of
monkeyshyne: Rock/Acoustic with vocal harmonies
HighFlightSociety: HighFlightSociety is a rock band with both musical and lyrical depth. Loud guitars and heartfelt vocals soar above a hard driving rhythm section that is not afraid to explore multiple time signatures. Lyrics cover a wide range of subject matter that goes beyond expectations of conventional Christian lyrics.
Sharpdressed Man: Sharpdressed Man is a ZZ Top Tribute Band from Kansas City. They specialize in playing the hits of ZZ Top as well as donning the beards and cheap sunglasses. This "little ol' band from KC" looks and sounds incredibly like that "little ol' band from Texas"!!!
Burnt Ninja: rock band
Arkitekt: The best indie rock and roll you'll probably never see.
Peter Fryd : Rock artist from Helsinki, Finland. News, discography and photo gallery.
Chris Doerman: Self-produced rock with folk & blues influences
Much Like Mitya: Blend of alternative and hard core rock
FRANK CRITELLI: singer/songwriter/impresario/cult hero
Fletcher: Independent Los Angeles based rock band.
Plum Street: retro alternative mainstream rock: four singer/songwriters/musicians
sibling rivalry: Classic rock n metal
Swan: Official website of Swan and the Almight Love Noise
Jody Raffoul: Canadian accoustic rocker. Detroit love!
the junes: Acoustic based alt-rock band from San Francisco
Judgment Day Ready: Contemporary/Rock/Prasie&Worship Band Based in Somerset KY
FAST EDDIE: a taste of something different
Twenty II Life: A melodically aggressive, guitar riff driven', alternative buzz, with a gothic will to live, in an emotionally on edge world.
BLUE MOON HAREM: Home site for the Rock based band Blue Moon Harem
Denyer: Unsigned band from Herefordshire (Blur/Smiths/Bowie)
Pepe Maina: Ambient and Prog Rock from Italy
TripStick: All Original Funk/Rock/Reggae/Blues/Jam Music From Detroit!!!
1 ALAN TOWERS MUSIC: Writing lyrics that are self-consciously meaningful feels right in this song...
bim skala bim: The official Bim Skala Bim Website
swine: Music group from Hudson Falls, New York
Debi Graham Band: agressive acoustic alternative
Aaron Tessis & ATM: Aaron Tessis & ATM are a high-energy Folk/Pop/Rock group. This group delivers a passionate, soulful performance every time on stage, whether they are performing for 5 or 500 people. An act you definitely want to keep your eye on.
Goodwin: Smart, aggressive rock from North Texas
Black Box Found: Project made up of Minneapolis talent finally going somewhere: Stripped down rock with a grove combination and smokey lyrics. More info (EP release and shows) comming soon along with website additions.
International Music Marketing & Promotions: Let us Mail, Promote and Market your Music products to the world. We Service 524 Radio Stations and 79 Distributors throughout Europe, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South America and other countries of the world
The Diablos: The Diablos are a four peice unsigned rock band from Derry, N.Ireland.
Vin Danna: Solo Rock Guitarist
Be All, End All...: Indie Rock in the vein of Sparta, NO KNIFE, At the Drive-in
Friendly No One: friendly no one is the midwest rock dream of four starry eyed boys, twisted inside a moody evolution over years of dedication, and has cloudy beginnings lost in wisconsin rivervalley latenights. we maintain the notion that the boundlessness of rock music remains neglected in the name of fame and its vast frontiers remain unexplored.
Mike Borgia: review Mike Borgia's new CD
Tom Wehrle: Named one of the top 50 unsigned acts in the US
79Cortinaz: irish three piece producing interesting rock
fiz: Rock
Corey Stevens: Rock Blues
Green Tangerine: Official Homepage
no tomorrow: we are a new band out of missouri, we have everything from acoustic emo songs, to hard pop rock songs. E-mail us for a free cd
b-side: Best Band Ever
The RoadKings: Classic/Southern Rock
heartfelt whisper: Combining today’s sounds of creative, rhythm-driving percussion and parallel rhythmic guitar work with emo-esque flavour and earnest, capturing vocals; heartfelt whisper strives to create a relevant and unique sound.
Sirens: pop- rock with a funky americana twist
De-Sigh-Pill: Good old honest rock n soul at its best
Kim Archer: Hi-energy rock, funk & soul; a voice that unites genres and generations
Garnet E Electron: Artist/Poet/Songtress
THE JEFFERY BROTHERS BAND: loud, powerful rock sounds in songs
Sweet Neptune: A Toronto-based emo band.
Jaggedy Ann: Chicks That Rock
John Taglieri: Website for this up and coming Acoustic Rocker!
Hop On Pop: Quirky pop music for people who care about what they put in their ears.
Carry the Cross: A Christian Rock group from the Charlotte area. Our site has music, pictures, and booking information.
Brother Exile: Official website of Indy's own Brother Exile "High Energy Hard Rock Band that brings the RAUCOUS"
Lost Disciples: The best Alternative Rock Band in Southern California
U.P.O.: The Ghost of Scarecrow fire lives
InPulse: Vocal Rock/Pop Band
MACH22: Urban rock. Cross between Lenny Kravitz, Seal and Coldplay.
Coven Myst: Coven Myst Homepage
Davey G. Project: A refreshing new twist to the music scene in Los Angeles. Combining an eclectic musical flavor with catchy melodies, this independent David Garner project will keep you moving.
forte: music
Waterside: Christian Rock
Gretchen: a female fronted rock band from tenessee
Jam Camp: Official homepage for Jam Camp, a jam-band from the Pacifici Northwest. Growing mp3 jam-session library, band- info and links. Genres: instrumental rock, improv, guitar-based, jazz-rock
JaD: Top Rock band out of Atlanta, GA. Hot!
crowscrown: crowscrown Get ready for something new.
Hover: Grab you're headphones and strap yourself in for the next great adventure in rock. Hover, grown out of Chicago's south and now residing in the Los Angeles area has evolved out of the grundge/metal era to combine influences such as Led Zeppelin and Tool into the next generation of rock. This exceptionally talented rock quartet exhibits a level of musical aptitude that's missing from today's Pop Punk, Neo Folk, Rap Rock, plagiarists. For Hover, it's just too easy to blow the swarm of other 20 something bands off the stage with their powerful two-guitar sound, head nodding beats and soul scorching vocals.
David Jackson Project: Performing Songwriter
loads of odes: real life published poetry about the world and the people in it, submit your poems and web links check out links pages also become a featured poet
Jimmy McLoud: Smooth, melodic vocals and harmonies, sounds like Steven Curtis Chapman meets John Mayer...former Audio A guitarist Barry Blair says,
Volatile Blue: Volatile Blue: Cleveland Alternative Rock compared to the likes of Matchbox 20, Coldplay, and Fuel. Embracing themes of longing in absence and a soul's scream for freedom, their 2004 recording, Find Your Way, draws a bead that will burn a path through the hardened cynical mind of the betrayed, backstabbed, and spurned soul bent on finding a way to a place called home.
SeepeopleS: concious dub rock
20 Reasons Taken: rock/funk/hip-hop from madison, wisconsin
ZAMARRO: ZAMARRO (Ex-Zorro) - Basel (Switzerland) based Punk'n'Roll-Trio. Website containing news, infos, photos, mp3s and more stuff
august: original twist on rock/pop/folk music
Laurie Jones: missing link between dusty springfield and the Cars
Ultraviolet Blue: Indie Rock band from Columbia, South Carolina
Jive-O-Matic: Methodically Funky Groove Pop forms the foundation of Jive-O-Matic. With their unique but familiar sound that mixes influences such as The Black Crowes, Prince, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, and Motown. Jive-O-Matic blends solid grooves with a variety of styles that pulls you in and grabs hold. Answering the call for the new sound of today that keeps yesterday’s influences simmering in its mix.
The Light Beyond: A site for a Czech gothic rock / synth pop / trip hop band. MP3 and info.
Sassure: A rock/jazz/pop/rap songwriter/musician's main page....
DOGTOWN PROPHETS: Alternative Rock
Guitar Daddy: Guitar Daddy, Master Guitarist includes biography, photos and tour dates.
The Bush Pigs: comedy mixed in with some rock n roll
Finer: eclectic, aggresive, melodic modern rock with a very wimpy, quiet singer, and we mean wimpy...
Frank Porter: Rock music in the grand tradition of the 70's but new.
megan combs: extremely talented young singer songwriter!!!!!
Mike Borgia: features MIKE BORGIA one of many great music sites for bands
Mike Borgia: MP3 popular web radio, also featuring MIKE BORGIA
Mike Borgia: one of many radio stations featuring MIKE BORGIA
Book of Kills/Jim Shelley: same old dead music the rest of you are making 'cept mine's better
Mike Borgia: Rock/soul singer songwriter from NYC
Mike Borgia: Rock/soul singer songwriter from NYC
Mike Borgia: alternate site for additional info
Mike Borgia: Official website of NEW Rock/Soul singer songwriter from NYC
Fuga: rock en espanol with blends of mexican folk rock, reggae, salsa and cuban beats
Fuga : rock en espanol w blends mexican folk rock, salsa, reggae and cuban beats
.lucabrazi.: Rock n Roll from Pittsburgh
luca brazi: rock at it's finest
MileStonE: South Arkansas Independent Rock Band
The Lizard: Rock N' Roll by the one the only Lizard
Clear Illusion: original rock band
Buty: One of the greatest Czech Rock bands ever!
Support Lesbiens: The #1 rock group in the Czech Republic with songs in English.
tone and niche: Pop/Rock & Folk/blues-singer/songwriter
Abyss: Local Atlanta Rock Band
SANGRONEZ: Rock En Espanol!
GROUNDLESS: New metal,Rock,Alternative
Craig Byrnes: taking music further
Craig Byrnes: REAL Music
UNDER THE WHEEL: from the city of angels...original-independent rhythm&noise
Rimzilmoon DeBlanc: Eclectic Rock
Britney's Krack: pop punk covers Backstreet ???
Lowlight: Album: Window Pain. Recent release depicting the loss and desperation of love unrequited.
healing sixes: modern rock with bluesy undercurrent
Dominick: NYC singer/ songwriter
Adam Ghory: This rocker embodies all the energy, genius, and musicianship of the days of old. Be careful! Once you've had a taste you might never be same again.
Justin Branam: Acoustic rocker from Indianapolis, IN.
Major Healey: Adult Rock with a new age Twist
nialljamesholohan: his highness,the dark prince of pop ..this wonderful Dublin solo artist's appraoch to religion is like G.K.Chesterton's ..Chesterton has a hero who loves London so much that he would not dream of saying "a taxi cab came the corner like the wind" but rather "the wind came round the corner like a taxi cab" ..he does not,like Plato compare the stars to children ..that is the existentialist approach ..the way of alienation ..Holohan's songs not only point outwards towards abstraction ..but by way of mysticism point inwards towards the concrete equal respect for the ailments of daniel dale johnson,ani di franco and tom waits ..there's no mistaking ..with his highness,nialljamesholohan ..the world has a true origonal full of guile for music with an eccentric edge on it's hands.
JADB: Indie Group - Cool - Just Starting, I think so at least - Sample song - Not sure if they have a working webpage
Robert Field: A mix of different styles but all good...a must listen
Brian Copeland Band: infectious pop with a groovy twist
Saving Dawn: Saving Dawn, based out of San Antonio, Texas, is a melodic rock band with music that will take you on an emotional trip that features rich flowing guitars, infectous melodies, and fluid harmonies...their fusion of a vast array of musical styles into a fresh yet familiar sound helps to create a wide ranging mass appeal...make sure to pick up a copy of the debut album from Saving Dawn entitled "Awakening Hour" coming to you in 2003...
Groovatron: An eclectic blend funky jams with a heavy rock influence and an emphasis on vocal harmonies. Band is out of the south side of Chicago.
The Angry: 60's Ohio rock band of some minor fame
Moanin' Ludlow: a fresh band from Beglium with Attitude! find out more about them... check their great site!!
RedTeam: A special blend of rock, hip-hop, punk, & electronica. Enjoy.
Oxygen: Roots Rock outfit with structured songs
Dan Gifford: 70s style rock excellent guitat and awesome singable songs
the bisons: le tigre meets the breeders/fuzz guitars and analogue keys w/sequenced beats and cool catchy tunes with attitude
Emerald Triangle & Jade Steel: hard rock/hip hop
Jade Steel: Hard Rock, with hip hop
Dope-A-Matic: The Doors Meet Rap
Karen Ires: Lots of cars, stars and hotel bars
Animation: regional Modern rock Band
Everett: Modern alternative/Indie rock band based out of Ohio. Influences include coldplay, radiohead, U2, jeff buckley, turin brakes, etc...
Rolla Olak: solo artist, acoustic, organ, electric guitar, pots and pans, LO FI
Grace Nocturnal: Rock and Roll from Canada
Peepshow: Rock band out of Seattle, WA
Mettaphor: Australia Noosa Heads - 5 peice Latin driven grooves of motown folktown funk - saxy brass, classical -bass, rythym guitar, warm & fiesty vocal 4 part harmonies
The Mirrors: The resurection of british rock music, great tunes, awesome guitar riffs and unbelievable vocals. this band are causing a stir and some interest from the majors in the UK.
Anatara: Acoustic & electric female rock duo in the style of Indigo Girls, Etheridge and Heart
Melissa Barton: A 21 year old folk/rock singer with a range of 20 people, let Melissa Barton's soulful voice take you away.
SWORDFISHTROMBONES: Original mixture of blues, chanson, alternative rock and jazz, but it reached borderlines of various other genres. After all, still almost indescribable...
Monte Montgomery : Official site for the guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Austin, TX who performs pop and rock with a deep roots sensibility.
lennex: maryland rock bad - check out their mp3's and let the music speak for itself
Allison Crowe Band: gospel - rock, jazz - grunge, classical - blues, folk - soul; a voice that unites genres and generations
David Davenport: Van meets Bowie meets Zevon, Costello, Bruce & The Doors Free music for bands and musicians
Carleton: Official web site of the Canadian singer/songwriter.
Jake Stigers: Boogie Rock n' Roll, Great Lyrics, A singing voice that is like a well-oiled piece of rock n' roll machinery
Kenny Drew: "Soaring contemporary rock, with a smooth melodic voice of hope". Kenny Drew combines an incredible voice with flowing elements from rock, pop, and jazz to create a unique style all his own.
I K E : 3 piece INDIEROCK band from LOS ANGELES!!!
Erich Russek & Poets In Heat: Alternative-Folk-Rock
Queen Esther: Black Hillbilly Soul. Sounds like Keith Richards decided to take a road trip and let Tina Turner do all the driving while Gram Parsons holds onto the maps...
Lostaura: Indie rock from Poole, England
Sides of the North: Indie Rockish band from Dayton, OH
R.E.D.S.T.A.R: 3 girls, a stage and a little rock
Nobody, Et Al.: Accoustic Music for an Electronic World
Kabin Fiva: Raleigh, North Carolina Band
-Motortramp: Hard rockin' catchy tunes that will have you singin for hours
Leverage: Leverage is an original three-piece rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. If you like good music, check us out!!
jimmy can't dance: Rock band with Alternative influences
J. ARMEN: Acoustic Rock Band featuring NYC's BEST
The Sourpuss: original rock band
Glodas: 3 piece indie punk with keyboards and harmonica, from Worcester MA
femtex: Rockband
The Spores2000: Modern AAA Rock/Pop/Alt.
Floodlight: High Energy Modern Rock/Punk/whatever... just listen!
Phraym 313: ecclectic Orlando rock band
Michael Hirsch: Combine Pete Yorn and Radiohead and you get Michael
Incognito: Live high energy rock band based in Ireland
Incogniot: Live rock band based in Ireland
Guy Michetti: Guy Michetti is a singer/songwriter performing in New York City.
The Layaways: indie guitar pop from Chicago
joey checketts: singer/songwriter
One Quarter Turn: If Mogwai met up with Modest Mouse and added the Beach Boys to the mix
Arizing: Alternative Pop Rock
Waltersons: Emergent crunchie rock band from Barcelona (spain)
United Groove: A mixture of Rock, Funk, Jazz, Grunge, Hiphop, R&B, Spoken Word
United Groove: Something for Everyone!!
The Mirrors (uk): Four expats based in L.A. playing Britpop and '80s UK postpunk
エアロスミス: cool site
Remember Tomorrow: Catchy chourses with an edge. Rock, Pop, Punk.
Stephanie Richards: Recommended if you like Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill, Jewel, and Fiona Apple.
NOVOKAIN: Los Angeles Experimental Noise
Bobby Doran: acoustic guitar/rock dmb/howie day type......very good
EMT: electro-acoustic heaviness like no other
Som da Rua: Independent Brasilian band of Pop Rock Music
Som da Rua: Independent Brasilian band of Pop Rock Music
Clarim Diário Band: Independent Brasilian band of Pop Rock Music
The Psychotropics: Raw, melodic, ecclectic, soulful
LIZ LARIN: Detroit Soulful Rock
La Vagancia: ModernRock blend of jazz, soul, latin, and funk.
innasence: Youthful blues based indie rock from Manchester England
Surface Underground: Modern Hard Rock Sounds, Strong Hooks & Compelling Rhythms. Rich in Ambient Textures & Dark Moods.
MARCIE: Seductive, Radio-friendly, guitar driven, danceable pop rock. Marcie is a unique, high energy live performer.
The Working Title: Charleston, SC emo/rock band. Signed to Universal Records. Putting an EP out on Redemption Records on October 14, 2003
Dezeray's Hammer: Spartanburg, SC rock band. Formerly Albert Hill
Steve Reynolds: California singer/songwriter
Peter Stuart: Former lead singer for Dog's Eye View
Spookie Daly Pride: Boston group. Ragtime meets punk
Tigerbot Hesh: Columbia, SC rock band. Weezer meets Jump Little Children
Skintight: Charleston, SC based glam rock (formerly Candiass)
Owen Beverly: Charleston, SC based singer/songwriter
pAwN sHoP jUnKiEs: This link works.....Originally styled 5-piece band from Cleveland, TX. Melodic Acoustics to Punch-In-The-Face Punk.
Flywheel: guitar driven new power rock
nuncyspungen: from the philippines
epitome: Christian Rock Band from Central Illinois
Simple Faith: Rock and roll that's good for the soul. Christian Rock drawing from a variety of rock styles in influences. Go to the web site to see pics, hear audio samples, and more. Info on purchasing their newest CD "Six String Preacher" can be found here. Check it out!
Ged Roman: The style and originality of the great American and British 70's rock/pop singer/songwriters with a folk/world base.
Ruven: Blend of Indie/Rock/Acoustic. Lotz of Luv - melody - power. Influences include: Matchbox 20, Alice in Chains, Counting Crows, Live, Travis etc
Novembers End: Pop/Rock band out of Monroe La. Looking to play around the LA, TX, ARK, MS, AL area. Mostly Original music. Has been compared to Other bands such as Sister Hazel, Gin Blossums, Counting Crows and others such as this.
David Gray: folk singer
renata: emotional epic rock songs
Leaving Jezebel: Great alternative rock out of Birmingham, AL
Leaving Jezebel: Great alternative rock from Birmingham, AL
double:down: Come dance, feel the vibe, and join the groove
Missing Six: Indianpolis cock rock for nerds who never get laid
:::Yesterdays Tomorrow:::: 5 piece rock n' roll...
Meredosia: Rocking alternative jam band
Mike Estep Band: Power Acoustic Rock, Power Folk
TINYBLUECHILDREN: Rock band in the vein of Pearl Jam, Stereophonics.....
The Program: Experimental Indie from Birmingham UK
Melissa Ferrick: Folk Rock singer-songwriter who's a seasoned touring artist
Ed Maly: blues/rock
AMOS: Alternative Rock with a Classic Edge
Missile Silo Suite: female fronted twin guitar rock and roll
Monte Moir: Minneapolis musician/producer has standout solo CD. He is also a member of Morris Day and the Time
betablokka: 4 piece rock band from kingston ontario canada - pulled from the stones/jeff buckley/u2
twelve34: Rock and Roll for the kids
Chris Cannon: dirt road folk and blues rock
Lojic: Based in STL, we play straight funk, rock, reggae, hip-hop all mixed together with some singing and rapping. We get hype live.
Prioress: Christina Courtin leads the group with her bluesy and taunting vocals. Influenced by almost every type of music including rock, classical, funk, and blues Prioress presents a truly unique but diggable sound.
The Carnies: The Carnies expand the rock ''n''roll story telling idiom with thunderous drums, raging guitars, and soaring vocals.
Drive Fast Take Chances: Honest-Raw-Blue Emotions
Nate Christy: Pop Rock
Christie Leigh: hit-friendly pop rock
The Stars Here: Queens of the Sloan Age...kinda like if Martin Tielli wrote tunes fro QOTSA
Dynamicbox: Alternative rock from Valparaiso Indiana
BFnSB: A unique blend of rock, electronic,jazz and alternative music.
Ef Scharp: best band in the universe.
PrizeApart: Catchy, upbeat melodic acoustic based pop
the january taxi: rock from glendale,arizona. Influences include pixies,beatles,alkaline trio,foo fighters queens of the stone age and all kinds of other stuff!
Firefly: Alt.Country Waterloo Style
The_Inaxy: A melancholic mix of passionate and confident vocals/lyrics with enticing guitars and bass, and an often pounding drum sound, indie/emo from Tilburg, The Netherlands
AbovE ALL AuthoritY: a punk/metal band from berlin ct
Dakota Blue: 5 members and 5 unique styles blended into one unmistakable sound...the sound of Dakota Blue.
Black-Eyed Susan: A new blend of original flavor
Temple Godz: The Worlds Wildest Band. Live and Loud
Cobalt Blue: New band, old style rock n' roll!
The Greys: retro rock
Alan Kirk: Independent Recording Artist & Record Label
Alowishious Farhatt: Classic Rock/Rockabilly cover band as well as originals
LOWKEY: heavy rock
Strike 4: Nothing you've ever heard before!!!
Tigermoth: Standing on the shoulders of midgets. Cool.
Frank Pilgrim: Once dubbed "Southern Rock", this is the blue collar rock of The Frank Pilgrim Band out of Dickson Tennessee. The only difference in these guys and Skynyrd is what they drink while on stage.
Steel Rodeo: Roots Rock & Roll / Americana
billy patterson: similar to john mayer, dave matthews, jack johnson, U2
The Bluford Jackson Band: A great band with hardwood acoustic sounds.
Garganta: Atlanta based viking metal/rock n roll party.
UN2U: The NEW sound of Chrisitan rock from Canton, OH
RAIN: Chick fronted rock band
The Project: Wake up the funk!! We're a high-energy independent band based in the NYC/tristate area. Classifications are highly overrated, but if we must be classified we would consider ourselves a funk rock band with jazz and regae touches.
Johnny Bregar: Original pop rock with great lyrics and cool arrangements.
Soulshine: Atlanta-based, original rock-n-roll band. Serious vocals, heavy harmonies, rocking guitars, in-the-pocket drums. 4 guys in their 20's with serious rock/country crossover potential looking for serious gigs, and of course, a serious deal. Good lyrics, good vocals, good rock-n-roll, Southern style!
The Getaway Car: Power pop at its best!!!
Travis Rocco Band: Acoustic Rock/Funk band touring main the east coast. Plays NYC, Philly, Boston, Upstate NY at venues, colleges, and festivals. Band sound mixes acoustic guitar/mandolin/upright and electric base/saxophones/percussion/banjo & various guitars
Revel Moon: female fronted virginia folk-rock band
3PO: Christian/Positive rock band from OH. Female lead. Original - good melody; good music.
Be/Non: Art rock, everchanging and exciting
BANTER: non-formulaic, courageous rock
Rational Punk: Solo artist kicking around his own idiosyncratic turf somewhere between the "thinking man's rock" of bands like Rush and Yes and more modern techno/electronica influences, featuring lyrics that intelligently and daringly tackle unusual and sometimes controversial subjects. Is a "Rational Punk" an oxymoron? Check it out and decide for yourself...
Collin Herring: alt-country/roots-rock
JOEY: A from the heart, punchy, melodic, three piece rock project with a funky retro theme
Rivals: Bay Area Rock/Hardcore band
The Grand Royal Band: The Scandinavian Rock Revolution
Fate To Fall: Rock band formed in Toronto Promote Your Music For FREE
Coven: Lovely, Atmospheric, Dreamy, Rock in the vain of My Vitriol
FLUTTR: Eclectic New Rock project featuring MIDI Marimba, el. cello and femaile vocals. King Crimson meets Underworld backstage at a Radiohead concert
Houston 500: HOUSTON 500...a guitar band with snarling hooks, malicious melody and explosive rhythm...a five-headed rock 'n' roll animal that clashes the sounds of Jane's Addiction and Queens of the Stone Age with vocals that resound like a street fight between Jim Morrison and a wildcat...
David Hopkins: David Hopkins is writing songs that you will remember forever.
lowlight: Melancholy.
Aviation Orange: three piece progressive indie band from NY
Dosage: Collective Soul Tribute Band
CHARLSON XIMENES - UKSOUNDS: Download Free and Paid Tracks from the COLLISION COURSE CD...
Nevertheless: 5 piece Christian/Positive rock band from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Las Pesadillas: Modern Alternatice Rock with Ethnic and American Music Influences
Gray Lady Down: Progessive Pop/Rock Band From Atlanta, GA - Something New!
Lindsay Jane: Wyrd Sister from Winnipeg
Superunloader: Power Trio
the les izmoor band: kick-ass rock 'n roll
Girl Kicks Boy: Female Fronted Rock Band. Lead guitarist, Rob Bass has some of the most bad ass riffs, Soraya Dominguez on a 6 string fretless Bass, Ash Howard a prodigy from the UK on drums and Stacey Funk from the heart of America Omaha Nebraska Lead Vocals, Distroted harmonica and guitar singing with the soulful heartwrenching vocals...YOU gotta see it for yourself.
PARIS BY NIGHT: Dark, Sensual,Intelligent IndieRock, Soundtracks, Videos,
kingslender: rock ,rap ,funk punk with horns
iamloved: gay punk rock
No Convictions: "Atlanta's Classic Rock Band". No Convictions plays a variety of rock songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Songs from artists such as: Genesis, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Tom Petty, The Doors, and dozens more, make up more than 6 sets of diverse rock and roll. With over 13 years of club experience, No Convictions is guaranteed to blow you away! Available for clubs and private functions.
3elements: Dance Pop Rock Group
BEYOND ANALOG: lives for performing, blending intense vocals, with guitars, bass, drums, keyboard and cello. This band has finally arrived. Be prepared...
Lower Lot: Driving Rock N Roll from the transatlantic foursome
Burns Out Bright: Rock with pop hooks, melodic vocals
Jimmy McLoud: Contemporary Pop/Rock (Steven Curtis Chapman style)
The Autumn Fire: emo/indie/rock band with metal and hardcore influences from Chesterton, IN
Guy Michetti: Guy Michetti is a singer/songwriter from New York City.
Highly Evolved: Four piece toronto band
OSIRIS: Rock band from Salt Lake City
Matthew Black: Official Site of Folk Rock singer/songwriter from Chicago. Free mp3s, pictures, etc.
Pulse Rate: A minnesota local band who isnt even in high school!
11th Voice: 11th Voice is serious rock-n-roll with a touch of aggression, marinated in groove and a dash of prog – but not too serious.
The Stained Glass Perspective: 4 piece explosive indie rock band from Boulder, CO
the gradual: latin-based post-punk grindcore
Orfyn: Orfyn is a band that blurs genre lines. They possess a style all their own. Ultimately, their music is of a hard rock/indie/pop genre. Similar bands include but are not limited to Deftones, Finch, Incubus, Jimmy Eat World, Juliana Theory, A Static Lullaby, Smashing Pumpkins, and Further Seems Forever, to name a few. Orfyn is 5 guys with an intense passion for music and life.
koshari: noisey, melodic, nightmare pop
Tiltmeter: Melbourne, Australia pop,punk,emo,rock
NITE LITE: NY/NJ based Modern Rock band
portcity: best shit around
Creatures of Habit: eclectic progressive rock
Trevor's House: Introducing, Trevor's House, Melbourne based Soulful and funky organic blues rock band...With the trademark stunning vocals of Dallas Frasca they are the most promising independant act to emerge in recent years. Trevor's House create an intensity in there performances with their bluesy guitar licks, commanding vocals and funk driven rhythm section. Check them out!!
Freddie Long: Receiving commerical radio play from several stations in the Frederick, MD, area, Freddie’s music is a unique blend of catchy pop/rock and ballads, tailored with singable melodies and introspective lyrics.
Your Ex-Girlfriend: The Greatest Band The World Has Ever Known, Kinda
Michael Russell: Michael recently burst onto the indie music scene with the release of his first full-length album, The Way It Goes. It showcases his songwriting talent and his unique brand of music. He creates a dynamic and intelligently eclectic blend of acoustic rock and alternative pop, affirmed with catchy lyrics about life and love. The Way It Goes is available now at
Jamie Roberts: Acoustic rock from talented Australian artist Jamie Roberts
atrina: dark, melodic, indie-rock from new haven, ct
Spirit Creek: alternative, emo rock, great vocals and screaming guitars. THE BEST!
Holloway: Holloway is from the Metro detroit Area, wit influences form bands like Hopesfall.
Flee The Evil: A five piece christian band from central california. Punk, Emo, and Rock
Dark Orchid: Dark rythmic rock with sensual, emotive female vocals
Craig Rainey (Christian Rock): Christian message by music you can relate to
Eternity the Band: 5 piece Christian Rock band based in Melbourne Australia
Stampead: Intense melodic new rock with a timeless sound
chigger red: blistering southern boogie
Lobster: In your face rock
Serpico 7: Rockin trio From Daytona Beach playin bluesy ballads and raucous raveups in the vein of the hard rockin british bands of the 60s and 70s...light em up baby!!!
Michelle Dumond: new female canadian indie artist playing melodic piano pop rock
Memphis Wolf: Indie rock/pop with singer/songwriter tendencies from Chicago..
Arttunea / Jon Parker: singer songwriter ultra fast accurate guitar! independant musician
Kate Schutt: Female Acoustic Rock
Arc Angel Cannata: Independent Progressive Rock
John Comerford: Rock to boogie-woogie rhythms that make you want to move
The Stairs: "Consequently Miraculous Happens is a happy ending in the form of a 16-song "compli-pop" (a Walsh term) album that tried to fit as much as possible into the songs without ruining them." - The Weekly Dig
Read Yellow: Post-hardcore/garage rock band from Amherst,MA
Dirty Children: Hot female lead singer belts out melodic rock with slammin guitarist
Anna: emo/rock hailing from NW Indiana
Finding Stella: Chick rock band from San Francisco - fresh new rock sound, groovy. Lots of info at the site, MP3s, full schedule and more!
PUSH: Conn. Rock band...check out free samples I guarantee you love them, get cd and merch.
Crash Landing: 4 pc. original rock band
kubrick: official site of k u b r i c k the band. news, info and mp3's.
Midas: York based Indie/Rock Band with a Twist!
The Zonked: We play music that delivers hard rock schorus lines with eerie but gentle soft tones. This band would be most likely catogorized under grunge and is inspired by bands like Nirvana, The Vines, and The Music.
Chaos for Comfort: Emotional, solemn, genuine
ari: hers is the voice of original soul inspired rock
Rectify The Names: Biting indie hybrid of Cave In, Hum, and Godspeed! You Black Emperor
Blue Collar Groove: "Groove for the working class." Original rock, funk, blues, jam from Asheville, NC
Templeton: songs about girls
Tony Pica: Jazz influenced Rock and Pop
Electric Candy Shop: Our Lady Peace and Fuel primarily influence electric Candy Shop’s emotionally charged modern rock, with some of the atmospheric qualities of Failure and later Cave In. Their music takes the audience through an emotional spin cycle of relationships and the human condition.
By A Thread: This band is could not get any better their LP/CD:"The Last Of The Daydreams" rocks go out and get it!
Envisions Of Red: Melodic guitar, with a heavy side.
Centre Circle: An experimental rock band with heavy and light material
something dirty: dallas indie punk rock
Ricky Valente: amazing vocals and blistering guitar
Death Cab For Cutie: A totally deck and kickass indie rock band, from Bellingham, WA.
Extra Blue Kind: Pop sensibilities, along with the driving bass and dual guitar attack, the band melds the best of modern rock with the right amount of memorable hooks and pure unadulterated energy. EBK are from Bloomington/Indianapolis, Indiana.
Your Ex-Girlfriend: Don't You Hate Your Ex-Girlfriend? We Do.
World Leader Pretend: It’s like waking up to your alarm clock and Fear of a Black Planet is blaring, then you listen to a lot of Neil Diamond, and you’re alright
YESTERDAY*: iNDIE-BAND FROM lONG iSLAND, NY. Punkish,Popish, Emo-ish?...
SHEEN: New indie-rock-dark-wave band from Milan, Italy
Brainstatik: New Jersey-based progressiveworldinstrumentalimprovisationsalspacerock band.
Carlos DaCosta: Original acoustic rock combined with melodic vocals, heartfelt lyrics and intricate harmonies.
Birdhouse Gourds, The: Modern rock trio specializing in an adventurous blend of natural sound, earnest melody and self-deprecating humor. The band combines the energy of acoustic and electric guitar-driven rock, the buoyant and memorable melody of ‘70s and ‘80s pop, post ‘60s thoughtfulness, and the whimsical fun of no-holds-barred introspective humor.
shallowdays: indierock from canada, check it out
Hartsfield: Hard-pop-core/Emo
Sunday Driver: New rock/emo group based in Miami
Tara Charles Band: High energy original band spanning rock, blues, and alternative. New CD Chameleon available on line at
Spend The Night: Taking Back Sunday meets Saves The day
jonathan barnes: indie alt- country artist with a sound all his own
Deborah Lombardi: Melodic rock singer-songwriter from Long Island
an august anthem: indie rock from cincinnati, agression and screaming with piano fronted music.
Otis My Man: Hard Rock & Roll
Triage: Alt-Rock with an Incubus feel
vanity kissed vanity: emo/indie rock... reminds us of modest mouse
Emerald Flare: Original classic/alternative rock
CYNIX: CYNIX...what mama warned you about...(electrorockpopalternative) Creating Quite the Stir in NYC
crapehanger: space rock, indie rock, atmospheric
CrashFour: Original Acoustic Rock Band
The August Band: Official home of Ottawa best new group - The August Band
Mob4: Original modern rock from CT. Similar to 3 Doors Down, Matchbox Twenty or Lenny Kravitz
simplequest: Great vocals and solid music combined make this amazing band stand out.
BRIAN LOYD: BRAINIUM MELTDOWN....ON MARBLE RYE! Instrumental metal...a rapid fire tour through a variety of alien landscapes!
her sunday best: indie rock
Downfall2012: Linkin Park,Tool,Rage Against the Machine, with funk and originality
The Eric Zarycki Persuasion: Detroit Pop/Rock with a Country twist.
OVERBORED: Grunge/punk/rock with catchy hooks and melodies
The Umbrella Sequence: Spacey Underwater Melodic Ethereal
Starewell: Straight up ROCK n' ROLL baby!
Joalby: 22 year old San Diego artist specializing in gothic alternative
Sojourn: Adult Alternative music from Michigan, for fans of Counting Crows or Dave Matthews.
STONEYB420: higher than ever
iH5: rap rock / hip hop
Silent Soul: Official website of Silent Soul, a canadian modern melodic rock band, with bio, news, pictures, music and show dates.
Tragik: Aggressive Indie Rock
earrl: Default meets nickleback
Hop On Pop: Kinda pop. Kinda rock. More than kinda cool.
The Odditors: Raw Fast Rock n Roll
Don Dilego: This is the next Ryan Adams. Awesome music out of New York. Alternative, Country, and Jazz all together.
Headfirst : heavy emotional melodic rock with punk influences
The Trio Serenade: Music from central NJ influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Trail of Dead, Cave In, Bright Eyes, etc.
Para: multi-layered guitars, tight drumming, melodic female vocals, & inspired lyrics
SixToEight MathematicS: NJ Female-fronted Power Rock Trio. Involved in setting up shows in the North Jersey area.
Adamo: modern rock
jerroddaniel: Acoustic rock and ballads..beautiful tunes
The Fallout: Simple, good songs about love gone wrong
Nigel Cuff: Electric and Acoustic Guitar Songs
Lazyeye: The most creative, original rock blend created in a decade.
Seeking Surreal: Local rock band that will storm the world!
Vanessa Renée: Spellbinding Vocals- Skilled Piano driven songs
Xoch: Pwerfule, melodic & insaenly catchy female pop/rock! With her commanding stage presence, up-front, honest vocals and unique sense of style, Xoch whose name menas "the goddess of flower and song" is a charasmatic, up and coming performer that is bound to turn heads! Be sure to check out her debut CD, featuring the breakthrough single "The One" now available at Please feel free to visit Xoch's official site for all the latest on this dynamic individual!
Michelle Dumond, Singer-Songwriter: Piano driven folk-rock
Ruthiblu: Girl fronted indie rock band
Falling Forward: Rock
Tregenza: Powerful female fronted 3 piece seattle based rock/punk rock band creating a buzz....
Mourning Wood: Heavy slide influenced Rock/Blues Act
Ricy Newman: Ricy Newman Homepage
Numira: Heavy grooving power trio.
Left Of Center: Hard Rock Alternative for 4yrs and running
Kyle Addison: Music of Kyle Addison - Strong, organic, lyrically driven acoustic rock with flavors of roots and folk. Site includes lyrics, downloadable songs, show dates, email list and contact/booking information
18 Speed Tranny: Official homepage of Chicagos only "Stoner Rock" type band. This trio plays heavy rock with a retro vibe, but doesn't sound like your typical fuzzed out band that tunes down to C. 18 Speed Tranny has killer hooks, and groove with a real bluesy backround. Free downloads!
Zealous Fuel: Primus+ Jesus Lizard + Gang of Four
No Big Deal: No Big Deal of Kansas City
Far From Nowhere: The official Far From Nowhere website features tour dates, pictures, sound clips, merchandise, and more.
aequator cottage: power to fantasy
Bigger Than Dallas: americana roots rock for the masses.....
Crooked Mile: Classic rock with literate lyrics from N.Y.'s Capital Region
The Station: An original Rock band hailing from San Francisco that has great vocal harmonies and guitar hooks.
Garon: rock, pop, punk.
Andrea Klas: Angelic and ethereal, with a voice as pure as crystal, Andrea Klas is an artist who leaves her mark-like pure, penetrating colours of refreacted light-on every surface surrounding her.
The Cool Grand: female fronted guitar pop
Fight the Good Fight: post punk rock'n'roll band with rad melodies
Pop Culture Casualties: indie pop meets the Class of '77
Buzz Forward and Space Boy: from ohio.We play space music, rock,something for relaxing times.we are being played on indie radio station
Buzz Forward and Space Boy: From ohio. Inie band. We play rock, Space Music. We are currently played on m4radio.
Without Blood: We play pretty rockin' stuff. We fall down when we play and sometimes break our equipment.
Beautiful Engines: Built to Spill meets Yo La Tengo
Clevergirl: All-girl indie pop. Luscious Jackson meets bjork
Immovable Mover: Thought-provoking, richly-orchestrated rock influenced by the writings of Ayn Rand and "progressive rock" bands such as Rush and Yes
INDECISION: An extended blues-rock jam band from Charlottesville, VA. They've performed with The Dave Matthews Band, The Wailers, Phish, David Alan Coe, and Blues Traveler, among many others.
Hula: super mellow, ringing reverby guitars and harmonies.
Jason Adamo: Singer/Songwriter in NYC (Acoustic Soul Rock)
Jason Bajada: Music for your ears!!!
The Music of Zach Burkle: Rock/Fusion/Sonic Weirdness
DNAB: Straight Forward Original Rock - The way it's ment to sound
Boy Chaos: emotional indie rock from pittsburgh pa
Freestile Walkin': Rock with a hint of blues and pinch of richard simons
Orchard: Art Rock
The Vague: Power Po. Crunchy guitars with hooks and harmonies
MIGRAINES: ROCK 'n' ROLL from Ft. Wayne, IN. Influences are: Cheap Trick, ACDC, Motorhead, Ramones.
The Mint 500: Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) rock
The New York Dirge: your only hope, obiwan
sonnet: rock n roll band from swindon
Chris Cannon: dirt road folk and blues rock
SloRoll: Hard rock band from Tennessee
Dar Williams: Folk singer/songwriter... has a unique sound a style. Well known in the indie folk circuit as a talented individual
Remnant Gathering: Christian Rock/Worship Band. Links to Free MP3 Downloads
YesMen: Catchy Angst. Think Weezer meets Pavement meets Bobby McFerrin. Yeah.
The Star Ride: Deep current, richly layered guitars, amber landscapes of interwoven melody, enticing rhythms, and breathy vocals swirling with seductive noir overtones.
VELVETEEN: From Minneapolis, MN. (rock/jazz/funk) Throaty melodies stemming from the fast lane, intertwinned with small town dispair.
Fourplay: We are a new band out to have a laugh and play good music
Lauren Braddock: psychedelic pop meets alternative in a coffee house in Nashville
The Goodges: The Goodges are one of the best new independent acts in the UK today. Currently hard at work on their debut album, their music is high quality strong and melodic guitar based songs, with a constructive and positive message contained in their work, which arrives unedited from the soul.
The Invertebrates: panidiomatic psycholytic pop collages from San Francisco
Ellen Says No: Acoustic rock from Seattle
getawaycab: MELODIC-EMO-INDIE-POP-ROCK group from finland CHECK IT OUT!!
Man in Gray: Transportation rock from NYC.
Man in Gray: Transportation Rock from NYC.
Maxwell's Box: indie rock
The Stained Glass Perspective: The Indie Rock Band
Motivational Speakers: Motivational Speakers strives to mesh the physicality of funk with the intelligence of jazz to create a unique brand of rock.
Class of Zero: Kick ass band
Latticesphere Records: Th s site has a bunch of really good indie bands, mp3's, CDs, etc..
vEiL: rock/medieval/classical/polka/surf/goth
Feeder : Web about this great british band...with photos, lyrics, nes and much more
mae robertson: Mae Robertson website
Windsor Medium: Smart PopRock from Lawrence KS
NISSI: Acoustic Guitar Rock : Rockin Hot Teenage Girl writes own music and plays Guitar. Does it get anybetter?
The Crayons: Indie rock from New Jersey, Lots of hooks, harmony, and guitars! N ew cd produced by indie pop masters
strangegirl: We're a mix of rock, a little pop, and a little folky stuff thrown in there. Pain and suffering, too many drugs not enough time, delirious visons of the future, excuses for the past, the want of a good time, but not too good. That's what you call Strangeg
BEDROCK (The Band In The Sand): Veteran rockers whipping up a storm in the Namib Desert!
Transcendental Hayride: Jam band meets songwriter showcase meets alternative country
Words Planet: Meaningful lyrics, driving beat, sexy songstress
Douglas Marsh: Original music - rhythmic and funky from Pacific Northwest
==>Special Edword<==: An Arlington, Texas band with six of the funniest boys you'll ever meet. Hard Rock Alternative w/ Sweet Sounding Vocals. Sounds comparible to Incubus.
the low screams: upbeat rock with a bluesy garage edge
Candle Rain: rock band with melodic vocals and edgie guitar
Holstein: Original rock band with dual guitar harmony. Melodic structure with thoughtful vocals.
The Resinators: A band with a classic rock sound, claiming influences from The Beatles, Neil Young, CCR, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and other cool sixties bands!
Mandown: 311 meets Weezer explosive original band from buffalo
EARHOLE: very original Heavy Alternative Rock band from Raleigh North Carolina. Lots of moody melodies that incorporate pieces of Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk, and craziness w/ female lead singer. Sound resembles a mix of Tool, Radiohead, Incubus, and Bjork all rolled up in one sound. Also check out
Broadwater Graham: Acoustic, alternative, poppy, multi-instrumental music with beautiful melodies and harmonies and more.
strych-9: high enrgy original music from buffalo n.y. rock on america
USER: The official home office of USER
Last of our Tribe: Powerhouse rock fused with the digital age...See this band if you want your booty thoroughly shaken
Rose Tears: A very unique sounding Progressive Rock band from Milwaukee, WI. Mixing blends of modern rock with the stylings of original progressive.
The Coloured Plates: Crunchy catchy riffs, bold guitar solos, hard-hitting drumbeats, topped off with mellow poetic vocals and feminine harmonies. Canadian indie rock at its finest.
Mark Dance Songs: Website of songwriter Mark Dance. Songs for publishing and licensing. With song streams including genre, tempo, song description and lyrics.
Red Team Go: Power-Rock trio from Los Angeles. Being influence by Weezer, Nada Surf, Nirvana and Kiss have proven that this is the next band to blow up the charts.
whirlaway: post shoegaze, dreamy, space rock.
Joe Mama: The Official Joe Mama website
Sudden Onset: smooth modern rock with the feel of the classic stuff. Coming to you straight from southern California. Two firemen rock out with a Biologist and a full time musician to ignite a sound that catches ears with smooth melodies, soulful vocals and candy riffs.
Entity Paradigm: is the official website of the Pakistani alternative rock band Entity Paradigm featuring links to their discussion forum, mp3s , and much more.
Living Inward: Boston Based Melodic Rock
the giveaway: a mixture of brit pop and american folk music, mixed with indie music influences
The Demon Funkies: Rock Funk, mainstream style, all original.
Leaderdogs: Be One Of The Led. Rock like a Pack of Hungry Rottweilers. Hope you like our MP3s.
The Eric Zarycki Persuasion: Rock and Roll band from Detroit Michigan.
Kevin Allred: Queer folk singer/songwriter/activist from Utah. Albums: Sick Today; Gasping for Breath.
Manic Shift: A definitive mix of rock, alternative and melody.
PEP: Trying to categorize PEP’s music is not an easy task. Her hybrid sound includes a rock, folk, and pop appeal that attributes to the eclectic following that she has accrued throughout her career.
Eric Morris: Progressive rock artist from Tucson Arizona!
Eric Morris: Progressive rock artist from Tucson Arizona!
Photopia: New Age/Folk/Rockin'-Bluesgrass/Jam Band that you will never get tired of!!!
Chris Cannon: dirt road folk and blues rock
Earjoy: Independent Label Looking to sign Music Agents
Movin' Weight: funk, swing, rock
TVD (thevirginiadare): Everytime I listen to my TVD CD I remember the old saying, "If it's too loud, you're too old." These young men are like an atom bomb in a microwave. They've taken the spirit of punk rock and made it have an orgy with Bob Dylan, Weezer, and heavy metal. If songs like WISHING YOU THE WORST don't get your head bobbing, then someone should call the cornoner for you cause you're already dead. Other tunes you can download would be AZO DYESTUFFS which put Queens of the Stone Age to shame. And for those of you that need to lay back and "fire one up" try out GONE for a relaxed ride. The track INVINCIBLE is one of my personal favorites due to it's mellow vibe and heart filled lyrics. And SHE'S GONNA WORRY brings back that loud distorted chunky guitar sound that fuels any head banger. If The Virginia Dare doesn't get your blood pumping, give up on rock and start listening to Justin Timberlake cause these guys are going to be stomping ass with steel toed cleets for years to come.~Brad the Smoker
Rick Perry: Guitar rock songs about social injustic, politics, love lost and sex
Dr. Zoo: Newfoundland's hottest new rock band
hearse of (old) me's: quirky, lyrical,indie/emo for fans of bright eyes and modest mouse
Hothouse: Blues/Jazz Inspired Rock
moon, turn the tides: indie pop
buck32: Modern alternative Rock Great songs with a new sound
Jes Hudak: Soulful piano rock, by powerful singer/songwriter Jes Hudak
Oozenoz: A pop-rock group ready to rock Columbus, Ohio
Nissi: Acoustic Guitar Rock : Rockin Hot Teenage Girl writes own music and plays Guitar. Does it get anybetter?
bystander: New alternative rock band out of Chicago.
Half Blown Gypsy: Americana at it's best with the best of 2 worlds mixing together to provide a masterpiece.
Uncle Nancy: modern melodic indie rock with an industrial feel
Five Foot Annie: Middle Tennessee 4some. Modern melodic punk rock. Influences: Blink 182, MXPX, Bing Crosby, Moby, Garth Brooks, Justin Timberlake and George Strait
Rockets And Cars: "rockets knows the speed of a racing world and the fun that gets lost in it's wake" Red Shift " Hot,exciting rock n roll" T Ryans Black Book
Aaron Zimmer: acoustic based modern rock
Fred Astaire Band: Clean Techno Rock
the message: 5 pice indie/rock/blues band from lancashire england
bit of blue: an eclectic mix of musical styles, sounds and textures. Formed in 2002. Costa Mesa Ca.
Jory Stiefel: Mixture of folk-rock, blues, soul
(3against1): 3against1: 4 piece Alternative Rock band making waves in San Diego
21 Rest : San Diego, CA's most recognized band! 21 Rest blends Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop, Emo and general Alternative with intense melody, harmony, and emotion, ending up with very moving music while retaining a very radio friendly sound.
The Mysterons: Instrumental retro-rock with a surrealist edge. Grungy, gritty, goofy, ghoulish.
Chris Scharling: 2002 songwriter of the year at state university of new york at oneonta . acoustic, electric guitars, theremin, electric piano. rock, psychadelica, folk, jazz, funk, hip hop, and a pinch of punk are just a few textures. releases: disform, invincibility EP. distributed by crimson rain records. located in upstate NY, cobleskill / oneonta. influences include beatles, radiohead, eels, beck, gomez.
Spearmint: Forget Blur and Oasis... here comes Spearmint!!!
Gyllene Tider: The best Swedish band ever! GREAT music!
DriverJake: Rock from San Diego
~~THE GRINS~~: Jangly acoustic rock and roll made in America! Visit and hear Jackie Chan sing with THE GRINS!
Superstrings For Superfriends: Rock/math/punk/fun
IMBALANCE: Discover Rock All Over Again!
Johnathan Kuss: Chicago based singer/songwriter with crispy hooks and 70's style guitars.
3DP: Everything you want to know about the band
Flying 66: The Sound of New York's Attitude
The Greys: The Greys
Meridian: Modern Rock band from south Georgia / north Florida area
FAVORITE: For fans of Jimmy Eat World,Green Day, AC/DC
six years gone: six years gone is an edgy mainstream rock band, guitar driven featuring
Katie Todd Band: Radio ready, Chicago-based, piano fronted rock!
Detour: pop rock out of the suburbs of Detroit
The Better World: Official site of The Better World band offering lyrics, music, photos, bio, tour dates, and more....
The Jay and Julie band: Progressive folk-based pop
strych-9: high energy rockers from buffalo n.y. see it live
Kirk Penney: The next big thing to come out of Canada
DayTrader: Indie-core Emocore band fome Montgomery, Alabama
RURIK: Hollywood, CA based electro rock band
weezer: emo/ punk rock
christopher cannon: electric/acoustic
Monday In London: melodically driven power pop from NC
Supernal: New rock band with stunning female vocals
Red to Violet: indie award winning alt rock duo from the land of windmills and wooden shoes, holland. CD recorded on Golden Earring gear & mastered at legendary Abbey Road Studios, CD 'Red to Violet' available through national independent distribution in US & Canada, Red to Violet CD-tracks received airplay on 400+ US college radios, video won Viewers Choice Award on US largest Cable TV network CN8, the website won several awards and offers FREE audio, video, CD-store, contest, news & hot music links
simontronic: experimental/electronica
Underhero: Brothers (for real). Rockers (for real). Realtime, baby. Realtime.
Nine Mile: One Of The Best Bands On The Scene
Waiting For Thursday: Modern Rock -Phoenix based band
Ashes for Beauty: Ashes for Beauty are a Minneapolis-based accoustic pop rock group featuring lots of harmonies and immediate melodies
ELECTRIC CHEESEMELT: from the lehigh valley, Pa. six piece band with two drummers
gift anon: you'll have to listen
Popular Genius: Clever songwriting, intuitive yet quirky lyrics; fans of Ben Folds, Guster, etc...MUST HEAR!!!
Poppies 3: Heralded by rock critics as one of the best, unsigned bands in America, Poppies 3 hails from St Louis, Missouri. With addictive hooks and dramatic live performances, the bespectacled, power pop/punk trio have preformed as far as NY and Hollywood.
the 8-bit revival: tech guitar indie rock from dayton ohio
Easily Amused: Folk/Rock Duo
Pin Pin Sugar: Jazzcore trio from Italy
Hobnail Boot: Not nearly as aggressive as the name sounds. We're some nice people from Tucson, Arizona.
ad-n electro acoustic pop rock music: ad-n is an (electro-acoustic) pop-rock band . We invite you to listen to a song!
heth: pop music at it's best
spike ivory: new music with the old sound
Allardyce: ALLARDYCE - Australian alternative/rock at its BEST!
Cattywompus: FUNK ROCK RETURNS! Check out the grooves of Cattywompus, Los Angeles based band destined for the mainstream.
Maybrick: Guitar driven power-pop quintet from Toronto, Canada.
The New Romantics: Intense rock from Atlantic Canada.
Sleep Tight: Where dreams become reality!
Bennett Station: Real Rock with a Funky Flaire Straight Out of the South.
Spanish for Hitchhiking: Curiosity killed the postrock band
midget jesus: '90 indie rock mixed with brit-pop
Major Healey: Premier Audult Rock Band Located in Iowa
In Rare Form: An original Rock Band with a ripping Mandolin player based out of San Francisco
Lenn Marella: Intense, Passionate Acoustic/Electric rock that comes from the gut and the heart.
Edda Star: young foursome out from NY suburbs with a pop/early punk noise reminiscent of bands like the Who and Kinks....a melodic retro blend of 60's rock and 80's new wave
Sandcastle Theory: Acoustic based rock that pays homage to the past while remaining contemporary and timeless.
Victim Of Modern Age: VOMA is a crazy indie ROCK! band from Lake Charles, LA. Now signed to
THE VEINS: best rock n' roll band from atlanta ga/
sunchid: california alt-country
Navar: Revolutionary rock band from upstate NY. Called the mix between Incubus and Led Zepplin
Rezolution: Indie Rock band, sounds that never go out of style
The Pacific: SuperSonic Rock N' Roll from Los Angeles
Emery Vesch: Female-fronted rock
ZOO: Mellow and melodic pop to explosive rock from (Stockholm) Sweden
Crimson Rain: "CR" is based in Akron, OH. A straight ahead rock band with a new, modern sound, keeping in touch with their classic influences.
WISHBONE: original guitar driven five piece that is creating a large following where ever they perform.
NewYoke: various styles, lyrics sometimes political, contributors scattered across the planet
littleSUNDAY: New Rock, Big Sound: littleSUNDAY
Tramadikal: Melodic yet Heavy Toolesque rock from Greenville NC
Steve Saluto: The web site of the flahin' guitarist Steve Saluto
Gran Fury: Pop-rock brother duo. Produced by Doug Wimbish of Living Colour.
Box Office Poison: Heavy Mental Skunkpop from New York, featuring the CD "Adventures In Pantsland"
An Offhand Way: Rock band from the Pittsburgh, PA area.
Go Figure: Top 40 Midwest Rock Band
Bright Night Star: Acoustic Solo Project from Quebec, Canada. DIY PRIDE
the gelflings: female fronted old school punk rock
echo JANES: 5 piece all female original rock band from Hartford, CT
Monday's Hero: Energetic Rock From Chicago
Stalking Tom: Stalking Tom's Official Web Site
the WELL: original music,,cross genre barriers; from pittsburgh,PA now Jax,,FL
Lebocat : Melodic Radio Rock
pedro the lion: Pedro the Lion's Official Web Site
White Ink: Rock/Alternative cover band from Northern Vermont. Original material coming soon.
porn savan: plowing rock with 70és fuzzed guitar and psychedelic -influences
Roadkill: Central Pennsylvania's original party band. Music for the attitudinally challenged.
Bennett Station: A band hailing from Detroit, Tx. Bennett Station has the sounds of the 60s of the 70s with the style of the present, not to mention the southern flaire.
Slow Moving Humans:
When Cars crash: Great band from South Jordan Utah. Puts on an intense live show. To give you a clue,Sounds like:The Used,Thursday,Glassjaw,Finch,Sparta,Deftones,Jimmy eat world etc..
Normandy Circle: Crowd Music, high energy, crowd interaction.
grey lady down: Commercially viable,with great hooks and groove surrounded by drop dead guitar's, heavy beats, and some electronic thrown in for good measure, take a listen to the inital EP release and keep looking for the full length effort.
Epic Heo: Alt/ Rock with great songs and hooks
Nostalgic Distortion: Unique three-piece band based in Plymouth, NH.
Attaway: Rock/Alternative
Garbardine: hard rock, has a punk-esque edge
Katherine Stratas: Rock/Pop Canadian Musician
Erin O'Bryan: Thought provoking lyrics and high energy music makes for a powerful listening experience.
CLINIC: best music i have ever heard...
feedback: smooth fresh rock-n-roll
Vicki Tama: Meet this little bluesy powerhouse singer/songwriter from Tucson Arizona.
julia marshall band: prog rock band
Strange Pleasures: Swirling alt/retro groovy jam rock with funk, blues, jazz and psychedelic pop influences. From Omaha, NE...
I-Browze: A project initiated by Chilli Dog Slim to realise the ideas and spontaneous jamming ability incorporating some fine musicians who happen to be surfing by on a wave of Serendipity. The story is deep and ironic and has been transformed into musical munchies for the listener to chew on
Fake ID: Extraordinary
Evil Jake: Post-alternative power-pop with a shot of rockabilly and a twist of glam
Count The Stars: Awesome rock/emo band from Albany, NY
Roscoe Project: Folk / Celtic Rock
HIGH SPEED MOSES: loco en el coco
headfirst: influenced by jimmy eat world, radiohead, foo fighters, pearl jam
Donations Accepted: aussie melodic rock group, fun for the whole family
Immortality: Post Grunge
RashXuberance: Detroit Rock
The Agents of Smith: Melodic Rock Music with Incredible Stage Presence. MP3's Available on Site. TAOS Greenville, NC
amber brown vision/*: good ol' wholesome melodic indie rock from new jersey/*
The Doppelganger Duo: Two people that like cheese.
The Craig Manganello Band: Extremely radio friendly pop/rock songs written by Craig Manganello and launched into outerspace by his band, Kevin Wood, Dave Arntsen and Frank Lento
Leos Invention: indie rock band from Phoenix, AZ
ASTRO: emo+ indie+rock
SWAMPBYTCHE!: An explosion of music, attitude and ass shakin'!
Capital8: jangly introspective alterna-pop
Justa Band: Classic Rock Style music. Many genres covered, but all original. Former Stryper keyboardist Kenny Metcalf teamed up with Anthony Cortez of "Finess" and created Justa Band. Their CD under Construction is available from their site.
Candyheads: Powerful melodic rock
Mission Cricket Invasion: Extremely High energy indie rock
Balance: High Performance Rock
Boone Spooner Band: Melodic Percusive Indie rock with a great hook
Old Hat: nirvana meets weezer but forgets their name
Fall's View: Fall's view's newest effort "Turn of Seasons" is due for release in late October. This album features eleven songs recounting the trials and tribulations of living in the 21st century. After years of experimenting with different styles of songwriting and sounds, Fall's View has created an edgy rock sound refined by the songwriting of Jesse Kolber, and the musical flavors of Yao Dinizulu, Greg Leventhal, Andy Stack, and Cary Brown.
(Schwa)ray: Rock, reggae, jazz, hardcore and punk
Shawn Brown: Funky, fun acoustic rock.
No Connection : Power Pop Rock Trio hailing from the UK
Mani Khaira: Mani Khaira a young artist that knows how to captivate a crowd with his moody vocals and amazing piano playing. Born in Vancouver BC Canada, Mani has become a rising star in his local music scene, opening for big names like John Mayer and Kristy Thirsk.
Damian Kidder: Baton Rouge guitarist: melodic rock, pop, progressive, bluesy, folk/acoustic, rock n roll, hybrid forms. demo available. 4.99
The Rachel Nevadas: Rock and roll for you!
discourse: amazing band with interesting sound and ideas
MossEisley: Siblings. Melodic, emotive, ambient, creative rock, young, girl front line – (influences: Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Jimmy Eat World, Coldplay, the Hives, etc.)
Paste(swe): Pop/Rock with a twist...
Dave Goodrich: singer/songwriter/producer
Charlson Ximenes: Artist Official Website
3 Ton Jack: Original Rock band from Omaha, NE - mp3s, bios, gigs, & other info
Yohawn Brown: "Get hip to this piece of ass"
Aaron Zimmer: Singer/Songwriter
Enflux: Mainstream Rock Band Hailing From So. Cal. -- good stuff!
Michael Fisher: Acoustic/electric guitar driven tunes with lyrical depth
Enflux: Enflux Home Page
New Music Reporter: We help indie bands get reconigized by over 300 Major Record Labels
Homesick For Space: indie, eccentic, instrumental
Mississippi Cactus: A blues rock quartet in Milwaukee WI.
Instant Death: Instant Death is Dave Dreiwitz, bass player for WEEN, and Scott Byrne on drums. Their new album produced by Andrew Weiss is sure to rock your socks off!
Hot Little Rocket: just like Canadian beer / A stronger kick in the mind.
PEARLCOPPER: Site featuring PEARLCOPPER Rock music and multimedia production called FISHERsLANDS.
dakkfoai: emorock from sweden.
Fenster: rock
Unbeliever: Fronted by British / Irish songwriter Fionn O'Lochlainn, unbeliever have a unique & powerful sound, which indolent critics have compared to Floyd, Zep, early Bowie.
Michael Fisher: Acoustic / Electric guitar driven rock
The Coffee House Gypsies: South Floridas "Coffee House Gypsies" is the spawn of Fleetwood Mac, fathered by several alternative-rock influences. Their style of hard and soft guitaring entwined with laced vocal arrangements has come to be known as "Refreshingly new, yet hauntingly familiar".
Victim of Modern Age: VOMA is a crazy indie ROCK! band from Lake Charles, LA. Now signed to
Nineteen5: Nineteen5’s energetic sound and musicianship have been likened to local ensembles Pearl Jam, Hammerbox, and Goodness. Lead singer Christine Wayne’s strong, lyric voice and playful stage presence have also been labeled reminiscent of Ann Wilson, who Christine counts among her musical influences, as well as Janis Joplin, Siouxsie Sioux, The Gits, and Stevie Nicks.
amps for christ: all genres
Mix: Swedish Music
whopper: norwegian rock, in the streets of built to spill and grandaddy
*busted kings*: Hard Rock is all that matters - Download Music, Pictures, Here
seventy % water: soul-riddled rock-n-roll with some strut (nashville, tn)
Candlestick Ashtray: Intense, alternative rock band from DC. Hard not to bob your head to.
Pray for Mojo: Power Pop Rock
Vicious Cycle: Vicious Cycle - Aggressive Modern Rock
Nathan Stack: Intelligent yet catchy rock/pop that transcends cliche
Sea of Souls : Hard rock band based in Virginia Beach, VA. Diverse vocal styles, solid arrangements, incredible stage presence, and strong musicianship.
russell square: good stuff
The Leela Fiasco: Indie-fusion band from Greensboro, former members of Oil Canary
NOW is NOW: The best original rock to hit the northeast in years!!!
Potpourri: Plays a mix of country and rock classics and their own original music. This female band from Maine brings a big sound.
The Fat Lillies: Rock from the great Northwest
Max Vague: "...Max is, at the core, an artist. In just the same way as a painter takes a canvas and, with subtle brushstrokes, brings out the various nuances of form and color, Max uses voice, music and words to bring out the same nuances of color and form--and temperature and emotion and instinct and weather and lust and loss and hope and despair--to give his songs a sense of reality all their own. Each song is a painting, each album a tapestry." -- Joseph Stanley, Cashbox Magazine
Acid 7: Heavy Alternative Pop
Floodwaters: Rock... the good kind
The Frank: Original Rock Group Based In Red Deer Alberta, Canada With A Style Composed Of Classic Rock, Folk Rock, Alternative and Punk. Site includes Photos, Audio & MUCH MORE
Bad Planet: Memphis Rock Band
Serena Lauren: Serena Lauren is a 19 year old, up-and-coming folk rock singer/songwriter with a debut EP entitled "Not So Simple." Serena write the music and lyrics to her music, and records playing the pianoa and guitar, while performing with just the guitar. With her honest and unique style, its not wonder she is starting to create a buzz after such a short tme.
Sun Jungle: Southern Florida Alternative Rock Band
The Locals: stomping rhythms, manic violin sawing, gritty female vocals.....REAL>>>LIVE>>>>ROCK and ROLL>>> discover a new band today
Atari Champ: indie rock/pop band influenced by emo from Fresno, CA. We dig music by Pedro The Lion, Weezer, Mineral, the Rentals, Sunny Day Real Estate, and many more bands! Our web site has mp3s on it...
Rosewood: emo/metal/alternative band from Brooklyn Park, MD
Adoral: Alternative guitar pop from Finland
Tangerine Trousers: FolkRockoustic acoustic 6-member group from Michigan with influences such as Fleetwood Mac, Natalie Merchant, and the Cowboy Junkies.
Tractor Cabooze: Swedish Rock N' Roll
OFFSET: Awesome New Flavor In Rock
eve to adam.: Comparisons to Tool, Soundgarden, old-Alice in Chains. Influences: Guns 'N' Roses, Tool, Led Zepplin
¿What...Exactly! : 4 piece Detroit Michigan-based band. Rock influenced genre transcending original music. Damn the man and his 2 and a half minute radio friendly over produced music. Try one band with a little of everything good in each song.
LogosEye: Space rock from the Pacific Northwest!
Higher to Fall: Montreal based pop/rock band.
Symptomatic: Modern Groove Oriented Rock!
Alterrain: UK 5 piece indie band Alterrain
Barak Moffitt: "Influenced by a wide variety of eclectic heads including Miles Davis circa 1970 and others like Critters Buggin‚ and Trans Am, Consumers All falls somewhere between the sounds of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and cinematic Danny Elfman. A significant contribution to conceptual composition and live instrumentation, ranging from the cinematic to groovy, from the exotic to rocking."
MrMaxmusic: Independent, alternative adult contemporary music from Los Angeles.
Clay Broome: Singer / Songwriter with pop hooks and a punk flare thats like The Atractions meet Detroit.
Jamie Roberts - New Australian Music: Great accoustic flavoured rock from Auzzie songwriter Jamie Roberts. A bit like Counting Crows or Crowded House
finnedpilot: melodic,high energy music by 4 guys who still listen to 7 Seconds!!
jessica weiser: amazing singer/songwriter!!
Martyrs & Poets: Melodic Alternative Rock
some guy named robb: modern acoustic folk rock
The Southern Blues Alternative: Alternative Bluesy Southern Rock w/ strong lyrical content
Outside The Box: OTB transcends the dull, everyday trends of music. Kickin’ original rock music, reviews, CD for sale and more!
Luciar: From full band to full solo- personal vocal/piano performance to remember
PLAIN JANE: Inspo Pop/Rock bound offering awesome music with a positive message!
Busted Kings: Click Here - based in New York - Click Here - Rock -N- Roll at its best. - Click Here
The Feel Bads: Indie Rock Meets Saves the World with Sock Puppets and a Bitter Sequencer
Cursive: the best indie rock band ever.
Audiodrip: A salt lake local band, rock, hip hop, Orchestral, and lots of other mixes
reech: New rock music from Ireland
Spacebaby69: New rock music from Dublin Ireland
the Velvet Pill: Alternative rock
The Invocation: compared to fairweather meets poison the well, thrice, or glassjaw - check it out!
hansi: elliot smith, Neil Young, Sunny Day Real-Estate
Givensix: Detroit area modern rock
I Don't Know: punk funk neo metal rock
Crystal-Phoenix: '70's, California Rock: Great Tunes, Great Charisma, What Next? .. Great !
The Sulentic Brothers Band: Classic Rock and Roll with a Southern twist....
rezen: influences as diverse as can, hendrix, the beatles and funk in a classic yet unique fashion...
Pi: Like a rock on astring...
Sprakataks: NY/NJ based band. Original Modern Alternative Rock-ish Pop
Catch-A-Fire: A Five piece band that is taking the DC area by storm. Bringing back that good old classic rock feel
Doctor Pocket: Five man band playing unique blend of rock, jazz and funk
Andy Browne: singer/songwriter-file under bowie,reed,replacements,stones,curtis mayfield,burt bacarach
Nowhere Squares: Neoteric Punk/Wave,
Rock Under: El Portal de la Musica Independiente
RADIOCRAFT: Straight forward Rock from Detroit
olympic: intelligent indie rock.portland,OR.
Wormbelly: wormbelly
Bancroft: Retro-Alternative Pop band based in Bowling Green, OH
slightly alien: young, exciting rock from the UK
SIRI: New rock/pop band from sweden listening to fono/U2/kent etc
The Pawn Rook Four: Raucous R&B-inflected Rock Music
Infinite Helix: Infinite Helix Official Site
Chaos Waiting: Chaos Waiting is a 5 piece Mainstream Rock band from Danville, KY. CW's original tunes never cease to please the ear!
Poverty: Amazing vocals, harmonies, and guitar talent showcased on their latest self-titled release out done only by their talent in song writing.
Socketseven: A Melodic / Indie Rock band from Chula Vista, CA.
Slavemachine: North Carolina's BEST Hardrock/Metal Band!
Justin Petrone and the Band of Merriment: Justin is a born visionary that will pilot this group of revelers into obscurity. The music is remotely based in his experience with other music. The themes range from good desserts to Scandinavisk sirens, to loving his urban family. Oh yeah, its not just he. Self centered bastard. There's also a her. she is called rita and writes and sings, and there is a Peter, oh there are just too many to tell you about!
Jenn McNutt: power pop rock
Tunnel: Tunnel is a dynamic and emotional sound with many influences and no boundaries. They are an innovative band that is helping to inspire and motivate all generations of music listeners. Heath Cargill’s vocals attract your ears while Mike Beach tears up the stage with his melodic solos and guitar riffs. Chris Andrews’s harmonious bass lines and Randy Kovac’s heavy backbeats combine for the most solid rhythm section to date. Together they form what they like to call… Tunnel.
Mercy No More: Hard Roc band from Las Vegas NV
Tony DiCorpo: cleveland ohio austin texas singer songwriter tony dicorpo rock music western beat alt country tad records
Emily's ToyBox: In your face music
Kindness: All women rocktronica
mourning: Alternate Rock from Columbia, SC
Rick Knowles: Young Pop/Rock Singer/Songwriter from Ottawa, Canada. Fresh Top 40 Pop/Rock tracks with killer vocals! Get this guy signed!!
Hendricks & Co. / Kevin Hendricks: Piano like Elton John and Billy Joel, Rock and Groove like Aerosmith, Voice like Ozzy!
upsincefriday: loud, poppy, rock...energetic performances where themselves or their equipment usually get it in the end
i-defy: post-hardcore punk group from Detroit, MI culminating styles from old-school punk to metal to indie rock
Cari Dell: Austin's own, Cari Dell, is a premiere female lead guitarist, singer-songwriter who over the last sixteen years has developed a unique sound blending her love for pop-rock and R&B. Both her songwriting and guitar playing are impressive and show her potencial for success.
penny royalty: power trio
Magnetic Flux: Louisville, Ky based Rock-n-Roll band. Good Grooves, Catchy Guitar Hooks, Easy To Follow Meldoys. 100% of High Energy Rock-n-Roll.
JIMMY STEPHENS: Considered by many to be the "American Gary Moore"! But So much MORE!
Fraz: Toronto artist Fraz presents Frazmosis: Intelligent and entertaining rock/pop music for those who love XTC, Jellyfish, Aimee Mann if that helps
Jim Quealy: Singer Songwriter from Southern California. Plays concert halls around LA area with his band The Noisy Neighbors.
girth: four piece rock band NV BC canada
Mike Ill: hoboken based indie artist/singer/songwriter bent on blues punk with a little street hip hop thrown in
Mad Happy: rockabilly hip hop
Things Better Left Unsaid: canadian indie rock. we'll kiss your mother and kiss you back.
Guitar Defamation League: A volatile bass, bass, and drums rock n' roll collective, the GDL shook the dust away and scared hippie noodley wankers everywhere. From Seattle.
Hybrige: Music that flat out rocks, from the cornfields of Indiana.
MONX: Hard Rock/Hip Hop band from Toronto, Canada
Magpie Stew: Multi-textured rock and roll with soul. Based out of Bloomington, Indiana.
Environment Man: Sunshine artist making green music in a blue world.
slackhammer: Hard charging alterna-country-butt rock hailing from Dallas Texas
Pawn Shop: 5 Piece New Rock band out of Columbia, SC--WE KNOW OUR SOUND WILL COME AROUND!
Burden Brothers: Todd Lewis from the Toadies and Taz Bentley from Rev. Horton Heat
They'll Tackle You the Masses: Boston based Human Body constructed with guitars, jointed with keyboards
Spill: A Rock band from Milwaukee. Big hooks and tons of melody for all.
BasicRockOutfit: Melodic Rock with Alternative feel
GOD FEARING MAN: Rock/pop, lots of vox harmonies, 4-pc.
The Rantings of EVA: Local Atlanta band. Described as very Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, but with an original sound. Nice to hear someone that can actually sing.
The Sincerity Principle: Indie Rock band from San Diego
xpo8odx: post modern psychedelic pop, really good stuff...check it!
MOOTMITE: Different Is What We Are
Herman Grimme: Official site of singer/songwriter Herman Grimme, with bio, photographs, mp3 songs, lyrics, online-shop, discography, reviews, links, etc.
Crime and Judy: original 3-girl,3-guy rock band from Milwaukee
MULLET HUNTERS: Rock band from Wisconsin. Get our new CD on our site!
ellison: 4 piece indie rock band
nude: Original Rock Band
Emm Gryner: Canadian singer/songwriter Lilith Fair genre rock
Creeping Jesus: Melankolisk rock från Sverige. Great swedish rock!
sirsy: female-fronted moody, funky, dark, melodic, pop
William Steffey: Postmodern Rock Cocktail, Scientology Survival Tips
Flint: Flint is a Rock/Alternative Band that writes original material with emphasis on solid guitar hooks and catchy melodies. Influences for the band include Tonic, Collective Soul, Lifehouse, U2 and Creed.
Urban Disciples: A Pop Rock Alternative Band that writes original songs with a message for all. With influences like Jars of Clay, Lifehouse, BNL, Matchbox 20 and Caedmon's Call, Urban Disciples have their own unique sound with lots of harmony, along with a good mix of slow and up beat tunes.
Red676: Alternative / Hardcore / Funk band from northern Ohio. Check 'em out!!!
Insignia: Moderate Rock from Miami
Union Pulse: Original in Mind AND Body. Sounds like Counting Crows, U2, Weezer, Live, Soul Asylum, and James Taylor. UNpretentious and REAL.
Chain Poets: power pop trio from Atlanta... great guitar riffs and memorable melodies
WHITESTAR: A classic rock lover's wet dream, filled with wailing guitars and hooky riffs
Grey Sky Campaign: Grey Sky Campaign is an indie/alternative rock band from Texarkana,TX. Influences include Far, Elliot, Radiohead, Thursday, At the Drive In and Texas Is the Reason
Simon's Awake: Edgy alternative rock with nuances of jazz, funk and pop
Big Newton: Lounge Rock Steely Dan meets Zeppelin
Sean Michael Mormelo: Official Site of Sean Michael Mormelo
Carlo Coppola: Intelligent pop, melodic rock, and heartwarming ballads.
moonseed: A five piece from the philly/south jersey area, USA. Moonseed's live disc can be purchases @ A U.K. Tour is planned for September 2002. visit website for more info.
Drop Machine: Rock music from the depths of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Manifestations of nearly the entire rock horizon find a home in the dark, dismal realm that is Drop Machine. Hard pounding hooks, a variety of themes and styles meshing to make a rather distinct mush of darker rock and roll with a light at the end of the tunnel. In short, Drop Machine is rock music
Troubadour: a little bit of nothing
Impaired Vision: Acoustic duo out of Stockbridge, Ga. (Atlanta-Metro area)
Farewell Euclid: bored kids with instruments and no lives
Commonplace: Emo-Rock from Ft. Worth, TX
J.T.RED: An American Rockin' Blues Experience!
CRAiVE: Alternative Rock band...We will Rock You in 2002
test: test
Alterrain: A five piece UK based indie/rock instrumental vocals group.
gobhi: Indie rock band, with an emo edge from Albany, N.Y.
WithStand: Modern hard rock band from Charlotte, N.C. Visit the site to view info, pics, tour dates and hear the sounds.
Pennygum: Just kind of starting, not sure what direction we're going in. Just stumbled upon this directory by accident. The site isn't much, but it's being worked on. Influences are Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Dave Matthews, Goo Goo Dolls.
5th Ave.: the next big band out of chicago
.makeshift.: Makeshift is a four-piece Emo-Indi-Rock band from Durham North Carolina. We have been together since the summer of 2001. Our whole band has been influenced by a wide spectrum of music ranging from emo to punk to jazz to mainstream rock. Subsequent to starting the band, we have gone through many changes including member changes and musical direction. We went from playing solely punk to a more Indi-Emo-Rock type style. Please come check out our site and mp3's. Let us know what you think.
Captain Easy: Rock 'N' Roll doin it all night long!
loverugg: Los Angeles based band that has been compared to radiohead and the cramps (odd I know, but thats what it sounds like). Is currently entertaining several offers from smaller labels while touring the US and Europe. Lost your faith in music? look no furthet than the artists homepage for mp3's and press photos.
BENT.: BENT. is a band that plays powerful, raw, progressive heavy rock music. The original melody that they create is untouchable especially in modern day rock.
BeoWulf: High energy Rock and Roll band based in Metro Detroit area. We play song's from the 70's to the song's of today.
Rupert: ********MOOMINS WOULD BE PROUD OF US.******* (that got your attention)
Cool Hank Luke: Way cool hard core/emo music. Very good band. You will definately like them. I promise.
my hotel year: rockin'.
brandtson.: emotional rock and roll.
brandtson.: emotional rock and roll.
Xeric: A band from New Jersey with an eclectic mix of people and sounds. Their unique sound will make you fall in love with them instantly.
dashboard confessional(so actually chris carraba cuz he's the only one recognized): great depressed artist! not popular at all! so he must be cool if he cries and isnt popular? right? right?>>>>>
Michael Jantz: Singer/songwriter from Cleveland Ohio--- acoustic guitar based songs in a lush narcotic pop setting. In the vein of Buckley / Radiohead / Coldplay.
LATE TO BLOOM: Rock band from SC.
jetstream cowboy: anthemic jet fighter pop-rock
Random Piece: Toronto based rock quartet bring you something a little different...with a Canadian twist.
RAINSHINE: Boston, MA band with influences of STP, NIN, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles
Solace: The more understandable, well composed, rock music!
Hacha: "These Guys Really Rock Out" - Matt Abts (Gov't Mule)
Froghollow: Psyche punk from Australia
dotFash: Alt Rock from SouthFlorida
35Down: New wave rock with a classic feel
Radiom: The official website of the canadian band Radiom
The Aspect Band: Progressive Rock with a Celtic and Jazz Edge
simple mirror: indie groove rock to the max!
The Tiresias Project: Independent Progressive Rock - Influenced by Genesis & Spock's Beard
circlesofsalt: alt rock from atlanta with total integrity
John Mayer: Inside Wants Out
Sugar Jones: Cajun Funk Rock
Freludian Press: American Outsider Music.
saving ray: Alternative Rock .:[Cincinnati-Ohio]:.
XpheresongX Studios Online: Home of Berkeley,CA Rock trio KUBICAL XPHERE!!!!!
elaine summers: 60's influenced garage pop
Jupiter: Hot Chicago Band with guitar,noise, country and pop influences.
Antifreeze: An Antifreeze page with links, reviews and streaming audio.
mojometer: an independent rock band from Cleveland
76: Official home of Sir Mildred Pierce's band 76.. Download mp3s from any of the five albums. mp3s from new album are being posted now including the hit "Rose in her Smile" with Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star
Todd Leiter-Weintraub: Chicago-based acoustic pop
odessa chen: indie/ethereal music with intricate guitar style and intimate vocals
The Seakers: The Seakers are a dynamic Christian Rock, Funk, Blues band from Southern California
Hijack Jupiter: Syracuse, NY based rock band
The Elves: A UK indie rock band with a totally unique sound.
Nefertiti Jones: Alternative Rock Artist
A New Dawn Fades: High Energy Rock
Lakeside Soul: folk song writing meets a DJ with a side order of Guitar Rock
Dusk: Art Rock
Trucker: Trucker is a three-piece band from Lawrence, Kansas. Formed in 1995, Trucker's Todd Johnson (Guitar/Vocals), Thomas Barletta (Drums), and Wayne Rasmuss (Bass) have sought to create a hybrid of rock that is all their own. The band takes early rock songwriting approaches and combines them with modern tones of independence and power. They have remained untouched in their ability to display their truths and lies in the music, and with a library of more than 40 original songs there is an equal chance for all tastes to find a place they feel at home.
Abigail's End: Philly post-punk/indie/goth rock band, like mixing The Cure with Tool, Fugazi and Adema. New Band, Great Sound
Fabian: Electronic Rock
natenice: Hip Hop Artist From Detroit
Serena Matthews: Contemporary acoustic folk rock with a message
None Taken: None Taken fuses together the many sounds of rock and makes one melodic/emotionally heavy outcome.
Saturn5: Rock, Saturn5 melds the anthem-like roar of the glory days of rock 'n' roll to the melodic crunch of pure pop for now people.
struggleburger: instrumental experimental improvisational lo-fi grunge/noise rock.
TuDrunc2fish: self titled CD, It's been labled hard rock,heavy metal,blues,folk,dark-ballads diverse musical categories.
Fairmont: think the cure with a punk rock drummer. that's us
.Iratowns: a progressive musical melting pot of rock, country, bluegrass, soul, and eclectic styles converging under serious music principles of classical and jazz.
adrianne: Amazing singer/songwriter
Crosley: Melodic pop music with a rock edge.
That's What She Said: somewhat indie, somewhat punk, all rock
Dunamis: Classic rock with a modern edge
Little Green Men: Power Trio, LGM started out in 1992 playing covers of Rush (over 30 songs), Dream Theatre, and 80's genre arena bands. Andrew (guitar) and Steele (bass) met at Texas Christian University where they both earned their music degrees. They met Crit (drums) the following year and have been together ever since. LGM is focusing on their original music now, and have recorded two CDs. Their audiences are highly impressed by their musicality, unique vocals, and technical ability. Their songs have thought provoking lyrics, and the music itself is written with enormous emotion and feeling. This combination produces a big, full sound that rivals any four or five piece band.
FIGHTING THE ILL: Progressive/Alternative Rock
The AnAesthetics: Pop-Punk full of angst, sarcasm & brash. Great guitar, female lead vocals.
Danielle Lo Presti and The Masses: This songwriter and band creates powerful issue oriented rock that you can dance to.
Aubrey Stork: Acoustic Music comes ALIVE
soulstream: pop rock/jam rock
awkward: From the dusty town of Redlands, CA...a mix of 70's glam and powerpop, 60's garage/psych/british invasion, and 80's post punk. They want to be the Stones, but they're a little too Big Star
North Platte Punk Band Directory: The North Platte, Nebraska punk scene
Allan Thomas: Longtime singer/songwriter/guitarist, with quote by David Crosby, Bio, and song clips
Beyond Hope: band that will be the next NIN
super*bike: Indie pop/punk/rock. Tales of confusion from white suburban boys.
MOHAVE: A Southwestern style progressive Americana rock/ folk band from Orlando, FL.
Revision Nine: Midwestern emotional indie/punk/rock 'n roll
Dallas Prison: Faster and prettier than that blond from highschool
Melatonine: Instrumental rock band
ADAMSDAY: The Best Rock around
PRONE: mid-west crunch/groove based rock with agressive vocals
Elemae: cooper rocken out like never before,boys behave yourselfs around this one
Elemae: indie rock music
Oldstar: Americana tinged contemporary pop rock
Blown: We're a hard rock/metal band
Noahs Dove: A 3 piece Emo band from western Mass with a split 7" and a cd
Angels VS Aliens: Guitar driven rock that ranges from the heavy to the beautiful. Hard rock, indie, and a bit of new wave rolled into one.
The Odd Squadd: Power Pop from the deep midwest
PAVE THE ROCKET: Underground hard rock band from St. Louis, MO
Zero City: Melodic Hard Rock and Ballads
Blur: Information on the UK band Blur. Features biography, complete discogrpahy, lyrics, fan directory and lots, lots more!!
Celestia: Celestia is a rock band from Scottsdale, Arizona. Our influences range from Smashing Pumpkins to Enya.
The Rag Doll: Modern guitar rock/pop influented by the Beatles and the Stones and also new stuff like Suede, Oasis etc. We are from Hungary /Europe/
Zonna: Pop Rock with an alternative edge to it
Krank!: Akron - based band Krank captures the artistic energy and drive with their funky - bluesy groove, chunky rock sound that is intermingled with melodic vocal lines.
ENIAC: An awsome blend of emotion and math rock. An excellent band from Denton TX
Pavement Club: A UK based club (though anyone can join) for fans of the band Pavement. Join today!!
SecondWind: Pacific Northwest Power Rock Trio: Powerful, thick, solid bass lines; forceful, fluid and commanding guitar work, add the thundering drum lines for a sound that is second to none.
Bob Lowery: new artist and his indie label
Manic Street Preachers: Information on the Manic Street Preachers. Features biography, complete discogrpahy, lyrics, fan directory and lots, lots more!!
Delicious Trip Attendants: Aggressive female-fronted groove band from Lexington, KY.
iDLEWiLD: Information on the UK band iDLEWiLD. Features biography, complete discogrpahy, lyrics, fan directory and lots, lots more!!
Sundowner Syndrome: High-Energy Alternative Rock from Versailles, KY
Zero Sum: Straight-up Rock with Melodic Vocals
bangover: modern rock / power-pop
Spanish Fly: Rock band willing to kick a** just for you
Spanish Fly: Rock/Funk/Acoustic Band out of South Dakota sound alot like RHCP
theArgument: Driving Pop/Rock band with 4 part vocals.
Every Third Sunday: A west-country based UK rock group. "I admire their impudence" - John Peel, Radio 1
Bob Ernst: Rock Guitarist from the New York City / New Jersey area.
Nucleair Jet : Behind the music, be yourself ...
Leaving 99: Progressive Rock with a Purpose
Fingerpaint Diary: Musically speaking, at times Fingerpaint Diary is a hard band to read. But it's a mystery that pulls, not pushes. Like the Austin Powers cam, careful blocking hides their truly private parts. But at other times Fingerpaint Diary are an open book, wearing their hearts on their rolled-back sleeves.
Mojo Rising: Rock sounds in the keys of Hendrix, Zeppelin, & Kravitz
Valhere: HArd hitting Modern Rock...
drift: Moody, fresh, well-thought-out pop. From St. Louis, MO.
Flyer: Spectacular Aberdeen based band. Influenced by Idlewild, Sonic Youth, Beatles, The Stone Roses, Radiohead, and many more.
The Rag Doll: Modern guitar rock/pop influented by the Beatles and the Stones and also new stuff like Suede, Oasis etc. We are from Hungary /Europe/
pandaRiot: The next big thing in indie pop/rock. These guys will make you sweat for rock. (below link does not work!)
pandaRiot: The next big thing in indie pop/rock. These guys will make you sweat for rock.
Pure Testosterone: This is what your looking for! Dedicated guys who know their music. Free mp3s! Bio, etc!
Kevin Tyler: Modern rock cross between David Bowie and the Beatles, with Matchbox 20 melodic pop-rock influences as well.
PCB: This Norfolk, Virginia-based band is also known as The Patty Costis band, but uses "PCB" because it fits on all billboards and their original "East Coast Rock" sound is uniquely the sounds of Southeastern Virginia and The Outer Banks of NC. If you see their name on a marquee, stop'll stay all night!
Witchazel: Hard rock act from KY
MOTORBABY: NYC Alternative Rock Trio
Section 8: alternative rock from Baton Rouge Louisiana supporting their debut cd "let's go to Mars"
Rubber Clown Car: Pop-Rock-Punk band with great melodies and intelligent lyrics. Influences: Matthew Sweet, Goo Goo Dolls,XTC,Bob Mould,Who, Damned,Buzzcocks. Here's what people have said about Rubber Clown Car so far: Described as Matthew Sweet,Robyn Hitchcock,the Stones and the Goo Goo Dolls arm-wrestling for that last piece of carrot cake. College radio has begun to pick up on Rubber Clown Car - you should too!
2nd Best: Riff- Rock
jed.: jed. - founders of Diggy Rock, from North Hollywood, CA.
arkport: synth-rock band from NY. Official arkport site
Tracy Husky: moody intellectual pop rock from Boston
Stacy*Clark: acoustic-folk-rock
Annie Minogue: Sophisticated pop/rock from Annie Minogue
Prescription: We're a Christian band out of Sacramento, CA.
Blind: The truly distinguishing thing about this alternative New York band is that they are creating unique sounds without trying to sound like everyone else. They transform the parameters of vocal style and chord changes to generate music that is interesting, driven, and immensely entertaining.
Soda Vs Pop: Indie/pop/rock 4 peice from Columbus Ohio
Hotplate: original rock
Hereafter: A five-piece band from Washington, DC.
Illegal Zucchini: New band with a new CD entitled "Candy Bubbles" to be released!
Solar Coaster: amomalous, melodic and furious pop-rock featuring dreamy, transcendent guitar work pounded out in a classic, blistering punk ferocity combined with ephemeral, almost hallucinatory lyrics
Jezebel Moon: all-female original rock
John Haydon & Ten Worlds: Sounds like Freedy Johnston, Tom Petty, Toad The Wet Sprocket
(((((FreeFaul))))): The Official FreeFaul Web Site-The Next BIG Rock Band-Meet One Of North Alabama's Best Rock Bands
Mighty Purple: soul splitting lyrics, impressive vocals, New Haven CT's best indie
Places Going Nowhere: A young group of extremly talented musicians who have inspitations from Emo, Indie, Rock, Pop, and Punk.
lavababy: cool pop music and free cd's!!!
Evergreen: great British rock from these Indiana teen sensations
FLYTRAP: "Flytrap opens up a family size can of whup-ass" - NY Hangover
Prescott C.: post hardcore, indie noise rock from NY
Peyote Road: Peyote Road is an alternative/ hard rock power trio from Los Angeles. Check out our new self produced Compact Disk: PEYOTE ROAD "Before Tomorrow"
Parlormaid: Indie rock / emo band from Ottawa, ON.
3 Degrees West: Rock based Funk, Hip-Hop band from Seattle
Jack Fendey: south florida rock band in the power pop vein
The Regulators: Southern Rock
ILL Delusion: Great Band
6 Prong Paw: Dedicated band with goals!
Lorna Vallings: Rock singer from Australia; began music after travelling the world; mainly tours in Canada
Slydell: Alternative-Rock-Pop with a twist of gospel and country all in one.
Broken Toys: Broken Toys is a progressive rock band from Albany NY.
Blai: **** Emo-punk / Christian band / Philadelphia / VERY talented ****
MolleyCoddle: go see if you think this is good
Old Core: The official home page of the Bay Area trip metal band Old Core.
Sugar Daddy: Sugar Daddy is a rock band on a mission for the funk!
Solar Marquardt: Producer, engineer, mixer in Seattle.
Saint Sophia: A band in Seattle.
San Dimas Highschool Football Rules!!: simple rock 'n' roll
Swizzle Tree: alt/rock/power pop vibe music...Based in Chicago IL, go to our website, join us for a drink, hang out a while, get a free tape...go with it :-)
ultraLOfreq: Imagine a windmill on the surface of pluto
Bannana Farmers: Christian Rock at it's finest. Melodic hard rockin rock and roll.
Jason Dearing: independent artist
mainline: best band in leeds.
pavement: Indie gods!!
amusing monday: Accoustic based electric driven modern rock band. Christian, with the message but not the "cheese" of most christian bands. Worth a look (or listen).
Cropduster: "Energetic, disillusioned punky-tonk from a gritty, crafty bunch of free-spirits." - CMJ
Chore: Ontario based, hard rock, melodic indie band, great!
Coolerheads: Connecticut's #1 Groove-n Roots Rock BAnd
Michael Erwin: Rock/alternative/power pop music from Alabama, USA.
ALBRIGHT GREEN: Power Pop/Rock band in VA. We'll come play for ya!
loren johnson: i think he's an independent...anyway, I like this guy alot
Antics: Keyboard-oriented, guitar driven blues rock band.
E3: Melodic 3 piece band with great songs.
The Old World: Website of the multi-talented band The Old World
Bucket: ecclectic and amorphous songwriting trio
Radia: Great New Rock Band
sofa kingdom: female fronted alternative pop group from texas
Fallen Heroes: Hard-edged alternative from Omaha, NE
perfect nothing: PN is a hardcore/metal group out of Indianapolis.
Candystore, MN: Original Rock with influences from Blur to Roy Orbison to 80's Metal to The Smiths to Cracker to Bob Dylan to Semisonic
hello: modern indie rock ************ west palm bch., florida
The Luinissinfes: Deformative
Ethers Void: A four peice pop/rock group from B.C. Canada, with insane melodies and driving guitar and drums
pilots v aeroplanes: driving pop indie rock from central florida
The Tonewelders: A Totally Unique Band! Free Music Downloads
Crisis: Christian Rock/Blues band. Free Mp3's and more
Stoned: 100% Kick Ass Rock and Roll Band! Free MP3's, CD Review, Photos..
pinch: pinch is a chicago based rock experience bringing a variety of musical talents and interests to old fashion rock and roll!
Grayce: The story of a Midwestern band that is doing well. If you have not heard them yet, you will!
The Revolution Theory: hip hop-hardcore-funk-o-matic web site for the mind
Silken Threads 2: Female Folk/Rock - incase the first link doesn't work.
Silken Threads: Female Folk/Rock - Check it out!
SunDog: Rock, blues, psychedelic-folk, funky-reggae fusion
Spinning Images: alterna-rock band
Rocket Park: progressive pop-rock from St. Louis, MO
truelipstick: Glam rock with a sensitive side. Think T-Rex and Suede with giant guitars on occasion.
Shillglen: Shillglen, one of San Diego's best bands, blend melodic alternative rock with edgy guitars backed by a tight rhythm section and clever lyrics. Their celebrated debut album and energetic live show make this fivesome a band to watch.
Framing Amy: alterna-pop/rock band whose name is rising!
Stickboy: NC powerpop band on a mission to free Tommy Lee!!! (we grew up in the eighties)
Jill Towers: You gotta check out this artist! Great reviews on her latest cd,"Welcome to Dreamfield" executive producer,Ian Gillan(Deep Purple) available through Columbia House & emusic.
Upinya: A Jazz/Rock/Blues/folk Trio from Daytona Beach, Florida
cast: 21st century rock'n'roll la
Stand: Irish music band who hail from tallaght in Dublin/ Ireland.
Krawl: A once small Rock band out of Ohio. Now showing the indie music business how to rule being INDIE!
Cosmic Dilemma: Jam-Rock from Boston, MA, Funky, groove-pop psychedelic
The Stepford Five: Guitar Rock!
JOHN NOW: Innovative bassist / songwriter fuses: heavy rock, funk, punk, r&b, blues into a modern style all his own.
Juli Ford: Singer Songwriter from Boston area
Levagood: Indie rock out of Detroit from the likes of Sugar, the get up kids, Fugazi, and Weezer
Southside: A Rock Band with a folk/country flavour based in the U.K
David Shane: Christian Rock with a pulse!
Southland: Southland Band, Terre Haute, Indiana based band, playing Classic/Modern Rock, Country, Blues.
teenheroes: rock and roll with lots of keyboards from orange county
sickFM: Four musicians looking to find the perfect balance of art and delinquency we admire in our heroes. sickFM is also an attempt to give the larger radio stations a reason to live.
ennui: A dreamy, psychedelic experience
The Recoys: Home to the fabulous Recoys
Johnny XE: light rock, rock, alternative, original
MusicCRUNCH: Complete music guide and resources just for local musicians.
Laura Schindler: Her intense music has been described as 'haunting' as well as 'introspective' and has taken the indie scene by storm.
Mini Puppets: Hardcore/Alternative band from Boston that are just trying to make it.
rocman99: original compositions by solo musician-independant
SPIROS: A Christian Rock band from Spartanburg, SC
Free Faul3: Learn everything there is to know about the new and upcoming rock band Free Faul. At this site you can get FREE guitar tab,read the autobiograph(now yet finished),music reviews,Member history,band history,and much more....
FreeFaul: Learn everything there is to know about FreeFaul a rock band from Alabama!!!
Stone Houses: South Jersey's Most Sought After Rock Band!
LINEAGE: Strait up Rock n Roll witha little bit of thunder and southern lightning.
Dark Nebula: A totally tubular chick garage band from Clarks Summit, PA!
Mr. Bella: Young female fronted rock band from Tampa, FL.
Les Sans Culottes: Faux-French Ye Ye Roque 'n' Roll
Ransom For Many: Ransom For Many is a new band from the greater chicagoland area. We are dedicated to making awesome, creative, and innovative music that all people can relate to. Check out our website to see what we're all about.
Grey Sky Sally: Puttin' the FUNK back in disFUNKtional
Johnny Society: New York rock band, innovative instrumentation, bold melodies, brilliant production.
COVEN 13: Music, magick, and mystery
Christine Moll Band: Philadelphia based band playing acoustic rock with moodiness and dreamy female vocals
Tv Babies: Website of Tv Babies - Kick-Ass UK Rock Band
Aerosmith: Rock n roll
Soul Mate 86: Soul Mate 86 is a high energy emo rock band from Shepherdstown, WV. Don't laugh at the WV part until you have taken a listen!!! SM86 has 2 releases on CD
Lately David: Lately David is a guitar driven pop band based in Northwest MS
life in the balance: New Jersey based acoustic rock band. Check out the website for photos, audio, tour dates, etc.
Rafael Brom: Cosmotone Records
stone roses: white
ODDITEA: bad ass southern hard rock
David Wolfenberger: Cincinnati Entertainment Awards Artist of the Year 1999, Folk-Pop very distinctive
Society: Society's official band website
Music for Jesus: An awesome original Christian musical group. A talented rock band from the Northeast with a new record release coming soon. Check out this great Christian band.
bitch and animal: political, funky, violin, african drums, bass girl band
James Apollo: 21 and on top of the world. A roots-rocknroll extraordinaire!
LIQUID-I: Atmospheric Modern Rock- Houston,TX. USA Two CDs released on Emulsion Records
Liquid-I: Atmospheric Modern Rock- Houston,TX. USA. 2 CDs on Emulsion Records
LILO: Wacky Indie Country Rock
Allison Tartalia: Allison Tartalia writes piano-driven music that resists being pigeon-holed into any one genre. Drawing on rock, alternative, jazz and folk traditions, Tartalia stirs up an original brew that has all the catchiness of pop without the predictablity
The Fable: Great independent rock band from the snowy woods of Finland.
The Junebugs: Original progressive rock based in Hoboken, NJ
XkillbenX: This is the new face of rock & roll. He will kill you. Indiana boy relocating to Los Angeles. Sounds like: the Who and the Clash meet up for a fist-fight in their favorite hole in the wall bar only to come out at the end of the night with two girls under each of their arms.
Downpour: Downpour offers Screaming Licks, Driving Rhythms, Melodic Ballads, & Bluesy Romps--- with an edge that stands well along side of todays giants of the Rock genre!!!
sunday's best: just good rock n roll
BATH: very loud,very soft..emotion driven .band includes former MINISTRY guitarist
bath: including former "MINISTRY"guitarist.....emotion driven ,fresh!!!
Absolute Zero: Vermont's homegrown rock band with an average age of 15!
Candystore: Minnesota Rock. Homeade rock music from the nice guys of Candystore. Influences include everything from 80's metal, to the Smiths, to Blur, to Roy Orbison, to Catherine Wheel, to.....
Real: Three piece Power Pop Rock All Original Band based out of South Philly. Web site contains demo's, insight, lyrics, TAB, and much more. Click on Subscribe button to join our email list!! Check out the online demos!!
the Robies: Power-pop/rock band from Tempe, AZ. In the vein of Tonic/harder Goo Goo Dolls etc..
Technical Difficulty: Rapcore/metal/rock/punk band from Texas. Recently lost our guitarist and bass player, so if you're interested, and you live in NE Texas, (around Cooper, Commerce, Greenville, Sulphur Springs, and Paris area), email me at
3SKS: Darkwave from Seattle
Narrow Seven: Three piece original Power Rock band from Mid-Michigan
Sebastian: socio-political philosophically anarchistic singer songwriter with loud guitars
The Cats: rock pop jazz all original ohio
Ampersand: Alternative groove-rock band from Rochester, NY
Benümb: The Official Homepage of Relapse Recording Artists...Benümb...old school hard core mixed with grind
the honkys: Home of the World-Famous Honkys. The official site.
Tumblin Sneakers: Rock with intelligent lyrics and smooth vocal harmonies
s y m p a t r i c: h o o k s, w o r d s, p i t c h e s.
dragsterbarbie: Southern California garage pop
Violet Truth: Jangly Pop with a Roots Rock edge
Angel Mine: Real Rock N Roll from Southside Richmond, VA
super*bike: 1 cup David Bowie, 1 cup Jonathan Fire*Eater, 1/2 Cup of Pulp, 1/3 cup Radiohead, 1 tbl Dandy Warhols Set oven to 420, mix, bake till nice and toasty, serve with a side of fun...ALWAYS
Derek Elkins: Acoustic Rock that tickles to the touch
jetscreamer: an indie blues rock explosion from denton texas
Hyperdrive: Cutting edge Pop-Rock band from Atlanta, just released their first full-length album entitled
Patti Ambs Spadaro: Soulful, bluesy, lead guitarist & songwriter from LA area. Rootsy, groove oriented modern rock with room for improvisation & a good vibe.
Cosmic Gypsies: Rock Band
GL Recordings: Studio recordings in many different genres (MP3 files available)
Wonderdrug: Indie supergroup from Indianapolis, In
Jill Towers: Florida's newest nationally released artist(place your order for "Welcome to Dreamfield" through Columbia House).
Farquhar: Avant Pop/Rock- Zappa meets The Pixies in Hell
The MassConfusion Band: Indie band from Ohio
luxx: LUXX
Actov Life: 3 piece rock band from Toronto
ADOPTED: Don't miss this explosive Canadian alternative band with solid tunes & star appeal !
Amo: Irish Singer/songwriter based in New York City. Album available featuring former'Wings' drummer Steve Holly and Wilson Pickett guitarist Paul Zunno. Buy it online at
Amo: Irish singer/songwriter, Album available online
Bad Kitty: Seattle all girl band
Vesica Pisces: AAA Adult rock Female front Based in Los Angeles
Dixon: Do you enjoy hot girls, long walks on the beach, and rocknroll? good so do we! Dixon is a poppy emo band from norfolk, VA. we play parties, email us if you want us to play yours! listen to dixon.
Travis Brant: Original modern rock artist performing acoustic and electric shows
The Excentrics: Intelligent pop songs with memorable lyrics, a rock edge, and enough driving guitar to fill three garages make The Excentrics a top unsigned band.
Kathy Corliss: Addictive Rock/Pop singer-songwriter. Lyrical, Melodic, Music that will blow you away. Check her out. Free music.
Barry Bynum: UK site about this guitarist/songwriter/singer
Barry Bynum: Rock, blues-rock, worship and acoustic and worship
Aroma: The only original unsigned band!
Love Scream: intense pop rock group based out of boston. oohhhh baby
The Scoldees: Hip Folk with four-part harmonies
Vicarious You: Vicarious You offers a fresh, energetic sound that has been described as "Weezer and Green Day on vacation with Pearl Jam."
withDisdain: The official site of withdisdain, a four piece Heavy Rapcore band from Sydney, Australia. Contains audio clips, photos, late breaking news and information on how to become a member of the growing withDisdain Clan.
The WayOutz: The Beatles meet the Clash & trip over The Stones
Hot Water Music: "emo"rock- Fantasically raw vocals over melodic guitars, they will move you. Check out their SOME records debut album 'no division'.
Signal To Noise: All original guitar oriented rock band from Indiana. News, Pics, Bio, Shows and more!
Carter Broke It: Band out of richmond va influences are DMB Agents of good roots, all southern rock and jazz.
star drag: 3 piece south east indie pop rock band....and pancakes
Atticus Fault: emo-acoustic/electric organic rock/pop
watertight: 3 piece from roaring loud to whisper quiet, perfect belnd of aggressiveness and melody.
Chyme: Massive pop rock masters from Champaign-Urbana, IL.
Zero Degrees Kelvin: Gracefully blurring the dividing line between rock and pop!
Chris Coyle: 4-track home audiophile! Melodic, almost a beach or surf feel to it, and sixtes sounding, strangely mixed guitars.
Gullivers: 3-piece rock band out of Dayton, Ohio
Talk of the Rock...bob porter: Newfoundlands hot new band....Talk of the rock***
Chaser Band: Indiana's Finest Party Band
Biffy Perdu : Aggresive urban folk music knocked up with some solid beats
Banbury Cross: Our Recipe: Mix indie rock with a dash of altpop and sprinkle with Seattle rain. Store in nice warm place in back of your brain. Smile when ready to consume.
FreonhuffeR: bad ass band from New Jersey that huffs freon before every gig and rehearsal
Stevo's BluGruVuDu: alternative, aggressive, altered, rock/blues
Will Hoppey: Singer/songerwriter
7 DAYZ: 3 piece band from Corpus Christi, TX. 2 1/2 Yrs. old with 1 Cd titled "All American Life"
GLytch: Based out of Oklahoma City. These girls can rock! powerful sounds from pop/hard rock/industrial to ballads & catchy radio hooks. (405) 629-6209 info line.
The Montgomery Burns Band: Pop/rock band from Burlington NC
Korda: New Indie Band with Original material
The Swamp Honkys: Swampy, funky, loosey-goosey, Dr. John-goes-downtown rock party music for those with limitless energy!
Ned Massey: Hard-driving, soul-searching, straight-forward rock-n-roll from John Hammond's last discovery.
Ceili Rain: Official site for the Celtic rock band that Billboard calls the industry's next big rock band.
Sean Michael Mormelo: It would be great if I could spell!! Home Page of Sean, you can link to the MP3 site there as well...
Booger!: Lead-Heavy Pop&Roll
BLOCK: Straight ahead rock and roll.
miniSanto: the best thing that ever happened to you
SUCKA PUNCH: fast and furious punk-ska
ClaireVoyance: One of Toronto's finest corporate, wedding and concert bands performing jazz, rock, alt, prog,...
Pope Factory: Alternative rock with a psychedelic edge
nymb: ...ummm...indierock?
Treefrog: Christian Modern Rock with an Attitude of Glory to God
Chester Copperpott: Bitter-folk from Va., a one man force influenced by Ani Difranco, Ben Harper, Thining out Loud, Tengo Ongo, and Erin Mckeown
kelly Ricketts Band: pop/rock
Supervision: Powerful provoking yet funky
The Deep: Depth, Simplicity, Passion. Youth, Depression, and Triumph!
Headliners: Band from Landsberg/Germany
The Scabs: Hottest Band in Austin, TEXAS - formally known as the Ugly Americans. Mp3 Sound Clip, Video, Pictures, Band Bio, lots of Fun Stuff! Buy the cd's - best new music you'll find anywhere in the world. The band's motto : "It's Your World and We're Just Here to Rock the Fuck Out of It!"
Seamless: Seamless plays aggressive pop music, music with wild harmonies and longshoreman hooks
The Side Project: Comedic Alt-Pop. Fun, and full of vicars
Frock and the Latest Situation: weird, man, weird...
Plastic Ash: good old fashioned prog-rock
JOSEPH: a music site
Thaddeus Hogarth: Former singer/songwriter/guitarist for Boston’s award-winning Heavy Metal Horns new, self-produced, cd project and live band echoing the 70’s styles of Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Bill Withers, and Curtis Mayfield.
I.V.: soul rock blues and electric church music gone fucked
SEASON'S END: Driving modern rock, if you like The Police, Live, U2, The Cure, Fastball, The Who, Ben Folds Five, and Goo Goo Dolls, then YOU'LL LOVE SEASON'S END!!!!!!!!!
Darkwater: Aggressive Hard Rock from Pittsburgh PA
Brenda Weiler: Contemporary folk-rock singer-songwriter who has been compared to the likes of Ani, Tracy, Dar and Jewel but whose distinctive voice has touched audiences throughout the Midwest and West Coast
Soul Harvest: 5-piece blues-rock band based in Ottawa, Ontario
AAA Ten Miles of Venus: 4 Member Rock Band from NYC writting amazingly crafted and executed songs for the masses.
Aerin Tedesco: Singer/songwriter, folk/rock, from Buffalo, NY
Into Darkness: Into Darkness is an industrial hard-edged band out of NJ/NY area! Check out the site for sounds, contests, and more!
Andy Gerome: Official web site of Town Hall Music MP3 site. Artist feature: Andy Gerome, rock/blues/jazz guitarist and new cd. MP3 short samples.
Andy Gerome: Rock-Blues/renegade Jazz Guitarist and new cd "Miles Of Horizon". Total instrumental, slick chops, 10 tracks, audio samples.
Andy Gerome: Rock-Blues/renegade Jazz guitarist. Total instrumental cd "Miles Of Horizon". Download audio samples. ala...Satriani, Beck, Johnson, Hendrix etc...
PROJECT: 2501: An innovative new band that seeks to push the limits of musical experience by delving into center of the human mind and emotions. Indie Alterna-Rock Pop in the finest sense. Breathe in the new sounds today.
File Not Found: Heavy hitting AlternaDancePop/Rock you gotta check it.
ensonic: Hard Rock band from Canada. Ryan, Colin, Hewan and Jer.
Pawn Souls: Great page, great band, great BS
Andy Gerome: Rock-Blues/renegade Jazz guitarist-instrumental cd
Big Meteor: Home page of the acoustic rock band Big Meteor. Visitors can purchase the "Wild River" CD
RevolveR: The Official RevolveR Fanpage!!! Ottawa, Canada
Korda: South Bedfordshire four piece indie/rock band, influnced by Ash, Therpy?, and the Manics complete with their own orginality. Hear them at
Ten Miles of Venus: Pop Rock in Cure/U2/Smiths Genre
Cylinder: The best local band you've never heard of!
christian anthony and the between: the indie label of the future
loki: punk bands
The Indulgers: Celtic Rock act based in Colorado. National finalists of the B.E.A.M. contest 99
Davison/Coleman: Official site of the eclectic Modern Rock/Pop/Triple-A/Hot-AC artists, Lynn Davison & Cole Coleman, featuring biographies, audio clips, show dates, online store and more...
ing: original San Francisco alternapoprockwhatever
Refried Confusion: IMPROVISATIONAL ROCK! Exploding out of Central Florida, Refried Confusion is a six-piece rock band. The group’s original music draws from many styles including rock, blues, jazz, funk, Latin, folk, bluegrass and ragtime. Live performances are punctuated with spontaneous jamming, extended improvisations and experimentation, making each show a unique and dynamic musical journey. Refried Confusion is an artistic endeavor with a professional concert style delivery. The band aims to provide a casual, adaptable, interactive good time for all.
Tony Barca w/ The Cyclone Rangers & The Uptown Horns: The CD "MAKANA" features original music in the genres of Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, and Ballads. Tony Barca performs on lead vocals and guitar and is backed by some of New York's finest musicians including Lincoln Schleifer and Denny McDermott (New York Rock & Soul Revue), Bob Mayo (Peter Frampton, Hall & Oates), The Uptown Horns (Rolling Stones & Ray Charles) and various other talents.
The Nothing: The Nothing has two hit songs at local radio stations and they will surprise you for sure. Don't miss them.
ruth: Artist Record Company website
Blue Yard Garden: very listenable alterna-bluesy-groove band. CHECK IT OUT
ArX: The italian classic rock band #1 in Firewall Records Charts
Mrs. Grundy: Rock/Punk/Pop from NYC with a sense of humor. Featuring Dangerman's Pete Levin and Guitar World's Matt Scharfglass.
Josette's Eye: Josette's Eye, is a band which was created in the sense to enlighten minds and to opdoors in the soul. Our site is en we think visually pleasing. We have sound clips, artwork, and enought info to keep you busy for a bit. We're From Olympia, WA.
Weldon Hill: Weldon Hill is a great young Rock 'n Roll band from Boston
Spiegel's Always the Bitch: Great new band that is trying to make it. They have a really new sound and this sit has a bunch of MP3s for you to try and listen to
The Andy Johnson Explosion: The saviors of rock and roll.
Bone Dry: Canadian Original Rock n' Roll
Sourson: The official website of Sourson, a single man band which is changing the face of gothic rock forever.
FORGE: Guitar Heavy, Drum Heavy, Bass Heavy Future Rock from Detroit.
Ed Maly: Hot Rocking Blues/Rock
Dead Letter Office: DLO kicks from left right and center, staight to the brain
SWASTIKAA: the page about the indian tharsh band swastika
Scott Singer: Acoustic rock artist with great songs and impressive vocals (audio files)
dress rehearsal: Indie pop/rock from Rockford,IL. Suggested for listeners of Pedro the Lion, SDRE, old school U2, Joe Christmas..etc..etc.
inspector71: The band's music can be described as anything from energetic, modern rock to ethereal-sounding dream pop. Free mp3's at site.
Chris Desing and the Bisapiens: New rock for the new Millenium
Shallow Water: Rock, Folk, blues... Shalow Water is the past and the future, Many have drowned in ...
Burning Bridges: Free mp3 files from their debut CD " In the strangest of places"
Mr. Muggy: A mix of acoustic and electric contemporary rock with emphasis on vocals/melodies.
THE ADOPTED: Are you a music industry professional? Don't miss this explosive talent with solid catchy tunes & mega star power. Get your press kit today!
Warp 3: Instrumental progressive rock. 'Music has Evolved'.
After Words: Original dynamic rock
Bad kitty: At "The kitty Den" you're able to get close to Bad kitty, the hottest craze to take Seattle by storm. listen to samples of their new CD "Scratch."
Snug: The most maggoty snug site on the web
Mideck: We have just released our demo CD, 'Pure Nectar'. Come check out our site, see the pics from our latest show, have a look see at our developing links database to Record Labels, Bands, Music Equipment, Skate and Snow stuff, etc.
Greg Williams: Greg williams is a blues rock artist based in the southeast USA. Stop by & listen to the tunes, you won't be sorry!
GReG KLYma: acoustic americana. it's like WAYLON JENNINGS on DYLAN juice.
the Overtones: The Overtones are a rock n' roll outfit from western Michigan.
Organic Voodoo Machine: Hard-Psychedelic-Funk
The Beatless: A completely unique rock band from central NJ
pushead: The Pushead site
Slow Children Playing: Great rock-funk band from VA
Slow Children Playing: great rock funk band from VA
Sebadoh: Sebadoh's Web Page - Looks to be put there by band itself
HAPPENING: indie breakbeat
iMMeRSe: iMMeRSe plays hard alternative punk grunge art rock. they are christians and
EPIC: Contact Revolver Music UK + 44 1 902 345 345 -
ROOT DECO: Electric dark roots duo: '60s hard rock, worldfolk and medieval influenced. 2 CD's available from
Mr. Muggy: Ultimate Band List links to Mr. Muggy sites!
Mr. Muggy: Seattle Music presents Mr. Muggy
Mr. Muggy: Official band website featuring free mp3 downloads from the debut album "Another Muggy Day." Links, gig info, photos, bios, lyrics, song clips and more!
Bubblemath: Writhing time signatures and swollen chord progressions, drenched with political savvy. These Minneapolis musicians dish out heaping mounds of amplitude with a wavelength that's just right.
Square John: New heavy-melodic band from California. We play real music that's from our heart. We concentrate on writing thoughtful songs with intelligent lyrics. Some bands we admire are...Jawbox, Fugazi, Deftones, Quicksand.
Oryzhein: Even if clearly influenced by such bands as King Crimson and Genesis, Oryzhein's music is not retro. Their energy-packed, high flying compositions are a mix of world-beat, alt-rock and mediaeval music. By using as a metaphor the spiritual quest of a young middle-ages man, they denounce the sources of society's ills: violence, materialism and individualism.
Deep Release: Original/cover band based in New Jersey with a new 4 song demo entitled
Suspicion: Alternative/Rock Band from Ca. Moody melodic and souful music
River's Edge Christian Acoustic Rock Band: Texas-based Christian Acoustic Rock Bans specializing in Praise & Worship.
futureblue: sci-fi rock
Probable Cause: Kinda like Korn/Limp Bizkit/Rage Against The Machine.
Double Cross: From Central Florida: Original rock in the style of Collective Soul/Matchbox 20/7 Mary 3. Amazing range from ballads to metal. Look for their third CD "Give" in early 1999. Visit their site to register to win a copy now!
OCTOPUS5: From Nashville: Potent, erotic, and often bristling with venom, the songs of Octopus5 veer far beyond standard often bristling with venom, the songs of Octopus5 veer far beyond standard pop-rock cliches; sometimes challenging, always accessible.
Mr.Meener: The New official Homesite of the Rock/Metal Band Mr.Meener
MAYBRICK: The Smiths. The Cure. A little bit of an edge.
Life Like Feel: Life Like Feel is a powerfully intense pop/rock band from the Pacific Northwest. Cool sound. Sophisticated...melodic...driven.
SAFFER & The EAST SIDE JUKES: Formed in 1997 by Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Saffer, this 5-piece-band from Leipzig; Germany is hard on the tracks of truly, honest-sounding, wild R'n'R with a Sixties-Soul Touch and a shot of Country and Folk-Music. Live Killers and still UNSIGNED!!!
Alan Andrews: NYC band "sounds like Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen having a cocktail" Vin Scelsa, WNEW-FM NY. Alan Andrews has been playing throughout the country opening for bands such as BR5-49, Crystal Gayle, Rick Danko of "The Band", Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys, David Massengill, Tom Paxton, Rod MacDonald, and Fred Eaglesmith. The CD has been getting air-play on several radio stations across the country.
godboy: Boston's premier post-modern pop band
Gregg Lawless: "Canadian pop"
Klew-T-A: Accoustic ROCK
The Feds: a wild and rockin' group from kansas city
The Runes: Sometimes Beatlesque, sometimes not
TRIGGER: Canadian power pop quartet with infectious melodies. Site includes sound clips, photos and much more. Trainspotter Fact: Trigger member Dave used to play in UK pop-punk recording artists "WACT" with Kris DWEEB.
Snug: Snug, featuring Johnny Lewsley, James Deane, Ed Groves and Ed Harcourt. Punky Pop Style ROCK!
3E: We are a new band. 4 members, two electric guitars, a bass, drums, and many other instruments. Beyond explaination. We have every genre of rock covered including Black Sabbathish metal and half rock/ half country. Newly formed, self managed, and no explicit lyrics. Nothing offensive.
Lash: Yeah Rock on
The Tribal Dogs: eclectic chronic pop with a touch of y'allternative
The Franklin Neumann Project: Adventure styled progressive rock group.
Allen B: Commercial/Indie Rock with greatest hits material.
STEPHEN JOHN: Audio and Visual Entertainment-Original Mp3's to Download!
RadioCraft: RadioCraft is an unsigned modern rock band from Detroit. The RadioCraft sound is Sarah McLachlan meets Toad The Wet Sprocket. Check out the WebSite for more info!!!
The Flux: Kick Ass Rock Group From Boston
The Jury: Indie Pop/Rock, new single "Bill Clinton" out now. Hear it/buy it in liquid audio
Poker Face: Rock/funk/blues/fusion trio from Corpus Christi,Tx
Blue*Nova: Classic style rock band, just settled in CD in Nov. on 11th Commandment Records...SaluClaC!
Oliver Klaus: Pop Rock, probably first indy band in North America
CONTAGIOUS!: Weekend party rock and roll!!
Cue: Unsigned Rock Band! Looking for management and record company interest.
Smakdab: Aggressive Contemporary Rock with Female (melodic&brutal) vox
Everyday Newborn: a christian modern rock band from the great northwest, sounds kinds like matchbox20
Muse At Eleven: A new retropsychalternativedelic band!
The Lures: Loud dissonant pop from Athens, GA
x-ray roger jimmy: Rock and Roll
FutureBlue: Sci-Fi Rock
Simon & the Bar Sinisters: rockabilly/surf/punk trio from NYC
The Moontubes: From the mountains of Provo, Utah, country flavored rock and roll pschadelica.
This Minor Tremble: The site contains all the info you need to know on this cool band from Ottawa
The"Twist-Of-Fate"Band: Southern Rock Deep Fried In The South
sebadoh: sebadoh is the epitome of all that is indie. if you dont know sebadoh, go there now, and come back to me and say that's not indie, mofo!
doorway 27: . . . with groove injected urban rythms, don't forget the naked chicks
signal: 5-piece original rock band that is currently touring in eight states.
Our Lady Peace: There is section for acoustic version of songs, live versions of songs, there is also over 10 videos, the site has won two awards and there is tones more to check out :-)
No Odd Reason: A Young (14 years old!!!)Toronto based punk/rock/alternative group with catchy songs and an intaresting page.
Man Made Souls: Funky rock grooves with world beat influences. Think Dave Mathews, Peter Gabriel but harder edged.
A Thousand Years: melodic with heavy overtones and pop appeal
Sacred Ground: Live, Loud and Raw rock and roll like it was meant to be played!!
Sabalon Glitz: An unofficial fan site about a space rock band from Chicago......We think that it is the only one of its kind....WOW!!!!!!!!!
Wayside: A melody-oriented rock band from Vancouver, Canada
Holly Figueroa: Seattle based acoustic alternafolk/bluesrock singer/songwriter
The Conscience Pilate: glam pop-rock from Bowie to Manic Street Preachers
Beautiful Youth: The Home of Regina rockers Beautiful Youth
Tumble: Home of the Seattle based melodic, groove band Tumble. Led by vocalist Stacy Wray, Tumble is celebrating the release of their debut CD 'Gravity'.
The Last Band On Earth: It's loud, it's wild, it's fun, it's Rocky Mountain Romp-Rock with a new CD release. See who's rockin' the Rockies!
Rising Jes: Rising Jes is a 3 piece band from Indiana
Phreeworld: Site has song samples, video clips, RealAudio and cd ordering info.
Porcelain Fishbowl: The Official Porcelain Fishbowl.Homepage
Sir Millard Mulch: Extremely insane midi-sequenced virtuoso music. Sounds like nightmare video-games.
Sleeping Genie Band: 5 piece female singer two guitars drums bass Music from 60's thru90's Jimi Hendrix, cream Janis Jefferson Zepplin, Stevie Ray, pretenders Johnny Land Areatha, Mellisa, Heart and on and on and hot originals four part harmonies and a singing double kicking drummer was to hot to handle available for bookings in the NorthWest area Mt Id Wash Oreg Wy Colo
XMITTRS: Hard Rock band, Guitar, Bass, and Drums, all original!!!
Ron Neill and The Eleventh Hour: Soulfull, very cool, totally awsum writer
Twilight Plane: West LA-based melodic rock band aiming to appeal to a vast audience.
Hobo Junction: Left coast, Oakland crew featuring Saafir,Whoridaz,Big Nous, Eye Cue, Mahasin, 3rd rail vic,Poke: Freestyle Specialists
darcelina: see and hear the acoustic art of darcelina
ARTIFICE: Rock Band from Concord, NC. Look for these gays,they are comming your was!
Phalanges Fever: Original rock trio from South Carolina.
Suzanne Glass: Rock with a touch of blues and folk. Winner of the recent Music Global Net "Battle of the Bands" with over 20,500 downloads.
Maizie: a funky mix of every style imaginable; mostly folk/jazz/celtic/rock with the occasional punk or ska song
The Caldwells: Critically acclaimed debut album was produced in part by Bob Dylan's producer. Worth checking out.
singe '64: rock
vie skinner: Original music from Minneapolis--it will interest you.
Rob Baker: Excellent modern rock music
Navarre: A dutch funkskapunkrockmetal band
HIGH RISK: indie band from WI,song clips,pix,bio,sched,humor,etc...
Lodestone: Lodestone doesn't suck.
loWEly WorM: from: Finland/Boston - ifluenced by Pixies, K.Crimson, Bowie, Primus, sonic Youth, etc ???
Vampness: DARK angsty angry rock - NYC (Infl: goth/punk/blues/heavy rock)
ARTWORKS: Steamful sound from Scandinavia !
Who Cares: Freaky, Funky Music -- Up+Coming NY band
GRAVITY PHARM: Rock/alternative band from Canada. New CD just released.
rooke: Atlanta-based six-member folk-opera alternative
Korea Girl: The Official Korea Girl Web Site
Polvo: Chapel Hill, NC
Broken Symbol: 3 Piece Rock Band from Oshawa Ontario Canada. First CD Release.
The Stanley Project: New Canadian Rock Band. First CD Release.
Antigone Rising: all female original rock band hailed as one of the best unsigned acts in NYC!
justbob: plays own music plus classical rock
Table 57: Popcooked metal with a side order of grunge and a desert of new wave classic rock
Barbara Max: Cutting edge "Free Form Rock"
ZoeS Garden: So. Cal. band, site has music, pic. gallery, gig calander, merchandise, etc.
Tha DegenritZ: Tha DegenritZ are a hardcore Punk band from Glendale, AZ.
In June: College & indie radio favorites from Portland, OR. Amazing chick vox over wall of guitar.
KOLD KNIGHTS: True Rock-N-Roll, if Gene Simmons likes it, it has to be good!
Iko-Iko: The Official Online Resource for Iko-Iko
the shove: the shove is a 4 piece band from Minneapolis, MN pushing the edge in music and pushing the limits on stage. This is something you gotta see and hear.
Blue Moon Ghetto: Melodic rock from the Midwest
Guided By Voices: Bob Pollard kicks ass
Right As Rain: Hardworking band from Philadelphia with a truly likeable sound.
DRYER: Indie power pop from Saratoga Springs,NY ala THE FIGGS, SUPERCHUNK, HELIUM, THE JAM, HUSKER DU
Dropping Dimes: The only cool rock band in Orangeburg
The Quantum Kids: Not your average ordinary everyday temporal placement of sonic modulations! Long instrumental passages, odd time signatures, art rock is alive in the 90's!
Tuff: memories of the 80's rock scene..featuring Tuff
Brigade: NY/NJ's All Female Hard Rock Band
IMPACT: "When you listen to an impact tune you can feel a certain urge taking over your body, this urge could most definatly make you kill your family and people you love, Now thats what I call a Rock Band!""
Duchess: indie rock
Transmission 56: Indie rock power trio, Sonic waves of sound with a rippin beat
F. King Bug: Best entertainment out of Minnesota since Hubert Humphrey!
Wood Brothers: trippy sounds and images for late night listening pleasure
NORWAY: Norway-Jersey rock band Rock/Pop/AOR -CD release
peterbuilt: emo core...powerful...emotional...sincere.......prepare for peterbuilt........if you don't believe in myths and's time to start.
THUNDERFEST: Convention/ hard rock - metal artists
The Mitchells: innovative indie rock from amherst, mass.
Tony Young: Emotion expressed through melodic harmonies. IT ROCKS!
Howard Gripp & STINGER: Original Rock Band out of the Midwest (Iowa).
sciar: rock,spanish,touch of bagpipes in Hollywood St.
Bill's Band: Bill's Band's debut independent CD, "Basic Tracks," features soulful, blusey rock!! Visit the site for sound files and a chance to win a free copy of the album!
Stone Roses: Definitely the best from Manchester-maybe
Granian: Rock Music.
Rhythm Ritual: in your face rock with a touch of funk
Mighty Purple: The brothers making serious emotional sounds!
Antihistamine DayDream: Head Music For Your Whole Body......tripyy modern rock for the Why? generation
Holly's Head: Some people have called us "a 90's version of the Jefferson Airplane." Behind our classically-trained singer, the band's diverse backgrounds include blues, jazz, hard rock, and pop.
KRANK: german guitar indiepop does not only take place in Hamburg...
Mollycuddle: Welcome to the Mollypage. We specialize in venemous love songs.
Korea Girl: The official Korea Girl web site
Godstar: pop from Down Under
Rosemary Caine: Bridal Music recording artists
PermaFrost: description? Just visit the page!
Papas Fritas: Minty Fresh Recording Artists
Jumprope: Home page of the Boston-based indie pop guitar band
Track Star: Noisy love songs courtesy of three guys from San Francisco.
The Spinanes: Glittering guitar/drum magic from this girl/boy duo on Sub Pop
Seam: Seam Fanpage

Hard Rock

Thorn Fetish: Black Label Society meets White Zombie
Endangered Species: explosive rock out of southcentral PA.
Grindstone: Based in South Florida. Grindstone is an established original/cover rock band with each member having years of experence playing live shows. Grindstone prides itself on always putting on a show more comparable to a concert event than your average local bar band.
KrumpleStump: We take a heaping dose of psychedelic, add a pinch of jazz and a cup of heavy metal. Dash of blues, dash of techno, and just a hint of the dirty south. Thats how you make a KrumpleStump.
Toxic: hard rock, progressive rock brating hi energy sounds from Norway
Bobby Lavigne: Hard Rock Instrumental Power House
SOUTHERN FURY: High energy original hard southern rock from Va.
Snew: Hard Rock from Hollywood - Snew You!
Near Life Experience: Hard Rock band with members of Lillian Axe Modern / Heavy
Slippery When Wet: Cool Hard Rockin' Songs with unusual lyrics
Karma's Army: Hard Rock from Upstate New York
Brave By Numbers: Spirited Alt Rock Band with Unlimited Hard Rocking Creative Spark
KROME: Vancouver, BC based hard rock band KROME, sounds like Alice in Chains from the south
Deeper: Hard, Heavy, Experimental Rock.
Bent & Twisted: Our official myspace page and Snocap store
Harakiri: Online store of the Argentinian indie band, Harakiri.
Troubled Wine: Power Trio
Jose' Diaz/LEGASYSSONGS: Home page of Hard Rock solo artist Jose' Diaz.LOUD_N_PROUD!
Shovelhead: Big heavy stoner riff rock
Diablo Royale: Hard Rock, New York City Style
Disaster City: music to blow your mind
Madison Ambush: Think Faith No More meets Sanford & Son. New York hard-rockers MADISON AMBUSH excite the senses with their brand of non-ironic 80s hard rock with a modern edge. Don't expect a generic "The" band following the current trend of re-hashed Cure and Clash wannabes. But also don't expect a big hair band. Think riff-driven, straight ahead hook-heavy rock songs that are undeniable from start to finish with zero pretention.
Eternal Exhaust: Solo artist from Houston, Texas.
50lb. Head: Stoned southern rock with a metal edge, straight from the swamps of south GA/north FL.
Straight Sixxx: Lethal Hard Rock band from the Inland Empire.
Greyscale: Originally from the NY music scene, and now on the west coast!
Illuminati: Rock Ordo Ritualis London UK
Man The Destroyer: band
Forsaken Memory: The Forgotten Independent Metal Artist
Keith Trimm: Hard Rock music by Keith Trimm, free mp3's
FLOOD: Hard and Heavy Rock with strong hooks, catchy chorus and driving rythmns
Redsev'n: Christian Melodic Metal
She's Prettier Dead: Screamo/Hardcore/Alternative band, rock out on stage with their fantastic stage presence
Signal Nine: Rock/Grunge/Hardcore band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Influences include: Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Ra, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foreigner, Ted Nugent, Soundgarden and more.
Tribal: A great Funk and psychedelic band from Salmon Arm
thunderhead: we have the sound you want to hear if you love heavy music.WE NEED A VOCALIST.
The Talkies Official Indiestore: The Talkies Official Indiestore Page
Sympho-punk Band YAW: Progressive rock band from Moscow
P&H: Progressive rock band from Moscow
Neviah Nevi: Female fronted hxc/metal
ArythmiA: In your face Hard Rock
Firuz: has a song called "Cursing Holy Man" / Dazzling guitar playing and unique drum playing
Tulla's Headspace: Soulful melodic alternative hardrock band from Orange County California
Jyashi: 3 piece hard rock/scremo band from Bridgewater, Ma
EraseCreator: Melodic Heavy Rock
CURSE ICON: Epic/Alternative Rock
Faustian X: Music from the indie hard rock/metal band Faustian X
Reservoir: Reservoir is a 3 piece Hard Rock band from Yuba City, CA USA.
METAL SUPERBAND - My Lenaptalf: My Lenaptalf is the most amazing hair metal band ever!
Tall Tale: Managed By Sherman Talents Tall Tale is rising to the top in the city town of Sugar Land Texas With hits such as Bard of Avon and Clouds on FIre and several other untitled songs
Parasight: We are a band from Richmond IN, and we need to get the hell otta here so help us book us to play show!!!
A plus P: A plus P = NYC's finest hard rock duo. Features Alan Wilkis and Pete Kennedy.
SiX: Based out of Orange County, Ca. SiX has shared stages with Slipknot, Drowning Pool, Disturbed, Clutch, Gwar, Otep, The Germs, and more.
BY=RIGHT: Hardrock/Metal band based in Calgary Alberta looking for shows everywhere!!!
Identity: Hard Rock - Christian. Sounds Like Linkin Park, Chevelle, Hoobastank
drakima: Indie/ Alternative/ Industrial
12 Years Coming: Real rock for real rock fans!
Fear The State: New Haven, CT
Plug'n'Play: Hard Rock Band from Serbia, free mp3 for download
TOMMYROT: Great Hard Rock from London ON
Shadow Been Cast: Shadow Been Cast is a heavy metal band ranging from just hard rock to screamo. Jake M
Kenneth Raftree Band: Heavy Rock act with accents of Funk, Blues and Metal
Members of the Bored: Hard Rock band who know what it's like to hate your job. From Lubbock, TX, these guys know how to put it to you.
DC Slater: Hard Rock Guitar Instrumentals
Waldosezno: We are alternative rock with an edge!
Runon Fragment: Los Angeles hard rock band
Krewcible: hard rock, west haven,connecticut local band
DX11: Punk/Metal mix, just a driving rocking band
Sardonic Grin: a new sound
Crash Control: Anything but conventional, Crash Control reinforces the mentality of pure music creation with no outside limitations. Crash Control fully records, promotes and manages itself, leaving the music creation process uninhibited.
Ricky Gonzo: Ricky Gonzo, talented musician/songwiter/singer. Former member of Los Sabios Dementes, Sin Censura Previa, Bypass and Leviathan, all local bands from his hometown (San Juan P.R.) Performing live presentations at local venues and supporting comunity presentations for charity "ADA". Decides to relocate in the U.S. in search of every musicians dream. Recorded his first Cd Album back in 2005 "Nunca mia serás", album produced by 2005 Gonzo Music LTD. All tracks written by the same name (See "Band Website" right side of this page to listen to all twelve audio tracks). About his music three words, melodic, energetic and contageous. His music based/influenced by many styles of music but ROCK is the predominant style. Here you can check out/listen to 4 songs of his unreleased second CD Album (coming before this fall) "NO X THREE =" as they leave the studio by clicking on the featured audio clips. This production is more into Hard/Alternative Rock but still melodic /contagious.
Canadian Hard Rock Band TAKEN: This band is based in Calgary, Alberta. Great live band check out their music site!!!
DAVID ESPINEL / Band TAKEN: David Espinel Independent drummer with new project Hard Rock/Metal Christian band
PURGE: Awesome four-peice from Windsor, ON, CANADA
Inside the Black: Music to fuck to...
Ego Pool: Hard rock project from Sydney, Australia.
Nine Years Under: Poised to redefine the concept of a Power Trio,
InK-bLoT: A hardcore/rapcore band from Lakeland, Florida
LONG WAY DOWN: These Edmonton born rockers thrash the stage with their unique brand of edgy, in your face, hard rock.
Real Mother: Hard Rock from Dayton, Ohio
Red Cloud: MN/IA/FL based Gothic hard rock band, mixes trance and synth style samples all atop Lakota Sioux tribal drummers
DEFI: Melodic hard band with original sound
Frank Kormos: guitar circle and study and homepage
Gargantua Soul: The Best Band On The East Coast! If You Are Tired of The Direction Modern Music Is Taking Check out Gargantua Soul! I Promise you Will Not be Disappointed!
Brood: Rock/metal/alternative band out of Kalamazoo, MI
Busted Kings: Click Here for hard rock music. The official Busted Kings web site.
Pure Velvet: Heavy Stonerrock with insperation from the 70´s. From Sweden.
DYNEOMIGHT: Dirty Porno Rock from Latrry, Flynt, MI
BullDoozer: Heavy Rock'n'Roll band, great influences from the 70:s like AC/DC, ZZ-Top, Deep Purple! We're from the rocking country Sweden.
Sittin' Idol: Hard Rock / Metal
Poppin Mary: Hard rock/alternative 4 peice. Roots in 80's metal and early/mid 90's grunge but definitely have a sound that is for tomorrow!
Sisyphus Autopsy: This Demon Core duo stand almost fourteen feet tall (combined), praise masturbation as the only valid sexual form, are scared of girls, and worship the poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Check it out.
Hypertensive: Hard rock band just starting out! Cool sounds,band ages 13 to 23
Vicious Circle: Versatile driving rock. New CD available on line NOW!!!
ruptus jack: Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Ruptus Jack is a blend of hardcore rock, metal and punk. Their music is a mixture of melodic vocals, phat bass sound, driving guitar/ guitar fx and explosive drumming.
St. Diablo: Virginia based band whom recently have opened for such acts as Drowning Pool,Stereomud,Slaves on Dope,Nothingface,and many others.
leadvein: three piece london rock/metal band unsigned have demo
Xeric: A band from New Jersey with an eclectic mix of people and sounds. Their unique sound will make you fall in love with them instantly.
MidNight Peace: All female, classic,hard, metal band from Sidman Pa. Chics who just wanna rock! Influences such as Aerosmith, Ozzy Def Leppard, Van Halen, The Runaways.
Dunamis: Classic hard rock with a modern edge
Stikman: Modern Heavy Groove band outta Manassas, Va.
dumb as sheep: Amazing Christian emo/modern rock band from Guelph, Ontario.
Fragile: Check out this site for all the info on the newest metal band to hit the music scene!
SHOTGUN REMEDY: Boston hard rock/punk
American Slang: Heavy Rock outfit from Northern Jersey.Check out some Free Downloads !!!
Malacoda: grunge metal from these Indy hitmakers
Old Core: The official home page of the Bay Area trip metal band Old Core.
Noosphere: Music that is an alternative to the 'Alternative'.
Lost: LoSt's music is a dynamic, emotional, melodic brand of rock/new metal. South Florida SLAMMIE AWARD WINNERS - best new band.
David Neil Cline: mp3's, Real Audio, CD's and vinyl for sale!!!
Fallen Heroes: Hard-edged alternative from Omaha, Ne.
Wd-4t: A hardcore/metal band from The Scotland, Ontario area. Got some mp3's, some pics, a little bit of everything.
Silvertone: A heavy, hardcore band from Glasgow.
DEADWEIGHT: alternative metal group from the DC area
Tinnitus: You're going hear instrumental hard rock from this San Diego band.
Image: A Christian band from Oklahoma
Carbon 9: A hybrid potion of techno, industrial and alternative rock, elevated to the ultimate climactic fantasy.
Ransom For Many: Ransom For Many is a new band from the greater chicagoland area. We are dedicated to making awesome, creative, and innovative music that all people can relate to. Check out our website, and see what we're all about.
Odditea: bad ass Texas band
Mini Puppets: a durect link to one of our songs
bath: fortissimo=VERY LOUD,and very soft .features former"MINISTRY"guitarist....TEXAS,USA
The Franklin-Neumann Project: Progressive rock / metal group.
ENSTONED: New Jersey's newest kick ass HARD ROCK band, ENSTONED!
Broken Nose: Hard like Rock, Heavy like Metal
STITCHED ROOT: heavy with a little punk hiphop crazy shit
414: young energetic, heavy w/hiphop feel
Nadir: Heavy groovecore band currently touring New Zealand and Australia
Errortype 11: Aggressive rock born from the NY Hardcore scene. These vetrens are destined for stardom. New release "Amplified to Rock" coming Jan 2000.
Hot Water Music: 'Emo' rock of sorts....Fantastically gruff vocals and brilliant song writing makes the kids go wild. New CD out now called "No Division".
Neural Groove: Hard modern rock with nasty riffs and blaring horns.
Small Craft Advisory: High powered, high energy band from Houston, Texas.
Crossbreed: 6 man heavy/alternative/industrial band from Clearwater, Florida.Official site includes show dates,bio, mailing list & game.
ANTAGONIST: in your face angry youth
50 Mission Crush: 110% Pure Rock 'N' Roll Baby! This site is packed with .mp3 clips, pictures and eye candy. One of the "Next Big Things" to come out of Live Music Capitol of the World - Austin, TEXAS!
Clarkie: The first offiial clarkie page! 4 Young California future popstars! Definatly go check it out! Constantly under construction... But they have some pictures!!! And boy... They are hot! :) They're a pop/rock band... Music influences from Radiohead, Komeda, Urusei Yatsura, Kenickie, The Manic Street Preachers, The Beatles, ETC!
LeVeL: KoRn/Pantera style Metal from Pittsburgh PA
Nomadic Sanctuary: Stadium rock from Vancouver BC Canada
Solid Profile: This is a 4-piece hard rock band from Livonia, Michigan.
AFTER EDEN: Some of Utah's tastiest crossover. Rock, metal, blues& alternative. DIG IN!
MoJam.: MoJam is an up and coming Minneapolis based power trio. The best way to describe their sound is "HEAVY GROOVES" CD available, please contact Danford Entertainment.
The Franklin-Neumann Project: Adventure-styled progressive rock.
Martian Death Lyric: Post-punk, Noise, No-Wave, Space Junk, Devo-esque, Sci-Fi, Glam, Shock, Goth, Metal, Free Jazz, Funk, Punk, and just plain Gunk! Must See to beleive!
Paradigm Lost: Ambient rock with Industrial flavor. 2 CDs out now at most internet retailers (CDNOW, etc.) or on their webpage. Well worth checking out!
DENT: DENT - Nothing Can Stop This Machine (Deeply intense and emotionally disturbing music) New release out as of Jan 15th entitled, "DEVICE."
Smakdab: Aggressive Female-fronted band.
In Denial: Hard Rock / Metal band from Washington, DC
Sick Dick and the Volkswagens: Sex, lots of drugs & devil-worshipin' R & R. Heavy proto-punk from Gainesville.
Donald Loignon: FREE on the Net: GUITAR LESSONS. This site proposes exercises accompanied by sound extracts and fingering charts as well as chronicles related to guitar (training of the scales, consultings technical, etc), Donald Loignon presents also extracts of his instrumental album centered on the guitar (French and English version available)
Sour Nation: Alternative/Modern Rock/Industrial band in Atlanta
Treatment In Progress: Rock with a groove, not too heavy, not very soft!
5150: Van Halenish.....check it out.
Vampness: DARK angsty angry rock band.. (influences: goth / punk / blues / etc.
Motor Betty: "Distinguished punk'n'roll band" -- NY Press
Sanguine: New York. Reviewed as post-hardcore/hard-garage. We hate you.
LOAD: killer hard-core band- w/ sound clip
Brigade: NY/NJ's All Female Hard Rock Band
EMBRYO: Hardcore/Punk/Ska/Metal/Industrial awesome band


Mike Collins: singer song writer, acoustic guitar and some other stuff
Jack Pratt and the Blak Yak: easy to groove to, ben folds inspired, Indie
Carlos Torres: A new artist that plays Alternative Rock.
Julian Russell: Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
Stickshift Rocketship: Lou Reed meets Bowie meets Swayze
Norma Wilow: Independent alternative female singer-songwriter
Jonni Maxx: Original Music - Rock Pop Alternative -
Lindsay D'arcy: Singer Songwriter based in Prague CZ
we are automatic: we're 3 girls and a guy out of the northern area of maryland. please check us out sometime! :)
Matthew Griswold: MN based Singer-songwriter
the peacock flounders: Connecticut musician/engineer/producer Ron Sutfin band with Kerry Miller, Pete Krol and Sal Paradise. Thier album Hello beautiful is a collection of their original songs that showcase the guitar driven melodic sound with a pop sensibilty.
Online manager: your online A&R and manager helping you on myspace
The Bathtub Sophist: Solo artist, all styles from easy listening to death metal
The New Divide: The New Divide encourages all within ear shot that life is about making choices that have long lasting effect...
Charlotte Ryerson: Poetic songs with memorable melodies
The Vacant Blacktop: One kid named animal with a guitar and one hell of a voice
Love Junkie: No words can describe!
Marie Magee: Singer/Songwriter - Songs of Love, Loss, Life and Reality
Bug Jerome: Bug Jerome is singer/songwriter Evan Williamson with experimental and witty ballads combined with a slew of musicians and instruments to create the ultimate electro explotation of folk and shoegaze.
Conflict In The Sky: Up and coming alternative rock band with electronic elements. Great melodies and vocals. Very modern sounding, without really sounding like another specific artist. Some have compared parts to Linkin Park, Incubus, Tool, NIN, but no one specific artist stands out. They definitely have their own sound. The band is based out of Long Island, NY
theINFORMATI: Cambridge Trip-Hop Requiem: Homepage for the Cambridge/Boston based trip-hop/rock band theINFORMATI, including tour dates, songs, blog articles, and videos, featuring their new release "Requiem."
Cathedral Park: Psychedelic Electronica Goth
Pseudorandom: A mix of hardcore and random Genereal MIDI melodies.
The Ribbon Device: The Ribbon Device sound like a new kind of pop.... a "Strange pop"
oneaccord: gospel singers/Tampa,Fl.
Dylan Morrison: Indie, folk, alternative rock
The Everyday: Connor Scott (of Let Go Beautiful & One Eyed Dog fame) fronts this band that takes his soft, acoustic melodies and adds alternative, progressive rock sounds. Heavy, intricate guitars are backed by imaginative drums and elegent piano. Look for the debut album early 2008, and a summer tour not long after.
Knockout kings: texas
Bottle of Justus: Just good music.
Laura Soding: Laura Soding is an Australian solo artist who draws much inspiration from Missy Higgins and Jason Murz. She is currently recording her debut album.
Nicholas Megalis: Singer from Cleveland, Ohio. Writer of songs and teller of tales. 18 years old.
Windy & Destiny: Alternative independent LoFi pop married duo
Innerlight: Alternative Rock with an island twist
Tara Grammy: Singer/Songwriter
Six O Clock Saints: A Profile for Six O Clock Saints where users and fans can download new music and get updates on touring, album release dates, and news.
Fragment: Indie band from south Italy
Out of Reach: 5 Piece Band started in 2007 Check us Out!
Auto Defiance: Led by singer-songwriter and BMI Recording Artist Bradlee, the Auto Defiance is an Alternative Post-Punk band formed in 2007. A trademark sound of layered guitars and soaring melodies. Well crafted songs with memorable hooks take you from high-energy anthems to dreamy ballads.
Curt Yagi, Singer/Songwriter: With percussive guitar licks, breathy vocals, rhythmic beats and driving bass lines, Curt's music will get you started on the right foot and keep you going for the entire day.
marcus gilvear: experimental
Windjammer: Southern-European rock...kind of like a new Def Lepperd.
L.Stadt: Band from Poland
Hello Beautiful: Latin,hoiphop,punk
Annuals: if you like indie, you'll like this
The Never: amazing north carolina band..very unique
Meeting With The Stars*: Inde Electro pop
Persona: indie alternative rock'n'roll from timisoara Romania
micropost: a band of rock experimental, alternativo...
Wailing Dog: indie cello rock
AMANDA SAINT: Independant Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Writer- SOCAN/ ASCAP Copyright
The Redding Brothers: Alternative rock and roll groups similar to Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies, and Matchbox Twenty.
Jamison A. Johnson: Acoustic, Alternative, Indie, Folk, Rock, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Unplugged
The Monkey Mind: I never knew the blues could feel so good
Revisionist: Piano Pop
The Sleeping Revolt: The Sleeping Revolt's Myspace Page
EXE: Alternative Metal band from St. Charles, MO USA. Rooted in metal with industrial, goth, punk, and classic rock influences.
Virginia Wagner: Alternative - Indie girl - Acoustic - Singer/ Songwriter / Modern Folk
Lo Kivikas: Unsigned Swedish singer song writer
Alyssa Jayson: feel like you've known her voice forever.
LightSource: Ambient electronica with an alternative twist
Peacefield: Americana / Indie / Acoustic
Danger Cat!: Music that Boy Scouts can Shooby Doo Bop to.
Geoff Watson: Power Acoustic Contemporary Rock
Isaac Jacobs & The Abrahams: A band from all around the United States. They consider their music to be of the genre "gangsta folk", though essentially the idea is that the music is different from what most other people are playing. I have not heard any other band that sounds like this. They use standard rock instruments.
The Vibrants: "Highly energetic, sexy and fun"
Damascus Road Experience: Dark, biting satire that questions the status quo in the most melodic way possible.
Blackpearls: Wave/Rock/Gohtic
The GT's: The GT's - An indie rock band from York, England
The Kooks: The kooks unofficial fan site with news, tour information, songs and discography
The Breed: Fab, far-out and groovy doyens of powperpop downunder.
Promize: Alternative Rock Band from Greenfield, MA
Ed Eddie Edward: NYC Singer-Songwriter, and recovering serial band member
Heat From a DeadStar: Official website
Joe Long: Alternative Indie Pop
Would you please stop talking?: existential lyrics set to lo-fi music (by compulsion)
Melodisaster: They play the hard and dirty riffing called grunge.
Dawid Michalczyk: Freelance artist. I do CD cover art.
Drawing Stitches: Industrial Pop Music
Music And Lisa: Indie, new, alternative, soft sound, harsh words, different
Sick Figures: Sick Figures are an Atlanta-based band formed in 2005. Their style has been described as a mixture of saloon, vaudeville, and folk rock. They have crafted a unique sound by utilizing a wide range of instruments and vocal styles.
Stage Dive: Heavy modern rock, alternative music. Female singer.
Rebecca Torrellas: Modern rock, alternative, pop singer.
The Dead Legends: wow
SwiftBlade: We are an Emo Alternative Rock band. We are a signature of energy and passion that cuts straight through your heart! So check us up and you will not regret!!
Rew*: lUV CHILD OF pATTI sMITh & Neil Young & Lou Reed & Courtney Love
MamaCordella: Acoustic, classical, dramatic tales on piano
Hot Buttered Rum: Acoustic Americana Jamgrass
Villanova: funky rock with splashes of hip-hop,
Artificial Intelligence In Texas: In a style similar to artists like The Smiths, The Killers, and The Strokes, the songs of Artificial Intelligence In Texas feature Michael Giaquinto's powerful vocals, which range from the laid back apathy of English new wave to the strength of sixties vintage Doors. Check out our website for band photos, history, song samples, CD information, and other cool features!
LCX 9: The UK alternative guitar & synth duo.
The Melancholic Youth Of Jesus: London Indie Based Band
The Melancholic Youth Of Jesus: London Indie Based Band
Orange Avenue: This alternative rock album offers something for everybody, from the first
The Solution: Alternative Rock from Connecticut ,The Solution is a three piece band playing a new style of Rock they combine elements thier vast musical backgrounds and varied tastes.
Telescopic: Kansas City Alt Rock
Menios Symeon: Menios Symeon indie music artist
The Silver Wizard Project: theramins - get your theramins here.
The Confessional: Three piece chick rock back
Alan Weston: Singer/Songwriter/Performer
Damian J Spooner Rezidue TM: Rock Alternative
Conflict In The Sky: Electronic Alternative Rock Band formed in 2007
i+Ctrl-U: Whiney, annoying, fgtrock acoustic bullshit.
Zoe Now: Alternative Band who plays Everything from Rock to world Tunes
THE RADIO SPIRIT: The Carsesque/the get up kids/motion city soundtrack/FANTASTIC!
dada: outrageously good pop/rock/alt trio with vocal harmonies to match
I ROC MY LOCS(IRML): IRML, is an alternative rock band with a mix of world fusion giving them a unique sound as a new addition in the Indie Industry!
Lisanne: global sounds eclectic
EXPLICIT: The band EXPLICIT strated around two years ago in the island of Malta in the meiddle of the mediterranean. Their versatile styke promoted by the vocal skills of their female singer Stephanie remind listeners of singers like PJ Harvey, Cranberries and mix of rock and alternative style. Anyway the best way to recognise the band is by lisyrning to its demo promoted on the myspace website
dahduke: band
Ben Kweller: Rock, folk, classic rock...goes from playing acoustic guitar to piano, to electric, all in one performace..purely amazing
Mariposa: World Pop
The Eggman: Funk Rock Rap Unique Theater/Music Experience
New Slabadollers: Nice band from Kiruna, Sweden that make great music...?
kristina speed: really good vocals and amazing harmony. calm background music.
DNNY DIRTY: We desire an abrupt change to the music/celebrity paradigm. We're about the future & steering established trends, sharing important information & uncovering truths. We wonder if others shared visions like ours- imagine the beautiful world we would all be living in.
Mr. E (aka Greg Englesson): Funky roots rocken alternative troubadour playing original BeatBopPunkPop
Personalized Photo Gifts: Fit your entire photo album into a single picture! Get your loved one a custom mosaic made with your own pictures! A special gift that will be cherished forever!
CONFESSION BOX: Female fronted Alternative Rock/ Progressive Metal
The Electric Sentiments : Long Island indie rock quartet, play guitar based songs with girl related lyrics in a totally non-emo way. Songs are upbeat most of the time and can range from punky to folky to twangy to garagey to in betweens.
The Deadly Deaths: A Catchy-Indie-Pop/Rock trio from New Zealand.
J. Rock and Two Wise (Y+Y): Rock/Alternative/Blues/Pop Band with a great hook, from the Detroit burbs!
The Darts: Frantic and full of love, reminiscent of the grunge era.
a pacific model: Electro-Pop Indie band from Dallas,TX. For Fans of Radiohead, Sigur-Ros, Bjork, Boards of Canada, The Album Leaf, U2, Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips, etc.
D Watts: Christian Rock.
Steve Tom and Eddie: Alternative emo, adult, progressive. free downloads. Newbury Park CA
Marcel Gelinas: Singer / Piano player, original songs.
Lightswitch: Lightswitch A Christian Rock Band, Lightswitch plays Christian music concerts for many events
Blue October: New excellent band
VICKYPRODUCTION: site of electro session
Don't Hold Back: A new form of concept album
Kumi: Independent artist from London. Alternative rock.
Depeche Mode: all the latest news on Depeche Mode
Syren: All female alternative/rock trio from the UK!
Lazyhand: Shambolic sex songs
The DGB: Melodic Alt-Rock with balls that will leave a ringing in your ear and a song in your head.
Laden: Amazing Band
ThomBob: Australian Singer & Songwriter
Edwards Lane: Original, Incubus, 311, pink floyd, nirvana, muse
Charlie 6th Avenue: Alt. Rock group from Tulsa, OK. Similar sounds to 3rd Eye Blind and Jack Johnson
A Pacific Model: A four piece alterntative/ambient rock band from Dallas,Tx. For fans of Radiohead,U2,Flaming Lips,Bjork,The Album Leaf, Coldplay
Crud Muffins: Four piece band w/ Highly melodic originals, easy on the ears, you can get up and dance to or kick back and listen to the deeply personal stories of songwriter & lead vocal Norman Dillinger, the driving lead guitar of Bradley Dayton, smooth yet thundering bass lines from Efren Leal and the Krupa style percussion's of Danny Zeamer, this band has it all.....
joyce davis: lyricist with collaborations ranging from rock to folk
Kill the Sound: Amanda Gazin, Adam Lock, Cabot Dimick
Renae Paige: new refreshing soulful folk/alternative sound, with meaningful lyrics everyone can relate to. Signed by Turmic Records 2006
Joey: The Carpenter on Acid...: )
Rif Raf: Heavy Alternative Rock with Dance Rhythms and a Party Attitude.
kagen hewitt: acoustic/indie/folk music
Paradox: One person writing all lyrics and playing all instruments
Halten: hard to describe. it wouldn't do the music justice. just check it out and i think you will like
mallory&mickeys: alternative Rock, experimental & ambient
Neal Zero: multi-media artist
AUTO DEFIANCE: Beautifully crafted Post-pop melodies with walls of guitars.
Slow Motion Crash: Progressive, experimental, ever evolving Indie Rock
the brink: new wave/synth pop
Alpha Saloon: Indie Ultra pOp Alternative punk Country from Munich, Germany
Plunkett: alternative music for alternative minds
Collinz Room: Represents, Youth Struggle, and Vision!
Feeding the Masses: Dead sexy music with a hard edge. Tell us what you think.
Tricycle: Sacramento Based Christian Alternative Band
FOOLS GLADLY: Lyrics that count, songs you can't shake. Think Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Pernice Brothers.
Jason's Shadow: Post-hardcore up n' coming 3-piece from Southend
Capstone: Americana/Folk/Goth from Falkenberg Sweden
Christopher Westpark: band page
Andy Eppler: Folk/Jazz lyric based stuff. Best original stuff I've ever heared in my life!
big boot dance: flakey
Great site!: Best site! car .
Bj Cooper & TRhe Broken Heart Express Band: indie artist , performer, song writer, producers
Bj Cooper: indie artist producer writer
Bj Cooper: indie artist producer writer
Ka-Chi: Singer songwriter
Kinkzoid: edgy avant garde music with political and social overtones
Shallow Soul: Pop/Rock/Synth/Acoustic
Gustav Magnusson: Music for a life happening! Pop music inspired by everyday life, friends and travels around the world.
Drew Blackard: A Texas based acoustic musician offering free downloads.
Ray Junior: Acoustic pop from Monterey, CA
East of Western: Space-aged, post-millenium rock for the masses
AsiaNoise!: For Indie Music Only!
Ether Switch: hyperkinetic rock duo who fuse elements of hard rock guitar with eclectic drumming, while further augmenting their sound through the incorporation of electronic bass and synth melodies
The Catholic Girls: All-girl rock band with strong pop melodies, punk inspiration, soaring harmonies, and well-crafted guitar blends.
katchoolik: 100% Indie
The Spies: They are true masters of their craft relying on shadows and snare drums, booby traps and bass lines. They lurk at the edges of perception; antagonizing their prey with the self imposed paranoia that comes with the knowledge that you may be under surveillance. They have been known to cause listeners to uncontrollably move their feet and sing along to their sonic weaponry. Once they do, they cant seem to stop, losing all control and memory of what supposedly good music is supposed to sound like.
FAMOUS: In 2002, FAMOUS released their first of two full- length independent releases, and began touring the country, which they would do over and over selling their titanic brand of rock. Gaining a loyal fan base, and a strong support from the college market, FAMOUS went on to sell out of two records with sales close to 10,000 copies. In 2005, they finally met a creative force that would send them to the next level. Kato, producer for NYC's Burning Records, helped FAMOUS make a more mature album, the new release All The Wicked, influenced by the hardships of the road and the challenges of an artist's life.
1 Sick Pup: 1 Sick Pup is an Alternative Rock band based out of North Arkansas. Rock songs with influences from metal, grunge, punk, and southern rock. Visit our page to hear upto 4 of our songs.
Naomi Hall: Not mainstream by any means, more like fun listening
Five Star Crush: Alternative Dance Rock New Wave, U2, The Bravery, The Strokes
The Murders: Indie Rock quartet from Boise, Idaho with tastes of retro punk and new wave.
Shannon Grady: singer/songwriter from Minneapolis MN
Fate Said No: Sounds like: A very unique blend of Incubus, No Doubt, and Evanesence.
Edge of Eden: Alt. Rock
Jose Luis Sepulveda: Latin: Nueva Cancion / Social And Political songs
The Told: Alternative Rock
The Grand Opening: great slowcore/indie pop from sweden.
ProtostarR: 80's Electronic Rock
Arsenale's: Electronic pop
Mick Burch: Aspiring singer songwriter from the UK
Medium Underground: Esoteric music with a progressive edge.
LongRoad: NJ-based alternative rock band with an aggressive blues core.
The Splendors: The Splendors blend the styles of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, and The Velvet Underground into a stripped-down sound that is pleasantly familiar yet very much their own. Cultivating a raw edge to their music, The Splendors have mastered the process of writing slightly off-beat rock songs.
Nathan Worsham: Singer/Songwriter, audio engineer, producer. Formerly of band Story Seldom Told. Free full song downloads, rock-pop-alt music. AKA Nathan Easy.
Amoraphobia/Lowlight: An electronic experiment of compelling lucid dismal immersions that emerge from a phobic dive of somber love lost in ambiguity and the unrestraint bipolarity of loneliness versus aloneness.
Ralph Buckley: Ralph Buckley singer/songwriter, new CD "STARWISHING"
the acoustuc theatre: alternative acoustic ska
the acoustic theatre: alternative acoustic ska
Chasing Elise: shit...
Feiber: a unique style combining classical instruments with soft rich electronic sounds to create the ultimate IDM songs.
Weapons of Pleasure: garage punktastic
Casino Burn: Instrumental band from England. Drawing influences from a wide spectrum of genres/artists: Trans Am, Sonic Youth, Post-Rock, Cinematic music, Electronica, Portishead, experimental. Music available.
band of horses: sounds like falling in love
Acoustic Chatter: Folk, grunge, electronica, and acoustic rock, Acoustic Rock duo, Boston MA
ripe: ripe has many influences that span a wide variety of genre's from Jazz and Be-Bop, to Rap and Hip-Hop, Electronic Music, Rock-n-Roll, Alternative and Metal.
Robert Kunin: Strange, good, acoustic, electric
Trincio: Side project of Bios
5 Graus: Alternative
late model humans: Music from the American Underground and the rock'n'roll heart
Burgess Norrgard: acoustic pop/ alternative with a shameless sincerity...artist hails from Duluth, MN
La Snacks: we like to think we rock. I know it... Check it out. We have a good sound that you can bob your head to.
Two Shots of Rye: Alternative/Punk Rock band from NYC
Todd Beauchamp: Fans watching this fast-rising solo artist are instantly struck by his dynamic on-stage presence, vocal range and intensity, and the uniqueness of his music and lyrics. Acoustic guitar flows seamlessly and soulfully, live drums fuse with innovative percussion, and poignant lyrics lead to introspective poetry. With a large cult following already built, fans often drown out Todd when singing along to “I’m Not Sorry,” “Starting Over,” “What Emily Wants,” and his brilliant rendition of “Be My Baby.” After one of his songs was featured on the hit WB series One Tree Hill, Todd completed a successful US tour and is still playing to packed venues in Southern California. Influenced by The Beatles, Coldplay, Fionna Apple, The Counting Crows, Ben Folds and countless other, Todd Beauchamp is charting new musical territory.
ENOLA FALL: Their brand of music is best described as indie, or art-rock. Immediately accessible and melodic, the songs have a formidable emotional weight and a haunting strangeness. There is a quality, due in part to the use of unusual rock instruments like accordion, mandolin and pump organ that is heard in only a few modern bands.
The Q-Club: You like Tindersticks-You like this
Cary Judd: A singer/songwriter that puts on an amazing show by first playing a riff or progression that finds itself embellished in a swirl of drum and guitar loops that he masterfully creates with a series of electronic pedals at his feet.
Uninterrupted: Sexy Amazon Woman with 4 musicians from completly different genre's. Sounds like a gumbo of rock/ jazz/ funk/drum & bass Just alternative to everything else
John Staedler: Conscious Rockstar
Arctic Monkeys: a hot indie rock english band... skilled musicians, great accents, awesome songs... you dont get much better than this.
Ten Days: An eclectic mix of styles led by profound bass riffs and driving guitars.
Beau: New Wave/Psychedelic/Post-Punk Singer-Songwriter Beau rocking from the OC to all around the world....
Kris Roche: Kris Roche makes acoustic guitar oriented tunes influenced by Alexi Muroch and Jack Johnson.
Jeremy Gloff: Deep Blue Pop for Deep Blue People
Amethyst: Singer Amethyst returned from the Middle East determined to make a difference in the lives of others. Her songs are a wake up call to all of us that lives can be changed when your own attitude about life improves.
Peter Toh: Very fresh and new style that will blow you away
Intelligence Mission: redhousepainters/mbv/smashingpumpkins/the shins
Intelligence Mission: mbv/redhousepainters/smashingpumpkins/theshins
You Had Me at Hello: danceable stories of the high school years
Brett Bixby: Atmospheric independent music reminiscent of Beck, Neil Young, Zero 7, Nick Drake
Stray (Swe): 4 piece playing weird eerie Indie rock.
pt-r: electronic
Hooligan Wine: Singing acoustic trio with guitar, cello, and bass
Dario-V-: Soothing psychedelic dark rock music.
Sinister Cleaners: UK indie band related to The Wedding Present, The Ukrainians, Whole Sky Monitor and The Trippin
Tripping Cherubs: Indie guitar music inspired by chronic depression
hillside manor: Brought together by a shared sense of awe towards music, Hillside Manor emerges as a band that carries that feeling to the stage, creating a unique synergy and heartfelt atmosphere in their persona. Experience and emotions are the driving force behind every aspect of Hillside Manor’s presence, shaping their sound, image, and live shows into reflections that connect audience and band.
Vin Thomas: 24 year old Vin Thomas is breaking through the music scene with the release of his debut CD "So Much More". Check out for more info!
The Relief: emerging Vancouver - innovation, kicks & riff driven punk
AERON: A description of Aeron's sound could be put in these words: DIDO dates RADIOHEAD, cheats with COLDPLAY, falls in love with DEPECHE MODE while listening to PINK FLOYD, and their love child is AERON. (Alternative / Melodic Rock)
Dan Getz Music: change for the better, it's only a click away
EiDoxis: Electronic music from London
Kyle Whitcomb: Acoustic music from San Diego, CA
The Gousters: An eclectic blend of traditional country, country, rock & ballads in the alternative gnere
Lockbox: Alternative/rock band from Powell, Ohio.
THE KONS: Electro-Punk-Afro-Beat from Los Angeles - Great for driving
Moog: hungarian indie rock band
Dash The Assassin: Rock band in Ohio with a sound unlike any other!
The Corpralites: Amazing
Mystic Flavor: a delicious bled of funk jazz and progressive
POPmo: electronica composer and producer
nervegasm: Eclectic , Electornic, Experimental, D&B, DOwntempo.
parcheesi: rock, metal, synth, hint of brown
Autumn Stone: Progressive indie pop rock band from Wellington, New Zealand
contrast: The number 1 mod-influenced indie/rock band
LSDNA: Independent music for CD, DVD, MP3, MP4, QuickTime, Web.
Sidetracked: howie day
Too Stoned To Bobsled: Online home of Canadian Musician Johnny Pøptart
November: Dutch progressive / alternative rockband
the MULTIVERSE: Merge with the Multiverse at A new project from ex March Violets guitarist, Tom Ashton. Mp3's and cd's for sale. 'The Multiverse mine a deep torrent of layered ambient guitar, peppered with dissonant electronics and Ashton's own haunting vocals.' - Splendid Magazine, 2005.
Nathan Goodman: Features music and videos from indie rock artist, Nathan Goodman. Site offers FREE CD, Free mp3 downloads, video downloads, lyrics, guestbook, and more.
orem: independent omaha band
Sock hop arousal: Dub/Funk post-punk explosion
Sock hop arousal: Dub/Funk post-punk explosion
Chris Nettleton: Progressive Folk
flywheel: Irish psychedelicÊ group, Influenced by My Bloody Valentine, 18th Dye, Stereolab and Magic Mushrooms
Carrie Taylor: solo female rock
THE FOURCE: Folk/Rock/Americana, People Say some songs sound like Traveling Wilburys
Kelli Hanson: Lullaby for An Astronaut is beautiful, powerful storytelling. Intense and personal, crafted, and soaring, Kelli Hanson's voice carries you through the dark to a glowing place with fireflies, moths, and memories fluttering around you.
Abie Toiber: Progressive Electronic Rock
Rayna: Powerful acoustic singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada
Sky Like Skin: A diverse, intense, thoughtfull, honest projection of sound and energy.
Dan Peter: acoustic
Johnny Rogers: sydney based aural artist who moves thru many modes of being
Projekt Gift: Revolutionary Rock music. With two bass players
Synesthesia: Indie music that rocks!!!
fastball: great band, still out there. new record from 2004
First Line Third Planet: Alternative rock band from Chatham Ontario
Stuck: heavy alternative/NuMetal from York, Pennsylvania
Stuck: Hard Alternative/ NU-Metal from York, Pennsylvania
Energie Finger: these people on the lefthand side made it visible; the pony in their word was plain for all to see and wish upon
Malaventura: New fusion between folk rock experimental electronic
dead pan rangers: experimentally skewed anti-rock/pop
Gods 'n' Gurus: Rock influences from the '60s to the present combine to create an intriguing aural experience. Get lifted!
TheCorpralites: A three piece indie band with many influences. These 15 year olds have created a new sound and are sure to amaze you.
Via Maris: Via Maris is the music of Mike Bubeck. You will hear the heart on the sleeves emotions of the singer songwriter mixed with the stunning beauty of the electric guitar. 2 free mp3's on the site.
Glyn Bailey: Quirky pop-rock songs from this UK based writer
Opensource: italian indie rock band
kAte stArr: Pixies- like indie rock/pop
Longshore: 80's influenced Brit-Pop 4-piece group
Submarine Fleet: Gothic/Shoegazer/Indie
Last Meridian: If Bright Eyes and A Perfect Circle dated and had a kid named Nirvana.
Mistook: Art-Modern Rock from the up and coming city of Aurora, IL. All music and art files free for public use.
Memo: Advant-Gard Math Rock a la Dredg, Pattern is Movement, Hum, Tool, The Melvins
Never Forever: Three piece Alternative Indie rock band from Chateauguay Quebec
Orius: Hard Rock Band From Stourbridge, UK
Deco Halo: Female-fronted modern alternative rock. Think Garbage, Evanescence, the Cure.
Eschellon: sounds like earlier radiohead, touch of strokes, and a touch of funk. Very good band they seem to be getting popular
Omo Misha (featuring Project Pollen): An NYC resident and native of Detroit, lyricist and song-stylist, Omo Misha, collaborates with Project Pollen (Steve Greenwell) to create a sultry, trippy, retro and, at times, other-worldly experience. Listen and buy the CD at
Digital music of Kevin Dellinger: Digital music of Kevin Dellinger featuring real audio stream previews and mp3s available for download.
Muffins For Emma: we're french living in a small french island in indian ocean, we play since 1994 and all the members know eachothers since years or are in the same family. the band use guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and 80's synthetizer drumbeat we sing in english actually and french labels told us that only french music has a chance to be signed... NO WAY ! we grew-up with pixies, iron maiden and wham !
Revolver Modele: Danceable retro-wave
Existensminimum: Existensminimum makes dayglo electro-pop, likened to DJ Shadow meets Spiritualized meets XTC meets Seefeel.
Antennas: Antennas is a pop/rock band with a quite own brand of quality songwriting, dabbling in pop, rock, americana and 70´s balladry
Serena Lauren: Serena Lauren writes melody-driven, high-energy, alternative pop/rock music. One moment she'll be singing a fun, Brit-pop inspired tune and the next and intense and emotional ballad.
It's Like Love: Alt rock from Arizona
Chris Price: 1980s-influenced synthpop out of the Washington, D.C. area. Free MP3 download.
Jamieson's Ego: Mark Driedger Rock Technology MP3 and DIVX
Uncle Jeff: Folk influenced, tongue in cheek, british feeling Indie Rock
ruby bullet: a modern, female-fronted prog-rock power trio
Gabriel Secrest: College Rock for Long Nights
The Vinyl Clouds: indie alternative retro pop
The Bad Machines: The Bad Machines - femme fronted indie/electro/guitar pop.
Captain Dangerous: Indie Rock band from Lincoln, England. Danger Power!!!
Phil Nasr: The real deal!!!
Lou Dog: psychedelic garage,indie art rock
Languid: Low rock
Sonido Gris: Friendly fire in digital and analogue
United: Introspective music for intelligent music lovers.
Kenny Wright: Electronic darkwave music with influences from gtoh, classical, jazz, etc
The Fountain: Manchester Based Band
The Shapes: NYC Indie Rock - Garage/Alt/New Wave ..... If you listen to bands like The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, The Shins, The Bravery, Devo, The Cars, Weezer, The Ramones... Add yourself on our myspace site at
The Veins: American Acoustic Rock Meets Progressive Indie Britpop.
10 mph: A film that will consist of an all-independent sound track. Accepting submissions.
Royal Jones: alternative 'soul' vocalist with four octave range,..all original tracks, upbeat,edgy, lots of hooks, , unusual..wonderfully engineered...'PAIN STAIN' is worth a listen.....lovely.
CAPITAL EXPRESSWAY: indie punk country
Back to Mono: Melodic Alternative Rock from Columbus, OH
The Burns Unit: UK based band the Burns Unit have been rocking it for three years now. Hey visit our site ans step into the crazy world that is The Burns Unit - many of the songs have a comical twist - check out Jacko - and join up to our messgae board and let us know what you think! Thanking you....x
Social Cyanide: Social Cyanide is a power trio from The GTA. A predominate, solid energetic backbone. Unorthodox thundering bass lines that fill a room. Brilliant, abstract and vibrant guitar work, covered with melodic harmonies create the Band.
Brandon Greenberg: Brandon Greenberg - Singer/Songwriter - Listen to his music
Obie Call: Obie Call, a punk rock, country, reggae, jazz band from Illinois, stand ready to bring the music industry to its knees.
Greg Murray: Irish singer songwriter
Ash Tree: Journal of a writer/songwriter: now with mp3’s.
After the Fall: Pgh PA area band of longtime musicians that have come together & rapidly gaining attention. Visit
Januzzi Watchmen: This is alternadelic rock at its best! Plenty of melody keyboards from another planet!
i am wax: One man, writing music, addicted to it... U2 beat up by Coldplay and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club while being filmed by Custom
postal service: emo type techno sound that makes you want to watch the rain. they team with Reilo Kileyto make some great music. listen and love.
Vern Batty: web site of Vern Batty singer songwriter independent recording artist
Dresden Dolls: a retro almost 20's style piano and drum group made up of a girl singer and piano player and the guy drummer. as hard core as you can possibly get on the piano
(die) Pilot: dreamy alternative with an indie-rock edge
ToneBank Load-A-Tone: Get free songs! FREE I tell you! Dont forget to leave a message.
Tritennial: Good blend of genres.
Tritennial: Mix of genres.
Strange Lights band wint Indie pop and rock music and free mp3s: Strange Lights is a Crestone colorado band with music influences including folk, rock, punk and shamanic styles. We play an eclectic mix of Rock and Roll original and cover tunes. Strange Lights has gained momentum over the last 4 years and the musical chemistry between Lonny Roth and Debra Irizarry is undeniable. So keep your eyes open.
Kal: Official site of unsigned songwriter Kal, dabbling in alternative and experimental rock.
Highroad No. 28: Website for heavy rock heavyweights!
Pom Pom Diary: Modern New Wave and Indie sounds from the Los Angeles music scene.
3 Minute Hero: Alt/Power Pop Trio rockin' the midwest. Site features show dates, photos and more.
Foolhardy: Honest pop made in Berlin.
Branks: loud, abrasive, math indie noise from Columbus, Ohio
HIGBEE/KAYNEEVOL: over 100 free downloads access to poetry and other
Life Bitter Soul: Electro Rock
Gardy: Acoustic guitar rock currently from Boston, Massachusetts.
thr INKlings: indie style band, the magnificent band "the INKlings" haling from birmingham, england, one to watch
The Broken Silence: When you compile alternative guitars and vocals mixed with orchestral strings, a vast array of hip hop drum samples and thought provoking lyrics, you get
Perish Ruby: Debut album with 15,000 downloads and plays since Aug 2004.Gotta check these guys out!
turningpoint: Alt-punk
Civilized Animals: Music is a reflection of society. Despite constant struggle for success, the music industry has been dormant with effort to find new original talent. Civilized Animals, a band and concept has formulated a new age of music for advancement into our next millennium.
Tracie Minkoff: Acoustic alternative folky-pop
X. Allgood: Allgood from undersole., solo ALBUMS
Dreyfuss: A heavy dose of Hip-Hip Rock with a twist of Rage.
greg.GORY: greg.GORY specializes in original experimental rock a la Slint, Tortoise, Don Caballero, Rodan and Ruma Sakit to name a few.
Stacy Koviak: Dual site focusing on Stacy Koviak - singer/ songwriter, as well as her entire band - insightful melodic rock.
Plasticine Porter: psychedelic americana
the danger O's: We emerged from the ashes of the convalescent aids and bad bowtie with a completely new sound. Ranging from piercing and spastic to gentle and sedative, this up up sound is the bastard child of countless influences ranging from the Police to the Pixies.
Edward: Rock and roll band from Kalamazoo, MI based on melody, 3-part harmony, and loud guitars
CRUSH: dark pop
Arcana: Acid Rock
sonntag: garage/dance rock
The Man with No Name: Politically oriented (U.S.A.) alternative rock disguised as easy listening/pop/rock music.
Starvation Army: Starvation Army could be defined as a 'rock band' but that would be too simple. The sound that this band has developed has come from a variety of backgrounds including jazz, 80's hair bands, stoner rock, metal thrashings, grunge and a touch of old school twisted with a dash of new school.
Dream Hive: Surreal and psychedelic experimental digital music and art
Steve Cuch: acoustic/folk/emo/rock
Absinthe Academy: Los Angeles Alternative Rock Band
azwel: interesting melodic pop in the vain of radiohead, suede, pet shop boys
momentus: new live video @
Dr. Oxide: Eclectic Country Folk, Scruff Rock - a refreshing, raw and edgy departure from contemporary fare containing social, political and environmental commentary with a hint of humor. Infectious melodies that will leave listeners “Crying in the Rain” for more. Songs of love and hope for the body and mind.
Jillian Ann: Jillian Ann's music library consists of over 140 original songs, ranging from instrumental compositions for film and tv to avantgarde pop tracks resembling the complex sensitivity of fellow artists like Bjork, Kate Bush or trip-hop originators like Portishead.
Salt: Modern Christian Alt-Rock Praise
Joseph K: a high enrgy band that mixes punk, rock and alternative in a way that has never been done before. Really I'm serious there's nothing like it.
Michael Plater: Solo musician based in Melbourne, Australia.
after-two: alternative punk/rock band from scotland.
Surrealistic Penguin: Surrealistic Penguin are an indie alternative band from Sussex. "I swear I have heard these songs in some other life. Very emotionally powerful; endearing lyrics, haunting vocals, rhythms, and piano tones. Beautiful stuff!"
Steve Rich: A London based musician's website, offering information and free mp3 downloads
Cisco Colby: Cisco Colby, 28 from Tampa Bay mixes awsome lyrics with raw live sounding acoustic guitar to give you a superb listening experience.
Bloomington: An emo/ folk band from the Lexington KY area. Lots of emotion couple with alot of good guitar.
Front Row: barrage of social and political commentary...Alternative, eclectic, psychedelic
Casey Cyr: independent alternative
Obsolete: Irish band . Paddy pop .
Friendly Fire: Glamtastic rock with bombastic guitar and jackhammer rhythm section
The Unicorns: Awsome real indie.....
Ryan Sutter: Website of solo musican Ryan Sutter's independent record label
ShutterSpeed: Their blend of alternative rock sounds fused with a rap punk edge is sure to win rave reviews from gig goers for years.
Paul Fidalgo: The center of all conspiracy concerning Paul Fidalgo
Anabantha: Band
DRAFT: indie-panda-rock band.
Holiday: High Energy Indie Alt Rock Band
Bedtime Story: Dreamy Poetics in the form of Music
Folkevogn: Folkevogn is a house band on a space ship from the USSR. When there is no technical problem it is a true pleasure of retro and new sounds of pure computer music.
driver 8: Great debut album "circles flat line"
Mister Mood: Mister Mood find themselves hoaning in on tones that are deep and meaningful, heartfelt and poppy, and often the moody interlude. In any case, these guys are soaking in the influence and writing material daily.
The Adopted: One Man Industry recording artist. (alt. rock)
Charlie Williams Jr: Shredlocks Lead Singer
Corporate Gun: Welcome to the machine
Sonic sound unit: punk-rock/pop rock/lo-fi rock in all it's glory
Badly Drawn Boy: Rocky guitar and piano based rock.genius music.
The Virtual Valentinas: The Virtual Valentinas are thrashy yet adorably transfixing and their manners and inspirations comes straight out of the sounds and expressions of bands like lush, throwing muses, pixies, breeders, belly ...
Reich And Roll: military music is reborn in the digital age with soaring guitars, classic melodies and powerful rhythms.
ToneBank: Formed by James Blackburn and James Elias, ToneBank have high doses of randomness and comic stupidity in their music!
Jukolin: swing country, rock, original, uke, jew's harp, fiddle, slide, bass
Dan Scanlan: ukulele song and musci
blush and lure: the real thing from tel aviv
Never Forever: Unique sounding band with an slight emo influence. Guitar, keyboard and drums
Figurehead: El Paso, Texas ambient, atmospheric, post-punk band.
AQUARIUS CHAIN: Teetering somewhere in between hard rock and alternative they spin their stylistic sound which has been compared to The Cure, Interpol, and Placebo
Liquid Eve: Cazy ASS punk/alternatve with a funky bass line.....
Craig Wickham: Pop meets Folk meets Country meets Jazz. Add it all up and listen to Craig Wickham. His influences reach across all boundries and is sure to have something that will please you.
Otherwise Orange: Bright, Quirky, Bizarre, Twisted, Dark; 10 full-length mp3s and streaming audio.
Holiday Radio: Catchy Acoustic Indie-Pop band from Washington State
Chris Tate Band: If you like Dave Mathews, check these guys Austin, Texas jam band with Folk/Funk roots.
HCE: octopus core!! that doesn't regester, well deal with it.... umm.... we're from winnipeg manitoba
John Wayne Samurais: violins!!! cellos!!! guitars!!!
James Harvey Band: Love and War
Vic Thrill: NYC band specializing in melodic, experimental funk-rock that will get your brains working and your butts shaking!
Noise Bitch: harnessed noise chaos with occasional melodic releases. noise fun in chef's whites
Shink: spacedronenoisebliss
Patchwork Grace: Female fronted alt/indie rock
Jerimae Yoder: Modern Acoustic
To Make The Wheel Rounder: Hard acoustical music with instuments and lyrics
DRIVEN: Awesome Rock Band performing Covers in New England
Safe Haven: Safe Haven Official Band Website
Safe Haven: Safe Haven Official Band Website
Safe Haven: Safe Haven Official Band Website
Jan Morrison: Sacred Electronica
clitinc / klitink : post-psychedelic-punk-philosophy
INDOFRUMBAH: Ska, Punk, Rege, Punk with Soul
me: progressive
Difuser: flavor of Nirvana & Foo Fighters
Aston: Music, Bio, Q&A interview, Pictures
Royal Jones: alternative 'soul' vocalist with four octave range,..all original tracks, upbeat,edgy, lots of hooks, , unusual..wonderfully engineered...'PAIN STAIN' is worth a listen.....lovely.
ToughFish: independent music artist.
Once Upon America: 80S new wave, 90S punk, electronica
Never The Nines: Unconventional rock trio from NJ
5th PROJEKT: Neo-Classical Romanticism
X(Melon): Swedish Rock/Punk/Pop Band
The Virtual Valentinas: shimmering pop punk
The Burnettes: New Wave Country Kitchen Party Pop from Vancouver BC.
the vixen red.: Heavy, guitar-driven, power-pop, poetic world rock, immersed in black with a red aurora
The Moveable Furniture: A Pop-Folk-Rock group out of Detroit, MI
Prettier Than Pink: All-Pinay New Wave Band
Peter Coyle: Liverpool Singer/Songwriter Who Influenced Keane and Coldplay
Airlia: Eclectic Christian Alternative Rock
Girl In Park: Dreamy, confessional alternative rock from the Philippines a la Belly, Madder Rose, and the Sundays
P R E S E N T T E N S E: female fronted, dark ambient pop rock / electronica. psychedelic and sexy.
Fallout: fake drums
Sheila and the Insects: "Few rock bands in town could stand at the crossroads of a dynamic and evolving music scene and knock down the high walls that divide music genres and audiences with as much success as Sheila and the Insects.”
ear: music for your hole
Young Men Sent: Contemporary Christian 4 male member group, Ohio
Lythion: Lythion is the duo of Ilyana Kadushin & James Harrell. Lythion is a rock musical that traverses many places...check out this site!
Marshall: Alt rock/techno+artwork from the master
Woodward: an intimate artful debut with hushed vocals and lush instrumentation that winds and weaves, as if the melody is being made before your ears -- elusive, intricate, and unconventional...
Faler: House of Common: a one man project that is relentless, pioneering, and distinct.
Del Doe Vibe R8 2ri: the mnsters of philippines proud 2 be!!!!!
Del Doe Vibe R8 2ri: the mnsters of philippines proud 2 be!!!!!
...for all I care: Alt rock band based out of Chicago
Perish Ruby: Alternative rock band
the burne: edgy, alternative rock
Clearbell: intense rock music with soulful female vocals that will challenge your being.
ANTI-HERO: Female fronted grunge rock from Canada
Die Shinzo: for lovers of Coheed and Cambria
ever: alternative, dark, electronic, female singer
ever: alternative, dark, electronic, female singer
aTim Williams: One of three up and coming artist on the newly founded pureblend records, tim provides a unique sound like that of coldplay with a christian overtone that causes the listener to crave more
Dan Zimmerman: Highly original mostly acoustic rock from College Park, Maryland
the under age locals: 4 piece alternative-rock band - Chicago
DRAFT: panda-rock-dislexic-noise alternative soul/rock
lowlight: a life affirming release of frustration, contemplation, and the reconciliation of unrequited love. embarks on an acoustic-driven emotional freefall with a blue-black glow, urgent and in despair. a recovering melancholic sound. dim the lights, be world-weary, and wear your heart-on-your-sleeve.
Tub: Accordion-based pop rock in the San Francisco bay area
everything fades: Buffalo band with female vocals comparable to orgy, garbage, switchblade symphony
urbandub: filipino,from cebu city, indie band
EFECTO: Mexican Drum n' Ranch Style Beats
Exit the Ordinary: Definitely a band that gets around, Exit the Ordinary is impressing concert-goers everywhere they play. From local out of the way venues to the hallowed halls of New York's C.B.G.B. the band is leaving a trail of fans in their wake. With a deep love of music and determination, Exit the Ordinary endeavors to make creative, yet relevant, music that challenges their listeners and themselves. This American West Cost Guitarist engineered, arranged and produced the entire CD. Kim has been a recording engineer for 30 years and a guitarist for just as long if not longer. All music and images were recorded and edited digitally by him on a computer. All music parts were simulated with a guitar synthesizer or played with a vintage Stratocaster.
iZLER: British rocker and former Robbie Williams lead guitarist making his own way, based out of L.A.
Attila Kovacs: Attila Kovacs, musician-songwriter
Seven Color Sky: New wave influenced, indie-pop/indie-rock band from Pittsburgh
Bad Dog: Alternative rock band from the Bay Area.
alewives: indie band from halifax nova scotia
ALU: L.A based artist ALU's apocalyptic lullabies blend elements of electronic, jazz, classical and pop music. For fans of radiohead, portishead, bjork, tori amos, massive attack, jeff buckley and coldplay. ALU is the sound of the future...
Amber Rubarth Band: Percussive Acoustic Blend of Folk, Blues and Pop with a Positive Edge.
Bi-Level: Alternative Rock for the Masses
Renata Youngblood: Soulful singer/songwriter with acoustic licks that integrate the sounds of reggae and folk. Fall under the spell of this dynamic performer.... she's truly intoxicating!
Sistah: alternative triphop noisepop soulfunk
Skinny Project: Spanish electronic artist. Shoegazing music, chillout sounds and minimal house rhythms. "William Orbit meets Cocteau Twins" music.
Robert Griswold: Musical Sureal Paintings
54 Seconds: Psychedelic, melancholic, ambient, enigmatic, lyrical, moody, ethereal, pneumatic art-pop
Joshua Path: los angeles
Short Attention Span: Local Indiana band with several elements and influences
KingBathmat: Progessive/Psychedelic/Alternative/Rock artist from the UK
Leaftree & Downey: Alternative adult indie rock & pop
Zest of Yore: Hailed for their clever lyrics and sense of humor, critics have compared this Texas indie-rock band to Guided by Voices, the Posies, Elliot Smith and Wilco.
S.L.I.P.: Warning - Not suitable for children & some adutls!
Serena Lauren: The Waking Up EP by Serena Lauren, noted for her honest lyrics and passionate voice, is a refreshing blend of pop/rock and alternative music.
Belita Adair Music Medium: Spirit channeled pagan psychedelic new alternative music
Yo Bradbury: Techno/Guitar Alternative
porcelain goddess: an ethereal, electro operatic and world fusion influenced music project. down tempo... listen to or download mp3's
Pleonasm: New York based hard rock band stretches the limits of alt-metal with punk, metal, bles, alternative, international influences. Strange but True. Influences range from Metallica and Soundgarden to Fugazi, Radiohead and Reggaeton. Strangely addictive. Originators of Grime Rock.
Coybito: It's punk, it's goth, it's electro, it's indie, it's mayhem, and it's Coybito. Coventry's PREMIER ELECTRO-ROCKERS! Or something.
The Clairvoyant Obscure: Post modern space rock...kinda.
Shane Bartell: Hip AAA Alternative Artist out of Austin, TX
Dirty Shirt: Jamming band from Ontario doing bluesy/jazz/fusion
LaSnacks: We're Big In Japan: It's not easy to describe... "Fusion" Rock? A fusion of indie rock, jazz, metal and punk. A creative and fun.sound.
39 Reasons: High energy Los Angeles Alt-rock band made up of four East Coast transplants with diverse musical backgrounds. No excuses... just 39 Reasons...
Bob Sixsmith: Bob Sixsmith is a unique guitar composer who's work has been discribed as "Frank Zappa"..."Bill Nelson"..."Dave Gilmoore". His guitar orientated music has overtones of Hendrix with a 21st Century feel.
Bob Sixsmith: Bob Sixsmith is a unique guitar composer who's work has been discribed as "Frank Zappa"..."Bill Nelson"..."Dave Gilmoore". His guitar orientated music has overtones of Hendrix with a 21st Century feel.
Mo Rebo: Progressive
2020: Kansas City Band - Adam Blue and Evan Dease front this Kansas City pop band. The website has links to at least 4 free songs including the recent hit "Lift You Up" as well as "Nothing Left To Say", "Freedom", and "Show Your Love".
commercial dual purpose: alternative rocking pop from the uk
KEIMA: Official Website of recording artist KEIMA.
xpress: Music for music lovers
war story: radiohead meets nine inch nails meets the strokes...inexplicable really...very unique stuff
robert wilson: Vancouver singer/ songwriter and recording artist
xrayok: Alternative music for alternative minds
Paul Fogarty: songwriter singer written over 600 songs, released two indie albums, all 24 songs got FM radio airplay, supported Status Quo in Germany...strange but true. Alt Country mixed with other stuff, but the songs are great.
Orange Montage: New music from Orlando's Rob Messing and friends
Joe Caprice Official Music Website!!: Acoustic by Joe Caprice is Alternative Rock with hints of Country, Jazz and Americana, delivered through powerful vocals and rhythmic guitar -- songs that reflect how we treat one another…
Joelseph: Indie acoustic rock meets singer/songwriter meets emo meets U2
Killer Love Transplant: indie rock
Raga-Muffin: Check this young band out of the Twin Cites with their
Feeding 5K: Maine Christian Modern Hard Rock
Blair Hansen: Melodic alternative acoustic pop music.
Channel 43 C43: High Energy in your face melodic brain fart
rocketface: Toronto Canada based rock band with psychedelic edge
stay: Indie-pop band made up in Barcelona, 1998, by Jordi Bel, Jordi Cruellas and Coke Serret. STAY creates its own melodies using a convincing and easy to assimilate sound which is clearly influenced by the 60’s and 90’s British pop and by measured drums rhythms which grow halfway between Manchester and Seattle, like like The Byrds, Small Faces, Stone Roses, Primal Scream or New Order.
Uwawa: Local NYC Alt/Pop band.
An Angle: An Angle’s 1st release has been described as Emo-Folk without the entire depressed attitude.
PerSwayed: Progressive Original Alt. Rock Band
Jim Salinger: Singer/songwriter similar to Wilco and The Replacements
red monroe: progressive and innovative, eclectic alternative rock band from Dallas, Texas. Along similar lines as Radiohead, Coldplay, and Doves, but with hints of other genres such as jazz, folk rock, and electronica.
Husky: power-pop
H Pisces : alternative rock from UK/Canada: Features CDs, mp3s, news, tour dates and more
FLV: Site in portuguese with clips of songs, videos, and cool stuff of the band.
Nebulaone: A fine blend of aggression, empathy and eeriness with Thumping atmospheric grooves
Elliot Road: The official website of the Wichita, KS alternative rock band Elliot Road.
Bland: alternative, indie, punk blend
afterthem: polyrhythmic alt.rock.sextet ...good vox..GREAT basslines
juguete: spanish alternative band from LOS ANGELS
Small Town Drunk: Weird guys that play crazy music in the frozen tundra of North Dakota.
Abòn: Gloomy and shadowy electronic music from Norway!
Darkmiracle: 4 piece band from Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic , recording at the moment full length album and spreading the word of an unseen scene from this country.
Mlee Marie: young, female, solo artist from Houston: blends several genres and experimental styles into one personal, introspective sound...follows Neil Finn, BAD, The Breeders, Elvis Costello, Juliana Hatfield, Pavement.....
bazerk: high energy hardcore hip-hop/ funk rock/metal
Karmic Brick: KARMIC BRICK is an Alternative band out of Milford, Massachusetts. The band's music evokes an eclectic mix of styles ranging from folk-influenced to grunge-laced rock.
Steveless: website of the band steveless, listen to some of their music free on this site
Friday Mourning: An east coast rock band that lets their music speak for itself...check them out and contact them with your comments via the website...enjoy!
Mali Woods: Folk Roots Urban Influence
EuroVision: Dark retro euro style 80's
Grand Delinquents: 'Trash Punk Glam Pop' fivepiece from London, with songs that'll either break your heart or bloody your nose
I Am Gary Numan : debute cd from independent artist jim collins
Stagecoach Taxi: Formed from the sand of late night beach parties on the paradise resort island of Martha’s Vineyard, Stagecoach Taxi blends all the elements of love and betrayal into heartfelt and sometimes emotionally wrenching acoustic songs. Distribution for all independent music
BuFu Nation: Alterna-delic rockers, famous for the Simpson's Love Song (SLS)
pauli exclusion principle: alternative-emo rock band from northern california
The State: Indie guitar. Influences: Elliott Smith, Badly Drawn Boy, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The La's
Everyday Joe: Rock music similar to Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, and Matchbox 20. Quality musicianship and catchy songs. A definite "must see live band!!!"
bodisartha: alternative rock in the vein of nirvana and radiohead
Shannon Gray: new wave / power-pop
Cinc: New, official site of Belgrade band, close to Incredible String Band
The Knights of Draconis: An eclectic band with a hot new sound
SOLO DOS EN TIJUANA: Solo dos en Tijuana--a night-jaded, bilingual Hank Williams type of guy, with a Danny Elfman/tequila twist--is pretty freaking awesome.
OrangeEnvy: Rock alternative band from Concord NC
Silvester See ' Da Shao ": Silvester See new Project from Shanghai
Simeon: Alternative rock band dedicated to the cause of free music
Lavonne VonSchron: Weird music that sounds normal.
Lavonne VonSchron: Weird music that sounds normal.
SkyLab: Ethereal melodic rock with an edge
karen mulcahey: The poetry of folk with the guts and passion of rock'n'roll
BonBomb: Raw, Rich, Danceable, Rock, Punk, Simple, Complex, Hyper & Beautiful are all words that describe BonBomb. Its line-up is conventional -- a three-piece band, with Raul on bass, Hank on drums, and Wilson on guitar & vocals -- the music is anything but. It is impossible to fit their music into one category. Drawing from a wide variety of influences, they seamlessly combine their own distinct style with a recognizable sound.
the afterlife: Experimental Electronic Music. sharp smart ethereal
Blessed Redeemed: Canadian Gospel Artists with a variety of sounds, photogallery, guestbook, biography, song samples,produst/events/order info
The Spacers: Eclectic mix of spaceous dreams
Robert Voetes: Moody sound, very melodic
PUSHKINGS: harmonies
Sunny Travels: New original folk-rock groove influenced by Dylan and the Stones.
a girl named jaen: dance, pop, electronica, rock, music
The Sprags: The Sprags Band Official Home Page
Dan Greunke: Dan Greunke a link page for Vandolah
Life is Bonkers: Fast as hell and weird beyond words popish punk from Sacramento: You've either been bonked or you haven't!
Holding Caulfield: post grunge/punk rock/hard rock/pop rock
benny girL: a mix between David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Kinks, The Smiths ala Morrisey on vocals, Brian Ferry, Blur -all these great bands rolled up into one.
Joe Caprice: New Artist, Channel 104.9, Acoustic, Alternative, Rock, Merchandise, Mailing List, Bio, News & Reviews, Store, Online Music, Listen
KC Kancho: Solo acoustic guitar music. Influenced by Green Day and Rancid. Most popular song is the Kelly Kapowski song, a song about the girl from Saved By The Bell.
Beautiful Noise: Genre-mixing alternative music
Simon Stinger: new wave
Jigmakers: NJ Indie Alternative Rock Trio
Marci Geller: Featured on Live! with Regis, CNN Worldbeat, this brutally passionate singer/songwriter dances across the piano with lyrics that read like poetry.
ASLAN'S TABLE: 5 piece Christian Alternative Rock Band
Ninth House: Gothic Rock From New York City
Free Form: Free Form is experimental acoustic/electronic music inspired by Radiohead and Massive Attack, featuring Steve Moore of Inner Surge.
DeeVeeBee: alt singer-songwriters
Extortion Labs: Electronic rock. Better than everyone else.
Raymond Acevedo: Raymond's official website
Wallpaper Silhouettes: Sexy New Wave From Norway. Here you will find biography, mp3`s, music videos, articles, bandpictures and so on... This Is The Way: STEP INSIDE!!!
girl + the machine: Girl + the Machine creates eclectic music that can capture all sorts of the listeners' emotions. G+TM uses visuals along with their audio to create a total blend of imagery and emotion. Formed in 2003, G+TM's style is ever evolving with an endless array of possibilities. g+tm composes and arranges music, sings and writes lyrics in various languages including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese etc and produces visual art. G+TM is a collective of musicians who make sonic enlightening journeys for the masses. Each member is unique and they draw their influences from all over the map. G+TM combines the love of Drum and Bass, Classic Rock, Jpop, and the indie experimental aesthetic. With one self titled e.p. released in mid 2003, and a full length album in the works G+TM is well on their way to world domination. Others have described g+tm music as: chillin, groovy, atmospheric, mysterious. once a baby wanted his dad to repeatedly play one of g+tm song!
Cinc: Chamber-punk band from Belgrade, close to Incredible String Band .
koivu: With lush, Brit-pop melodies and solid American grooves, koivu is quickly establishing themselves as one of the premier Alt-Rock bands of the Atlanta area.
Broken Rain: Adam Mason is Broken Rain, a Bay Area Backrooom Artist.
the freaque: british beat, mod, psychedelic, 2004
venassa carlton: a thousand miles on piano
annabarbi: hungarian indie band
amber smith: hungarian indie band
sondre lerche: emotional melancholic soloist from Norway. Second album due in March
Elektropapst: Alternative-Elektro-Wave = A.E.W. = Elektropabst from GER and Collaboration
For Times Over: Alternative, Hardcore, Punk music from Kentucky
Balochistan Online: offers local and world news free streaming balochi songs music mp3 downloads and more
Young Team: like modest mouse
Blind Jackson: London based 6 piece band knocking out psychedelic-alt-country-blues-ska-garage-rock-n-roll tunes for fun.
Sullen Moon: Official site for Wellington, New Zealand band Sullen Moon. Features news, lyrics, mp3s, biography, and more...
the Night Watchmen: New Vaudeville meets Alterna-Noir
The Papalazarus: Manchester (UK) based indie band with free music downloads
HEADSPACE: fresh, edgey, female fronted hard alternative band out of edmonton, alberta. canada. check out free streaming audio and be sure to leave a review! contact email:
669: Queer American Alternative rock out of Seattle
zua neken: zua neken is a four piece band from Napoli, Italy (drumz,guitar,vocals,bass,samples) taking influences from diferent styles and genres such as punk, metal, emo, ska, reggae, dub, funk, drum'n'bass and chillout. What we play it's an alternative rock that many people say it reminds early incubus, even thought there are many different influences. At least in 2 years we have had lots of shows and gigs (kinda 100 around italy, but we are disposed to move anywhere). We just recorded our first four songs a few months ago and we are looking for a label...meanwhile we go on with our music, shows and experience as a band. Ciao!!
Transe: Progressive-Industrial-Metal with some lyrics in spanish
Spy Radio: Soup is good food !
GROUNDLESS: New metal,Rock,Alternative From Niagara Falls, N.Y
Orchid Defined: With influences ranging from Sonic Youth to Project 86 to The Locust, Orchid Defined is a hard rock outfit with unlimited potential...
Freda Rente': CD
Little Miss Messy: An amalgam of pop-rock, vestiges of west-coast grunge, and lilting lyricism, coupled with hints of bluesy guitar riffs.
no kiss for new years: dreamy space-pop. mellow with substance, for people who like, death cab for cutie, the cure, and the like.
THE CHEESEMAKERS: Original tunes . Imagine The Clash lashing into Iggy in a dark alleyway to a soundtrack of Television's duel guitar majesty and The Who's massive melodic genius and you're there !
Rocket Powered Rocket: solo artist, catcy music and lyrics
Arttunea: excellent guitarist! solo artist.
Orogong: sound layers
Athron: acoustic grooves to full band funk, cello, bass, guitars and drums driving male and female vocals
Expose The Music: ETM consist of two talented musicians: James Elias and Ben Brinkworth who have been writing music together since 1996, both playing keyboards/piano with Ben adding to the music with his drum programming. Both write, arrange and perform the music and astound their audiences with their original styles.
Shoehouse: Hard-driving, punk-influenced, shoegazer-y indie rock from San Francisco
Monogatari: Boy/girl experimental indie-rock from Detroit.
Waste of Life: 2 18 year old Men Acoustic Alt. Rock Band
Idée Fixe: Dark/Ambient/Melodic
Tiffany Shea Band: melodic voice with haunting, yet sometimes poppy music
Black Bag Job: Kansas City based rock band. Get mp3 and jpg files also get gig information.
Frequency Fall: Radiohead meets Smashing Pumpkins meets Jeff Buckley. With just a twist of Soundgarden.
Genetic Habit: Fusion,rock,alternative, d'n'b band from Singapore. Many styles
Standing in the Middle: Standing in the Middle music in Eugene & Corvallis, Oregon - an alternative, blues, folk, jazz, rock, country and classical band
SigNos: ElectroWaveIndustrialDark
Recovery Council: Lush, ethereal music about engineers and robots
valvedrifter: Awesome Alternative Prog-Rock band from Norman, OK
Codebreaker : "The songwriting is punchy and subtle, paired with infectious rhythms that tread a fine line between Roxy Music's philosophy of music as style and Brian Eno's electronics-infused early solo work. Throw in a dash of playful Earth, Wind & Fire-inspired soul and smooth-as-silk production and the resulting musical cocktail is quite invigorating. Codebreaker 2 showcases Milwaukee's finest kicking out modern-era dancefloor tracks with an astro-jazz undercurrent and trippy ambiance. Watch for them on a major label release sometime soon..." -Alternative Culture Guide
D-RAILED: Acoustic/rock band from Terre Haute, Indiana
Dirty Shirt: The New Dirty Shirt site, fusion/jam band from Ontario
23 Rainy Days: Goth/Glam: The Cure, New Order, Poison & Crue
Red Cell: Dark, Heavy, Sampling, In Your Face.
VELCRO MARY: Experimental indie-pop from Charlotte, NC.
Sault: Alt/Rock with original sound
Hamriee The GengZ: Welcome To Indie Music
sheila on 7: The soft music
non-existent: Catchy Pop/Rock quartet from Southeastern Wisconsin.
PARADOX: Paradox - A Powerful Alternative Rock outfit hailing from Ireland!!
PATSY: post-punk melodic indie girl band from L.A.
Plowing Mud Forever: NYC-based alternative rock/ metal project
the wankers: Cincy based punk, rock, funk, ska, and roll, baby !!!Yeah!!
The Joes: Rock and Roll With Drums
THE PARTY: The Party have been (favourably) compared to The Fall, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash,Smog, Talking Heads, The Stranglers, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Tindersticks, The Flaming Stars, Black Flag & many many more...their most recent release is "it's the small things that keep you awake..." on the totally independent Colchester Recordings label.
Stars Above: Emooriented swedish pop band with female vocalist. Dreamlike and beautiful.
Delta Activity: alternative rock band from San Jose,Ca
Frances Plante-Scott: Official website for Folk Hero and Singer/Songwriter Frances Plante-Scott. Freedom Through Entertainment!
Underground Nation: Alternative Rock
Dave Devlin: Philly Singer/Songwriter
Drew Tichnell: 17 yr. old singer/songwriter - E. Texas Southern Rock/Blues
Prior Life: Prior Life Website
KLOWNFISH: San Diego CA. Hard hitting punk with smooth reggae changes and choice melodies
Arthurs: Catchy mandolin songs about love, war, vegatables and animals
Tangent Sunset: Conceptual melodic music from Northern California
Strangers In The Bush: Alternative band from Central Kentucky
0 Boohoo Dynamite 0: big
Keith Kofron: League Of Poetic Justice/Pop rock twisted into objects of no particular use.
MomentForm: indie/alt. rock music from Reading, PA
Cannibelle: Great vocals with catchy hooks over a very raw sounding distorted guitar. Cannibelle, of Boston, MA, has a strong talent for songwriting and the vocal of Jennifer Iwanicki is exceptional (accompanied by divine harmonies).
Bigfellas: San Diego band - The bastard lovechild of Ben Folds & Axl Rose Promote Your Music for FREE
David Hopkins: David Hopkins is from Dublin... lives in San Francisco. Each record better than the next.
PROWLR: Alternative/Heavy Metal - Similar to Disturbed to Judas Priest
Enamor: alterna-pop that rocks you like the deserving pop-a-holic fiend that you are.
Escape Engine: California's one and only
FRET: Alternative Melodic Metal
Mind's Hideaway: hard alternative rock with jam groove influences
Souls For Rent: Modern Alternative with a taste of the past
Das Bandt - Official Site: Home of Swedish alternative rock trio Das Bandt.
Ronis Brothers: This site will split you like wet pine.
House of Commons: indie/hardcore
Troll Cookies: Independant Australian band, influences - Incubus, Hoobastank, Red Hot Chili Peppers...
Alemazz: Official Website of Toronto band Alemazz. Song lyrics, Photos, sound clips, show dates, etc.
Kate Goodess: Singer-songwriter, musician and erstwhile poet, based in Suffolk UK.
Trevor's House: Introducing, Trevor's House, Melbourne based Soulful and funky organic blues rock band...With the trademark stunning vocals of Dallas Frasca they are the most promising independant act to emerge in recent years. Trevor's House create an intensity in there performances with their bluesy guitar licks, commanding vocals and funk driven rhythm section. Check them out!!
deveat: for now, melodic powerful songwritting creating quite a buzz in their state of texas and northern mexico
Jason Ludwig: Music that puts goosebumps on your eardrums
Alcott: Indie/Alternative High School age band from Northeast Massachusetts
Layden Robinson: singer/songwriter with souful vocals.
Frazmosis: Toronto Rock band fronted by 'Fraz' plays intelligent, fresh Rock Candy for discerning audiences.
Flee The Evil: A Christian band from california. Rock, Punk, and Emo.
Backward Revolver: strrrrrrrrrrange but melodious new artist - going places
jill zutty: alternative pop rock dark and edgy sung from the heart
Jill Zutty: alternative pop rock dark edgy songs sung from the heart
Jill Zutty: alternative pop rock dark edgy songs sung from the heart
StrawBerry Yoga: rocking neopsychedelic solo project of Chris 444 Lockhart. Guitar-driven and dripping in tripped-out dance and rhythm.. laced with conceptual lyrics and served on a bed of basmati rice.
Nelo: An Irish producer at the cutting edge of Electronic music, check the site to hear many unreleased and experimental songs.
Organical: A new age modern rock band from Toronto
Robi: Official ROBI Website
Living Space: 4 piece original band from Northern California
The Plastic Fantastics: electro-punk-rock
Your Ex-Girlfriend: Band in the TN/KY area
Brent Orndorff: Alternative Acoustic Rock Singer/Songwriter
The Far Euphrates: Songs as pervocative as they are sleepy
Mark Allard: songs to make you want to kill yourself.
EL Rhema Records: 14 free downloadable songs ranging from indie folk to punk, from calgary, alberta, canada
ADMASS: Rock/trip-hop fusion with a political edge.
Persephone: A solo acoustic project for the broken hearted and the hopeless romantics.
MAKES NO SENSE: Indie/emo band from Brazil
Reh Dogg: Alternative Hip-Hop
The South Jersey Seashore Lifeguard Convention Band: A life-preserver for drowning ears. Like the ocean, sometimes calm, sometimes wild. Sometimes a turd floats by.
CELESTINE: Basement music.
Parade: A one man alternative rocking band with drums? Curious?
The Fabiergans: Emo, Punk, Alternative mix. Goofy guys joined together to take over the world!
moonmen: We heart Radiohead, Eels, Dismemberment Plan, The Microphones, Yo La Tengo...
Feels Like Sunday: nifty rock
CAMP: Power-pop Alt Rockers straight out of Southern California. Strong lyrics and driving music blended for a distinct flavor.
Portico: rock music set to classic latin rhythms
Scout's Honor: We could use so many words to describe the sound but it is what it is when it was invented, rock'n'roll. We have been called "folkcore" if we must use such a word. We are heavily influenced by The Pixies, Radio Head, Bright Eyes, Stereotyperider, Ani Difranco, and an endless list of everything we've ever left in our c.d. players, tape decks, and turn tables.
Overdoser: Alternative rock group based in Hong Kong (independent)
the bixbies: Stripped down beer fueled indie rock.
Secondhand Casket: Smooth blend of hard rock/punk/metal, guaranteed to shake her ass.
Hyperdrop: "Alternative synth rock" - let's get it out and about!
Denova: Emotional hardcore band from Russia
Crimson: exciting rock blend with a powerful message
The Lazarus Effect: Critically acclaimed London based folk punk 4 piece.
Juice Mouse Zero: The official webstie for Juice Mouse Zero. Contains JMZ audio, merch, a forum, news, bio, and a FAQ.
Downshallow: One of the most promising Hard Alt. Rock bands to come out of the NY area! Melodic Vocals & Expressive Dynamics over Thunderous Grooves!!!
Black Berry Crush: Good melodic/heavy band from Annapolis with female vocalist, some screaming, 2 guitar, bass, drums, and some keys.
alto 45: Lo-fi pop from the heart of Suffolk.
Alcott: We are a four-piece "Basement Band" out of Beverly, MA. We could be described as a mix of Phish, Piebald, and Weezer, in some weird musical experiment.
On2u: On2u's Band Site: MP3's, Photos, Dates, Mailing List
Spanish for 100: northwest alt-indie guitar country vocal rock music
Focal Point: Official FOcal Point Website
dust: Great jam band combines the sounds and songwriting of some of the greatest albums ever recorded
Jean-Paul: Music by Indie artist Jean-Paul and others
Mysterio Tribe: Atlanta based group, Mysterio Tribe --- a collective from acoustic, beat, metal, and beyond.
The Anna Bocci Band: power-pop keyboard rock from Auburn, AL.
The Arcade Version: indie-emo-post-punk-power-pop band from Auburn, AL. (get up kids, foo fighters, the used)
Myllhouse: New era Fleetwood Mac. A whole plethora of sounds combined to make good music.
cosmic stepping stones: Powerful female vocal and a huge sound
Ellen Beach: maybe the best band in the world
Tachism: A seriously rocking alternative band from Melbourne, Australia.
Angel of the Odd: Intelligent Indie Rock
Professor Hefner and the 18 year old experiment: New band on the indie scene, an edgy mixture of punk, ska and blues - MOSH BLUES
Mitchelle Tanner: Alt country rock AAA singer-songwriter with a unique, intense and powerful voice
Where's Holden: If Pavement married The Who and had a child that road the short bus
NanyaNa: Alternative Funk Rock with a Jazz Infusion In Atlanta
Major Nelson: Official Site of Indie Band Major Nelson
Disco Porno Show: Look inside you. Maybe, you already have been in our castle.
Acid Umbrellas: Indipendent hard-core/garage rap band from Russia. Only dirty words and real kind of minds.
the message: 5 piece indie/rock band from lancashire england
Humbert: songs that don't suck
3against1: 4 piece Alternative Rock band making waves in San Diego
Hollis and the Mighty McGregor: Hollis and the Mighty McGregor is the twp-piece alternative rock project group of Hollis Webb started in Glasgow, Scotland along with Andy McGregor.
Robot Brown: Big, dreamy alt-rock from Dallas, TX; think Cure meets Failure meets R.E.M.
Thomas Kay: Singer Songwriter from Atlanta, GA. Alt-rock, Alt-country, Mountain Punk
The Urban Sophisitcates: Jazz fusion with a rap lead vocal
Pulp: The best indie-britpop band ever!!! Jarvis is the king!
eisenstuck: a mystic band from germany thats work since more then 17 years for his first album that will be a milestone named
bourbonlegend: Any style of music you like, BourbonLegend can write...a solo artist who likes to write different styles.
The Parting Gift: The real, raw rock-based sounds that have defined every youth based musical declaration are back. Enter, The Parting Gift, a moody and emotionally tinged group headed by Kim Leaman. Evidenced by their powerful CD, the group alternates between grungy fuzzy guitar licks, slamming drums and dripping sonic movements, all held in place by Leaman's haunting, melodic voice.-Brita Brundage- The Fairfield County Weekly
Jay and Julie band: Progressive pop/alternative
Kalandu: Kalandu's music has been described as
enfluX: diverse, complex fushion of sounds
Daniell Nelson: Alternative soul
Daniell Nelson: Alternative soul
Lucky Are The Dead: Indie band from Calgary
Eva Stone: Official Web site
Carpetburn: Kent based indie-shoegazer
LiveCoal: LiveCoal is cool. It's like shivering with a fever.
Jamie Browning Band: pop-rock-alt-prog-reggae-jazz-country-goth. Light & Dark, Lush & Stark (Toronto, Canada)
Wishpocket: Drivin' rock/alternative band from Ottawa, Canada. Definitely a must see and hear!! Extremely fun and enegetic live show, with killer tunes!
SHANA: Mainstream USA-International Recording Artist.
Big Green: Discorporate alternative rock group, evolved beyond the need for physical bodies some time in the late cretaceous. Or thereabouts. 3-piece...keys, bass, drums, vocals, guitar. (That's three, isn't it?)
Lenn Marella: Intense, Passionate Acoustic/Electric rock that comes from the gut and the heart.
MBlue: Emo-Rock with rhythyms that blanket your psyche.
Niki Kwik: Phoenix's hottest modern singer/songwriter. Music, photos, show dates/locations, and more!
KLIK: Female fronted alternative rock band
the glass bead game: the greatest band you've never heard...
The TROY TEMPEST: Indie-alternative audio project by Toni Hernandez
wreckingboy: Acoustic exploration in the realm of the terrible heart
Lili McGovern: Music teeming with life
Surefire: from Melodic acoustic ballads to energetic hard rock
Famous in Vegas: Surf, rock, garage, punk, rockabilly lounge act
enflux: diverse,complex,fushion of sounds
East Forty Six: indie rock/punk
Infinity's Twin: Houston rock band w/electric violin.....
sidblu: Clutch Rock from South Florida!
Weekday Wonder: compareable to Jimmy Eat World Switchfoot and Weezer
R: acoustic plus electronic
noyz: brampton, ontaio based acoustic & electric RAWK! mp3s, lyrics, news & more
Clark S. Nova: Experimental, yet melodic music. Often described as a cross between Beck & Bowie. Clark S. Nova has a new CD called DIM SUMMER.
Twenty Twenty Vision: Manchester, UK Singer-Songwriter [melody and lyrically based music]
Head of Lies: panty throwing and pipe smoking alternative rock
meandering for miles: ambient folk-rock from Nebraska
Gorman Prophecy: alternative metal
coulter: morrissey meets elvis meets t.rex
Jay Spears: Here's a guy singing smart, fun, heartfelt love songs about other guys. Fun grooves, extra-crispy guitars, juicy harmonies -- what's not to like?
Drunken Ghost: popish songs with wierd hip-hop backbone
AUDIAC: Official site of AUDIAC
Lolyta Moore: Gospel recording artist
No Diving: Alternative/Punk rock from Manassas, VA
Hot Little Rocket: just like canadian beer / a stronger kick in the mind
chris bailey: singer/songwriter from cincinnati ohio
If all else fails: Alternative rock band from Columbia, SC.
Barbies Gun: Catchy melodic, emotional, rythmic, and most of all meaningful original modern rock! i mean how do you describe it, lol, just listen!
haywards: david enright songs
Thomas Rose: Coffeehouse Rock and Folk Pop.
StumbleRun: Official site of this popular pop rock band from Madison, WI.
The Grand Opening: 4 piece from Sweden with songs ranging from mellow emotional stuff to guitar-driven rocl/pop.
Paris: Swedish indie-pop-disco-synth band!
SouthernLogic: The Music of Free Agent Musician Neal Allen - Columbia, SC
My Familiar: All girl Alternative rock band
Atari Champ: indie rock band influenced by emo from Fresno, CA. We dig music by Pedro The Lion, Weezer, Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate, the Rentals, et cetera...
Blind Faith and Envy: Alternative pop rock band with fresh new female vocalist charlene April
The Bonediggers: Very dark. Acoustic driven folk rock. Tom Waits meets Lowest of the Low in Ontario, Canada
Charlee Ray Price: Soulful Folk Rock
giant sons: An instrumental band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, who draw equally from Karate,
the shannon index: creative four piece alternative outfit residing in Montreal, Canada
Ross Calia: >>>
TuffCat: Edgy lyrics, great singing, no subject taboo
Busted Kings: Click Here - based in New York - Click Here - Rock -N- Roll at its best. - Click Here
Logical Paradise: New young band from Cornwall with great potential. It's real ear candy!
Adkins band: The Official Adkins Band Website
Signal Red: Alternative Acoustic Folk
endochine: different. better. melodic. harmonic. different.
Caleb's Walk: Christian alternative band
Crop Circle: Emerging from Vancouver, BC Canada, check out our local hit Mexican Cockfight.
SloBomb: Heavy Rock/Progressive Alternative Duo
Azaria: Fan site for Azaria of The Mad Agents, in Brisbane, Australia. Azaria performs solo visual art and soundscapes, and with his band, The Mad Agents, plays experimental rock, romantic, punk (rejection of convention) and/or world fusion.
Aces Down: new rock vision
Big Orange Lovely: Beautiful rock gypsy noise from High Point, NC
CELESTINE: Melancholy fuel from Enskede (Sweden)
Melissa Williams: acoustic/melodic/alternative singer/songwriter from Southern California
IN CLOVER: 3 piece Indie rock band (I guess). Imagine Nirvana or Sunny Day with more Tori Amos influenced vocals. They actually write good songs unlike 99% of the bands out there today
Raymond Acevedo: Latin alternative artist...records in English and Spanish
energy ok: spacey, driving, rock
Astronaut: We are indpired by Sigur Rós, Muse, Elbow, Kent and many more. Very sentimental falsetto vocal, and beautyfull songs
Cypher: CyPHER will wreck you.
Clayfoot Strutters: groove music for the contradance community
Clay Vanessa: Clay Vanessa blends classic rock roots with a modern rock sound. Rich jazz-folk harmonies and sizzling rock guitar soar over pop syncopation and cool blues grooves creating an original and refreshingly inventive sound. The lyrical content, comparable to that of rock's greatest writers, comes by way of unforgettable melodies that are a testament to the group's three seasoned songwriters.
Hollow Earth: agressive alternative rock with a sensitive side
Pris: Sugary pop sandwich with razor bread
revlover: Hard rock band from canada being compared to such greats as nirvana. Check these guys out!!! You will not be dissappointed.
ODiO: aggressive alternative rock band with a sensitive side
conceiting.the.victory: indie rock
Charlee Ray Price: Folk/Rock Original Music in Columbia SC
L . A . RUSSELL: Female singer/songwriter/guitarist L . A . RUSSELL
Fiction Moon: Surreal Haunting Ambiance
preeta: a new voice (Stevie Nicks-ish) from Hawaii
Daniel Fitzgerald: Orchestral Celtic Music
The RIDGE: alternative/rock band based in the philippines.
Glare: Alternative
override: work sucks - try override
Bobbysox Music: New CD available featuring many Nashville-based artists
5th Ave: the next big thing
Lazyeye: shoegazer, alternative, experimental, rockin' band!
Dreamfield: Female fronted leftfield pop from London
New Jersey Shoreline: Guitar based acoustic tinged alt rock/country/folk
sup with pluto: a one-girl-army is set to sound. like pluto claudia always rotates in the opposite direction from most of the other planets around. that`s made stories tell!
Xeric: A band from New Jersey with an eclectic mix of people and sounds. Their unique sound will make you fall in love with them instantly.
Austin-Star: UK Alternative/Indie The Band,The Music,The Legend & the perversions
Dave O'Brien: Independent Acoustic / Singer-Songwriter
Wick: NIN meets Rob Zombie. Free MP3 downloads and more.
Mean Bucket Sounds: aggressive funk
Suicidal Poets Home Page: Home Page full of free Samples and links To Cdstore and other related sites
Pygmy: It's just music. Some people say it's experimental, others say it's post rock. Some say fusion. I know i can't tell what the hell it is. Just check it out.
saving ray: Alternative Rock .:[Cincinnati-Ohio]:.
Brian Robbins: "An ultra-fresh, organic singer-songwriter musical discovery" -
Dam Tuesdays: Alternative rock band/From Ottawa/top notch musicians/Rock Chick Julie
jemo: aggressive acoustic alternative
Shatter Instinct: progressive alternative rock
Dorman: Non-geek intellirock, Lanois/New Dylan/U2, Beatles/Lennon, Crowded House
mojometer: an independent rock band from Cleveland
L.I.D. (LIFE IN DISMAY): Straight at you, nail through the eye, reality music, pertaining to the "crap" life often deals us!
Temporary Basement: power pop from washington dc
the Anderson Cancer: The Anderson Cancer deliver big with there Neo-Goth-Post-Alterna-Grunge-Punk-Rock sound!The dark meanderings of the Cancer will take you on a ride to the inside. Exploring sorrow, pain, anger, angst,and other facets of the psycho- drama called life.
The Mensa Select: Disaster rock, looking from the tops of icebergs, and seeing the whole world.
Bricktop: Southern Jam Rock Blues
estella: neato band from new jersey. a guitar, a bass, some drums and a voice like none other. try some mp3's
PUG: Post Rock, Country Grunge w/ literary leanings. Get Some!
comewhatmay: Alternative rock and roll with pop sensabilities
BLUISH: NYC Alt/Indie rock with a flute and male/female harmony vocals. Lots of energy and the best upbeat songs ever!
one armed jubilee.: like weezer? radiohead? just about anything emo or expiremental? yeah. thats us.
robot uk: A shocking and harrowing site about a band from Runcorn in Cheshire that will make you wish that the internet had ended up in the same historical bin as Betamax.
Standard Candle: Birmingham, Alabama based Rock Band...influences U2, Pearl Jam, Counting Crows...
Waking Virginia: alternative rock band with awesome melodies-band info @ site
Project K: Project K are an alternative Rock/Pop/Punk band from Echo Park, CA. with an emphasis on M/F vocals, squeeling guitars, and pounding drums. Not to forget the huge bass...
blowup: Memorable music that we can all relate too!
no apples for adam: no apples for adam is an alternative rock band out of Nashville, TN. Since their ep, "ziphywomper" came out in 1999, the band has been compared with artists from a wide range of genres, reflecting their diversity and creativity. Comparisons to artists such as U2, Vertical Horizons, FFH, Collective Soul, Jars of Clay and Third Day have confirmed the group's committment to creating original and progressive music.
Flawed by Design: Alternative Music from Norman OK
plodive: plodive brings you electirfied gypsy drones caught in the ocean as well as pinhole photography and super 8mm films
Jen Schwartz: Chick semi-acoustic rock
The Clearing: Indie-pop band from Providence, RI. (CMJW) "Sure a lot of bands are doing it, but The Clearing prove that some do it better than others. A must hear!
AciDa: acida official site
Warped: Here's an awesome all girl band, just starting in the music scene on Long Island, New York. Check it out!
Andrew Hennessy & Necati Ozmucur: folk/rock in the style of elliott smith, Belle and Sebastian, Built to Spill
Sebadoh: Information on the band Sebadoh. Features biography, complete discogrpahy, fan directory. Site also features much info on other bands, as well as a reviews section and shop.
cinderleaf: a high energy/low maintenance emo meets rock/pop experience
halo effect: wonderful
Tinkers Punishment: High energy blend of original acoustic/electric pop rock
VIEWERSTARDOM: a techno punk band from toronto on.
Staci Frenes: San Francisco based singer/songwriter
The Mind Candy: Bio, song clips, ordering info.
Forget Finnigan: Heavy Alternative Rock from Canada
LMNO: Mind boggling emotional Alternative Progressive Heavy band from Indianapolis
Fantasmagroover: Official web site
Troy Lukkarila: Tales of torment and fun from Jacksonville Florida's own bipolar arsonist necrophiliac songwriter.
The MiGs: A happy accident of musical genres (rock, pop, new wave, surf, country,'s all there) spiced with Latin percussion and theremin. The MiGs' crew of local Los Angeles scene veterans from a variety of circles makes this an exciting misfit refuge.
Dirty Shirt: Just another jammin band from Ontario-influenced from Zappa to Mozart
the ideal flaw: the ideal flaw is an emersive music that uses exotic instrumentation and clever arrangements to create unique songs.
Terra Firma: Psychedelic Spacerock Band From Seattle/Tacoma WA!
philip foxman: acoustic rock
kung-fusion: jazzy, funky, hip hop, with a rock base sure to make your brain itch
RONDO VEGA: Three piece indie band from AZ with amazing live performance
Slim Cessna's Auto Club: Psychobilly, Hardcore Revival. Alternative Tentacles Records
Life Thread: Emotion Driven Alternative
SUB: Band from Argentina - Pop - Rock - Alternative?
hansi : Singer/songwriter with a three piece band
12th. of Never: A band that has developed two distinct flavors, acoustic-spiritual-tribal, and hard-driven alternative rock with great melodies.
Euphemia: Dreamy Canadian alt-pop...
Dry Roasted Poo Chiclets: we come from the water
Animal Farm: fab power pop solo project from Evergreen's drummer!
the kidneythieves: north new jersey....hoboken.....they write songs...they write songs....they writes mandolin and organ....
the erics: Residents of NYC, this 4-piece ensemble has accrued a loyal following with its experimental and a hard-grooving sound. A indie rock noise combined with jazz sensibility, this band's lyrics are fresh, eclectic, and pleasing to the ears.
Heaven's Burning: All-girl alterna-pop a la Veruca Salt + Lucious Jackson + Sleater Kinney
Heave: Features Elastica keyboard/vocalist Mew, started 1992 - sonic youth meets pavement meets blur meets television
...feels like poetry: emotional rock music fromsouth Florida(sunny day/hum)
...feels like poetry: emotional rock from south Florida(sunnyday/hum)
Cult Mechanics: Alternative heavy rock from the heart of North Carolina, featuring Jon Rozzelle, Hayden Mauney, and Derek Hyde
The Ethers: Alternative-Rock-Pop with a twist of electronic.
Ya-Ne-Zniyoo: a weird blast of thudding, ultra-loud, dangerously-charged creep show rock
Crawdaddy-O Brass Band: A five-piece truly alternative brass band - zany, ridiculous, the best damn time you can have without a prescription
apartment: apartment’s lush Cello, irreverent melodic Guitar, sonic Tuba, quirky
=TAO=: =TAO= is New, Tight, Atmospheric, Aggressive, Emotional, Extreme, Intelligent with Heavy funk-n-groove, always pliable and Changing! The Music of the Next Generation..........
Thrill Hoe: hot female singer, even hotter pop
Flytape: Spacey, yet agressive post-millenium rock.
dreamland: Manchester's Number One indie band website-fully interactive site!
Clear Overlay: EAR CANDY!!! song samples, mp3s, pic, history, contact info
Exomnia: Up and coming alt/rock band Exomnia's web page with free mp3 files for download !!! (FREE MP3!!!!)
fire-dean: Punk Acoustic Folk DJ Opera Hip-Hop wordcentric
The Wooden Boogers: Real Audio, MP3's, CD's and vinyl for sale.
My Friend Kevin: MFK is a rock band with flava. (From Cincy, OH).
Logs in the Mainstream: acaustic! "Each song is an adventure and very different from one another..." Shoelace fanzine
MOSCA DE BAR: Band from south america, strong spiritual ties to bukowski and to alcohol!
Chromavoid: electronic-analog alternative band based in boston with influences randing from my bloody valentine to portishead to the cure.
Pleaseeasaur: Godzilla + Pleasure...the connection between a boy & his machines
Shillglen: Shillglen, one of San Diego's best bands, blend melodic alternative rock with edgy guitars backed by a tight rhythm section and clever lyrics. Their celebrated debut album and energetic live show make this fivesome a band to watch.
Stevo's BluGruVuDu: Stevo's BluGruVuDu Home Page
peninsula: alter-melodic pop-rock gretta garbo lando calrisian boom
EXNIHILO: alternative rock with a cutting edge, sounds alot like a mix of seminsonic and pearl jam
Jennifer Hope: Ethereal/Gothic solo artist.
Up On Sonday: Christian Alternative Rock . Doing God's work.
Chemical Imbalance: Alternative Emo Rock from Ballads to Bass Balls
Idle Thoughts: Minnesota band with piano, guitars, and drums
sharon anne allitt: solo acoustic artist who plays hypnotic riffs, has a sultry voice and writes enticing lyrics
j.j. swimming: Georgia alternative band
Dreamfield: Alternative/ambient band from London, News, Free downloads, Pics and links etc
Kate Barclay: acoustic alternative powerhouse
primary slave: genre defying electronic music
DevIztant: We're a new independent rapcore band from Mass. We're similar to Taproot,RATM,Mindless Self Indulgent,KoRn, Slipknot,System of A Down. Check us out!
soulbelly: pop alternative, high energy modern rock with great songs and female singer
Clay Vanessa: Clay Vanessa blends jazz, latin, and funk-rock into a captivating pop/new rock hybrid.
Ox 45: Uniontown, Pennsylvania four-piece featuring: Matt Schiffbauer - vocals, Ed Cupp -guitar, Nick Rider - bass, Matt Hanzes - drums. Ox 45 has one of the best live shows in Pennsylvania, and songs that will make you, laugh, cry, and want to fuck. Recomended if you like: Pavement, the Bluetones.
Clockwork Orange: All original music
Topdeadcenter: Indie alternative rock band from Mesa, AZ Here you can sample the music, look at pictures, sign up on the mailing list, and more
Mini Puppets: A boston band starting tom get big is looking for gigs and big lables
Swimsuit Grandma: The official home page. Download free mp3's.
LaST: Listen to hottest-up-and-coming modern pop/rock band LaST
Kurios: An original Christian alternative rock/pop band form the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. An awesome live show and a powerful message as well. This unsigned indie band is well on their way to national attention.
DRYER: Indie power pop from Saratoga Springs,NY.
Stiltwalker: Rap/rock/roots/jazz/funk nastyness
Thirteen: $ guys who play kickass alternative with a heavy guitar sound from Australia but know in the U.S.
Thirteen: Great alternative band with a heavy guitar sound 4guys who make it happen.From Australia now touring the U.S.
Absolute Zero: Vermont's homegrown rock band with an average age of 15!
The Silver Surfer: Dynamic indie guitars with lush vocal harmonies, disobedient keyboard squeals, vintage drugstore equipment and futuristic songs.
AITI MAA: "earth-sexy folkternative" - melodic folk rock --- this cool band are lots of fun!
Basque: Bass and vocal duo from new york--etherial sounds
Musclecar: Trio from NYC, good emoesque sound. E-mail us from the site and we'll send you a free demo.
3 Days Apart: Alternative band from Fort Myers, Florida area, similar to Matchbox 20, Third Eye Blind...Good stuff right here!
Dreamfield: Dreamfield Music, Art, News and Gossip, Pics, Lyrics etc...
Dirty Shirt: Creative jamming band from Ontario just in for fun
Elevenland: "Psychadelic folk music from Middle Earth", kind of.
PRO: Homepage for the L.A. alternative rock group PRO
s y m p a t r i c: hooks, words, pitches.
lorenji shift: we're an emo power pop band with a girl singer
Sunseri: Female voice, didgereedoo, fretless/Upright bass, drums. Members from L.A. and San Diego. Influences from VU to U2. Expect melodies over a wide environment of sounds.
shattered bad: band
The New Gods Of America: Music for the soul.
Go Robot, Go!: The Original Kackedellic Pop Band!!
Goodtime Pimps: From Dekalb, Il
dorkweed: alternative/analog/digital/mixes & more. Don't miss this!
hansi: acoustic pop artist with a heart of gold
One Life Purpose: One Life Purpose Is An Alternative Rock Band Out Of North Carolina.
Das Phrogge: Prepare yourself for a stimulating journey of sites & sounds that is Das Phrogge music..
fornever: acclaimed genre-bending gothic ethereal/rock/pop/electronic/etc. solo project
Frognot: Frognot is a Dallas-based alternative groove rock band.
Uncle Tom: A Shockwave Flash site for the band Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom is a guitar oriented hard-edged power pop rock band that writes and plays melodic catchy sing-along type songs, but with highly intelligent lyrics, tons of attitude, and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Some of the influences of the band are The Beatles, early Cheap Trick, the Sex Pistols, The Monkees, and Tom Petty.
Spyglass: Moody with an edge.
Newfoundlanders****Wave the FLAG: This link takes you directly to our first CD, with a road that leads through the rest of the site...come in and enjoy yerself***
Sixty Cycle: Heavy Alternative Rock with a pop a peel to it.
Schrodinger's Cat: modern guitar rock-pop with indie flavourings
Chaser Band: Indiana's Finest Party Band
bob porter../..Talk of the Rock: newfoundland/folk/bluegrass. the hottest orginal newfoundland since The Wonderful Grand Band
GROOVE STONE: Soon to be major label... Solid, heavy riffs, deft lyrics.
seven sons: christian rock
Spune: Grunge with punk and Alice in Chains influence
POPSTAR: Ultra Energetic Pop/Alternative band with smooth harmonies, wonderful storytelling, and all around musical splender! Sure to become a favorite in your MP3 collection! Take a listen, you'll be hooked...
Annie Johnson: Jazz-Influenced Alternative Rock singer/songwriter based in Virginia.
SHIT!!!: Like I sed, tha name of our band is SHIT!!!
Stevo's BluGruVuDu: alternative, aggressive, altered, rock/blues
Stevo's BluGruVuDu: alternative, aggressive, altered, rock/blues
Throttle: Melodic Funk Punk
Cactus Pears: Edgy, melodic powerpop from Athens, OH
dither: Dither official web site - progressive alternative, Toronto Canada
(((STANDING IN THE SUN))): This band is being call the next big thing! Being touted by both fans and more than one music critic as the only significant band on the music scene today with numerous awards and rave reviews a growing concensus that this may be the way!
fishpolice: Sout Wales superb indie pop band....check it out!
PJ Harvey: Dozens of PJ Harvey links, pictures, all that awesome stuff.
squint: squint rocks with melodic punk rock that is both smart and supercharged.
Emoglobe: Italian band from Milan. From 70s rock to grunge.
WestBend: WestBend is a talented young band from Canada who enjoys playing alternative music
Arizing: Hip-hop-metal straight outta Detroit
John Telaak: Independent Musician/Songwriter
In The Meantime: Christian Alternative Rock similar to DC Talk
HEATER: High energy alternative rock band destioned for stardom!!!
HEATER: A high energy alternative band destined for stardom!!!!
Proon: Band out of Sacramento California
Pop Star: progressive, alternative, pop rock
Pin Pin Sugar: Jazzcore trio from Italy
Rufus Cruising: Lo-fi indie alternative stuff from the headman from Godboy.
Duf Davis & The Book Club: Detuned folk rock
Godspeed Thru Texas: Hillbilly Klezmer Rock
Dreampipe: Drum Guitar Echoey space rock duo. Caters to nobody.
The Great Glass Elevator: Psychedelic Indie Pop
good mustard: dionysian revelry + metal + swing + mythology =mut-rock
good mustard: dionysian revelry + metal + swing + mythology =mut-rock
Swisher: Irresistible Power Pop
Shoes For Paul: Orlando-based dynamic-pop band. Visit the site and check out our mp3's!!!
Jenn Vix: The Official Jenn Vix Website - featuring News, pics, and links to her music, and video.
UpStart: UpStart is a young band with catchy songs that you'll like!
The Ladybugs: Post Modern Rock Outfit from NC. Influences are Jeff Buckley, Radiohead & Flick
League of Decency: 80's style pop. Duran Duran meets Simple Minds
Malotchi Crunch: crunchy alt-pop
Slithy Toves: Screemingly visceral rock
Paul Loves Pudding: Paul Loves Pudding sounds, pictures, misc. info.
earthwurm: all girl alternative indie band
Polly PUt the Kettle On: Acoustic/Electric Alternative band from Utah, Site has concert dates, CDs and Links to other independent or local (Utah) bands.
SEVEN (Australia): Seven is an all original melodic-power-groove band from Australia's Byron Bay. The music has elements of rock, alternate, funk, and metal - but always with melody. Seven has been described as "a musical monsterforce", and "unparalleled in velocity and virtuosity" - Definitely worth a visit. Contact:
pump city earl: funky, rocking quartet busting with attitude and humorous songs about love, love, and more love
Sputnik: spacerock from the 25th century
secretsunday: emotionally charged avant-rock. infl: Verve, Radiohead, U2, Afghan Whigs, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Beatles, Rollling Stones, Police, Stone Roses, Smiths, Cure, Blur, Pulp, etc..
35 SECONDS: Experimental indie band from W-Mids. Smiths, Neds, Belle + Sebastian, My Bloody Valentine
Lola Daydream: Vancouver's only bardic mistress of dark tales. Alternative singer/songwriter of accoustic/gothic/folk. Check it out samples, liquid audio tracks and animated videos coming soon!!
Charmless: Three piece San Francisco-based guitar noise pop, a la Jawbreaker, Husker Du and the Replacements.
Angel: alternative danceable funky hypnotic trancy rappy rock music
Living Proof: A NY based band with a good sound and an intersting story
Boondoggle: Original Junk Rock
Rainey Shane: alternagrittyedgypoprock
Rod Webber: College/Indie Electronica
The Null Set: The Null Set - Big Bouncing Bandicoots
Disarray: An alternative/punk band from Avon, Indiana. We just formed, but with one of the best guitarists around we're on our way!
Lifepoint: Peg Records/Lifepoint home page...
Clockwork: An intertwining of hip-hop, alternative and funk that may make you shit your pants. WARNING--May have other side effects.
Bodie: Radiohead meets ToadtheWetSprocket meets Ride
Yvonne Doll and The Locals: Acoustically-inclined, folk-rock oriented, all good times band
ean: aka epop. free mp3 files from ean's debut CD "S and under"
Pseudo Psurfer: Free mp3 files from their debut CD " Psounds for sore ears"
THE ADOPTED: Are you a music industry professional? Don't miss this explosive talent with solid catchy tunes & mega star power. Get your press kit today!
Alex Newport: Alex Newport engineer/producer Discography. Fudge Tunnel/Nailbomb/Son Of Crackpipe.
suplex:: venture into popular space: Portland OR's finest space rock band
HAPPENING: Indie breakbeat
Paige: Female ethereal/aggressive band from the Los Angeles/Silverlake area inspired by David Lynch and various 4AD artists.
iMMeRSe: iMMeRSe plays hard alternative punk grunge art rock. they are christians and play in the st. louis area! please bring CANNED FOOD ITEMS to all their shows!
Liquid State: Rock/Pop/Alternative from Stockholm / Sweden
Ultrasound: It's ultrasound. Who are great, and prodigiously talented
C.Y.U.: CYU is a Prophetic MUSIC ministry for those who are BOLD enough to come against the religious mindset that continues to keep God's people in bondage!
Fingers Crossed: Steven Hopp and Richard Houser: Instrumental Guitar for Two Acoustic Guitars (and a bit of electric). Described by one reviewer as "New Age Jazz meets Classical Progressive". An eclectic blend of modern guitar music.
Crooner Brian Evans: Singer performs in the tradition of the old time crooners at age 26.
Misty Pang: Melodic rock/pop harmonies with a touch of depressing lyrics. Once reminded a DJ of Medicine or My Bloody Valentine.
Organic Voodoo Machine: Hard-Psychedelic-Funk
Curtis Weintraub: songs about sickness, headaches, and the greatest moments in life.
quimby: dissonant,atonal,moody,orgasmic rock
One Hard Krank: Syracuse, New York band performs modern rock covers and originals. CD released in 1997 and placed on the Syracuse New Time, Homegrown Music Radio Network "Top 5" in 1997 and 1998. Outstanding live performances.
FIRESIDE:'s Fireside
THE PLUNGE: THE PLUNGE Is A High Powered Mix Of Modern Rock,Pop,Funk and Alternative.There Songs Have A Raw Energy And Refined Pop Sense That Make Them Infectious And Hard Hitting
Heavens Green: Heavens Green combines an eclectic brew of fun, and at times, serious sounds that can be felt throughout New York City, Upstate New York, New Jersey, and Long Island.
richard gladstone: Post-Apocalyptic, Psychedelic Troubadour
Everyday Newbon: a christian modern rock band from seattle area
Melancholics: Funkydory music for the culturally impaired. Vegastylentertainment. Scrumptdillyumptious CD!
TRIGGER: Canadian power pop quartet with great melodies
broken jones: the down and out are coming out and getting down
Ulcerman: Really Kool band from Toronto, you can find 3 old songs in Real Audio format. More to come...
The Fam'ly Jewels: New Pop/Alternative/Groove Father and Son Band
Nocturnal Emissions: Alternative rock band from Vermont & Canada, great originals
Jason Hausman: This site is dedicated to the music of Jason Hausman and The Hausman Syndicate as well as other Indie music of the Carolina's.
The Tourniquets: wicked new heavy alternative tunes with a pop rock edge
RavensBlind: An Enchanting, Emotional, Mystical Groove. Dwelling Somewhere In South Florida.
deweese: acoustic-based music with a touch of electronica. check out the site full of music exceprts, and not much else... (but you can buy music from the website)...
Susan's Parents: Little. Yellow. Different. A retro band with the emphasis on comedy.
The Adopted: Be the first to discover this new music gem from Canada. Melodic tunes with Massive Guitar!
Tiny Red Spiders: Alternative Rock: Links, Pictures, Soundclips
TINGELATER: Woodenshoe-Brazilian Death-Folk with a twist
Seneros: A three piece California Band
No Odd Reason: An awesome band from Thornhill Ontario
Doorway 27: Roots style alternative rock with groove injected urban rythms.
Synaesthetic: Improvisation instrumental industrial free form trance
DIFFERENCE: Canadian (Oakville) band who started out in 1994. If you like Canadian Alternative, you'll like this!
SkiFf: Three peice band from Brampton, Ontario. You can listen to our music by real audio, and get information on us.
The Tourniquets: New Alternative Band (pop- rock)
Marvel Ann: Hailing from the "Live Music Capital of the World," this Austin, TX band blends 311-esque sound with their own twist!
First Resist: Trip/rock from Brazil. Check this guys, they are on the spot in their local scene.
Slojack: Alternative rock'n'roll - hard & fast & just a bit punk
Porcelain Fishbowl: Official PFB Homepage
UPSIDE OUT: Maryland hardcore, funk, hip hop and punk smushed together to please a wide range of listeners.
Sinker: Australian Alternative Rock Band Sinker have a Scorching new record out called Gutterock. Check out Sinker's Crazy Web Page!!!!
Sacrifice Isaac: Kansas City's Best
Christine Kane: Intelligent folk-pop; excellent lyrics and melodies
Maizie: pure, unadulterated, funkadelic, ...oh just go here!
Michael Goldsmith & Common Ground: Hot alternative/Americana tinges music from Birmingham, Alabama!
Goliath: 3 hot chicks rip up the schtick
Transona Five: Dallas TX band with that Velvet Underground/Yo La Tengo/Low Feel
karry walker: based in san francisco, ca. karry is a raw, eccentric and unnervingly insightful songwriter. mesh that with honey dripper vocals and you've got one dark, sensual, deeply spooky girl. she totally leaves teeth marks.
Koontz and the FuckBoxx: Koontz and the FuckBoxx Official web page
SFB: The official SFB homepage
Joker's Poem: Pro-Wrestling Indie Guitar-Swing Trio
The Want: alternative punkabilly humor rock
Standard Thompson: A mixture of pop/punk from Surrey, North Dakota
All Over Sees (A.O.S.): an alternative band from Canada (Saskatchewan). New album Shattered Thoughts Slanted Walls. Site has Real Audio, WAV and AU files
Happy Hour: Fun music for the ears
Kick The Baby: Power Pop from Raleigh, NC
Masochist Halo: Electro-Rock at its finest. . .
piewackit: boston's craziest indie-pop band
Luncin': The eclectic, all-over-the-place, out-to-lunch, trippin', musical extravaganza that is Lunchin' just released their debut CD "Happiness Is Tuna" to college radio.
Miss Delicious: Seattle Post-Grunge Alternative Power Pop
Busy Going Crazy: ex Swallow (4AD) Mike Mason new acclaimed indie/dance project.Mixing Chemicals with Moriccone
Starometska: Frenetic duo guitar work, clasically inspired, chaotically executed
The Quakers: A hot new Progressive/Alt. trio from Birmingham, AL
maryln mansoon: antichrist superstar
the shove: the ultimate, the shove, hard psychedelia from the TWIN CITIES and beyond. You,ll try to compare but there is no match...
Death Defying Leap: Christian Alternative band - site includes Real Audio Sound
DRYER: Indie power pop
TED CAN SWIM: Biggest Unknown Band from NYC, Postpunkalternativerock
Chaser: Local Seattle band with a medolic/rock sound ... check 'em out!
Silver Jet: Awesome alt/pop/rock band from Santa Barbara with catchy sounds, check 'em out!!!
Big Sky: A fusion of alternative rock, blues and pop. These guys put on the best live show around. The next big thing from Gainesville.
peterbuilt: emo core...powerful...emotional...sincere.......prepare for peterbuilt........if you don't believe in myths and's time to start.
Paul Ruderman Band: NYC's Most Groovin', Rootsy, Jazzy Blend Of Great Original Songs.
Peterbuilt: Emo Power Rock with a tinge of Hardcore
Blanche Fury: All-female, alternative rock band.
aunder eXstacy: official website. best hardcore band in Montreal, CAN. Free D/l's.
Pixies: Uk version of the french one if you know what i mean - it won a prize too!
GAGE: Rock
amps: more good stuff from kim deal of the breeders
pixies-in french: same
violent femmes-chord archive: same as before
violent femmes-official: same as the other link
violent femmes-unofficial: Good country/rock/blusie
The Mission: Wayne Husseys goth funsters :>
SCARAB: NYC post-hardcore quartet w/ female vocals
the OVER-REACTORS: the official OVER-REACTORS website
yogaberry: Indie pop rock band from VA/DC - come visit our site for a not too serious look at our band!
Indigo Starvation : alternative crap
Pretty Mighty Mighty: Melodic althereal noise-pop with violin
Breeders: Good rocking music from Mrs Pixie!
Frank Black: Melodic nonsence from Mr Pixie!
Karate: Dishord-esque emo-core trio on Southern Records
The Flavor: The Flavor's Web page - get a free demo here to see if you like
Oxford Snow Kings: Enough rock and roll to kill a moose
SandOze: Sound Clips, Tour Dates, Band Info, all from Burlington Vermont. YEAH!!!


HOOK: HOOK is in buzzbin magazine. Sedalia, MO
HOOK: 4-piece metal band from Missouri, BOOKING
Mythic Force: Lightning fast guitar, rapid fire rhythms, and some of the heaviest riffs you'll ever hear!
Broderick Gray: Instrumental melodic power metal with neo-classical elements.
KrumpleStump: We guarantee to melt your face!
LAIRITH ROCKS: rock/metal
DENIZEN: Experimental Progressive Metal from Rochester N.Y.
Fission: Brilliant Swedish Metal
6th Awakening: Female fronted Unique Aggressive Swedish Metal
TME: Swedish Thrash Metal From Hell
Rival Skulls: Gothic Horror Rock from Italy
The Truth Of Brooke And May: 3 peice band from Arab, AL
Love Hate Theory: the band has been comparied to Anthrax to System of a Down alittle of everything for any Metal fan. n
million dollar itch: new wave, punk, metail, industrial, gothic, shoegazer
Epinikion: Female fronted fantasy power metal band
Cold Shadows: ;Awesome metal band from New Brunswick, Canada!
RISE to NOTHING: 3 piece hardcore metal band from Tillamook, Oregon.
Atrocious Records: The official myspace of Atrocious Records
Lithium: Hard Rock/ Metal band from Detroit, MI
Breno Teixeira - BTXperiment: Instrumental Rock/Metal from Brazil!
Idelosis: Hardcore F*cking Metal... With a hint of minty freshness
We, The Undersigned: everything you hate
And the Sky Went Black: Technical metalcore in the vein of Botch, Coalesce, Norma Jean from South Florida.
Destination: Empty: Progressive metal from Southern Maine.
Evilusions: Brazilian Heavy Metal band, infuence: Iron Maiden and Helloween. Curitiba - Brazil
Jameson: Killer Metal
Heathen: Bay Area Thrash Metal band, HEATHEN!
DRIVEN DOWNWARD: We are a Metal Band from Oakville Ontario and we are looking for opportunities to play our original music live. Please check out our website and see what you think and contact us if you are interested.
DiNile: All original Metal from the NH Lakes Region
Audio Weapon: Progressive Alternative Metal from the NH White Mts.
This Land Laid to Waste: A brutal blend of various styles of intricate metal coming straight from Fort Wayne, IN
lamb of god: ashees of the wake
Inbattle: metal band looking for shows and recording contract
SILVER MAIDEN Official MySpace: SILVER MAIDEN Official MySpace Page
SILVER MAIDEN: SILVER MAIDEN Is A Dark Rock / Metal Band With Female Vocals, a combination of Metal And Acoustic Guitars, Dark But Melodic.
circle takes the square: pins and needles core
Ego Pool: Official site of the independent metal/hard rock project from Sydney, Australia.
Hitler's Wheelchair: Original Metal/Hardcore Bringing you Blistering Fast In your face music with Attitude. All members have been in bands for the last 20 years.
Kin Kout: Check Our Song.....
RedPhonE: New Metal. Brazilian Band
Less Than Nothing: Minnesota's hardest hitting metal band.
BlackOut 69: A Mixture of metal, goth, industrial, and rock
Necromance: Idiot singing with guitars. Blend of Alternative Metal, Emotion, Melodic Rock, and a bunch of other stuff. Check us out. we also have a myspace ( and an official site (
Inner Surge: Metalcore/experimental band from Canada
The Cooters: Mississippi's Punk Metal Legends
Infernal Thorn: Black Metal Band from Oswego NY
Obsidian Empire: A unique dark/goth metal band with a violinist from Omaha, Nebraska.
Immanuel: Jacob
DIRT SPAWN DISEASE: hardcore/sludge/rock/stoner/metal
Awake The Fallen: a mix of as i lay dying and senses fail
Pastor Homan: Heavy Meatal Instrumentals. One member.
eerie: One Man Band
3rd Born Sun: 3rd Born Sun are a heavy metal band from Dundee in Tayside, Scotland.
Through Art: Young Serbian melodic death metal band...
echelon: Louisiana metal band with great emphasis on live performance and crowd interaction
Bedlam: Psychometal from Colombia!
Senescence: Dark/power metal with folk, medieval, and classical influences
Blood From Above: Raw, Gritty, and Noisy!
a silent requiem: alternative metal
wild dogs: power metal 80's
soul eXistence: Bi-Polar Progressive Metal
odbol: Math metal/progressive with highly political lyrics, distorted and acoustic guitars, with influences like Tool, Opeth, Soilwork, etc.
Seeking Asylum: Melodic, hard-edged female-fronted gothic metal
The Devil Wears Prada: Christian young men with a metal post hardcore sound
Deficit: Metal - Chicago, IL Area
Mulattorus: Little Rock, AR metal in the vein of Sabbath, Crowbar, Bloodlet
Calcabrina: Little Rock, AR funky ass metal
Julien Carayon: Official website of instrumental rock/metal guitarist Julien Carayon a.k.a JC.It offers streaming music, pictures, tabs and many info about JC.Main influences:Dream Theater, Planet X,LTE,Joe Satriani.
Desire Black: punk/metal/hard rock from NY/NJ area
S.I.C.K.: Death Metal at it's Sickest
Senate: The official homepage of the Canadian melodic extreme metal band Senate.
last angry man: older style heavy metal ala sabbath/maiden/priest
Riven: Heavy Metal /Thrash from Canadian Border NY State
BloodStainedSoul: BSS is a Hardcore band from Southern New Jersey
KREWCIBLE: A local West Haven Connecticut band
Agregator: Scandinavian metal from Hungary
Massacabre: Electronic music with black metal elements.
STRONGHOLD: Pittsburgh based Metal band that has opened for whitesnake Def Leppard Symphony X UFO Mountain Damageplan Shadowsfall The Haunted.
old man is dead: metal/hardcore/christian
Roof Top Rollers: Official site of the hungarian Roof Top Rollers band, playing mood-metal.
Clown: Place Of Paradize
chaos order: brutal metal group from st louis MO
Towersound: New heavy power metal band from France. Towersound signed with Brennus, the french independent heavy metal label.
Deadmaya: The group that experimenting with different styles, skill and eventually developed a unique sound of metal, thrash, and hardcore.
Forget Forever: Forget Forever formed in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada in the summer of 2004 as a side project for Fallen Victim members Kyle Konrat and Sean Seitz. The goal of Forget Forever was to create music centered on depth, melody, and expression. Along with vocalist Trevor Bolen, Kyle and Sean have created what they originally set out to on their debut album entitled Day Zero which was released in the summer of 2005.
UNSCARRED: The hardest Maine metal core around... to listen to some live recordings, never miss a show!!!!
A Darker Romance: ADR is a Chesapeake, VA local band playing a mix of emocore, punk, and metal.
ANGELKILL: Technical Black Deathmetal from this legendary underground band from Iowa since 1988!!!
PIRRI: PIRRI is a "solo project with a band name" by Canadian Heavy Metal guitarist Chris Pirri
fake 2: a heavy band with a softer edge...this is the new site
Raisng Cain: Christian Heavy
determination: New southern style Havy metal in ways of dimebag
Dejection: Nu-Metal Originals - Check out this hot new band
Pastor Brad: Pastor Brad is all about 80s style Christian Heavy Metal!
House eight: A four piece heavy metal band from Pierre, SD
Defenders of the Faith: Seattle Based Judas Priest tribute band.
El Cerdo: Driving doomy metal from Portland Oregon
Salem's Wych: Salem's Wych Official Website - Legendary Metal
Painamp: Varied Hardrock/Metal from Austria, EUROPE
Joshua's Whisper: Don’t be fooled by the soft sounding name,for this is strapping yound lad-inspired insanity.Add to that the unusual styling of Primus, the eccentric attitude displayed by System Of A Down and the unique prognosis offered by Tool. However attaching such labels to Joshua’s Whisper really does them a disservice. Deceptively haunting melodies contrast with crunchy rhythms that defy typical categorization.
Circus Dawn: A Hard Rock/ Metal/ Progressive band from the Chicago area. One of the best local shows to date! Unlike anything you have heard before!
Rebelión: Thrash/Death Metal solo project from México
Left Over World/L.O.W.: Metal for the Masses
LANGSUYR: Death Metal from the East! Free mp3 sample! Rate US!
Dreadnought: Older style Heavy Metal band from Salt Lake City, brandon graham, dave malmrose, mike schmidt, andy brinton
Syzygy: Grand Haven, Michigan METAL
The Electric Company: tight, melodic, energized, progressive metal
A Legend Falls: prog metal band from ottawa ontario canada
fake: a heavy band with a softer edge
Of Dreams and Madness: Original Light metal / Hard Rock and 80's Pop Made metal
New Nightmare: New Nightmare is a 5 piece metal band from the northeastern PA.
Lucid Calm: muddy, campy, heavy metal with goth, industrial influence, hard to define. From Contra Costa County, California. Please enjoy our site and feel free to contact us or come see us live!
inner surge: heavy metal guitar killer stuff -gmk-
pureblank: metal from guelph ontario
Halcyon Way: Progmetal from Atlanta, Ga Aggressive,Progressive,Devastating
Halcyon Way: Progmetal from Atlanta, Ga
Digital Black: Engrossing metal from Little Rock Arkansas
E.X. VORTEX: Ghetto Metal in Full Effect!!!
Left Hand Wrath: 5 piece, screams, growls plus singing, slow, fast, mystical and somewhat political, alaskan and original
444: Everything we need
GFK: GFK Hardcore/metal band from Canada. a must!!!
FallHard: Independent detroit metal at it's finest!
Sunset Gun: NJ based metal/punk/goth trio
Eleria: Eleria are a melodic metal band from Canberra Australia
Immunity Devoured: We're a christian snowleopardcore/hardcore band from MN.
agent steele: latinspeedmetal
Pattie Meltz: A.C. Cover band
Animous Image: melodic metal with a groove
Circle of Scorn: Hardcore band from Orlando, Florida
Scar Habit: Iowa's newest metal band.
bonestripper: we are a four man freak alternative metal band from orlando fl check us out whooooaaaa
sexdigital: female guitar, bass and dual vocals combine the beautiful with the obscene
Conch: 3 piece hard edge hardcore/metal/punk hybrid from Calgary Canada.
Mind Cycle: Debut CD to be released November 19, 2002 by Sonic Wave International
ALTerLIFe: Intense Metal from Jacksonville, Florida
AbsoloM: Michigan Death Metal
SLAVE_1: Kick your ass crazy grooves
Decimation: Brutal Death metal from the NW
downthesun: downthesun in stores Oct 1, 2002!
Animous Image: melodic yet dark,
Force of Nature: Force of Nature is a CA based Metal Band that is making it's name heard in the CA indie scene. After a recent show with Kid Rock the band launched this website that feature's it's MP3's, Video Clips, and Merchandise.
.OME: undescribable
BENEATH: Kick ass, top notch, "old school meets new school", melodic thrash metal from Sweden. Totally awesome!!!
//seven stitches//: Seven Stitches of Lexington, SC is defined by haunting lyrics that make you realize the truth you hide inside yourself..devastatingly heavy guitar riffs are only calmed by melodic counterparts with harmonic basslines to compliment the funk/metal rythym section..influenced by the deftones, tool, machine head, taproot, nonpoint, (hed)p.e., snot, sw1tched and ill nino
Busted Kings: Click Here - based in New York - Click Here - Rock -N- Roll at its best. - Click Here
Flynet: guitar-driven hard rock with strong metal and hardcore influences
Oxygen Thieves: Thief Punk/Metal
Tramadikal: Heavy, Melodic, Good all at the same time
Darc Steele: Progressive/Industrial Metal Band from Tooele UT.
As The Sky Bleeds: Black/Death with a touch of Thrash. from SC
CORE: Metal band out of Grayson, Ky
At All Costs: Meta / hardcore / thrash with a touch of somethign else . . .
Ruction: Heavy metal band from iowa
TiLT360: Soul filled metal from Youngstown, Ohio
ZEROSCAPE: heavy sonic melodic groove
Drop Logic: alternative rock/hip hop NO SELL OUTS
The Seven 17 Prophecy: dark
leadvein: three piece london rock/metal band unsigned have demo
Xeric: A band from New Jersey with an eclectic mix of people and sounds. Their unique sound will make you fall in love with them instantly.
Dunamis: Classic metal with a modern edge
HEDKACE: New Band coming out of Braintree, and Holbrook Ma.
Inner Fury: all i can say is METAL!! this shit is something new to your ears, you will like it... we're recording a new demo fall 2000 so look for good new shit. (and u can check out our current demo at: )
F.O.E.: Some people say we suck, but even if we do then that's besides the point...we're having fun. We've been cranking out drunken, porno-speed-death metal since '89...if you like the Mentors, you'll love us(or hate us).
Wheels of Steel - Saxon Cover Band: Coverband from Hamburg plays the songs of Saxon on parties and events
alchemy: hardcore/metal with solos from muskegon, mi....have one cd "fall of ever man" out.
CAIN: we are CAIN!!!!! slash the wrists! the blood flow to da eyes!
The Velouria Beat: Girl punk-pop fun music!!!
Luminol: (Low, Anngry, and aggressive sound that doesnt suck)
Retina : Melodic Hardcore, Mixture of tool, sevendust, and sunny day real estate.
pigfish: power metal band from charlotte nc
Binge: A hardcore band out of madison Maine, mixing fast paced riffs with melodies
Cryptic Death: EVIL MUSIC, just plain EVIL
overfiend: heavy w/ a crazy groove
overfiend: heavy w/ a crazy groove
mindcrime: A metal, hc band from Hungary
Cadaveres De Tortugas: A metal, hip-hop, hc (CDT-core) band from Hungary
Rundown: The Music Speaks for itself. Best unsigned band in Ohio.
Old Core: The official home page of the Bay Area trip metal band Old Core.
vile: vile music for vile people
Encrypt: Texas Hard Rock/Metal band
Neurotica: A melody driven kick in the teeth.
David Neil Cline: Real Audio, MP3's, Cd's and vinyl for sale!!!
Mad Factory: Progressive Metal with intelligent lyrics. Free MP3 Downloads
Sirens Wail: A Metal Band That Kicks Ass! Free Mp3's
Spoon: Extremely Insane Chaotic Madness
Damaged Reality: Official site for Birmingham, AL metal band, Damaged Reality.
Levitation: 3 piece All-Original Metal from Birmingham, Alabama - INCREDIBLE!
F.T.E.: hard-core/metal-core band from Philly, Pa
Cross: Heavy metal with meaning
wild dogs: heavy metal band since 1982 power metal killer guitar, drums
Send 72: music that gets in your face
Life Kilz: Hardcore/rapcore/metalcore band outta Detroit
STRICT9: hardcore power groove for the new millennium.
Confuct: the official band of the new millenium
Tarantula Hawk: Tarantula Hawk: loud, heavy, space/prog/hardcore from San Diego
Munkigrip: Atlanta based band... Pound 4 Pound... Enter...
Dirge: Dirge - Progressive dark, melodic folk-metal with touches of jazz n' funk (fo' flava).
The Addix: Birmingham, Alabama Metal Band
Odditea: An awesome band from Sherman, TX. Sounds kinda like Metallica.
8 Degrees: From Topeka,Ks comes 8 Degrees, a "rapcore" band that fuse rappy vocals with heavy guitars.One release titled "swam the Waters". Have shared the stage with such bands as Deftones,Zebrahead,Joydrop,Incubus,NOFX,Rancid,Cherry Poppin; Daddies, Napalm Death,Quiet Riot,Vanilla Ice, Dial 7 and many more!
Joel Crouch: Promoter and Musicain fro Middletown,Ohio
BUZZ JONES AND THE GHIN ASSAULT: The other link doesn't work but this one does. Buzz Jones is the craziest most demented artist you will ever know
Keith Miller. (Groove Symphony): Progressive Metal.
Uneven Ground: The following is the best way to explain the sound of Uneven Ground: "Imagine a bluesman gets on a bus. Along the way, they pick up a metal band, a hardcore band, and a rapper. They decide to move in together and study jazz. After a bizarre gardening accident, there are only enough of them left to make one band. Hence, Uneven Ground."
SOMA 220: Brutal hardcore/metal/industrial from Minneapolis.... like nothing you've ever experienced!
Technical Difficulty: A bad ass band from H-town. The web page not up yet. We have some original songs and perform some covers.
Cosmic Joker: 4 piece metal band from London
RADE (Race Against Death's Embrace): Heavy-hip-hop-grinding-thrash-core-metal from Birmingham, AL. Everyone in the band is 19 years old and have been playing their original material for 2 years. Give the web site a visit...we've got pics, concert dates, lyrics, and more (Real Audio soon!).'s kind of like a John Holmes dick right up the ass....but, not really. DON'T BE NO BITCH, BITCH!
Aesir: Aggressive, hard hitting Miami, FL based metal Band. Described as Fear Factory/ Dream Theatre mix...
withDisdain: The official site of withdisdain, a four piece Heavy Rapcore band from Sydney, Australia. Contains audio clips, photos, late breaking news and information on how to become a member of the growing withDisdain Clan.
VIOLENT MOOD SWING: Prepare yourself for the ultimate offering of the new age of NEO / Metal.
Needles Down: Hailing from the Southeast if you dig Tool , Acid bath , black sabbath or music in that genre you should definitely check out Needles Down. Page has Audio, Pics, Lyrics and mp3's available through email link at page.
Stronger Than Seven: Original metal/hard rock music from Central Illinois. Check us out- you will NOT be dissapointed. See first hand where metal is going- TODAY!
Deception: A tight ass mix of metal, rap, and grunge, we hope to make it big soon. We're influenced by Sevendust, KoRn, Limp Bizkit, MetallicA, G'N'R, Rage, and other bands of these types.
Heroic Dose: Des Moines, Iowa Weird Metal
a r e a 4 2 0: a r e a 4 2 0 (formerly known as f o u r - t w e n t y) Metal/Rap mix that totally kicks ass!!
Headlock: Headlock heavy metal from Southern California. Debut album release info, pics, bios, links and info on Road Records label and recording studio.
a life once lost: intense emotional hardcore from the philadelphia pa area. crazy live band.
Vigilant System: A local Band out of Silver Spring Maryland. Pioneering their own style of aggressive music (Neifcore). With vocals ranging from melodic to on key screams, aggressive yet rhythmic guitars, thundering bass coupled with the best damned drums you have ever heard. Influences include (but not restricted to) Coal Chamber, Spineshank, Fear Factory, Soulfly, and Sevendust.
Silver Spork: The official home page of Silver Spork
FINGERTIGHT: Dynamic, Funky, Emo, Hardcore from San Francisco Ca.
Dirty Jack: Original Metal in Wichita, Kansas
Dead Serpent: Christian hybrid metal/rock band mixes punk, metal, hardcore, blues, prog/goth, death/thrash/speed/unblack influeces to make varied and interesting sound.
Rubber Johnny: Heavy/alternative band hailing from West Paterson, NJ.
K: Brutal hardcore from the midwest. Check us out
f o u r - t w e n t y: Metal band, Greg Hilligiest-Vocals/Guitar, Adam Kernel-Guitar, Travis Mclellan-Vocals/Guitar WE NEED A DRUMMER AND BASS PLAYER!!!!!!!!
MoJam.: MoJam is an up and coming Minneapolis Power Trio. The best way to describe there sound is "HEAVY GROOVES". sound bytes available on homepage. CD also available
SWASTIKA: the page describing the indian thrash band swastika
Dog Day Sunrise: Dog Day Sunrise is a metal band from Bradford, PA. A must see band, DDS combines intelligent lyrics, heavy melodic guitar, and a massive rhythm backbone to achieve it's original approach to a presumed dying style of music.
20 oz. NOTHING: 20 oz. NOTHiNG is a D.C. area band that plays an innovative style of groove oriented heavy music. Our goal is to infuse ass kicking heavy music with songwriting integrity.
Sacramentary Abolishment: Apocalyptic Nuclear Hate Filled Blackness
LURE: LURE drips strength and commands respect.
Essence: An amazing new jazz/heavy rock band out of Richmond, B.C., Canada
Cyrus Bliss: Cyrus Bliss is a four man Metal band from Springfield, Illinois
FAULT: Rapmetal to the fullest!!!
Hear No Evil: An in your face poetic revolution!
Minus: A great Atlanta hardcore band.
r.h.Factor: Young metal band from Saint John,New Brunswick,Canada
Samsara: The official Samsara page Included are lyrics, audio clips, pics and more
Dark Rivers: New, all original metal (Influences: Ozzy, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Pantera...)
deadfall: deadfall, band from PA, metal, pimprock, rapcore
12ounces: Atlanta Crust, Hardcore, Metal, Punk band!
The Happy Hour Crew: If you want something new...check this out!!!
Chaos Theory: Chaos Theory is Trenton NJ's original heavy power groove thrash metal band.
ESC: ESC is a great band that has a lot talent. Some of the funniest shit I've ever heard. It's just godale. Straight from the boring city of Palm Desert.
SONIPATH: From the saturated scene of NY comes an intense band fusing groove, aggression, and melody that grabs the listener and won't let go!
The BrainDead: Heavy Metal Punk Sounds.
Abuse Ment Park: hard fucnky rappy rock


Penny Drops Band: FUCK!
Penny Drops Band: FUCK!
Never Say Forever: Girl fronted pop-punk! Catchy!
The Lawrence Arms: The Lawrence Arms unofficial fan site! Includes Lyrics, Guitar Tabs, Pictures, Videos, News, Tour Dates, Ringtones, and Forums. Come check us out!
The Vladimirs: American Horror Punk Rock with a twist of Cain
T-Virus: Romantic Swedish Horror Punk!
The Lusties: "The only band worth the hangover." KOOP Radio
The Pariahs: The grittiest hard rock/punk in Toronto.
The Scarlet Veil: Female fronted post-punk indie rock
Lurch: 'Lurch reminds us what punk is all about. In the same vein as Art Brut, they make music that is in your face and knows it. It's kinda lo-fi, which works out very well, and they know how to make a ruckus. The lead singer lands somewhere between Eddie Argos and Johny Lydon, and the basslines are already making all of your little sister's favourite post-punk bands salivate'
Second To None: Punk & Roll band from San Antonio, Texas
Streets Ahead: Punk Rock from Cleveland, OH (Inspired by All, Down by Law, Descendents, Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Jawbreaker, Pegboy, Bouncing Souls, etc.)
The Erase-Hers: Welcome to the official website of The Erase-Hers - New Wave and Pop Punk from New York. Featuring members of The John Stamos Project and 48 In the Basement. Click for shows, releases, music, video, pictures, and more!
Punto Xer0: one of the best bands of Mexico !!
Leiana: Leiana's music is the result of the collaboration between the sultry underground vocalist Leiana and veteran musician Chuck Treece. Leiana - produced/co-written by Chuck Treece (Bad Brains, Urge Overkill, Billy Joel, The Roots).
Wobbly Bob: Wobbly Bob are a frenetic, hyperactive, hyperkinetic prog-ska band from Huddersfield, UK
The Ruction: Hard-hitting band from Singapore
Eviction Party: "pop-punk from the depths of hell"
Danny & the Deadbeatz: Modern Trashy Punk Rock band from Nottingham, England. Dirty, aggressive and insubordinate pop music. The dead kennedys in a fight with Nirvana and Fugazi over the pint that the pixies left on the table
Mikells Plot: ACDC meets The Ramones
Something Really Dirty: indie punk rock
Opposition Party: pioneering punk/metal crossover since the 80s
Elegant Bastards: Punk Rock and Debauchery!
The Lucky Stiffs: The Stiffs have that raw yet polished sound that is easy to listen to for old Oi punkers and the new anti-kids as well.
The Falling Angels: Punk/Emo/Metal from Morristown, NJ. We play local shows in the NJ/NY area (with very limited availability in PA)
Hollis X: Punk Reggae band of 6
Kick-22: Punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois.
Minority No Gossip: Terrible Punkrock from Italy!
Disconnected : we mix melodic punk with loops, so call us melodictron punk
The Hanks: The Hanks blend styles from “radical” to “awesome” to create a sound that can only be described as “rawesome.
MARY MAGDALAN: Have you ever snorted so much cocaine you thought you were gonna DIE??
Anti-Pirate: Punk/Ska band from Ringwood, Bournemouth in the UK. Always up for gigs! Please email
PAK: Indy/punk/rock band from lansing michigan. Our music promises to return you to the glory days of true garage music
Amen: Website for the Los Angeles band AMEN, Scum and Casey Chaos
ÜBERFLÜSSIG: Fun-Punk, Ska, Ärzte, Blink 182, Green Day, Brieftauben
wayne powerman: punk grunge thrash lords
Chris and The Dickens: these punk rocks are drop dead SEXY their new album is out and they are possibly being signed by 2cats studios. we love our dickens. the band girlfriends especially. they are the hottest girlfriends anyone could have. =]
F-Box: One-man folk punk band, offers discography for download on site via creative commons licensing
the shit: in your face hardcore/punk
asking alice: pop punk
DR. HOURAI: Fast, aggressive punk rock (sounds like Propagandhi meets Strung Out meets Iron Maiden meets At The Drive-in) If you want to Get Awesome check out this band.
Standing Down: Punk/Ska music from Rhode Island. Go take a listen!
Mr.Dressdown: Home-recorded punk rock/alternative from Vancouver, BC, Canada
S. O'homes: Punk hates Bush
POOP: Orange County's Loudest Band
Robot Sex: its awsome
Death By Butterfly: Listen to the music... need I say more?
Scott Reynolds: Former Frontman for bands such as; ALL (formally The Descendents) The Pavers, and Goodbye Harry. Scott just moved to Austin and is looking for players to be in a music group called Scott Reynolds and the Steaming Beast. If interested go to and read a little more about it. You can contact him from the site.
Meat Potatoes: Wisconsin Punk Grunge Rock that sticks to your ribs!
Stomach Inc: Harder, louder, faster PUNK ROCK from Dublin, Ireland.
THE THEM: A fabulously toxic muscial alchemy of psychobilly, horror punk and the depraved rantings of a madman, coupled with blood and brain matter and an intensity of personal charisma not seen since vats of grape Koolaid were gulped down in Jonestown. THE THEM are here and they require you to accept them as your personal Savior.
suburban youth: ct punk band isnpired by 80'ss hardcore- up to date recordings coming soon
Sleep is Dead: Punk
Fucko: Old School Hardcore Punk Dvds, Cds, Mp3s, Software
Kick in the Pants: an eclectic mix of makeshift synth-punk energetic songs
Spratch: Acoustic Punk Rock Trio from Cape Town, South Africa
Crash Martinez: Happy Punk Rock
Three Dollar Bomb: Old School Punk Rock From The California Desert
Missing Link: crappy punk rock music from new zealand
Erine: indie, rock, punk
Dante.Koma: Artsy post-punk from Russia. Check it out here
Dirty Little Monkey: Pop Punk songs that are fun for the whole family.
Boy Unknown: Raw Emo Punk rockers Boy Unknown - this is punk like punk is supposed to be
The Morons: Albany NY Punk Rock band circa 1979-1982
the bahamas: about the band
Killer Squirrel: Killer Squirrel is a one-man band from Washington state!
Careworn: Melodic punk with female vocals
Split 7th: Punk Rock Hardcore from Uruguay
New Clear Threat: Hardcore punk with a thrash metal edge straight out of shit!!!
The Primetime Heroes: Power-Pop/ Punk Rock from the Sunflower State
Fox Trotsky: experimental ska punk
sherlcok: awesome band
NO*INFLUENCES: screamo/progressive/punk
WTS: Colorado hardcore/punk
The Payoff: Hard Rock/Punk Band Burning Things Down in Dixie
Weekends With Dan: Humerous controvercial lyrics over a punk backdrop
Lost Liberation: 5 Member Punk Rock band
momentus: new live video @
Generation Hexed: Hardcore punk band from Omaha, NE. Original music and style, provacative lyrics, and a true passion for what PUNK really is.
What4: Sacramento Punk rock.
Let's Get Steve: London Punk Rock at it's worst
Dopamine (Minnesota): Hardcore punk/grunge band in Minneapolis
Dopamine (Minnesota): Dopamine is an unsigned three piece hardcore punk/grunge band in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We sound like the bastard child of Nirvana, Candlebox, Husker Du, and Minor Threat.
cracks in the sidewalk: eighties punk rock
Rags To Bitches: punk/metal/aggressive pop
Steve Rich: A London based musician's website, offering information and free mp3 downloads
Coexist: punk rock
All Heroes Die: melodic kickass-core music
These Words Failed: Screamo band from Marble Falls TX, sounds like a punk kid wearing a Thursday shirt, while hardcore dancing at a Break the Silence show
Second counts 4 nothing: New School punk band from Brisbane, Australia
Ice Cap Fortune: Ice Cap Fortune is a Madison, WI based pop-punk/rock band
Ice Cap Fortune: Ice Cap Fortune is a Madison WI based pop-punk/rock band
Venus Diode: Um........ you'll see. A type of nu-metal/emo rock band.
calpurnia: acoustic punk rock emo-esque tunes with occasional piano
Burning44: 1 punk, 1 indie, 1 emo, and one fat guy join to create an indie-emo-screamo band from Agoura Hills, Cali. it's tite!
Flat Rabbit Conspiracy: Where has all the fuckin' punk gone? It's right here...
Penelope Prozac: All girl indie/punk rock band located in eastern North Carolina.
MUdLark$: 5 dangerous guys from Italy!The sound of the band is inspired by the old groups like Stooges, MC5, Destroy All Monsters, Nuns,Avengers,X, Dead Boys, Heartbreakers, N.Y.Dolls, Rezillos, Siouxsie and the Banshees, etc.
Silver In December: Were just small town guys tryuing to be a part of somrthing big!
Jack the Tripper: Punk Rock From Manitowoc, Baby!!
BLISTER: Progressive Punk trio from NC. Thick with passsion & brooding atmosphere.
Boxcar Satan: Self-Loathing Noise Trio from San Antonio, Texas
mxpx: punk
Witness: Heavy punk rock from Auckland, New Zealand. Check out the streaming RealAudio samples.
The Naked Samurai: An indie punk band from Gaithersburg, Maryland. A full sized site with a Bio, CD info, Audio Samples, Pictures, and more...
Mideck: We have just released our demo CD, 'Pure Nectar'. Come check out our site, see the pics from our latest show, have a look see at our developing links database to Record Labels, Bands, Music Equipment, Skate and Snow stuff, etc.
Ramones: Ivo's Ramones Sector - complete Ramones resource
Underwater World of iMMeRSe!: iMMeRSe plays hard alternative punk grunge art rock. they are christians and play locally in the St. Louis / St. Charles area! please bring canned food items to all immerse shows! iMMeRSe plays hard alternative punk grunge art rock. they are christians and play locally in the St. Louis / St. Charles area! please bring canned food items to all immerse shows! iMMeRSe plays hard alternative punk grunge art rock. they are christians and play locally in the St. Louis / St. Charles area! please bring canned food items to all immerse shows! iMMeRSe plays hard alternative punk grunge art rock. they are christians and play locally in the St. Louis / St. Charles area! please bring canned food items to all immerse shows! iMMeRSe plays hard alternative punk grunge art rock. they are christians and play locally in the St. Louis / St. Charles area! please bring canned food items to all immerse shows!
Hudson Falcons: New Jersey Street Punk - Punk 'n' Roll for the Working Class
WACT: PLANET ACE - Devoted to the memory of British pop-punk recording artists WACT. Includes photos, sound samples and a "Where are they now?"
Newsville Evans: Punk/Pop/Ska band based in West Point, GA.
Vas Is Das: Ska based band with a hint of swing and punk. From FL.
Mind Tea: NJ Experimental Punk Band
Crash Pad: Punk rock and roll from Gainesville, Florida. [New site, don't go to our old one.]
B.O.R.D.: B.O.R.D.- Madison, WI pop-punk with sound files, pix, and demo information
The Simpletons: Unsigned punk band from central Indiana
No Odd Reason: A Toronto based pop-punk band with catchy songs and a great, hilarious pge.
PAJAMAZON: Kick-ass, melodic punk-influenced rock-n-roll
12ounces: Atlanta Crust, Hardcore, Metal, Punk band!
High Society: Garage/punk/hardcore/noise band...
The Patron Test: An Emo/Pop Barrage, to satisfy you in any mood.
Crash Pad: Punk rocknroll. From Gainesville, Florida.
Extension 114: A great new Christian Punk Rock from Northern New Jersey... Wav's and RM's available for download
Easy Way Out: melodic punk for losers and dorks just like you
Joker's Poem: Joker's Poem Official Homepage
Vandals: The greatest punk band of all time. If you like punk you've heard them or heard of them. They arereat live.
Big D and the Kids Table: Ska/punk. Good stuff.
Army of Juan: Ska-punk band on the new Moon Records branch, Ska Satellite Records
Little Johnny Retard & The Calvins: In Your Face Ska/Punk Noise - Bay City, Texas
Atomic Peter: Atomic Peter is a Punk/Ska band.. Atomic Peter based out of good old New Jeresy.. So if you like punk/ska check it out..
Tha DegenritZ: Tha DegenritZ spit hardcore punk out of Glendale, AZ.
The Middle Man: pop-hard- punk rock from the midwest..Missouri actually
cereal box killers: pop-punk straight from Austin, TX!!!
Code Blue: Old School punk from Maryland...
Sunpunch: Philly area band. Blending melodic punk, reggae/ska, hip-hop. motown and more.
Bench: a punk/pop band from IL who are sound like the love child of the queers and weezer.
Whipped: PUNK ROCK!
Berserkers: defunct Seattle Punk Rock Band
Bristle: Hard Core Punk Rock - From seattle
Cannibal: hard core punk rock from back in the days
Jack Trippers: Punk Rock Seattle Style---
Blue Collar: Seattle HardCore Punk Band
Caustic Resin: Boise Punk Rock !
Stink: Seattle PUNK rock
Soda Jerk: Pop Punk Out of Seattle
VKTMS: KKTMS: are a classic San Francisco PunK band. This site has a collection of classic flyers and a couple of songs.
Beluga: Beluga are a 4-piece guitar band based out of Seattle, WA, incorporating many elements of blues and folk-based rock as well as a decided punk influence that makes for a truly eclectic sound.
Rubber: Seattle Punk Rock band!
Soilent Green: Soilent Green is a three piece band from Westport, a small tourist town on the coast of Washington. Basically they play loud boredom induced music, in their parent's garage.
Rail: Pop-punk-indie-rock from Upstate, NY....


Seiei Jack: Very progressive!!! smooth modes, very harmonistic.
KILL THE DOLLS: hard big beat duo-vocal, industrial-metal
Empty: Dark-Electro/Industrial band from Sydney, Australia
The Montauk Project: Experimental electronic group with technical prowess and the ability to create soundscapes so mind wrenching the fear becomes real.
noise of terror: Elektro Hard Dark from Tijuana to the world
ReticK: weird dark, industrial sound, but good vocals, listen to streaming audio and and some wallpapers
Lost Motion Assembly: Antigod Electronic Body Music. 100% free.
Life Toward Twilight: Life Toward Twilight is a dark ambient, experimental industrial project based in Detroit, Michigan.
Experimental Blue: think Nine Inch Nails meets Gary Numan
splyntr: erasure meets puppy....
Alpha Shemale: Cyber Circus Freak Slut Music
:[dfkt]:: rhythm industrial & tekknoid- solo proyekt from tijuana MEXICO.
Post Death Soundtrack: Industrial, experimental project featuring Steve Moore of metalcore act Inner Surge, and Ken Buck of Huckster Rayzor
Haitham Al Hamwi: world fusion Arabic European music
Crawlspace: Dark-Surreal-Twisted Soundtracks of a Tortured Soul.
Anwakh: One-mane underground project of Yuri Bondjuckoff
QUBO: Darkness,Loneliness,Electronicmusic.
Crawlspace: Dark-Surreal-Twisted Soundtracks of a Tortured Soul.
The Gemini Ritual: Moody, hard edged industrial rock
paolo favati: noise generator
Etherdust: NIN meets Depeche Mode
A D'mon: Poetic and Heavy Industrial Alternative from Columbia SC
Cellbeach: Industrial / Techno / Experimental
Un: Noise act from Ottawa, Canada
COURTIS: experiemental argentinian artist founder member of Reynols...
disekt: Disekt creates seething dark music with an edge. Dark atmospheres and harsh breathy vocals paired with driving percussion make for a unique sound which boils over live. Disekt brings new music direct from the disektion table to you with no messy cleanup!
Subversive Intentions: Politcal Noise-core out of Brunskwick ME, like Brighter Death Now, Cock ESP, etc...
dead as romance: Darkwave band based in Atlanta, Georgia
XES [Resurrected]: A religion driven Industrial monster
A Girl Called Untouchable: Darkwave Electronica, sounds like Lacuna coil, switchblade symphony, machine in the garden, all about eve, and this mortal coil
DollhouseX: What happens when a lolita from the Orlando underground crop seeks out her insanity and finds it. Something similar to demon possession insues. Dare to enjoy vocal haunting set to infectious beats. Smooth mayhem is the result
Alecar: Industrial/Rock/Experimental/Whatever you call us
Adzix: a mixture of harsh sounds and dreamy ambient scapes and melodies
protean: industrial / experimental rhythmic music with lyrics
Pri: Two man progressive industrial band hailing from Toronto Canada
Deep Metal Mechanic: Electro Metal Band
64k: Hard hitting beat oriented dark industrial. Melodic and crunchy...what more could you ask for?
STILL WARM: Industrial Cyber Goth out of Central California, we also do indie film scoring. Currently distributed thru Empire Media
the synthetic dream foundation: Florida's best gothic industrial band, darkwave music band, dark ambient, experimental music
Regna: Only our limitations distract us from the true nature of what is and lies beneath. Hear the echoes of your past lives and again know that there is hope in the cold darkness of time. Falls asleep like a child once born.
Central Pod Man: Too hard for your head! Christ-inspired loops.
The Silent: Industrial music from the side-culture. A slice of Skinny Puppy and a touch of Pink Floyd. Located in the Omaha, NE area.
The Devil's Angel: Dark Pop, Industrial, Goth, Synth pop music
The Analog Girl: Electro Rock
Astrosapien: Industrial rock, neo-industrial, circuit-bent, synth soundz and more. Independent recordings from
Noah Stargel: Heavy Electro-Industrial Modern Rock
Clockwerk: industrial / EBM with influences such as Clock DVA, Skinny Puppy, Portion Control, Joy Division, Kraftwerk
Munk Sweden: Industrial Body Music from Stockholm, Sweden
Morfiouz: Free mp3's, info - Dark Techno Industrial Music
popoï sdioh: french band / (ex-land of passion) / tribal-batcave-industrial
nth: program loading... preset. genre playing - industrial. please select data. playing... continue.
carfax abbey: Industrial metal hybrid - electro-violence
Kotra: Radical noise artist
Selber: Selber (self) was founded in 1996 . The trio rehearsed its way through Industrial-Hardcore and Industrial-Punk before it started to develop his unique brand of bleepy noises, chloroformed sounds, staggering rythms, disturbed guitar-chords and the speech-singing.
Encryption : epic neo-tribal industrial / powernoise with sultry vocals from NY
RED CELL: Dark, heavy, use of samples, v-kit
OBCT: For anyone who likes Rap-Rock or any kind of Metal. We are a experiimental act, Dj + Prolific Singer/Songwritter = OBCT
the faint: New wave comback but much much better!
kotra: Web site for radical experimental electronic project. Full discography, tracks in mp3 format
Ashley#6: Industrial rock trio from Ontario, Canada
intoXILE: Goth/Techno/Industrial/Ecclectic music
RADIO SEX FLARE: Many musical styles mixed all into an Industrial Metal sound. All songs are written/recorded/produced by one mortal man from Williamson, West Virginia. Check out the free mp3's, pics, and other projects as well.
godkomplex: official homepage of godkomplex
Ajax Projection: AjaxProjection is breaking the cookie cutter barriers of rock and electronica and sending a message out to those who want a break from the norm.
VX-7: Eclectic and intellegent. Powerful female vocals, driving guitars, thick keyboards and hard hitting beats. Run a guantlet of genres: industrial-(post)punk-metal-goth-new age-experamental-anything and everything!
SIDE 3: Chaotic electronics from NY.
Project: Data Control: Official home of the US electronic/industrial band.
Viking: The new sound of religious activism
lemur: tribal/industrial music based out of Portland, Maine
Sleeping Prophet: the best industrial/trip hop hybrid on the internet
Negative Flood Cycle: Deep, dark lyrics with lots of feeling. Influences like Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Alice In Chains and Placebo.
I, Parasite: I, Parasite is a hard-electronics band from New York City. Their sound is a chaotic blend of hard rock, industrial, ambient, and experimental noise. Moody electronic atmospheres meld with vicious beats, mangled synths, digitized guitars, and raw, emotionally charged vocals.
VTG: Electro Industrial Trip-Hop from Boston, MA
Hogtrophonic Noise (HN): An Industrial/Experimental/Rock/Noise band from Boston, MA
Promonium Jesters: No description.
SouthernLogic: The Music of Independent Recording Artist Neal Allen of Columbia SC
Faces Under the Mirror: Tech-industrial band out of Colorado
The New Voodoo: outtasite industrial prog disco pop rock whatchamacalit from Malacoda frontman
Nanochrist: Irritating and dissonant Industrial Metal
Children of Elektronix: As heard at Baltimore's Z CLUB
DIVINITY ANGELS OF ROCK: Theatrical industrial rock band from New York
Voltage Control: Electronic, immersive, ambient-industrial madness.
Tarantula Hawk: Tarantula Hawk: loud, heavy, space/prog/hardcore from San Diego
Tarantula Hawk: Tarantula Hawk: loud, heavy, space/prog/hardcore from San Diego
REJECTEd: industrial metal band from columbus ohio. watch this shit!!!!
vx: heavily textured passionately aggressive electro with beautiful female vocals
mavid chaps: Astro-Junk Fusionlic
Sakura: "Exotic Cyber -Vixen" Solo-Artist and Remixer
Otto's Daughter: industrial goth pop rock, fresh and unique sounding
dAS fESTER: unlistenable noize----don't go there
CULTUREWHORE: post-industrial psycho death dance
sakura a.d.: the best in post-industrial/pop/dance
dEscramble: Derailed Production in Industrial Music... Single Tracked Minds may Explode
VoyTek: Alternative/Industrial band with female drummer. Heavy - but electronic-oriented. Militant Electronica
Schitz-I-fernetiC: Indie Band from Canada with a Industrial/Gothic style
Paradigm Lost: Ambient rock with Industrial flavor! Doin' a little tour of England Jan 1999. 2 CDs out at CDNOW, on their website, Music Boulevard, etc.
S M A L L C R E E P: cutting edge industrial / goth / metal / techno / thrash
Hibbilitily Jibitily Jones Featuring FrooooooshMan and Stinky Pillow Boy: Listen to this trio who love to play on their Mailmangoes (mangoes only available through mail order) and sing about mail fraud.
Joe and The Froggies: Joe is the leader of the froggies, seven musicians that don't know how to play their instruments to they start crying.
Sammy and His Tubby Buggy Lizards: Watch sammy and his funky tubby lizards play the togogo instruments
Gregg LeRock: Bonjour
MxPx: You put this love in my heart,You put this love in my heart,You put this love in my heart,You put this love in my heart,You put this love in my heart,You put this love in my heart,my heart, my heart, my heart, my heart, my.................heart
Sushi Mushi Pushi Tushi: The Best Music In The World (of Oz)
Abbott and the Naked Brass: Abbott, from Tha DegenritZ in his own solo Indie-dustrial sort-of-band.


Unyque Dreamz: R&B/Pop/Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop Singer/Songwriter
XPLODE: House Techno get off your A__ rythyms. Santa Marta,Magdalena,Colombia
DJ Ricky Worden: techno/ibiza form London UK
Kriss Tap: ..:: Electronic Music by Kriss Tap ::..
glenn frantz: trance
the seeds of autumn: Electronic Chill Ambient House
Ready: Listen online to the music of "Ready", independent artist. Dance-vibe mostly.
Witchdust: new-music-by-witchdust indepent artist of many genres of music
PhiJayy: We cover Dance, Chill-Out, Ambient, and more.
GINO ABBAT: Dj producer
raving robbie: jfnegine
Breck Stewart: Official site of solo singer Breck Stewart with free songs in Mp3 and clips from his album Utopia.
Max Nurman-Kant: Producer, Composer and Dj Max Nurman-Kant Official My Space Link
Gruvdisciples: collection of "chillout" vibes with influences from house, techno, latin pop, world, cinematic music as well as contemporary R&B, funk and jazz.
Galactic Funk: Official website of Galactic Funk, Eric Terdjman's new Electro Funk Music. Download free mp3, flash video clips...
GORGOM: discosucksdistortion
DJ Mpulse: Trancey synth, deep bass, chopped vocals...
Soulful Abstraction: Music that will compel you to Dance!
ALLGOODNIKS: ALLGOODNIKS is Scott Ellison! Indie composer/producer humbly asks for your support!
Gruvdisciples: Collection of down and uptempo chill/lounge neo jazz R&B dance latin electronic grooves
Cry Reign: ANd then we all fall into the Perfect Lie.
dSado: Welcome To A New Spacemusic World
The Fluffer: hot ass electro with thumpin bass and erotic lyrics
Lady Venom: Electronica, Trance, Techno, Drum-N-Bass, Dance/Club computer musician from Louisville, KY
Resonant Vibes: Offering downloads of electronic music tracks, mixes, and samples; a history of electronic music; DJ profiles; free mixes; and more: Resonant Vibes is a leading resource for all DJs, producers, and fans of electronic music.
BHTC Music: The Brooklyn House & Trance Company
Ian Quiet: 80's Club Inspired Disco Electro Industrial from Shreveport
Trystette: Dance, Soul, Funk, Pop, Urban, Alternate
FlyingSire: dance music from Hong Kong
The WTL Club: House Rock'in Aerobics, Dance and Party Music! Award winning Songs for iTunes users
krosot: malaysian
KROSOT: lo-fi noise manipulation
Soul Of Hip Hop: Instrumental Hip Hop
Scambler: The latest Scambler MP3 downloads, previews and free MP3 artwork. Great range of music from funky house to laid back hip hop and seventies lounge funk.
Opende: A fresh new GROOVY club tune! Check it out.
reel: Poptronic Band from london, ontario canada
Wayne Numan: Artist, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Hairdresser
Joule Cirrus / Lane Pelovsky: Simply put, Music to accompany thought
Dan Vine: Electric Guitar vs Trance music : Trance/Techno/Club music
Fabrika: Check out Fabrika if you like early Industrial, Electronica, or just Indie music in general.
Alexander Blu: Download Instrumental Music
Scherzo: Experimental electronic textures and samples - turtle power!
streetlab: Electronic band from Brooklyn New York (free track downloads)
Katie Janes: Retro Elektro Records Dream Girl
3kStatic: Continuing to forge its presence on the underground electronic music community, 3kStatic fuses an eclectic, genre-crashing soundscape that fuses influences ranging from electronica pioneers such as Cabaret Voltaire, Tackhead and Meat Beat Manifesto to Parliament-Funkadelic and Pop Will Eat Itself with an underlying theme of personal and social insurgence.
PEN15 & The Pounder: Dance, Techno, Hip Hop group... also found at --->
Tamra Pacile: Young singer already getting a start
Stimulation: Electronic Music/Drum & Bass
Entity Digital: Sophisticated blend of electronica and acoustic instrumentation. Melodic, sole possessin', infectious dance. Spacious etherial groove.
Ethan Quin: Music & Multimedia Studio, CD Available
Rachel Sanders: none
Hardbass MX: This is site about HArdbass MX and my music. Free MP3 and something crazy music You've never heard this. Human beatboxin' and uhm...! Visit my place now, brotherz'n'sistarz. I wanna collaborate with you!!!!
Liquidesert: Techno - Dance - Experimental Artist from Minnesota
Vate: Mexican Electronic Music
DJ Club m106: When you plan a party or event of any sort, your objective is to ensure that you and your guests have a good time. The DJ you choose is a direct reflection on you. Here are some important points to remember when you interview any DJ company.
Tomas: Urban Dance Pop
Samann: Electronica / Dance / Pop
Cognitive Dissidents: Baltimore based duo fusing EDM, jazz, and world music
Hydro: Dark,Derranged&Distorted Techno Hop
D'Studio The Band : eMMMMMMMmmmm
Steve Kitch: Official website of Steve Kitch. Artist, remixer and producer.
DSado: electronic ,electro-trance music , free MP3
Valentina: Download Best New Music by a Hot New Self-Produced Musician.
Dosage And Uses: Electronica with Rock-like song structure and the occasional classical atmosphere...
Katie Janes: Electronic dream girl of Retro Elektro Records
The Automatons: cool retro music
gROUSe: Spacey, trippy downtempo electronica with live instrumentation from San Francisco, California. Links to free MP3's.
FLYING SIRE: Hong Kong songwriter & singer,vox so cool!!
Retro Elektro Records: Dance music record label
berkhouse/snyder: Retro Elektro Records Electronic Music KINGS!!!
Synthirius: Over 16 years of composing experience, life voting system, all compositions free to download in high quality, mp3 and ogg format.
Divine 9: Divine 9 is an experimental crossover concept band with a Trance/Industrial/Breaks sound reconciling harsh razor edge Guitar riffs and breakbeats with the uplifting sound of Trance/hardcore. Influenced by The Prodigy, VNV Nation, Ferry Corsten, Manic Street Preachers and Brisk, this act has surfaced in Perth, Western Australia and has begun hitting the airwaves across its shores to Singapore. Limited EP "Scion" is only available at live performances. "Vigilante Evangelist" Album coming soon. Proudly Independent and Underground in 2005! If you have a rave or underground event, reach us at!
sava boric: producer-remixer for dance/trance/techno/house music
>>>>: Free trance/chill/dnb/breakbeat/piano downloads by Suething. This site updated with new free music monthly and also has many song samples
DSADO: >>>>>>>
Eha: singer-songwriter
Elser: Inspired by hundreds of artists from tens of genres
Jey King: Jey uses a MIDI controller called a Ztar to riff these synths lead guitar style. Truly innovative
mindless self indulgence: the best freeeeeaaaaaaking band ever! orgasmically GOOOOD!
Aaron Slater: UK singer/songwriter, musician and producer, available for songwriting and composition services. Son of artist Linda and ex-Stackridge frontman Michael 'Mutter' Slater, Aaron spent 7 years writing and performing on the acoustic circuit whilst living in London. Among other things, he has recorded demos for Interscope Records in LA, been asked to collaborate with ex-Take That singer Mark Owen and signed a deal with Las Vegas label Fiberline Audio
Dermatobia Hominis: I'm usually a full time bassist but this is my current project experimenting with sounds that I dont usually do.
RYUTAEXT: 12 sounds,you can download.Please listen!
Midnite Mission: Free MP3's Electronica
Dbro: Dbro's Electronica
Nueral Network: kinders musik,trance,electronica...plays synthesizer,
Aliens At Home: idm/breakcore and new ideas from this electronic duo
Jammin' J.W.A: Hard Rock / Metal / with some Honky Tonk Rythm & Blues some Mixing & Scratching and powerful vocals plus Mobile DJ Party Music & Fun
Sienná : "deep moodyblue chill-out experience!" Sienná from Norway, composes electronic music based on ambient club with a twist of guitars.
noisestore3: noise,experimental........
Northcape: Refreshing, genre-defying melodic electronica
Jolinko Tsongo: Dance urban grooves, with multi-style laying for smooth transitions and moods.
The Bravery: new wave/electronic/dance rock
LG Rock: LG Rock is a dj/songwriter that works in trance, rock, hip hop and more.
Gaia13: Electronic music out of Saint Louis
The synthetic dream foundation: Florida's best trance music, idm music band, ebm music band, goa trance
MBX: The Official Website of The Mr. Black X-periment
Sol-i: Winner, Electronica Album of the Year. 2004 JPF Independent Music Awards.
Alpha33 - Solomon Alcain Jr.: New age instrumental, techno, jazz, ambient, accoustic and rave
J&S Project: J&S dj and producers house music of Climax Recordings
tekno.func: a combination of techno and funk
tekno.func: electrofied funk
zombie love slave: Boston based J-Rock Band
Romero NY: Dance Oriented POP
Romero NY: Dance Oriented POP
ROMERO NY: Dance Oriented POP
ROMERO NY: Dance Oriented POP
z6z: hail the becZarR
Vonnie: Hottest Dance Techno Artist Around!
HARRIS: simon r harris , born in Amsterdam / Nl.
HARLAN: Funka, Heavy, and Progressive
Wes: dance music at its best. His 2nd album really defines that. Click to listen to his clips.
E Miles Land: Rather weird music for fairly strange people.
The Pisces Experiment: Take you mind through the music of The Pisces Experiment
beatwavecr: free streams/dowlaods dance/house/techno/trance by beatwavecr electronic music artist from birmingham uk
beatwavecr : free streams/dowloads of mp3s music by beatwavecr electronic music artist from birmingham uk produced many styles from dance/house/techno/pop/trance enjoy. Independent dj's & artists agency. We're fighting for the music since 1995, supporting up and newcoming talents. Features Glenn Underground, Juan Atkins, Eddie Amador, Acid Kirk, Psychogene, etc
Nebula 303: Electronic dance beats, acoustic,ambient
Ankha: electronic @ its best - South Africa top artist and performer
Ataritron: Space Age Electronic Music Distribution for all independent music
THE VeG: Progressive/Melodic Trance
canartic : downtempo dub psychedelia
Trinity Sound System: Live Pa: Omaha,Ne --Dope Beats; Killer Vocals
H.X. Sin: Emperimental Techno Mp3's
Status Locos: Live Jungle/DnB/breakbeat act featuring Bzrka.
Bzrka: Breakbeat Jungle and Alternative Pop Singer/Producer/Musician based in Washington DC. Part of the RGPDC producer collective.
Cosmicall: learn about one of the best croatian electronic music artists formerly known as Digital Oxygen and now as Cosmicall currently producing mostly hard, progressive, melodic and dream trance music, but sometimes also other electronica such as ambient or progresive electronica...Play and download free music, download great cosmicall wallpapers, read quality reviews, explore other featured artists and involve yourself with your comments, ratings, votings on poll and your e-mail to recieve news and specials!
Neon Vomit: hypnotic acid trance deep trip
wes : music that make you dance
TranceDEMON: Best of TRANCE
UnderWorld Brigade: Original, invigorating dark techno blend of electronica, hard hittin' progressive music, and rock. Not for the weak hearted or weak minded.
Ahymnsa: Ahymnsa is an electro-acoustic trio based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Blending electronic beats with impressive classically trained vocals and a jazzy, eclectic bass line for a full body musical experience.
TheWill: Electronic pop with lightly sprinkled tastes of goth
Dark Poets: James R Hunter & Leigh Dunning aka 'The Dark Poets' are an industrial-Acid-Techno outfit from the UK. They currently appear on the 'Cradle of Fear' soundtrack album on Silvascreen records...Check out their site for news, release dates and a load of free Mp3s
MACHINE BOY: uk extreme electronic
SEX ON ACiD: Acid Techno hard and rough the way freaks like it
Jason J.: Site with Song Samples, a ton of free helpful links and a FREE forum to post your band for free marketing.
KriyaShakti: Psychedelic Trance Dance
Axioma: One of Andrey G's projects
Sonicjoy: Combining electronic and acoustic influences, Sonicjoy is more than just a band, it is an experience. Their high-energy live show electrifies the stage and gets the crowd moving to their electro-rock groove.
TheGroove: Intelligent dance fusion with a twist of old school flavor , comprised of catchy melodies and rhythmic hooks not found in most electronica.  High energy mixed tempo beats with sporadic turntablism and analog keyboard soloing push TheGroove outside the box of ordinary dance music.
Leon JW: Electronic music and poetry
Dead Poets Society - official site: the official site of the gothic/electronic cabal Dead Poets Society, featuring free mp3 streams, downloads, pics, wallpaper, news, show dates and more!
DORJE: Dorje's utterly beaytiful and extraordinary music
Fresh Nelly Musik: All female duo, origional trance, dance, synthpop, triphop, electronic musik godesses from Canada
DELPHINIUM BLUE: Electronic-pop-rock from Washington, DC
Torture Shoe: Torture Shoe /, howff of Flossy Lomar and a temporary repository for the various electronic contrivances generated (more accurately, disgorged) to this point.
M-Edge: ((Fitzpatrick)) House,Trance,Ambient,Breaks,Drum and Bass
D-.NO (Static Fusebox Project): Passive Aggressive Industrial Pop Sensation
Incidental Fusion: Listen to or download the mp3 music of this solo female computer music artis
DEEP SOUTH: Music to make you strut your stuff
Sonic Breeze: Trance duo from Sweden
pLaNeT Uro Media: THE independent dance lable in Harrisburg, PA. Check us out!!
TALLA3: Dance Award winning music. MTV Party-Zone
RealTime: acid-house music
M.A.S. Productions: beat driven ambient with analouge synths and full piano and strings
Bylli Crayone REMIXED: Taste of the Unusual with a mix of Trance/Dance and Wild Costumes. Labeled as the millennium version of Cyndi Lauper! Check out his New York/Miami club single "Drop Those Pants!" FREE DOWNLOAD
J'Lyn: Trance/Dance Music Recording Artist. Single "Merchandise" reached the #4 position on the dance charts!
SonChild's Official Website: 11 year old dance music recording artist with a topt en single "Merry-Go-Round".!!!
SHIRTLIFTER: Toronto based music artist and producer SHIRTLIFTER serve up an intoxicating mix of house and melodic driven club dance music.
Valentina: Beautiful, Talented, Singer, Dancer, Actress, Model
DJ Realistic: Electronica style music (Dance/Trance/Chillout and D&B)
blank grid: thoughtful electronic music
benjohnson: this electronica/pop artist's site contains mp3's of the latest single, streaming audio, pictures, news, etc.
Soundblast: Official site of Manchester house producer Soundblast
Digital Harmony: Laid back Trip Hop and Ambient Breaks with Vocals
76: Official home of Sir Mildred Pierce's band 76.. Download mp3s from any of the five albums. mp3s from new album are being posted now including the hit "Rose in her Smile" with Hope Sandoval
Futurasound: Cambridge UK European pop and dance music with hints of Dario G meets the Dream Academy. Check out free downloadable samples on the website and offer your input and opinion.
elixir: experimental breakbeat
Terry Dobbin: pop/ house/ ballads (ie George Michael, Prince, Daft Punk)
D.J. Wicked: wonderfully smooth techno that makes you wanna cruise on an open road
JACKPOT BAND Pop/Dance: JACKPOT consists of two talented, singer-songwriter musicians, that produce an "Eclectic-Electric" sound for the new millennium!
DJ Atom Young: Atom Young (Adam Young) is a techno/ambient/house/experimental/trance/etc. musician and DJ from Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Get FREE Tracks for download or to listen to via MP3 and Real Audio. Get Pics, Bios, News and MUCH MORE.
Hairy Scary Man: ekectronic experimental music with free mp3 downloads
A Techno Kid, Torley Wong: Orchestral Techno/Intelligent Dance Music composed by an 18-year-old similar to Aphex Twin, Robert Miles, Moby, and even Yanni where infectuous melodies marry experimental techniques!
Loud Sound Disorder (LSD): A new and promising group of 3 digital music teens bound to make you move and groove. Styles range from HardRock,Techo,and Rap!
Blue Audio: modern synthpop, new wave, and pop music
Parabolic: Parabolic is all about pushing the envelope of genre classification. Nearly all his works are "cross-genre" creations. "Never conform to industry standards. Always do what is in your heart, not what is on the charts." - Parabolic, 1999
DJ ETNIC: This is the real site! Download MP3 ambient track here!
DJ ETNIC: Download MP3 Music and enjoy a cool layout!
Karma: Jungle soundscapes, fat beats and mod electronica
joe: a music site
Dracanyotlez - THE ULTIMATE ELECTRO BIG BEAT AND SCI-FI HIP HOP BAND: CLICK THIS SHIT! Dracanyotlez is the one and only Sci-Fi Hip Hop, Electro Big Beat and DANCEFLOOR Band (Contents: Real Audio Files, MP3, Pictures, News, etc.)
Quum: Trans Tribal Electronic Tecno
the great tinkerer: mp3 jungle, drum n bass, trip hop etc. original songs by the great tinkerer. now with his debut indie cd out... and hes only 14!!!
pedestrian: Producer of melodic electronic music. Each song layered with lush sounds and beats.
Blue Audio: synthpop artist based in Illinois
ATR (Atari Teenage Riot): Atari Teenage Riot!!!! Start the riot!!!!!!! Tinkie Winkie could kill you!! Kill Rock Stars!! ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR ATR A
Freaky DNA: Modern Eclectic Electronic
Nailhead: electronica/trance/ambient/rave/dance... It's all here in MP3 format.
Daybreak Productions: We release all of our music via the Net in MP3 & RA format!
antidote: christian/acid/deep house/techno/breakbeat/dance/
pounce international: electronica meets ambient meets industrial

Rap/Hip Hop

LEX: Urban Rap Hailing From New Mexico Released On Not Only Street Records
Da Take Over Squad: Urban Rap Hailing From Colorado Released On Not Only Street Records
The dBHeard Publishing Group: Urban Hip Hop & R&B Publishing Label Hailing From Kansas Released On Not Only Street Records
Not Only Street Records: Urban Hip Hop & R&B Record Label Hailing From Kansas Released On Not Only Street Records
Polo Tee & LeBlanc: Urban Hip Hop Hailing From New Orleans Released On Not Only Street Records
True The Don: Urban Hip Hop Hailing From Colorado Released On Not Only Street Records
Boss Lady Promotions©: Very Reasonable Rates To Promote Your Indie Music!!
Purple Chrome: BUY "Super Collabos" And "DIVERGE"!!
TAKNbySTORM©’s "THE BEGINNING": A Percentage Of Sales Will Be Donated To The Susan G. Komen Foundation For Breast Cancer Research!!
Shipititez: Devastating Experimental hip hop artist from Vallejo, California
Key Diego: Check out the hottest rapper from Detroit, MI!
Glitch Arsonist aka G5: REAL MUSIK
Dakey: Hey, my name is Ronquee and stage name is Da’key. I been seriously working with music about a year. I was influenced by my cousin and people around me who heard my music. It all started with me goofing around in my cousin studio. The first song I wrote was horrible it wasn’t formatted right and I knew nothing about writing. Then my cousin taught me how to format my songs, the proper lines to writes and how to stay on beat. I then rewrote the song and let my friends here it and they like it and from there I couldn’t stop writing
Lunatic: Showin up for the Hip Hop community at large from Baton Rouge LA
TheHitmaker: Raw Underground Hip Hop
TheHitmaker: Raw Underground Hip Hop
DK aka Wayne Watts: hip hoppin your soul to the top. Baltimore Maryland
JaYankee: JaYankee - Jamaican Yankee - Brings the bounce back to club music
Phlock of Phoenix: Pardon the Interrution / The Motion Picture in stores Christmas 2007
Fernando "Royal" Singleton: Shabar Music Entertainment. Record producer from Bronx, NYC. Styles are Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Rock and House/Dance. Produce for artist like Mahasin, Farrah Burns, Nakia Henry, Nigel "Elis" Bennett, Chandlar, Suni, Gloria Ry'ann, Deuce, T-Nor, Maurice, ect.
Mahasin: Female Singer from Harlem, NYC. CD's "Wind It Up!" & "Hot Pink" on Shabar Music Entertainment. Produced by Fernando "Royal" Singleton
Atom tha Immortal: Born in NYC in the 1980’s AT.O.M. was moved to Southern California at the age of 3. He became involved in Hip-Hop culture in the early 90s, and began rhyming at the age of 15, mostly due to the influence of other underground artists. He was voted 2005's "Solo Artist of the Year" on selected from a pool of twelve thousand other artists and groups
Affiliated Music Company: New Skool Hip Hop
K-Style Ridaz: Minnesotas talented group.
Midwest Miracle: Hot Midwest Female Rapper
GeneralD Presents City Gees Records: Rapper/Songwriter
Ron-D: southern mc
DA TRAP PRO Production: 100 Free professional mastered beats free to download
Krayzie Element: Contact for 'Boigraphy'
A. T. Blaq: Raw uncut Hip Hop representing truth on the God vibe.
TAKNbySTORM©: singer/songwriter: TAKNbySTORM© combines oldschool r@b flavor, with an alternative style of vocal delivery.The songs are written from the heart and touch upon many of todays social issues. From the "bouncy" club track, "ITS A PARTY" to the heart felt gospel ballad "THROWING PARADISE AWAY", TAKNbySTORM©'s music stays positive and uplifting. TAKNbySTORM© shines on the HURRICANE KATRINA TRIBUTE, "WHATS GOING ON"? THIS MUSIC IS FOR ALL PEOPLE, ALL WALKS OF LIFE. TAKE A LISTEN..........and be TAKNbySTORM©!! Also look For TAKNbySTORM©'s Upcoming CD "THE BEGINNING" 2007 INNER "G"!!
Kristalzikprod44: French Beatmakers and producers
Lo-Lo the I.Z.Y.-O: layed-back-in-the-cut yet poised verses over hip-hop/R&B beats
Phynite: intelligent, witty, and conscious lyrics combined with an infectious, seamless flow, painted over dusty, genuine instrumentaion.
Sir J: Rapper,Producer,Song writer
Kayzure Sakar: Official Website
Shao-Men : rap/hip-hop/
Top Left: Northwest hip hop
Mozart Entertainment: Mozart Jones
hogtyeboyz: WE BEEN HERE, how it addz up
Topix: Topix Online from Michigan
Young Mugg: Down South Music
$elf Made Productionz: Hottest Group outta Denver!!!! Bringin The World That High Mu$ic!!!!
ETC: Brooklyn, New York's Official Emcee
dabullc2: hip hop
JACK RABBIT: Download Jack Rabbit Crunk Music at Snocap Mp3 tracks
Werdbalist: the site of the illest mc in saint louis
cash money: cash money
Elite: get it how we live
Magnetfisch: Magnetfisch is a Swiss electro pop band since 1998. The crystal voice of their singer Seline is accompanied by atmospheric melodies. Guitars and synthesizers are the backbone of their music – either gently underlining the clear voice or furnishing an energetic backup.
Illicit: illicit combines a live band with awesome freestyles.
Prote-J: Complete package of lyrics, beats, and hooks without the crack and guns talk
Sneaky Pete Official: Sneaky Pete Official/Brandon Coltress
ukf1n3st: one of the finest youngest dj from the uk!
Wreckless Music: Wreckless Music is a record label and a production company. If you need a beat you really should consider coming to this site
THA PROSPECTS: its ya bois richie rich,willie mac,gotti
Teflon: that gutta sound
151 Feva Gang: The #1 undergrond rap group in New Jersey
AgOnY: Everything Unique From Voice To The Content, Like Breath Of Fesh Air , Sounds Like a Mix Of Nas & Jayz
Da Stranger: buy
Da Stranger: rap
Da STRANGER: southern rap
Ninjas N Da Hood: Ninjas N Da Hood is a comedy hip hop group from Hickory, NC. They write and produce all of their music.
Dennis Garner: R&B, Rap, Easy Listening, Jazz, Contemporary and Traditional Gospel
conscious p: Conscious Rap Music for all to enjoy
JACK RABBIT: Get Extra Entertainment (G.E.E Muzik) presents Jack Rabbit See Me On The Blade Volume # 1. a compilation of memphis street hip hop artist. the cd is a top seller in the streets of memphis get your copy today.
Assasin: Just A Grime Rtist With A Unique Sound... So Check It Out
Contact: Legendary
Blaka montana: Haiti negro montreal 514 tu peu pas test Magunik crew
Tali le parrain: De montreal RDP my hood
ADNCrew: Montreal Rap 514 toujour la mon frere Maghreb unik prod
blake O.: New Blood in Hip Hop
blake O.: New Blood in Hip Hop
AudioDose: Seattle Hip Hop
Top Left: the freshest Seattle hip hop
LeRoy Brown: Beats, Breaks, & Science
Cyclone: Sacramento CA Hyphy Movement
Cyclone: Hyphy
Mr. V-I-C: artist/producer
Coldhearted Pimpin: Coldhearted Ntertainment
YaSheka: Hip-Hop isn't all about violent city life and superficial pipe dreams. But newcomer, Yasheka Holmes, knows that best. artists are forging a coup de grace, hip-hop is destined for change. But while some retreat and plot their escapes through disillusionment, in real life and on wax, YaSheka aims to be at the forefront of the revolution. Her commanding presence holds no punches as she relates to today's youth with honesty and fearlessness. Consequently, misguided portrayals of urban life and a lack of hip-hop with substance on the airwaves has birthed a new artist. Attracted to hip-hop since the age of 8, the Little Rock native equates hip-hop to jazz. 'I use words like an instrument,' YaSheka explains. 'There's a build up in emotion and a climax you can feel.' Smashing stereotypes and mediocre artist, she delivers socially aware raps with an undeniable, serious voice with grit. With her first independent release, Murder Mob , YaSheka asserts her message is one of total freedom despite hardship. How so? 'I prefer not to deal with labels because then you put yourself in a box, dictating what people expect to hear,' says 29 year-old Yasheka. With versatility and consistency, she speaks in a way all walks of life can appreciate, addressing issues and emotions many artist are scared to touch or can't articulate. Using music as a platform for positive social change, she has also performed all over the South Region including nationally aired performances on HBO. Gaining exposure in the underground, YaSheka eventually edged forward opening performances for the legendary TOO SHORT, USHER, BOBBY RUSH, FRANCHISE BOYS, SCARFACE,SUGE KNIGHT, E40 AND VARIOUS NIGHT CLUBS IN FLORIDA, COLLEGES IN DALLAS AND TALENT SHOWS ALL OVER ARKANSAS AND TENNESSEE .
heavon scent : But don't call her a conscious rapper. 'My music is my therapy that allows me to confront various issues in life, oppression, relationships, and certain trials and tribulations I've experienced that I want to share with the world,' YaSheka says. 'Not because I'm perfect but because I'm human.' On conceptually driven tracks like 'Openminded,' Yasheka displays her knack for storytelling while delving into societal issues. And on 'Haten on me' and 'Im gone do Me' she etches her name and her purpose into the minds of her listeners with candid lyricism and insight. Current production credits include tracks by COREY AND MIKE MOE of MADD STUDIOS IN HOUSTON TEXAS, KRICH OF RICH LIFE ENTERTAINMENT OUT OF ARKANSAS, JAY BROWN OF CODE RED ENTERTAINMENT OUT OF NEW YORK,CHRIS DAVIS of DCPE HERE IN LITTLE ROCK, KIP WILSON OF CALIFORNIA , 7-DEE from the Dream, and a slew of new talented producers. But since taking first place at the 2006 MY SPACE BLOW OUT EVENT with over 1000 friends after being a member for 1 week and over 7000 plays after 3 months (close to 1800 with just Burn In Traffic alone) for writing and production skills, YaSheka intends to develop her craft. Currently in the studio, she continues to sell hundreds of her underground mixtape at various venues and online. Her next phase promises to be just as rebellious but refined exploring her issues as a mislead child with her parents and the world. Already working on the follow up to 'Openminded', YaSheka's views are forward thinking and ever evolving. For sure, YaSheka is an artist people will remember as one who worked hard to elevate the minds of the youth.
Double-O: Lyricist
Heavon Scent: Arkansas Talent
Hip Hop Ringtones, MP3s and Downloads from Hi-Fli Tones. The Source for Independent Hip Hop Mobile Content: Hip Hop ringtones, music, downloads, and mobile content. Offering the best in independent and street-certified hip hop music.
Traedonya: TRAEDONYA was born in Rocky Mount, NC . In her formative years she was raised in the Bronx, NY. In essence she is a country-city girl....a slice of both. Being raised by the funk and hip hop, she has those influences in her music today. While in college, she was trained in the genre of jazz by some greats at the New School of Social Research in NYC. This cross section of cultures and music has allowed this artist to be comfortable across musical genres and cultures. While in the U.K she fell in love with 2-step Garage and Drum n Bass. While there, she got a great taste of those scenes. This has allowed her to arrive at this destination in her career--being labeled a ''GENRE BUSTING ARTIST''. In music speak this is called a cross over artist. Being a international fun party girl who loves living out of a bag and collecting as many stamps in her passport is who this artist is. Her maxi single and video ''BELOVED'' is just the tip of the iceberg for this artist. There is no box or limit for her; it is about the world language called music.
Natural Born Terror: very talented
PR3CYS3: 17 year old female rapper, straight outta Inglewood, California, she has a way with words like no other, her wordplay is crazy bananas and she comin' harder than a one-two combination from Roy Jones Jr.
lil Burn: One Of the best rappers unsigned
young guart: One Of the best rappers unsigned
Scrwface Entertainment: Music only the real can feel
d-boy: the new old school rapper
Latino G: CHI TOWN
Amber Ojeda: Amber likes to combine old style jazz with an updated hip-hop beat. She also sings with an R&B style that is very smooth.
HARLEM X: Hottest Hip Hop Rappers in the East Coast
C-DUBB: Northern Cali Mobb
The Grain: Link to The Grain's myspace page, which includes music and more
Fire Starters: Hip Hop
The Worderer: hip hop with West Indian flavour
Grind Mode Clique: Rap/Hip_Hop
Stanley James: Over the highways and through the hood, singer/songwriter Stanley James has weathered the toughest of times in order to follow the musical path his heart has set. His passion flows like a raging river not only through all of the music he creates, but in the methodical marketing avenues he’s come up with to get that music heard – be it to the public or power brokers in the music business. Stanley does whatever it takes to make his music heard. He’s sewn up a seamless blend of old school and contemporary soul sensibilities, creating a sound that all R&B lovers will take to heart.
skitzoe: Rapper from Chicago
SKITZO: Bay Hyphy hitz ATL Crunk
YHGM: Very talented
Y-Tee: News, Bio, Music, Videos, Links and so many more
non-d: C.T.S 07 Coverin the Spectrum
Disdain (Matthew Mazer): AKA "The Fact" - World renown underground producer and rapper.
Styleon AkA Stylez: I like Club Hype song
The Mad Scientist EINSTEIN: Einstein Is A Radio Personality, Artist and C.E.O. getting the job done in fayetteville NC
Dana B: Dana B, Rey Rico and Track Masons present undiscovered talent from Northeastern PA, Phila and New Jersey
MARZ: MARZ R&B Singer and Choreographer
Buck Snively: Really Crappy Band from Ohio
Smooth D.: Smooth D. is a multitalented rapper, singer and producer out of Dallas, TX. He is also the frontman and C.E.O for Emortul Entertainment
Sun Zoo: Two free albums to download....critically acclaimed...what have you got to lose, give it a chance!!!
Chi-rho: The homepage for hip-hop artist, lyricist, and performer Chi-rho. All things Chi-rho related, including news, discussion forum, streaming music, and the album 'Oralgami.'
the aviators: we preform produce and collaborate with anyone for free
Blind Fury: Real Hip Hop
Blind Fury: Real Hip Hop
Blind Fury: Real Hip Hop
Blaze: Hiphop artist from london ontario
Young Thugs: Independent Hip Hop Group
G-Wiz: "GIK"
Namelessone: Independent underground producers/graphic aristt
Eral: Underground, Independent Emcee
Dominique McKinley: R&B/Soul/Hip Hop artist from Houston Texas
Awfullmoney: R&B/Neo-Soul-MGM$%$%$%$$
Jacog: New Emerging Holy Hip Hop Christian Rap Artist
The Psychotic Orchestra: The Psychotic Orchestra under the direction of gershon hip hop
DJ Massive: DJ/Producer out of st. them hot beats
smoove the reformed geek: a new artist from the mid west mixing raw hip-hop beats and live sounds
Sixxx: a dynamic performer, passionate lyricist, 8 Octave humble Diva
FaCx Murda: Hip Hop at it's best...
Tru Fam: Emerging,Whimsical,Charismatic Young Duo Rappers spitting witty lyrics and catchy hooks make up the Hip Hop Group known as TRU FAMTRU FAM is the emerging Urban/AC Duo Hip Hop Group. They are clearly in their element. The are Hip-Hip reborn. It is the love of Hip Hop Music that inspires them.
eminem: Eminem samples
Snoopy MC: Macedonian Hip Hop
Ziplok: Ziplok on myspace.
Foster Ave Music: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Fusion
Michael Adrian: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Fusion
iivee rukahs: solo artist
Noterock: A Four Peice Hip Hop Band with Rock tendancies
ASN: Poetry to music. The soundtrack to life, both good times and bad.
Semokee: Neo-Soul Artist A little spoken word and a little rap
J Verse: Rap Artist
Crunch Bunch: The New Mellennium School House Rock that really hips and hops!
TAP TAP: He's a 18 year old HOT Rapper on the US independant label LYNX Records. It's not just rap, it's rap with meaning and heart!
Big Wolf a.k.a. Alex A: Aspiring unsigned bilingual upcoming rap/hip-hop male 20 artist looks for a record deal
The Rillest One: Rap Hip Hop
YGI: what is a nigga
Subatomic Sound System: Unlike most groups, Subatomic Sound System features several lead singers who represent many distinct genres.Subatomic Sound System reveals the common ground between hip hop, reggae, dancehall, drum & bass, downtempo and broken beat by re-engineering the concept of band, DJ soundsystem, and studio mixing into a live performance that seamlessly blends electronics, live musicians, rappers, and singers.
1st Cuzn: A GREAT & REFRESHING blend of SOULFUL R&B hooks, METHODICAL LYRICS over PHAT TRAX!!!!!!!!!!
Douceur Entertainment: Specializes in urban music distribution. We cover manufacturing cost.
Dellacroche: A fresh new talent who produces,writes,composes music with an original sound.
Strong Arm Family: Starting from freestyle sessions, full of confessions, of the things we did, and shouldn't do, trying to let the world know that, I'm going do me, so you do you, Is how life should be, Long as your living intelingently, Speach is free, We have a vision of reality, that alot of people can't see, Follow me!!!!!
Razormack: Arkansas Independent
Rob Zee Music: Rob Zee @ myspace
Rob Zee Music: Rob Zee Presents...Last Train From Gun Hill...The Mixtape, a compilation of his previous works as well as new music by Ty Stic, The Disciple, JonBlak, OSK, and P.T.z, now available at
Cobra Music Distribution: Get your music into record stores
EliteOne: hiphop music
prcc productions RAP/RNB BEATS: RAP/RNB BEATS
JACARI: Lyrical
Camo-Kahmil's new page: New CD is releasing very shortly in the 352(South)area. Very ill flow, lyrics with a unique voice and instrumentals. Check him out and cop and CD or two. YOU will enjoy it.
Bodybagz: Sic Six Music bringing that sic ass west coast shit
The Lab Rats: The Lab Rats are explained within the realm of hip hop, blues, rock & electronica.
A.L.I.A.S.: Underground hip-hop & rap artist east coast to down south. The man with many names, many faces...
80 Boyz: Got radio play, ringtones, hit album. Hottest group in Alabama
Cryptik Mindz: very different amazing sound
bravado: kansas rapper with clean cut looks that make the ladies swoon.
LaGutta Famillia ACG: Like nothing you've ever heard before!
MS. FeFe: The Truth of the MidWest
staxx and cartel: hip hop
SumSerious: SumSerious is a rap/hip hop group that consist of three of Palm Beach County's most talented and jaw dropping lyricsist/mc's to hit the Streets since Triple J. Neva, who's fast and slow style of rap hypnotize the ladies, Hukk Finn AKA incredible Hukk, who's crunk and in your face style of rap keep the fellas jumping in the clubs, and last but not least there's Kaneezy, who's twisted and tongue tying word play makes everyone keep coming back for more. As individuals each member of SumSerious has at least seven years under their belts rapping and freestyling, and at least five years recording and building their fans and supporters. Back in 2001, while hanging out in the ride, they all decided that they would become a group. Now on the break of a new mixtape their are going to the world wide web to make and meet new fans and supporters and share our music with the world.
Aesop Rock: Best spitter evers
Basement Elevation Magazine: Basement Elevation Magazine is a publication which helps promote underground hip hop artists from coast to coast
Losers Inc: Flunky/Max Sterling A Unique Hip Hop Duo
The Triggermen: Texas based alternative hip hop squad
5-6 Famalia: A unique hip-hop group from Philly. New music is coming soon in addition to the songs that have already won over many fans. They mix in several styles of hip-hop as well as combining some elements of r & b, soul, and rock into their music as well.
hollywood: Next best thing out the south
kulturefreedem: positive hip hop alternative
Vizions: Changing the Music Industry One Download At A Time...
kulturefreedem: positive vibes
Every Angle Records : Music for the masses. Bringing you that VA sound from Every Angle. Get in touch with us for collabs, drops, beats, or songs.
QPEE: Webpage
Wuts Krackin Entertainment: Indie Label
Raggamobb: Hip-Hop & Reggae
D.O.C Dezil: rap/Hip-hop artist from Kansas City, Mo
Soulja Black: Best Rapper Alive
Pehmetapja: Estonia Massive!
Ro-Lew: Keep up on all Ro-Lew releases (Hard To Find Artist)
Sydnee: New Houston Artist, Hot Female r&b Hip hop
lmntl: young rap and hip hop singers that have open shows for the stars
siyani: hip/hop and r&b
Kaybi: the website of a young rapper trying to make it big in the game, check it out.
BE: Looking for that true hip-hop
N8E: Smoothed out Hip Hop
2LUE: PIMP2APIMP (feat. Tela & Mr. Bigg)
DJ Blowout: Blowout is 1/4 of the multitalented DJ crew Turntable Anihilists, a group in which all can hold their own in many aspects of the Hip Hop elements.
ATR: Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop
wordPEOPLE: Toronto Hip Hop/RnB/Pop seven piece band
Drama Boyz: rap
Brooke Hogan: To know more about brooke hogan or to download her music please visit
soa: hip hop dancehall reggeasound, fused into rap
Mija: Mijas Unlimited Hip_Hop/Rap & R&B CD Is Absolutely Hot !!!
Royal D.: Hot New Hip hop Artist signed with indi label, So Majestic Recordz
Todd Woodward: Todd Woodward, founder/frontman of ORDINARY K, and producer Pat Lee have teamed up to bring you a groundbreaking album that laces thick beats, atmospheric melodies, and smart, conscious lyricism
kimar records: hip hop
Big Treats: Hip Hop Revolution
Vanessa Randall: R&B Artist
Willy B.Gangsta: Gangsta Groove Theropy
Stacks: Yannique Barker, p/k/a STACK$ is preparing to release his debut hip hop and rap music album, CraZee and ConfuZed
STRIZZO: Southern Hip Hop / Feel Good Music
Jair Dynast: A prolific street poet, Jair speaks to "real life issues" with raw uncut passion through his thought provoking metaphors and similes.
Pete Miser: Half-Chinese and half-White, Pete identified with the counter culture qualities of hip-hop in the late eighties. His early immersion in Portland's b-boy scene prompted him to develop skills not only as an m.c., but also as a producer, dj and graffiti writer, and inspired the creation of Ho-Made Media, his record label and design company.
DJ Dubstar: My Lenaptalf Entertainment: Homepage of DJ Dubstar and his crew of graffiti artists
Dez Co: Baton Rouge Hip-Hop/Rap Artist
Tri-Blend: Yo! check it out... blend entertainment presents it's hot new artist "Tri-Blend" with a new release title "Rules Are Made To Be..." this new artist not only writes produced and perform all of his own material but also working with some of the hotist names in the industries... add this cd to your other hot collections..., and oh did i mention you wont be disappionted. be sure to get your copy now!
Da Stranger: Da Stranger music artist
Grown folk's : the hottest lable in the mid west
DUB: Underground Hip Hop
Jahred Chapter / Karpediem Productions, Inc.: New - Conscious - Real...What U Can't Touch.
stereoneg: french Hip Hop band music
Stilo: Takin' ova the Bay and grippin' the Mitten!
surpluz rage: free music download
the LXplicit: MidWest HipHop Artist-check out video links
Elijah Shabazz: Album
the a.s.c. project: KNEEDEEP PUBLISHING,L.L.C.
the elite phleet !!!: a new taste of music & graphic design !!!
Jennifer Lynn: Hooks, Vocals, Rap
Camo-Kahmil: Very i'll with his words also talented and a unique underground MC.-Kat P.
Camo-Kahmil: Very ill with his words and Unique-- Kat P.
DaBassment Clique: Southern Rap, Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B
SosaMan: influences include: Nas, Kanye West, OutKast, Black Thought, Bob Marley, Jay Z, and more.....
B.Ware: A hip hop artist who has a totally unique sound. Powerful, with an old school feel, this is hip hop that you want to dance to. It's entertaining without violence or profanity.
Beat-Mining Productions: Music Production
NatStar: Hip-Hop Soul, Rap meets R&B
Tru-Fam Records Ltd: New Independent Record L:able in UK with music ranging from R&B, Hip Hop, Raggae, Soul and all urban music. Check it out!!!!!!
Mahasin: R&B/Soul/Hip/Hop/Rock/Pop
Nigel George: cutting edge R&B with hip hop feel.. Look for Nigel's TV show and DVD!!! See site for info.
the a.s.c. project: a new taste of music & graphic design !!!
THC Crew: We are an English and Spanish hip hop/ reggaeton group based out of Miami, Florida. Won award for BEST LATIN ACT OF 2005 by City Link Magazine
Dem Unknown Warriorz: Hip Hop
Yung Flint: Rap and R&B music in Kentucky
lil wayne: clean
D-R-C: Hip Hop and R&B
LilGangstaB: I'm da hottest out there